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4-1 6:10am Scoot, traffic cameras

Apr 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about traffic cameras: are they about policing or fleecing?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know a lot of people were hoping that was in April fool's joke that this did Tommy would -- -- -- a crack at. No this is no April fool's joke about Tommy for the rest of the week David yeah I went to church on Sunday which is not usual for me to go to church on in -- to Katherine. Which are used to go to leave the -- -- from its alumni the -- drive out there and on Sunday just to be able come downtown to go to church I go to that regard to try to mask somewhere different. A -- it was first communion it is a cancer on Sunday in the kids were were really cute they did the readings penalty I deceased is or what eight years old. And I could never have had that kind of voice I the academic kind of -- right now but I could never had -- kind of poise at the age of eight years old are known not a China so they were they were really great but you one thing really occurred to me that I had never thought of before. I saw that the little boys in their little suits. And I saw the girls and a little dresses. And I thought this is really unfair. Because these little boys can Wear the suits to other occasions but where in the heck of these girls to Wear those dresses. But -- that it's like a bright it's kind of preparing them to be a bridesmaid because you're never gonna Wear the dress anywhere else out so one and done yeah no place else there were about I think they looked relieved -- and thinking -- -- -- put this -- to go to DA's top. -- a given the ever gotten tickets from the a camera. Traffic and then not. Yet -- you say yes and I say yet because well you know the ones -- average down here and partners. It will flash -- me. You know leading do you believe that maybe I got its second run I absolutely have done nothing wrong. You know they just seem to be flashing on the outside. I don't like they're getting warmed up percent so far as sell that -- and on and obviously check in the mail and product notes so far no. I haven't either and of course I haven't been driving until recently and I've when a couple of years that a car. But I I noticed that. One of the problems is the yellow lights are too short and there's a legislative committee that has now approved a deal this could put new regulations of what the regulations is making the yellow lights longer -- adding an extra second is that the idea -- I would say that I'm a very fast walker. And if I start. Walking across the street is pedestrian. And the light EU's. Greens if it turns yellow. It turns red before I cleared the street on the other side and I'm a fast walk. So you can't even as a pedestrian you can't even walk internally across pointers from one side to the other during the yellow light even if your fast walker that's an indication to me. That. People are gonna -- area. That it did -- lights -- the yellow lights are are way too short -- -- and and also I want to talk to our coverage you favor this -- distraction out I think it should be stretch on the a couple of seconds to back there are studies that showed that. If you do stretch at the yellow lights that actually leads to. You were accidents that that makes the intersections safer. Because you know that there is this moment when you're going through the intersection. And if you. If you stopped. You have to stop so suddenly the car behind you might hit you so the safest thing to do was actually go through the intersection -- right and actually your time on tickets earlier I did get a ticket. -- new world -- for doing exactly that I was in that that zone. What I call an amber. An amber light in another presumably it was. I have either of them hit the brakes I actually would have probably ended up sideways. In the middle of the intersection. Or make the decision to go on through I went on through. I got a ticket yeah SE that's I think that's the flaw of the fact that there's no human judgment there that it's the traffic camera so we're gonna talk about that. I did you ever gonna take it from a traffic camera. And did you feel like he deserved it and are you in favor of extending. The length of the yellow lights are few other restrictions this and narrowly passed a legislative committee I think it's good news we'll talk about that also talk about aggressive cab drivers. Not all cab drivers are regressive. But there are far too many address of aggressive cab drivers and -- a New Orleans if you do when it to an issue with your comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in a text number is 87 except. I'm -- in the morning if Khatami will be right back with -- real. My face Terrell and we will continue to update you on that to traffic situation I ten westbound on the bonnet Carre spillway all morning here -- having to be real. I -- import Tommy Tucker from Metairie Barbara you're on WW on good morning. My comment about the yellow light and yeah I'll yellow light and get you might. Should have a countdown. If you notice all of battered I mean it it. But to get it might count down as head you know if they're out. It big like the -- attended you know if you have a better idea how long yellow light it and they get across. Yet they also have that around the convention center and and this is something that's very common in other cities that we don't -- in in other cities almost every intersection major intersection in the downtown area. As account and even some of the suburban areas they have a countdown of the light your Rite -- tell us exactly how long you have. But even if there was a countdown. To the yellow -- need to be a little longer than they are. Do you think they're too short. I had a countdown. Well that need to count down and based on to me how long life advocate to make -- -- and not well. I'm walking at a very fast pace and it doesn't matter with the countdown would be I still can't make it across appoint jurists from one side to the other without the light turning turning red before -- But what put the pedestrian. Yes yes I do agree with Daschle because even I can't let the net -- and and lately. -- -- you make it happen like they even make it -- Latin. Can't say that gap and yet but like. Barbara have you ever gotten a ticket in the mail from him and not yet not yet. I do have a good morning. Right I don't know we just lost our last caller are you gonna give us a call our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy text number is 87870. Here's or WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning. Have traffic cameras effected the way you drive. It is your opinion like going to WWL dot com and we'll update you on that polls we have attracted to -- the show here is a -- reads I am from Maryland. And yellow is one seconds. For every ten miles per hour of the speed like it. So that would be. Probably three and a half seconds. On pointers. In an again this is one of my main reference points and excite I walked it several times every day between my apartment and the radio station. And I don't think the lights are are long enough now the question is are the yellow lights so short. Is this calculated. On the part of the city. Because it would lead to more citations which leads to more revenue. If you gonna join our show with your comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Dines here -- seventy. In a text number is 87878. On this Tuesday morning April fools' day be aware of that as you headed to work or you guys are going to school make sure that your aware of that today is April Fool's Day. It's six Tony -- -- for Tommy Tucker and here's another Debbie did you -- -- It's 6:45 on this Tuesday morning is going to be a beautiful day what a great day yesterday -- god it was it was an incredible weekend. I have to took -- a time after after church Sunday. I went out to. -- got picked up some -- crawfish grosses have went to the bottom of both large and just 882. Crawfish out there and it was just a beautiful beautiful weekend it looks like we're gonna have a really nice -- Right now it looks as if there's a good possibility of rain by the weekend. But don't let that defector plans because as you know it's so far away we don't know whether things are gonna change or not. But it has been really great it's going to be a nice day today so get out and a walk around and enjoy it even if it's just during your lunch hour. There is on. And overturned eighteen Wheeler on the money Carrey -- way westbound between Kenner and applause he's completely shut down so. Choose an alternate route and we will continue to update to a net. A throughout the show this morning I'm -- in -- Tommy Tucker we've been talking about a legislative committee that narrowly approved some changes in the way traffic cameras operate. One of the changes is. The yellow lights are gonna be extended if this goes through the full legislature. The yellow lights are being extended by 12. And as a pedestrian and a motorist but mostly he's a pedestrian downtown. I I can't help -- notice that the the yellow lights and I've always thought this since moving downtown the yellow lights are really short. And in on the fast walker but I have a hard time getting across pointers for example but even at a fast pace without the light turning red before I get to the other side of the street. -- from Metairie Joan you're on WW good morning. And com until you very much on the way how much are you on on that may mean more conscious I'm not a leader. So hot on their summit I am well I go out of forty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because I don't want it be so do you watch -- I'm going at the limit that I go under and camera. -- -- I'm not going to be critical of you by saying this because it's it's human nature but isn't it interesting that you and I would have to say it is perhaps about me as well. We don't slow down because it might be safer we slowed down because we might get a ticket. You I think I hate to admit that but it's true. I don't know. I'd go across river a couple of on the -- -- and it's not an hour. The 1 o'clock match and I am not now and -- Like I am not on their mind. Like you know not. You know I mean at that particular we. You know bluntly. I. And out. And am quite a -- problem -- Well that's not bad because quite often. Law enforcement will allow you this is not an official ruled -- -- what you go ten miles an hour over the speed limit and I think that's kind of an unwritten rule on the causeway. In fact -- this new bill that made it through this at least you know house committee. By a very narrow vote. Is also going to change the traffic cameras issue tickets. State highways and within city limits on on -- highways. For motorists in -- traveling over ten miles an hour over the posted speed -- so you could go over the speed. Encouraging -- speech Wednesday. What's at its outset it was okay. -- -- I'm gonna be next to take it from listening to. -- identical have a great day today. If you wanna join us with your comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 87870. I saw the movie no over the weekend and the -- blog this morning is titled. Know a movie is out. And the book was better. I didn't like the movie. You might have seen it and loved the movie now you know I I do take a chance of making some people think that I'm bashing christianity. No I'm not bashing christianity. And -- when I thought it was a terrible movie. All of that is in the blog you can read it I give us your comments if you like share with others it's on our website at WWL. -- dot com and we'll get to us some of those comments a little bit later and we'll be talking about that later in the show is so if you saw the movie -- we'll give you an opportunity to talk about whether or not you like to. The of the day I receive driving out to -- it wished it was raining. And I was probably driving 55. On the interstate to getting close to probable. And they were 218 wheelers that absolutely flew by me. In the range. Now I respect truck drivers but let's be honest. There are a lot of truck drivers who were absolutely reckless. And they drive those big rigs way too fast. And right now we're dealing with the body carries spillway on westbound between -- applause shut down because an overturned eighteen Wheeler. Now sometimes a team we always get into accidents because of motorist. But sometimes. They just drive those big -- too fast and there's not much they can do with anything goes wrong. -- -- -- Tommy Tucker it's 630 were coming right back with more here's a WWL there's nothing. David I mentioned a moment ago that this eighteen Wheeler -- so overturned but it's Jack knifed on the body carries spillway which I guess -- is good news I guess it would take. A less time to. Take care of a Jack knifed to Truckee even -- part of the camp I think it's over the the -- at this -- way. Then to take Europe and overturned eighteen Wheeler exactly and the fact that it's over the edge that's not good. Yeah and I got a text and I said there are far too many eighteen wheelers who're that are that are driven by people who are going far too fast. And the other day one day last week it winners it was raining and I'm heading out to Metairie and and the safe speed for me and traffic was about fifty side. And there were 218 wheelers to just flew by me thinking my god if anything goes wrong that vehicle if you know anything about physics. It's second of the easy to stop that vehicle -- time. And here's a text that says you say eighteen wheelers but I'd like to be more specific. Dump trucks and I would agree with that there's a disproportionate number of dump truck drivers whether there eighteen wheelers to smaller dot trucks. -- -- -- And are not covered up properly of 10 I'm so -- there's a loose flap and things are coming up out of the top open and your dodge or not there. And by the way I had mentioned at the beginning of the show that I -- due to church should take answered Sunday. We're very had -- first communion. And it was really cute to see the kids dress but -- I thought it was unfair because the little boys and can Wear the suits seersucker suits are -- it's or whatever they can Wear what they were the first communion. Where is the girls to me where we -- also bigger Wear that dress. And I got a text from somebody that said the dresses are passed down. All the way I did really well let's finalist -- of the challenged younger boy. It I was so that is that a problem on security for Tony ticker at 64020 minutes until seven we'll be right back into the WL. Non. As I look outside our studios and downtown New Orleans overlooking me Crescent City connection of the Mississippi River I thought about this song. -- beautiful morning indeed it is it's going to be great days so. Even when a plan that take a walk and sometime during your days. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker 6:45 on this Tuesday morning could be talking about a legislative committee narrowly approved. In some changes in the way traffic cameras operate have you ever gotten a ticket from a traffic camera and did you deserve the ticket. One of the things it's gonna happen if this bill goes through is that it would make the yellow lights a little bit longer by about a second. And I noticed that as a pedestrian and motors downtown. Yellow lights I think are too short. Now also we talked about 10818. Wheelers and got a number of text about the drivers of eighteen wheelers under to some of those you're just a moment. -- there's a Jack knifed eighteen -- right now the -- Carrey -- way westbound between general policy it is totally shut down and we're on top of -- we're gonna give you another update. Coming to appear in just a few minutes also I mentioned that today church on Sunday was first communion at the church went to -- is a really cute. And I thought thought about you know on how the dresses or if -- -- a waste because these girls are only gonna Wear these to first communion we're we're -- -- -- -- that -- address. And the kids the boys will they get to where their suits wherever they -- ago. So that was kind of what it -- somebody sitting at Texas said that they're handed down and then I get this text scoot you should have known that did you get your sister's dress. No because see I was the oldest. From just we've been Brandon your -- W good morning. -- Hi this -- dart from just repair and -- -- you foreign. Account that you made earlier astute about because -- police certain. You told the ladies you got ten -- over that's wrong. Is because they'll -- -- you -- to five miles Powell posted speed element six that's why I accept my. Cruise control at six you know aren't you and I. It was real careful Don because I didn't wanna give for the advice it was kind of an unwritten rule at least for a period of time that you could go ten miles an hour over the speed and it went right. But in the door schori is to set by. A cruise control at nine miles per hour over the speed element. And I'm getting some text from people who are saying exactly what you're saying if you get a ticket for going five miles an hour of the street here's. Texas has got a speeding ticket because we doing 68 cruise control. Rubio ticket in the guy behind me get a ticket saying he was doing. Seven he -- so did the best thing is to drive really close to the speed. And yet the other -- -- Terry is -- -- on the West Bank in -- there's traffic cameras that they sent out that take a picture precocious they didn't. Give you six outlook stable on the fourth grade. Photograph Q and did you send tickets to your house. What if this if this bill goes through one of the changes will be that if you gonna get a ticket from a speeding camera you have to go at least ten miles an hour over the speed -- to to get a ticket but again I don't. I don't think it's anything that we should should should plan on it that we we shouldn't depend on. Juan the idea that -- while I might get caught -- that are slowdown we should -- and be careful just because it's the right thing to do. All right credibility co ops RE dot bicycle. Also what it takes a low -- that -- -- -- -- -- It was a few years ago and it was fun -- I'd love what I'm doing now and frankly this is the most fun I've had in the business done I'm going to call the show. We'll talk about this later in the show the -- blog is titled -- Movie is out but the book was better. It's also part of our FaceBook conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. And another scoop blog that is still turning on our web site is have baby boomers forgotten how wild they were. And I talked about this on the Scopes show one night last week. When it we're talking about the celebration of life that's just a bullet point 23. Perish. Around the -- Louisiana on the banks of the chapel like a river. -- I if you were they or do you know how wild it wise but I find that it's just so interesting that the baby boomer generation which is now the establishment. Is so quick to. Condemn a young generation for its anti social behavior. And baby boomers must -- forgot how anti social they actually work. Anyway you can read that blog and share with others have baby boomers forgotten how while they were. It's it to be to be built dot com here is a text that Reese most at company owned eighteen Wheeler engines. Are -- down to 65 but owner operators. Their contract -- art. Of course if it's raining and and it's. It's dangerous. And you're going 65 that still might be too fast study I was striving 55 in traffic in the rain and I thought that was funny fast enough and they were a couple of eighteen -- it just blew by me. Here is says text that says it's all about the money because they get paid by the load. -- It's okay hurry up and make more money if you endanger the lives. Of others. That may be the reason but it certainly is not an acceptable excuse. If you -- Russia with a comet this morning -- numbers 2601870. To all 386688. Ninths nearly seventy. -- -- -- 7870. Here's a quick update -- to BWO pretty jaguar opinion poll have traffic cameras affected the way you drive. 44% say no and 56% say yes. If your opinion are going to be if you don't count. It's 6:50 in the morning. If you will traffic update mr. Robinson. There is an eighteen Wheeler Jack knifed on the funny -- spillway westbound from -- -- -- -- it is totally shut down obviously that's gonna change the morning drive for a lot of you will definitely coming up in just a few minutes. I've got a text years -- says go to can't help but notice this morning and every song coming down to your brakes. Is on our set list this is from the -- soldier on the North Shore will be playing across the -- it taste it takes to the late Saturday evening. But we like to come here is April 13. And hooked up in Madison -- from two to six. It's a free concert in supported child abuse awareness sponsored by the west Tammany swing west saint Tammany exchange club. Miller and -- lending its differently yeah I these guys listen to the show and to I've heard it. And their cover band but they're doing a lot of new stuff in terms of cover material. From -- to -- Brian -- on WW on good morning. -- -- unwritten rule because yeah. Out of an unwritten war objective once. It was limit what people. -- -- -- about well how old -- got it -- court. So should be at -- paper you wrote -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- Ask me you -- out on top of real. It. -- How. Much. Did you. Want to call. What -- the judge say when you when you are honest in the court. -- -- -- -- -- Well. Yeah I. I remembered I would I would on the North Shore a couple of times and Bryant drove the causeway I would sit by speed control cruise control. On nine miles an hour over the speed limit thinking that I never gonna get a ticket and I never did however. I think today I'm I'm really driving more like 65 on a -- and that's probably the best thing to do -- if you if you go seventy in the causeway. You're not gonna get there that much quicker. And so just relax and kind of enjoy the enjoy the right right I'm glad you called a show because you on -- morning like this it's a beautiful morning so. When your -- on the causeway you're in a situation like that. And just relax and enjoy the drive. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion polls have traffic cameras affected the way you drive 50%. No 50% yes. -- talking about. Aggressive eighteen Wheeler drivers. And I'm getting more -- to a few calls about that. And also aggressive taxicab drivers -- gonna add this to the conversation in the next hour if this city has done so much to clean up taxi camps for tourist. What about those taxi cab drivers that are overly aggressive. If you don't blastoff that that green light they hold their court. But there's -- -- an ironic reason why cab drivers should never ever do that. And should yellow lights be longer than they are we'll continue this conversation coming up in the next hour I'm students -- tummy tuck and.

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