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4-1 7:10am Scoot, Noah the movie

Apr 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about the new movie Noah

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Davison now there's a back out on the interstate to monetary spillway. East down because of rubber -- Soul. Your life is so boring. That you need to slow down to see part of a truck cab former. Decide if there's still there's human nature I notice I notice -- -- -- conceive what are my garage you know it's like you but it's it's really it's really frustrating because if you think about it it's just not even rational. To slow down to look at that when you think about all the things that we've seen in our lives. And for those of you who haven't gotten there yet. Look there's a truck it's Jack knifed and part of the -- is is over the of the railing there in the body Carrey spill way westbound between general applause. And I hope that we described it well enough so if you go by there you don't have the slowdown to look at exactly I mean even if you slowdown and a little bit but just keep calling. Here's a texted it says if there's so if if I -- faster than you on a maniac if you drive slower than me. I mean idiots in this. I just mentioned. That the other day it was raining in -- And I was heading out there and I was driving 55 and that seemed like -- -- -- for me a couple of eighteen -- it's flew by me. I'm not criticizing people who go faster than me but I am criticizing people who drive faster than me. In the -- If I'd taken this is my opinion if I think that that's it a dangerous situation unsafe conditions out I also noticed downtown that there are a lot of cab drivers not all of them. I'd use a regular cab driver for example. Coming to work this morning that I don't walk from my apartment anymore in the early morning hours for obvious reasons. And I I take a regular cab and this guy is is great very dependable but there are some cab drivers. That I noticed downtown that are very very aggressive in the CBD and in the French Quarter. Are singing the same ones now. These cab driver if this city is going to so much trouble to clean up camps for terrorists that I think more should be done. To control the driving a cab drivers that are overly aggressive. And wait a cab is behind you. If you don't blastoff. Like your at a drag strip if you don't blastoff when the light turns green they hit the -- What's interesting now we're not talking about a little -- -- aggressively hit the report. And which it for staying. Is that one of the reasons you should never take off right -- -- a green light is because they York cab drivers that are going through the yellow light when he turns red so. Because of cab drivers it's dangerous to take off the green light and get the cab drivers. Many of them. Are the ones that are aggressively -- telling you to hurry up and. I mentioned earlier about the the -- at their communities and other tax. Because I got to Texans tonight is simple screwed you should know that they handle stress is down did you get your sister's dress. And as Texas Instruments are tired and I'm so tired of people assuming your day and -- you one time in the early nineties that the estimate ball. You with a very attractive female and holding hands. I was working at a Toy Story -- came and I recognize -- did -- and major privacy I asked if I yelled needed any help. And you politely said no and moved on by the way -- -- your show. I mean isn't it than the other people like you cross dressing -- opera I recognized I mentioned earlier I've didn't get my sister's dress because I was the oldest. It. If you enjoy pressure over the comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. In a text number is 877. Once again one -- -- traffic update coming up in just a few -- there's -- Jack -- eighteen -- on the monetary -- westbound from -- to applause. But now there's rubber necking eastbound. Into the cities so there's a back up there. And the I ten westbound is totally shut down between -- and applause to keep that in mind as you porky weight into the city here's an update on our WWL party general opinion -- Have traffic cameras affected how you draw. 46% say no and 54% say yes they have it is your opinion Michael and Debbie if you will dot com. I saw the -- -- over the weekend. Did you see Nolan. Honestly what did you think of the -- we'll talk about that when we come back and scoot it for Tommy Tucker had a VW well I don't know. Good morning it's 7:17. Beautiful morning unless you're stuck in traffic on the body carries -- lawyer somewhere else. I'm scoot him for Tommy Tucker for the rest of this week and by the way this is not an April fool's joke. It really is me and you are hoping that it was just a joke entirely ruling is gonna come to microphone summit will be back next week. -- -- blog this morning is titled -- the book is better than the movie. I saw over the weekend and there have been some really really good reviews. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this -- leading up to its release which meant that a lot of people went out to say it's no was number one at the box office this past weekend. I don't think it will be number one again next week. And while there had been some very good reviews. I didn't like it. Now whenever he's in Hollywood takes on the Bible there will be controversy. And no was no exception. The story of the movie was taken from the biblical story of Noah and his -- from Genesis. And the criticism came from Christians many Christians who said. That the movie did not accurately tell the story of -- in the Bible. And the word god was never use creator was the reference. To god but that might actually be in accordance with the way people refer to god in those times. Much of the criticism from Christians. Came from Christians who hadn't even seen the movie yet and based their condemnation. On thinks that they heard about the movie and sadly that is really expected. Of of many overly sensitive Christians who were looking for excuses to bash Hollywood in the media for misrepresenting their faith. It's a movie. And know what should be going to a movie expecting a Bible -- you go to church for that you go to somebody's house that I do do that in year old home. Movies are for entertainment. A particular note Tim your -- W good morning. Good morning shoot. And welcome back to the morning shift. Let's do for a long time and I'm very glad that your with -- to have Leo against. -- thank you very much on I'm thrilled to be back here as well and they're usually among the -- show eighteen midnight tonight that to happy to health Tommy here in the morning. Just -- just from my -- hearing is it. Scoot whether to the -- its group with the CNN. UT. Okay look at about it then. I have not seen the movie book I talk to. All of a lawyer federal lawyer who -- And my dog world salute and -- and so I'm very closely. Do it you know. What I've found out from them was that no law was a combination. Sights on mega production. Blow while. Which of featured a lot of stunning some photography. And it like cute he did not care for the movie. But he says you'll always remember. Because of special. That's the other -- in the blog that I wrote for WWL dot com it's also our FaceBook page at WWL radio. I see the movie would would have a better title if you would have been titled the Bible meets the transformers. I -- okay. Because it was just it in my opinion it was. To actually appreciate the movie. Right right that's for a bird also room you know remember it is. The main stole our Cabrera. -- -- Russell -- Let's remember that Hollywood has a penchant. For giving awards. Expos facto. And Russell Crowe if you really want -- terrible movie go seek gladiator. And I I thought gladiator was it was good. Well I got to I I appreciate you calling I've got to get to a traffic update because we've got a lot going on overtime -- -- -- -- thanks for the compliment and my journalistic. I did you see -- Did you love it or did you -- I didn't like which you may disagree but like is on our web -- -- -- BWL dot com also on our FaceBook page. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker if you would join us this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text numbers eights and 87 he already getting subjects that disagree with me and this is America it's 721 here's -- -- the WWL traffic update which -- No it's never one of the box office did you see it and what did you think a lot of criticism of the movie. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker 726 on a beautiful Tuesday morning and again we remind you that there's. Major accidents Jack knifed eighteen Wheeler on the -- spillway westbound between -- and applause that is totally shut down. And everybody was to get a good look at it so now there's a big slowdown -- backup eastbound. Coming into the city. So if you if you saw the movie going you wanna give this year comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text number he's a 77 here's a -- reason scoot I completely disagree. I went to the movie expecting to see the illustration of what happened in the Bible considering it is based off the Bible. -- it seems like dispersant actually agrees with me I I didn't like the movie at all. I here's a Texas has -- you were wrong they took a civil from the Bible. A strong symbol of people's faith. And used that platform. And that notoriety. To their benefit. Giving no honor to the story they -- they should have named it. The man. And the boat. Why is sit there it's why is it that some Christians not all Christians but why is -- that some Christians are so sensitive about its. This is not even a Christian story percent. Know what's in the old testament. So there -- other religions that could be upset. I didn't like the movie no I've I've thought it was a wasted time effect -- -- told my date a couple of times that says hey I hope you're not too bored I'm I'm I'm sorry but I had to concede it's. In the Bible the watchers. Are refers to angels. In the movie know what the watchers. Are the rock people. Piles of rocks transformed into living angelic creatures that help -- and his family. This is why I think it's the Bible meets transformers. Even with the suspension of reality. He was difficult to accept that these giant creatures made out of rocks had feelings and could even be key element to kill a rock. And then there was criticism of the movie for addressing climate change before the rain began. But frankly it was so subtle than any criticism of the use of the movie to promote that liberal agenda of climate change which really unwarranted. And another point in the movie a man was making a sword like weapon in fire. He was wearing a -- helmet. The movie was in the first book of the Bible. And heavily wilders helmet from -- is a very Euro and heavy W good morning. And one group and an urgency that the ended the morning you know it on it and I think. -- -- and personal. I'm a bad attitude and movement but it I would like but that's about it. -- -- move to know like any movie about. We've been hurt and there it is like Linkedin and even -- it. It would dramatic epic kitchen of the epidemic that may have been in -- too much over. Roommate field but the ultimate look at my license with what he thought would -- well in my. -- and I -- another criticism of the movie because the the director is not a religious person in tech I've by believe he's actually an atheist. Now if he was religious he might have prayed to god about whether or not he should have done in the movie in the -- I know would have told -- pay duty to do it like that don't bother. No it's secret bunker at the epidemic is what. Rick what is that what you don't -- -- it's it's. Adaptation of some of the tour event you don't meet a bit of maybe -- But a lot of people a lot people -- myself -- the Bible. Moments -- Had little notes that they'll know that there are effects equals -- stick them in its. Look I don't look illegal political will that they are not the actual story -- some -- the issue of what it looked like. Terry I think that's a good attitude to have when you go to movie in a political show have -- -- a morning so what was the best movie. What what movie made you really feel good about religion. What was a really good movie about god. Or about Jesus. I would talk about there will be no number one the box office I saw over the weekend did not like it at all now that's gonna cause some people to say -- scoots bashing christianity. Bastion of bad movie and I bashing christianity. If you rejoice that economy this morning -- numbers 2601872. -- free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 8787. It's 730 and scoot -- for Tommy Tucker here's a WWL news updates repeatedly. David affectionately like to moving -- I've -- -- it was too long and I'm not a scifi fan and I I think if you're gonna spend money to go see the movie -- you need to. You need to ask yourself or UA Bible freak and a scifi freak. Because to me it was like the Bible meets transformers really -- -- -- like it like ours down why no would be so I thought. Well just. It was this it was the manifestation of the angels as the rock peoples these giants -- people line again I just it was a little weird I'm not a scifi guy I admitted. That is not my favorite genre. And I wish or the animals animals -- the animals that was a lot of animation. By its understand they didn't use one wives -- him don't know his life animation. It was kind of if -- system a little bit weird but I. I found myself at times catching myself because I'm watching the movie and going all this is just unbelievable. And that I had to consider how many stories in the Bible are unbelievable there -- some real jerseys in the Bible I think about a modern -- reference all right there's a lot it's really amazing about that this is definitely a movie where. But the book is better than the movie yet. I got you but every once in a mission to -- was -- a scene with a guy was making them. Making a sword. In fire and he was wearing a -- Mean this is the old testament -- -- yeah I'm not even sure why he was -- ago wilders helmet make in the fire anyway but again I just thought it was a little straight. A really nice. Meaningful message in the movie about talking about god the creator punishing man and woman for unholy behavior not taking care of the earth it. -- nice message about. How men should men and women should not be. A vengeful toward each other should not -- each other and how we should be responsible for taking care of the innocents and the innocents word were the animals. Strong messages that OK I we're totally distracted by a blizzard to prolong yourself to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I can't just regular movie offered to optimize had. But I would say just in general what I've seen lately either at the theater. They could shop thirty minutes easily him off the thing and you'd be just fine yeah at end of the part about knowing the Bible isn't that long anyway. Side I thought I was fortunate I did I did not like it put. -- since art and and entertainment are so subjective I don't wanna tell you not ago but -- unless you're really into the Bible and scifi. I would I would go to the theater. I'd take ten dollars sort out the -- the cardinal. You would have still lost the money but -- we should you wish your time won't carry I would assure that what's what's -- movie that comes to mind that you think was a really good religious movie. Religious movie yeah -- on. A born. It's directed at the thing I'm not -- -- the -- here ballot the passion of Christ abandon her. In her I want you out I thought that was very strong. Bruce almighty somebody mentioned that. I I love the movie oh god was George crawled -- and parade. I thought that was in just a wonderful movie with a wonderful message yes it was a so what was what was your favorites religious movie if you and enjoy a -- with a comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is -- 7870. I here's and another comment -- God's not dead is. Another suggestion of. Really good religious. Life of Bryant's. Monday night you like it was a good -- What do by Jesus Christ superstar. Very controversial believe it came out in the early seventies. Very very controversial oh my god you're doing a walk on -- about Jesus that's blasphemy. And yes the -- only had a good message. Thanks to the hotel at 742. We'll be right back hundred WL. -- -- about the movie knowing it's number one at the box office there was a lot of criticism of. -- before the release of the movie that I obviously cause a lot of curiosity a lot of people went to the movies this weekend. I doubt that -- will be number one the box office next weekend this coming weekend because I just it was a a bad movie but again and -- I am not into the scifi genre and to me it was said it was like the Bible meets science fiction. A -- bloggers on our website at WW dot com titled -- movie is out. But the book. Is better it's also part of our FaceBook conversation is a comment on our FaceBook page from -- -- I prefer not to -- is an atheist my money. And -- he was directed by an atheist. Here's a comment on our FaceBook page from Paula to deviate so much from the story in the Bible it should have been called off line to. Ended done with it Mel Gibson at least kept the core story line in line with the Bible to use the Bible to get publicity. He is all of this movie has done you can join that conversation by going to our FaceBook page WWL radio. From the plus Lonnie you -- -- VW on good morning. -- Well actually there are. Bigger -- At all. -- -- King of kings in Moses because there have been some really good religious movies and and not all of them are are serious for example -- Kevin Smith's dogma. I thought we senator it was a great -- brilliant movie with a wonderful message old though. Although. They are going to be people who are going to be critical of that because it's is false comedy. If you'll. Excuse the -- that we shall we -- in. The -- Asian tour is now in it because it's -- Google -- -- being it. Actually shouldn't get war out there are other occasions in what you put in. -- -- Did you get. And that people. Will Kennedy's major. General Kingston. -- -- -- You know in -- initiative that you -- Also right to do. It while it's our product -- embargoes there's not -- right. There well I enjoyed our conversation and there you have a great day I don't have a problem with. The Bible taking. Creative liberties and and and the movie had no rather. Taking -- liberties and and not being specific to the Bible I don't have a problem with that I think it's okay if movies. Are based on history your biblical figures that are not totally accurate because again it's a movie. And you shouldn't go to a movie expecting history last. Or a Bible lesson you go to a movie to be entertained. To expect more than that out of a movie I think he's putting. Undue expectations on on movie producers and -- it's a documentary than. Realize why you go to a movie. Oh here is a religious movies I did not think somebody just sent this text in and this is a brilliant brilliant brilliant. Religious movie and a rather recently. The book of Eli starring Denzel Washington brilliant. I'm getting -- a number of text the ten commandments best religious movie ever. Here's a texting have you seen son of god it's worth the money no I wanna see son of god and I believe Mark Burnett did that. Who did the Bible series to actually I think he started survivor the reality show. And they did the Bible series on the History Channel and I think he is the one who has done. A son of god I hear is -- the exorcist. You know it in in a way that was a very -- religious movie and I'm getting also a number of text about Jesus of Nazareth. And here's a text. Mentioning that ice cold oh god mentioned -- god first so a second place would be heaven can wait. Another good movie and -- I'm getting numerous text about God's not dead. And incredibly playing in theaters now I'm gonna I'm gonna have to go see that if you enjoy pressure with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- is a 78 having a coming up the next hour we're gonna add to our conversation. A story about a Delaware man who's very wealthy. Who received treatment rather than prison time. For rape against three year old daughter. Is they're different justice for the rich that's coming up next hour. I executed the tummy -- -- 75100 beautiful Tuesday morning but if you're in traffic it's a tough team. They're definitely real traffic update with -- -- Robinson. The sort of we have been talking about the movie no and number one at the box office this past weekend a lot of criticism and and I'm critical of moving on because it it was in two totally accurate to the Bible but. I mean honestly I just didn't like the movie that was good too much of a scifi. I'm beyond Stewart in fact also especially in the beginning of the movie. If if you don't have the family tree. Of Adam and -- memorized. It's it's a little confusing so they're talking about other religious movies that were actually good and I just got a text -- last temptation of Christ. And here's a text of the passion of Christ had too many special effects. Here's a Texas asks about. -- why doping installed bathrooms in cars signed sitting on the bunny Kerry. -- there is I'd there was Jack knifed truck earlier this morning westbound on the monetary spillway between Kenner and applause. And then there was rubber necking and coming eastbound into the city because everybody wanted to take a look at that if you're in traffic if you're stuck in the traffic and you wanna give us an update on where you are and what you see. Or if you took an alternative route this morning. And -- tells how traffic wise our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 -- to give up the text number -- don't text if you're driving if you have a designated texture in the car. That's okay. Text number is 87070. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning have a traffic cameras affected how you drive. Very close poll 46%. Say no. And 54%. Say yes. Give shipping in my going to our website WWL dot com and there's always something new and our web site. Parents if you have teenagers don't miss the podcast -- Angeles two hour special about parenting teenagers. And it's you know still trending -- are also. Should check your boss have access to your social media accounts. As a condition for. Employment. And tiger fans catch Deke Bellavia is one on one with -- she's baseball coach pulmonary. All of this is on our website at WWL dot com including the latest scoop blog which is -- But the movies out but hate the book is better you might totally disagree with me. You can read it -- -- others it's on our FaceBook pages to be WL radio also on our web site. At WWL dot com -- coming up in the next hour we're gonna add to this conversation. A story about a man in Delaware who is here to the depart the DuPont fortune. He's living off the trust fund he was sentenced to treatment rather than prison. After being convicted of -- -- three year old daughter. I can't we tell you this story and this brings to mind the story. From February -- a kid from Fort Worth, Texas who was suffering from -- flew into. I will talk about that in the next --

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