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4-1 8:10am Scoot, show finales & religious movies

Apr 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the best TV show finales and the best religious movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David so I I have yet another text about. About did the church had an -- such idiocy -- where they had to first communion. Yeah as the kids who really Q ignited by a -- the observation that. You know these little boys that they can Wear the suits in the coats in the ties they can Wear that to other occasions but -- these girls gonna -- -- these dresses again now isolated Israel's one of one time we deal and then as somebody then set -- since it will -- they -- the dresses down. And I said well that's not gonna do much good -- years. Have a young son. Getting the -- passed down from his sister in -- somebody sent -- text and -- scooter I'm sure you know all about this did you get your sister's dress. And I was the oldest so that was the only my sister's dress well -- And that's when the problems started not exactly eyes so. Then I get a text from somebody who says that. There because it's somebody is -- somebody said -- Texas it's -- so tired of people and complying Richard gave the -- I've I've seen you at a -- with attractive women. And it. This the text says debt you can Wear a dress you could cross stress and not be -- which is true. I yeah not that I understand a stroke and I I don't understand I don't know I had friends in Denver Tuesday to -- difference in Denver difference in Denver did it. And they actually argued. And Europe at a at a club that we went to the actually argued there -- ladies night they should get in free. Are really and they actually ended up getting in free there's a dug themselves -- they would dress like -- economy went to the -- they I mean they went shopping like. I don't get them but there are a lot of straight people who were in the -- Are you go. It quiet sure did I don't I don't understand well no I don't because this was Graf hard nosed -- and he stuck and I -- -- he would never make it today currently is at the end and got them and so yeah. -- What we heard earlier there are rumors that in the final years of the Andy Griffith Show he was actually -- Andy Griffin via don't know and LBJ Edgar Hoover all the latest hello I'll keep. Because if you're looking into rumors that if you look at. That's all right we've been talking about we could target about religious movies and also I've got to tell you -- coming up. A story about a guy in Delaware who I think was given preferential treatment in the system of justice because he's rich from Gonzales John -- and traffic right now. You I love to be changed a lot more range. -- strategy. Night then -- A lot of back -- forward. That Jack night. And that -- and explain. -- the trailers. It it. It did did you rubber -- John honestly did you did you. -- not only. By an experiment. -- -- -- not to sort -- -- me. JC a rubber necking in the -- has slowed down and so that there could be dangerous John. Though but I would beat -- years. It looked. I'm glad you called the joke you know and I think that's I I think it's human nature so for those of you who who criticize Hollywood and entertainment for being so violent. Think about how it is intrinsically human nature. Two to be interested in violence or does it mean you like hit it does it mean you like the outcome. But the very reason that you slow down to look at a wreck on the side of the road. On proves that the in it is it's human instinct. TV. Are fascinated by by something it's violent and if there's an ambulance. And if there are people on a Gurney welding a slow down even more. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 -- numbers 87870. And heir to the DuPont fortune who's living off a trust fund was sentenced to treatment rather than prison after being convicted of -- his three year old daughter. Putter amazing story. And it reminds me of that case in Fort Worth involving a seventeen year old. Who got drunk was driving his pickup truck killed four people. And the judge sentenced him to ten years of probation rather than send him to prison. He was from a very wealthy family. Is -- different justice for the rich we'll talk about that we -- unsuited to Tommy -- under review well. It's a beautiful Tuesday morning it's gonna get close to eighty degrees today so I hope you have an opportunity at some point to get out and just walk around. -- just -- -- for Tommy Tucker we also this where we're talking about. A legislative bill that has made it through Louisiana legislature committee and the it would put new restrictions. On the the traffic cameras. That issue tickets and one of the restrictions is the yellow lights will be made a little bit longer they'll they'll stay a little bit longer before they they turn red. And that has led to conversations about progressive camp drivers downtown so we'll get back into that little bit later also last night. One is the season for net -- the season the series finale. Of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. And yeah I don't think too many people were surprised of the mother's name was revealed. And she died six years ago so we'll we'll talk about that and and also that's gonna lead us into talking about what was your favorite series finale. Am I can think of a few that we just. Phenomenal so willow we'll talk about it later. The -- blog this morning is titled I'm Noah at the movies out but the book is actually better. I usually I was very disappointed sought over the weekend here's a text -- so glad that so glad to get your honest thoughts on Noah will wait until it comes on cable. If even then fun show this morning I I wouldn't bothered. Watching it I mean it and OK. If you're a scifi freak. And if you're really into the Bible. Especially the old testament. And I would go see the -- But other than that. There was. It was just too much animation to end and again and it to me it was like the Bible meets the transformers. But the rock people the watchers are supposed to be angelic creatures there helping Noah. But they're they're giant rock creatures and -- Again I'm I'm not a big scifi fan I have to admit that some may be few or you would like the movie and I'm not gonna tell you not to go. By and lest -- or really into scifi. And the Bible I've I've I wouldn't author if you wanna join -- -- with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- 76 number is 87870. So -- coming up after this break we've got to get to another traffic update because there's a lot of traffic to talk about once again this morning and you might be unit right now. Is there different justice for the rich Delaware man. Living off a trust. Sentenced to treatment rather than prison after being convicted of reaping his three year old or -- to tell you the story it is next. On WWL I skirted the Tony Tucker takes. So very talented young -- American authors from Brooklyn. And had a chance to see -- last Monday night series. And two games and -- freedom -- -- -- a -- house of blues in the arsenal. Dairy fairy -- yeah. I think -- -- -- where it's very very reflective of what the music. That is becoming popular right now which to me is is very similar to the eighties I love the new styles. Plus new fashions. Six of the -- music is it is really great. Here's a WW -- Jack -- opinion poll this morning have that have television -- have the added the the traffic cameras. Have they affected the way you draw. Give a sure thing by going to our web -- WWL. Dot com a Delaware man who is the heir to the DuPont. Fortune. Is living off of a pension fund but trust. And he's been sentenced to treatment rather than prison after being convicted of reaping his three year old daughter. Robert H Richards was convicted of fourth degree -- now that might not sound serious fourth degree rape. But what he did do was three year old daughter. Is so repulsive. That I can't even attempt. To explain on the year. In sentencing Richards. State superior judge -- injured. Decided that prison life. Would adversely affect Richards. And she expressed concern that prison was not right for him. And that he would not fare well in prison. In a lawsuit that was originally filed by Richard's ex wife he admitted to assaulting his infant son. In addition to sexually assaulting. His three year old daughter. Initially he was indicted on two counts of second degree child rape. That -- led to a ten year prison sentence for each count. Richards hired a high profile law firm. And offered a plea deal. Of one count. Of fourth degree assault. That carries no mandatory prison time. He took the plea deal and admitted that he sexually assaulted his three year old daughter. During the sentencing the judge said that Richards. Would benefit more from -- sex offenders rehabilitation program and being sent to prison. Experts say that rehabilitation. Over jail time is really something that's more common with drug addicts than it is with those convicted of rape. Do you think that you or I would have been treated the same way or did it did Robert Richards. Did his wealth. Lead to special treatment in the in the justice system. This is amazing to me and it reminds me of the of the cases that bizarre. Incidentally a seventeen year old in Fort Worth, Texas who got drunk. He was three times the legal limit for an adult. And he crashed his pickup truck into a group of people who are helping a woman whose car had broken down. Four people were killed seven passengers were in his truck several severely injured including one passenger. Who is paralyzed and can only communicate by blinking. So what was the seventeen year old Eric -- sentence. The judge sentenced him to ten years of probation. And ordered him to spend time in a rehabilitation. Center in California. It's a posh. Rebuilt Asian center that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Which is Paris can afford because Eric -- is from an extremely wealthy family in forward. His high powered attorney based his defense on the idea that Eric comes from a family that is so rich they failed to set proper limits for their son. And a drunken driving accident. Wasn't really his fault he suffers from affluence. A condition. That results from being raised. In a very wealthy family. Want. A joke. If I would have done this. If you would have done this you know what would have happened to us. And it is absolutely unfair in both of these cases. That money seemed to play a major major role. -- No jail time. Again I can't even explain what this guy did was three year old daughter. Horrific. Disgusting. Absolutely appalling. And so he gets a plea deal fourth degree rape. And he goes to a treatment sooner rather than depressed. If you wanna join our show this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 88 -- here which seventy. In a text number is -- I'd -- -- for Tommy Tucker coming right back with more of your comments or more of your text. It's 8:30 on -- Tuesday morning and here's David Blake with a WWL. Is something -- and I got a text about this and the producers in the other rumor giving me a really really hard time because as I mentioned. How holing -- your mother aunts. All and they -- and I guess we I guess we have to pander to all of those people who just jealousy and a TV she'll be so. So what's the cut off period we have to wait three days I'd done that and I think what what if what if I wait two weeks to mention. And then somebody hasn't seen it and they get mad at me for explaining the ending. Three weeks from now somebody's gonna get -- Soledad I I think a couple of days in your year or Wednesday although it yeah you're right somebody could -- -- And it. It's it's broadcast its it's as part of pop culture and I wouldn't go out of my way to ruling anything for anybody was not done with malicious intent. But there -- articles. On web sites the articles in the newspapers -- not all -- and lights out hot to us there is like trying to avoid getting this final score on a football game or some out. Yeah after going to hiding what you what you can't you can't. I'm when I have a -- out at the age of thirty. I want to watch a saints game and this was before the saints games -- broadcast. Today so. It was a blackout. So with it was a replay the next day. If pre season games. So I purposely avoided all media I did not know the outcome of the game did not want to know and I expected that if I turned on the media they would tell me what happened in the game. So I would think that anybody who understands that we talk about pop culture would understand that. Hey OK that was his big season finale last night and maybe he's gonna talk about that. Maybe I shouldn't say it again and I did not do it with malicious intent I won't repeated but I think it's an interesting topic to talk about. How we now have become such a sensitive society that we have to pander to people who haven't seen something when everybody else has seen it. Got and it's so easy to get the the word on on anything that happens by the way did you see the finale of walking down no idea I'd I didn't see the series. Our users cereals OK behind that -- well I didn't get to see it does go to bed. Got up or go home yesterday I want on demand. And got -- ready to watch and it wasn't there. Man that grew to music and you know the other thing about how life time I met your mother it's not a show that I watched. Because you know I do the show -- -- I don't DVR stuff -- -- you when it's on. If market watchers it was not a show that I invested in but I just disagree it's a great show. But there were a lot of theories about how the show was gonna ended apparently it ended the way most people thought it was gonna end. So. Don't say you know -- of something but again I'd I think it's ludicrous thing -- it's an interesting topic to. Two to talk about how we how how we now have to be so aware. Of of those who might not as seen something and yeah it did everything they are -- too many people who were far too quick. To be critical I guess it's like what wait a minute I mean I didn't compete at your kid I mean I mentioned how the series ends. I'm security for Tommy we'll be right back -- -- WL. Throughout my career I have never been afraid of controversy we may not always agree on the issues I talk about but when we disagree. I hope we can celebrate that this is America where freedom of speech also means freedom to disagree this cute show we push boundaries it to midnight on WW well. -- traffic is they're getting better on the -- Carrey spill way it was a mess earlier with a Jack knifed eighteen Wheeler had it was a totally shut down for awhile but that situation news. I'm getting a lot better. I stood in for Tony Tucker -- a 46 and a beautiful Thursday on Tuesday morning it's -- -- about 82 -- so just another great day. And it a beautiful weekend to point out that that's a crawfish after church you went -- to the bubble ball larger. He crawfish there and it was the croft issue was the leak what really made the holy that was I had a big. And a big container of Lysol disinfectant wipes with me because I've repeat something like that before -- effort -- they're just -- to eat crawfish. And then just kind of a -- city park in the French Quarter. A so get out enjoy this weather by you know we we talked about what -- rough winter it was and it was a rough winner. But we've got some beautiful weather it's -- right now and will be -- so hopefully. For the next couple of days the possibility of some rain by this weekend we'll give you an update on that are coming soon a so we're talking about this -- this case in Delaware where. The -- to the DuPont fortune. Who was living off the trust fund has been sentenced to treatment rather than prison after he was convicted of reaping his three year old daughter. And this to me is just another reminder that the rich get preferential treatment. And then I immediately brings to mind another high profile case recently of this seventeen year old -- couch. In the Fort Worth, Texas area his family is extremely wealthy. And he got drunk got his pick up truck. Got a -- killed four people. He was sentenced to ten years of probation. And send us to -- I think the next year. In a rehabilitation center. A very posh. Rehabilitation center in California that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year which is parents can afford. The judge sentenced him to probation. Rather than send him to prison. Was it because -- Stanley was rich. -- from -- glad you're under the WL. States. And I looked -- -- it -- about -- I think that adjusted yeah she didn't sentences act ought to be disbarred. All of it but but legally Glenn. Because because the plea deal a fourth degree rape doesn't carry a mandatory sentence I guess legally. I'm not trying to defend with the judge did but. Legally the judge I guess didn't do anything wrong maybe the problem was with offering the plea deal in the first place. Well but -- teacher okay. Our energy says that he wouldn't error out of jail I was just keep an arrow in a -- the kids like that immediately yet though. -- and and and who does well in prison I mean it's it's it's not a place and everybody. Which which are well well. It's not -- but it's -- -- -- and I just don't remember that much consideration. Being given for -- somebody well they're probably not gonna do well in prison so let's just let's that's said the -- treatment rather than to prison. It you know if that with a case or prisons would be empty. Do. It. Now. We knew we would be punished. Clint agricultural. If you wanna join us for your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text numbers 877. You know going back to this case we're of the defense attorney. Argued that the seventeen year old Eric couch. Suffers from affluence. Affluence a condition that results from being raised in a rich family. This does really bring to mind something that doesn't ever get talked about it. And that is how. It's -- very wealthy people. Are negligent with their kids. There are very wealthy people who don't really pay as much attention to their kids as they shouldn't. And this defense attorneys whole argument was his parents were so rich they didn't set the proper limits so it really wasn't his fault. That he got drunk which three times the legal limit for adult crashed his pickup truck into a group of people who were helping a woman whose car had broken down. Killing four of and it hit doesn't go to prison. This whole idea that well it's not his fault because his parents to set limits. The truth is. There are wealthy people that are rich people there are well to do people all over this area and all around this country. Who criticize those for having an entitlement mentality. And not properly -- their kids. Wind today. Feel like they are entitled to certain things because they're rich. And they have an entitlement mentality as well and they are not properly raising their kids. So this is something that transcends. Socio economic boundaries. If you gonna join our show this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. I've -- to Tommy Tucker it's 8:51 on Tuesday morning. And we'll be right back with more let's get another government. Traffic update with Gerald Robinson. It's a 55 on now what is going to be beautiful on Tuesday Skinner warmup and I know it's been Canada Chile. For the month of march from over really used to affect her one of the meteorologists the other day they say that it looked like even go through march. Without ever hitting eighty degrees which is a little bit unusual. But it's gonna get really close to eighty degrees today so. If you love this weather get out and enjoy it I'm -- in four Tommy Tucker a coming up in the next hour we're gonna talk about. The best series finale. What series finale do you think was the best. And if somebody mentions Wendy -- party thought about a go ahead and and and join us with your comments and NTELOS why it was the best. Series ending to you. How I'm -- -- How I Met Your Mother last night ended the series came to an and after 79 years something like that. And I did I mention earlier. How it ended this is something that is it is all over the news it's a part of pop culture and I do apologize if I ruined it for anybody. But I'm to be honest with the I'm not overly sensitive. To talking about things that that happened on television that happened in front of of a mass audience and yet there. There are always going to be people that whatever little thing you do tune they're gonna get to get a sense that I got a text about that again and amber into Jordan and the other studio were given me a hard time about it earlier so we won't repeat it -- it. I would suggest if you don't wanna know how hi all I'm that your mother. Ends then stay away from web sites and stay away from a lot of stuff where it's common conversation. We've been talking about the case of this Delaware man who is the heir to the DuPont fortune. And he's living off of a trust fund. He was convicted of reaping his three year old daughter and again I can't even attempt to describe what he did. Because it's. It is so repulsive -- -- try to I could figure out a way to legally tell you but I don't even wanna make you feel what I felt. When I read. What he did. The guy was sentenced. To treatment. Rather than prison because the judge said he probably wouldn't fare well in prison. And that he would benefit more from treatment. And from prison and -- -- immediately made me think of the case that we talked about a back in February where seventeen year old for worth the Texas teenager Eric couch. I killed four people got drunk went to Wal-Mart for all the guys is very very wealthy from a wealthy family he goes to Wal-Mart and steals of the year. And guess he had to steal it because he was underage. Steals beer which three times the legal limit for adult crashed his pickup truck into a group of people helping a woman whose car had broken down the side of the road. And he killed four people the judge sentenced him. To. Probation ten years -- probation. And also rehabilitation center and I think he may not be able to have contact with mommy -- daddy for a year or anybody for a year. I would have gone to prison if that would have been me. I'm getting a couple of -- about this here's a tech series is seventy year old life is going to be stricken with guilt. He should dedicate his life. Against drunk driving. Non profit to educate others. Under the families. And I'll be fine with him not going to jail. If -- feeling guilty. -- being sorry. For killing somebody. Was the only punishment. Then our prisons would not be as crowded as they are. And a whole defense of this guy. Suffering from affluence and he was so -- -- didn't set the right limits I think really brings up a very interesting topic and is that is that. There are people who are rich who are not properly raising their kids and yet they are condemning others in other segments of society. For failing to raise their children. It's okay to be rich. But you don't have to act like. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker we'll be right back whatever WL.

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