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Apr 1, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about traffic cameras and about the best TV show finales

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I so the edit the TV series of very popular TV series talent that your brother came to an end last night it was the season finale. And I'm back in repeats how it ended did mention it to didn't issue once in a few people got upset about that had a good run on. Out apparently very successful and again you know doing the night's show I don't invest in and I'll -- shows I don't Iran and I had them watching it at 2 o'clock in the morning -- watching -- -- -- -- the hope of doing the show. Are those live shows -- notes home. -- really. You know -- they do have those those its commercial most nights -- -- goes on and I believe yeah you get 300 knives for you know. 98 box like unconcerned about anybody's up at 3 o'clock in the morning was the -- nice. But. Let's take a look at this market it's only two people are gonna listeners I. That it can think of a series finale is did you for a call is just being a phenomenal series finale. -- well law yeah I mean there's been a bunch of one you know we have Dallas it was a huge one way back and then. The of them on them mob shows are coming to mind of the you know the big HBO sopranos sopranos. And and that -- likeness at nine missed the season finale. And not not the -- to the show for now here's a big difference there are young but -- this season finale of Walking Dead. Was Sunday night and I haven't seen it yet because they late giving it up on demand for me but all our camps. I -- this terrible talk about two breaking bad. Breaking bad that was cute you know didn't see that either I'm very much I hammers out on board -- here it's a great great show I'll. Yeah. You'd ever I don't know I never did. -- talk about that we'll talk about at the best. Series finale not season finale but what was the best. Season finale or you know I guess we can also -- and they -- the best that a series finale out the whole thing the big one. So what what comes to mind our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven it tech's number is 87870. Here's an update on our -- W properties -- my opinion polls this morning. Have a traffic cameras affected the way you'd drive very close poll 49% say no 51% say yes. And there is a bill that made it through committee this was a Louisiana house committee very narrow vote but he was approved it yesterday. The deal would would make some new restrictions and regulations when it comes to the traffic cameras. One of them is making the yellow lights a little bit longer. And I noticed it as a pedestrian. In in the CBD. The yellow lights -- on long enough. I am a very fast walker. And honestly. I can't make it from. One side of pointers to the other side. Without the light changing direct even if I start out if if I start out it's green and I'm starting to walk -- Marty in the intersection. And the light turns yellow it turns red. And the traffic could actually go -- hit me before even get to the other side so I'm wondering how people who were just average walkers I wonder how they even make it. Now are the yellow lights shorter. Because. Because they want to generate revenue they wanna make it easier to give you a ticket. Or are the lights. Shorter because they're trying to make things safer. Again to join -- -- would comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. At a text number is 8770. And what was the best. Series. Or even season finale that you remember on television. From the North Shore Bruce you're on WW on good morning. You. Were actually. Trends and -- dealt. But. There are -- the course of that but corporate. And on -- about how it all. Couldn't ball straight and tell them. And mysteries would get them together anyway because they've got to do it together on Friday. Are you talking about well the people from show actually industry you're. Interstate you know again what what it what is the cut off the -- I would never maliciously trying to ruin anything for anybody but what's what's the cut -- date. You know you got here. Technologies out there where they want to watch it. You can't. It should now. -- and I. In the -- All. Electric out. I appreciate talk about sure you want. To hear. Oh. Yeah do you honestly Bruce I'm just so used to the shows that I do I'm just so used to talking about pop culture that it just. I talk about topical things that are just it just comes out. And this has been a battle -- for a long time with Pete people wanting this protective bubble around and if there is. If there's something that happens in pop culture they don't want it to be spoiled and again I -- because of -- there's a fine line between just talking about pop culture and and somebody feeling like -- was no use you don't have a right to you don't have a right to do that I'm Bruce and political shows -- -- -- from that rouge Bobby you're on the BWL. And being -- would actually say yeah. Shell the one that took place in our undoing in. Well and asks in a lot they had -- have that little DND. We're going. And that which. What they're or -- ago or twelve or are. I agree with you I I love the the -- filled finale. But I think this series finale for the Newhart show worries was amazing because. Okay this was OK before that it was the Bob Newhart Show court and sold the Newhart show ended with. Bob and Emily waking up in bed together. And -- saying I just I just had this incredible dream that we bought this bed and breakfast in Vermont. And senate so -- the whole series was just a dream and in their minds and went back to the the the the Bob Newhart Show. -- -- Our Bob alleged call heavy -- day. From Herbert -- show holding your under the WL. And it. In the beginning you gonna ticket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or you'll be forgotten. -- -- -- -- -- -- Roll out stole it would you. Call eight dollar. -- -- Oh. Hole. It. In order. -- The court. -- -- -- -- It works. The so. -- Well that's then that's wrong nobody's and to nobody should bring the -- a factor in what's a police officer is. Is he is in responding to a call. He or she should stop at red lights and should follow every law and yet you won the only site see a lot of police for the law. -- Police offices obviously you didn't vehicles why. And -- I understand I understand that and I think even police officers should Obey the law. If they -- on duty and not responding to a call the only time you break the law is when your responding to a call why else would you run a red light. Why else would you speed. Well all. This morning that it would have been well when it. Also. So that you -- there could be -- Well -- hold -- what you're talking about is the system is stacked. In favor of of the city -- it's it's not easy to contest a ticket. And the problem is is that the time that it takes to contest ticket is so valuable to most people but it's not worth it to contest the ticket. Which means that. Municipalities. Like the city of New Orleans. Can get tickets with the confidence that people -- gonna pay him because they really don't have a choice even if there's some question about whether or not they should have gotten the ticket. And the why -- quite get it now that you open court which network what we are -- I would -- we talked to a law Larry this is not the only Tara. It's not this is not the only time of her dissent this happen and I think it's unfair hold and I've got to get a break I'm really glad you called. So if the system is so much in favor of the city. And I'm not trying to beat at the city of New Orleans here for the -- assist the honest about its. He is the purpose to generate revenue or is the purpose to make the intersections safer. I guess the argument could be both actually happened. But what do you think it's more about do you think it's more about the money -- making the intersection safe. And do you think that the yellow lights. -- on long enough. To give -- your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy text or receive 77. I -- it for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back into the W. A so remotely know over the weekend a lot of controversy leading up to the movie was number one at the box office I don't think it's gonna be number one at the box office this next weekend I think is gonna drop down because. I don't think it was a very good movie. Now I realize that there are movie critics that have certain criteria by which they judge movies a lot of it has to do with esoteric stuff and you know I judge judge movies as a movie -- I'm not a big scifi fan. If you're really into the Bible. And especially if you understand the the family tree. Of enemies. If you like scifi then you might like the movie I didn't like it all. I wrote a blog battered stranding on our website right now it WWL dot com also it's part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which used to be W radio. And the blood is titled no of the movie is out but the book. Is better. Also still turning on our web sites and blog that I wrote titles have baby boomers forgotten how wild they work. For generation that is now the establishment that is so quick to judge you're younger generation and it's anti social activities and behavior. I think this is a generation of adults -- -- -- forgotten about their -- not that you have to encourage kids to do all the things that you did when you were young. But the criticism of the bill of young generations today. Should not come from the baby boomer generation. As if they are they're not even acknowledging. How wild they wore. In fact with this blogger I have baby boomers forgotten how while they were there are couple of pictures from the celebration of -- in 1971. Big festival in -- Louisiana on the banks of the Scheffler river. And a lot of people got naked and they were in the river and on the seat plane landed and planes flew over and boats cruised up and down because. Those people who were critical of what was going on wanted to see the naked teenagers. So it was really a while -- -- those blogs are turning on our website WW dot com we're talking about last night and -- detail how it ended. Mentioned it earlier and some people haven't seen it yet How I Met Your Mother. Season finale and it's a series finale which last night. So we're talking about other great series finale is -- a talking about the -- traffic cameras that was a house committee in the Louisiana legislature yesterday. That's. They pass to -- old that if it goes through would add new regulations out traffic cameras are operated. And one of the exchanges would be that 12 would be added to the yellow light. And personally I think that yellow lights are far far too quick and should be longer. I here's a text the yellow light should be extended. And all like intervals should be standardized. All drivers would know what to expect when approaching the -- I think it's a really good point. And then I've got a text a few minutes ago from somebody that said that is part of the deal. Win these these cameras systems are set up in the camera companies. On make the yellow light shorter they'd make the alike shorter to increase fines and profit it's part of the senate deal. That's that's wrong like I can't believe that if this really does happen. But there's not a class action lawsuit against us. And again I'm a fast walker. But I can't make it across pointers. When the light turns yellow even if I started walking across the street I can't make it to the other side before the light turned red. And then you have. Some not all that you have some very aggressive cab drivers. Who if you don't blastoff. Like here in a drag race if you don't blastoff. When the light turns green. They're they're hitting their -- And not just a friendly tap there really aggressively hitting a more. That's just actually -- And the irony is one of the reasons it's not safe to take off right away downtown. When the -- church green is because they are too many cab drivers flying through the intersection and if this is something that you haven't noticed start to notice it. Some not all some cab drivers are ferry. Aggressive and they're very rude and if the city is works so hard to clean up the camps physically. The city -- do something to. Curtail this aggressive can't drive. From Kenner -- Karen your under the WL. It right in it and that is how you tie it up and about theory that you Matt yeah. Beckham look at -- I've I've gotten a number of text about mansion that aren't really want and that's our Karen I'm still glad you said it because there's somebody else who is just to Indian and hasn't heard that. That was a phenomenal ending I I have to admit I was not in to mash the series I like I liked I liked the movie so much. That the TV showed just didn't do it for me even though I respect the show when no was a great show and I know that the series finale was was phenomenal. Economy. -- is actually. The day. Don't be able to make -- And I. You and they didn't let anybody who hasn't seen it yet. People get out well. Either. And just spoil the ending of mash season the series finale hope that did not mention too much. You do it two -- glad that you met your mother yeah I. You know I just talk about I talk about stuff on the show added I don't think anything about talking about something it was on TV the night before. -- and Politico. Have a good day. I here's a text if you yield at a red light you get a ticket and it was a comment about a caller we had earlier who was complaining about a ticketed I think his wife's guide. And there was a problem because he city yielded at a red lights and you know you really have to stop at a red light on nick here under the WL. Yes good morning good morning. Yes. In about a year to go. Gotta gotta read like we do however it was in the school don't know the weekend. -- at a medical condition going on. Apparent slip about two blocks away here so -- from -- -- the parent. You know subtle way. Couple months later that week way to get the ticket. And that they -- basically saying you know oh. Speeding through you know after school on the video -- -- now now. And go to this. But to terrorists and it happened. I've got to get to a news regular and hang on all right hold on nick -- the finish this story deceived this is what I have a problem with with the traffic cameras. They remove. Human judgement. And I don't care who you more after you're driving to speed them when there is that Rachel. We're if the white is is yellow is that moment it if you if you stopped. And did not go through the intersection. Chances are somebody into -- So it would be safer to proceed through the intersection. Now if a human -- -- to judge that it would be a lot different and the black and white technology. Of the traffic camp. And that's why I think those cameras are generally not fair and the more more information we get the more more it seems as if they're there to generate money. As opposed to. Making the place a safer place to drive. Studio for Tommy Tucker were coming right back with your comments and here's David Blake in last night How I Met Your Mother on the series came to an end and it ended the way a lot of people thought it was good and to repeat them but by the way if you haven't seen yet. It's all over the news it's all over web sites it will be cautious where you ago because it might get its twelve point. So we're talking about this season finale as a -- never texts and phone calls about it -- And in other shows. I just a text about it -- years I don't -- I used to watch cheers -- yes I still remember the season finale not you know I don't either. And I've watched religiously so I'm sure it was there for the finale. And it -- noted only in labor and alcohol or. When. I don't remember how cheers and it's not provide me cheers and it. And also I got text earlier from -- said there. Their favorite to series. An Alley ways with Frazier and I don't remember how that went into the that's kind of where you know -- if -- -- with a comment number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven text number is 87870. By Nick's gonna continue with -- story about his wife got a ticket during a medical issue and you're driving on the weekend through a school zone and you got a ticket for speeding through a school zone. Yeah I think you could doing -- already. It's it in the there grip the school all of them but it was a medical issue so dude when I went downtown to disputed. Two or wherever but all this is the camera tickets. I'm speaking and so so one of the resentment it is there to talk to and she'd say it what do you they have. -- should take that people committed. You know -- say that being of this issue and that it should because we will make people if they don't that'll bring that group that they were going to hospital. A total yes -- if you give me. If you let me come making it -- before -- -- iGoogle home. You the documents show you -- a diabetic -- prescriptions or whatever Ellison media group and provided to units played -- well this should be. Well -- to Laker Hillary or agencies say it guilty. And that's what would do that disputed. Further she it would -- -- would civil court and I'll save it you know the -- -- so Leno went. The civil court or court that whatever they the next month they will move -- practical. I go to track record track recorded an ally they have been no good at what he or people of Maine now and take you there on number column when they figure out how to handle. So bottom affirmative later get a call track record and I go about it because lady in the get a court date. Well she is you have to -- you know the fifty dollar court costs. You know prior to anything else so it okay so Uggla and on the court date. Have my fifty dollars. For even going to talk to the judge did say okay we need it to -- a court costs are paid them go talk to the judge and the administrative type hearing. Children to mobilize documents on her medical condition and whatnot and it says okay not guilty. You know matches -- now. And it says -- we've already process that I have to wait six mcgetrick development. Well you should've at least gotten whatever the the interest rate was at the time we should have really really interest on your money. Really buy it. And Paris done a couple of years ago base scrap there were Italy ticket and I am an old locals who've gotten documentation and that. They're going to refund whatever they paid for the relate to get out there meanwhile an hourly fares pop in a public grocery store and put them everywhere you know possible. Well you know that technology is very very expensive so apparently is very very profitable and I. Yeah nick I just I I have a problem with this idea that it did cities. And states not just New Orleans and not just Louisiana. But cities and states. Should not depend on people to break the law in order to generate revenue. It is if everybody in New Orleans obeyed the law. If everybody made sure that they had enough money in the meter of the meter kiosk if nobody ever parked illegally. This city would be much broker than it is so the -- actually depends on you to break the rules and there's just that there's something kind of uncivil about it. Yeah you wonder -- they don't do like heard in -- -- on the day. They've got these speed trap count and -- got to make them put up trying to and you coming up -- -- tripped out if they don't -- put up. Bigger sides and they do saint become an -- area where the red light camera you know on a bold billboard is good. Failure if you drive through -- you drive through small towns it is sometimes the speed limit drops from say 55 to 35225. -- general very disputed because they will be built it right there at that sign. And they will look for a reason to give your ticket. -- I'm -- I'm blessing so I'm glad things worked out for. If you wanna join us with your story or your comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- text number is 87070. There's something wrong with this this premise. That cities and states. DJ to break the law. In order to generate revenue. To try to balance the books. So what does everybody what does everybody was so good they didn't break any laws. The city would be even broker. Or or broke. Here's the BW a pretty -- opinion poll have traffic cameras affected how you draw. Give us your opinion like going to our web sites WWL dot com. If your Arnold stay -- us more of your calls and more of your -- are coming up next including some. -- support text about what was the best series finale last night How I Met Your Mother. I came to an end what's the best series finale -- that would lower your comments I'm scoots into Tommy tuchman definitely rails. Here's our WW up pretty -- my opinion poll have traffic cameras affected the way you drive very close -- morning. 47%. Say no 53% say yes. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- account can also be talking about how last -- the very popular series. How I Met Your Mother came to an end the series finale was last night. We're talking about other series finale they were really great here's a -- reads a -- was also a great when I got a couple of text it's a Six Feet Under -- really great. I don't I don't have the special channels. On cable. And tag that came -- limited have cable at all so I did miss that here's another windows says happy days. An -- I saw the end of happy days that was a series that should have ended much longer. Much much much much sooner before it did you know that's that's the series that invented the term jumping the shark. When something stays on the year too long that they jumped the shark funds he went bungee jump the shark was over at that point and then they continue with the happy days series. Even after Richie left which it was even on the show anymore in any -- and that that good looking guy who was to teach anyway I don't know I didn't get into the general. I got a text from somebody who said that it cheers ended with and Ted -- closing the door Sam closed the door of the -- And that reminds me of the season of the series finale. I'm Mary Tyler Moore where they simply turn the lights out. In the newsroom a from Vanderbilt David you're under the WL. -- -- Keep the parking ticket on an aid of forty dollars for the street -- game. How sit out for a much outside waiting for the street -- to come by its trucks that would be. I'm attracted about one glittery GDP in the mail. And in just sent in the check that forty they cashed my check and about Oakmont and -- -- telling -- that. Particularly about double chill out photocopied it apple copied my check back that they can actually sent to too long and bottom level. David I notice saint double the 160. And it got sent them to name a couple checked and it paid on. They sent me back in a note in my truck was going to be booted into machine and that it did that. Right maybe they can track in the forty -- and 120. Dollars. I'm in that situation and more on this -- cover up. You need any money back from anybody union immediately Albany thing a day goes on to the war. You -- it should be about punishing people for doing wrong it should not be about generating money and everything that you hear this seems to indicate that it's really about generating money in fact there are some studies and I read about. It indicates that if the yellow lights -- longer. It actually makes the intersections safer but if the lights are shorter he could generate more revenue if you got the red light traffic cameras. Important -- -- -- -- -- -- -- job done I mean eight pages cushion a local crowd and analyze and population. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to tackle many cars as possible. What the strictly the gunman and -- -- to swing the street they do well this year. Honestly these are the kinds of things that need to get out to to tourists because if this kind of information gets out to tourists of what kind of city this is when it comes to things like that. There may be a few terrorists who would think and think twice about coming to New Orleans the problem is is that. It's only the great things about the city they get out to the tourists but yet. They can sometimes be victims of of the city that that acts this way David among political place soliciting for -- town Georgia under the WL. Do on my debt like that. One thing. You know like or assist them. Don't know they're cheap victors there picture of the back are sitting at the red light. Orders and -- -- at the picture of -- a court order at the art portrait they are. Question is OK by that great so what. It went around corner. That. Talk to about that. I wouldn't say it is worth it just set up. Well that's just did George it's it's not worth it to fight it although if we all fought it then. -- -- May be that would cause such -- a logjam -- of paperwork in the system but it's it but most people are confided because it takes more. Time and money to fight it even if -- even if you're not guilty and that it's unfair when it's it's just better to admit guilt. -- that it that they do that at -- naturally that quickly. But I don't know what to do. Try to fight about it Bob -- a struggle but I expected it looks like nonstop. And will take on record. I'm George and -- Politico thanks for sharing the story gonna take just a moment ago from somebody said that he got a red light ticket. A ticket from a red light camera and a red light but he shows that he actually stopped. At the red light. The problem was the car in front of him was already passed the theaters are already passed the did the the first line I -- of the the pedestrian. Area and so it looked like he ran the red light when he really didn't run the red light. Again I think there's just something wrong with cities. That aggressively. Right tickets for the purpose of generating revenue rather than punishing people legacy argument can be made they actually they actually do both like. I love New Orleans I'm proud to be from -- I'm proud to be part of this city and to live downtown. But it doesn't mean that we can ignore the things that need to be fixed. I'm -- it for Tommy Tucker for coming back and if you will. It is a beautiful day I hope you get some time to at least take a walk outside if you are working today got a text different somebody earlier cities heading actually budgetary to catch something. Did your when he caught as long as he caught something here's a final update on our Debbie WL pretty -- opinion poll which we've been tracking throughout the show have traffic cameras affected how you drive. 47% say no 53% say yes. It's interesting that did that people would maybe be safer on the road because of traffic camera. And they might get a ticket rather than be safe on the road because that's the right thing to do here's a Texas -- -- don't draw. Well let's start to a senate such gruesome tourist wrecked cars and every day and especially at weekends especially this time of year there are. Hopeless. Out of town license plates in the downtown New Orleans area. I hear is attacks to that reads I stay away from the city at any cost only come for the saints or for the pelicans. From Harry and David your into the W on good morning. Hello David. -- -- Okay. -- just got a ticket. To ticket yet. One across a little like camel and David. Worst. -- -- yesterday but I can't do because they had on the -- -- also them through a lot on the com website that. I don't nobody would be unfair of a two gigabyte what do you think you get get a ticket. Well like always -- a boat sort of read like them to get the army and virtually impossible shot. Do you know the camera you know but you know the camera collection. There. The -- bank David let us know that would be I would you know -- to the ticket the ticket I have no idea haven't gotten. All right so just hopefully that you know that it. I get like at the -- duplicate some wreckage at the next call the. Now there's there's there's got to be some record of I would too though I -- very I would I would write -- that dates and time and there's got to be some record of some. -- to be wrong. An analyst concert. Serve as they did that. Why -- we keep track of that and and let me know because they're there has to be exceptions in cases like that which is why I don't like the Camp David I hope things work out for you please let us know what happened. It's why don't like -- that the cameras because it's it's black and white and it doesn't take into consideration. I'm human judgement and again there is that threshold where if you if you slam on your brakes to not go through the intersection you're gonna cause an accident. But if you go through the intersection there is that point where you might go through a red light and get a ticket it really is truly unfair. When they Diane Newman our executive producer Jordan -- show producer and amber O'Leary our studio producer. I'm getting more text about -- the great series finale ever last night was the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Be careful about what you take a look at today because it's on web sites is being talked about everywhere it's part of pop culture and a lot of people are talking about. How the show ended. I'm -- I'll be back for Tommy Tucker tomorrow afternoon having a great dated a bloodied Orleans.

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