WWL>Topics>>4-1-14 10:10am Garland: on wetland restoration

4-1-14 10:10am Garland: on wetland restoration

Apr 1, 2014|

Garland talks about the disappearing Louisiana wetlands with Bob Marshall, staff writer for The Lens, and Dr. Bob Thomas of Loyola University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right welcome back pretty interesting do in the think -- Program we're going to be talking about her when an epidemic that is into Louisiana and an Asian. Men admitted polices in the nation have read about virtually or. -- their handling. This epidemic by trying to get the users help collected group -- group would be decriminalized. Drugs that make legal. Just minutes worth of pure users. You go to dog you know you go to some kind of in forced into it to you that helped you -- -- the drug. Here were deciding on more jail time for users who have talked to one of the represented the back in those. We'll talk to run. Colonel Mike Edmondson -- the state troopers were at -- or pull you in favor of the year jail time and worth. Representatives of the heat -- view as you would suspect or not in paper. 11 o'clock something very interesting our retirement system and America -- its collapse. Only 18%. And saved enough to retire. And what their looked in his -- won two days. And other savings plans. Even -- was so much dirty just or not. On to maintain. A couple without children after their broad -- So take a look at how bad debt situation is if that is that at. And more importantly what if anything can be done. This hour it's -- it feels like repeating show. Oh we've -- many -- shows on this disappearance and recent coastline and and he. And grieve circumstances. That -- core group we don't do something about it. We've talked about the very detailed in the highly lauded master plan and that would come -- wouldn't we talk about. Price -- to -- billion dollars of your hundred billion dollars. To implement the master plan. And it seemed like. Every other they are read something -- -- to meet. Sounds like. Good plan and support it and complicated always one but it seems to be getting more. This is an article from the -- Bob Bob more troopers and it's for decades of solution to this since coastal land loss seemed simple. Point below holds in Mississippi River -- is -- the mode reporters though with the march -- And build -- -- and liked it did formally Bob Marshall -- whether staff writer for the -- -- quite so easy -- -- broker -- that it it isn't and it really never what was. Well that that's what it set but still my point is. That -- drummer Ruble in the article I'm reading something new. In that -- like could make a little bit more complicated Iran. Yet I mean. You know where are -- an ongoing process. And this -- really you know. Going where. This type -- reports are at an engineer and really got involved before. Were never built the seven diversion and a serious. One of the largest reversed. In the world and so understanding. And hydrology of the river. How much worse I'll lose settlement but part settlement. All that is is Israeli. -- -- I'm -- after the river for the first time in about fifty or sixty years. And so all the information. -- helping engineers. And inform the computer models are using. Besides. Oh hole number sentence that is you know we're best but these -- How to build them. When they could be open -- views. And -- basically. You know how much land they'll be able to build over a 130 years. Did what you're talking about now and in which -- developers in depth study of the war river in fifty years. Words was this part -- or at least portions of this not part of the studies that went into the formulation of the master plan. Yes you know. The state. It require super sequestered. Funding for the Mormaset -- story. Are able Mississippi that are you dark -- -- from. I think Oprah herself which -- the Baton Rouge. For our purposes here where mr. -- would be built. But be so the world so they actually passed on it this year ago I think the first time for the 2004 and again in 2007. It was authorized number that was funded until the last maybe 2011 responded I'm from its -- on the brakes on the all so when they -- advise that the match went twenty all women which was first. Originally planned release -- It's spelled out can't. Replete. You know what we should do -- Germany where should how should do it. The information they -- was about science available at that time so. It and have been mentioned that actually and so the information every -- it was all sides of the information they had. Up to our -- have been 2010 -- 29. -- but -- these models together and we can't get a pretty good clue Communists still plenty stop in the broker. You know no doubt serve isn't about sort of the river to rebuild ought to -- But. -- to learn now well. To get our third republic today. With the record how much water in -- and it's moving. A passionate -- and then further down the river so I'll. This was in a part of the question that there's not stated very clearly that they needed to get this information. All right let's take a first -- we're talking to Bob or through millions. One of our experts in wetlands laws and what may be doing about it you Britain article and as rivers slowly gives up its -- planning -- -- more complex. Objective questions comments it was cold -- -- 0187. Told free in different countries its exit stated 90. Heats up. Where they're good about try and save yourself a Louisiana and promoting road -- and overwork him talk and Bob Marshall. Of the Lindsay Britain article -- a reversal gives up its secrets planning versions get a little bit more complex. -- descendants as you have there may be playing your way in building the -- role in the war remember. Even would -- loads and expected the war rumors still has no bill -- material. To supply the project -- the 2012. Master plan. -- when you get in the questions be answered they still -- find out -- Warner and supplement actually what was perished you'll. Right well very very. They're pretty good a couple of public water -- past. But what they're discovering is. Not nearly as much of that -- -- 20% of the water that. What has -- chase actually break it down at the pensions you know -- what they'll. And back. Several applications speakers. Beauty a lot of water the -- and so -- but what probably is is escaping to a lot of the natural outlet it's. On the east bank or whether the Lebanese and on the east bank but -- that bohemian like -- -- hatch. When you get past that there's there's a natural growth boxes and some openings in the -- With the channel. We are built down there have been there he backed peace -- which abate or perhaps than being passed. So they've discovered that. But mortars being. There's not nearly as much water will be always on the recurrence once was spot. And so that means it's they're the sentiment that passes new world. Or they'll chase and not as much that will be moving downstream the -- heavier stands. Which are considered really important for building land. And especially an open case. The standard obvious though. And basically it calls to the bottom faster and it in the state on the bottom. Better than the really polite sentiments. And it windy conditions and they're hoping openers -- -- -- sentence well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Really kind of scale than the previous. System vote vote distributor. And then once kind of forming framework that view well there in the wider sentiments. -- -- Basically aren't attached to those utility has so anyways so you don't have enough. But let the small about the war you know moving down past chase and -- section of the of the doubt that -- moving and it's. Some good news and so that if the complicate some issues but. What are the as they learn new information and you know that's. What that during that there are more -- probation. And it will definitely. How turbine. Probably go out trying to rebuild the coast with material much -- corporate. I think Cabrera reached Britain nor read recently. It's sold -- states up Obama's have been implemented some pretty good restrictions. On. Watching -- follow. Phosphates nitrates in the river from crops and sewage plants and etc. in order to help us reduce our -- zone in the gulf. But -- that resulted in a pretty marked decrease in settlement itself. I'll bet that something to do that repair but let's estimates that's about 4% of the -- -- today. That's existed when Europeans for. Most of the -- 4% of the sentiment in the river was supplied. By the order of the scorcher -- dams on the sword belt for. You know irrigation power generation and that's for votes and that law. But doubt -- conservation measures have been taken. Not just to do to reduce the nitrates. It's it's mainly to -- you know as a small consolation projector reduced. Rubble. You know -- typing. Hardy -- axles are present the land from eroding and destroying. You know habitat fish wildlife habitat and and cultural content -- that whole ecology. Are out there that. Via. The partners on the -- now -- to. To limit -- coming into the river and involve whole law made it sweeter flow of actions and activities including. A different types of fertilizer when he used them how much to use. A -- stopped -- But you're right sort concentration has also reduce the amount -- coming into the river but they're still -- -- you all aren't just up the Arctic there's still but he stopped there to get the job done. But their product by about is we're located. How best they can move it from the river to the patience. To build. I'd look just deferring in a couple of listeners wanna talk to Bob Marshall broadening and Hammond Euro and other did you. And I appreciated. Postal years ago that may dredge the bottom of the river below norms retreat mean. Bring immaterial now all of -- mountaintop. And counseled -- a man used to work they haven't nailed it they weren't I would build a big you know under -- text plant that was placed -- somewhere out. -- cares about what feasibility has been stated partner electric plants placed on the lower social per passenger urging the future of the bottom and strategically piping it to at least situation. -- Angela to pollsters and the saltwater intrusion fix that there have been certain situations during his most. Possibility or more suit its readers wondered about this latest ominous. Well. The -- spent. We spent about robredo here the court you keep it short channel open and regrets. The river and produce records. But what it is the -- they orchestra expect temperature back up into the water column. We're short terrible -- river into the Gulf of Mexico. And for many years the state has been fortunate court here and practiced what we've Nicole beneficial use which means. There isn't accurate that -- you want to have someone -- pipelines. Threats -- winds over either side of the river -- that stop in these -- The court has replied that they'll -- the authorization of the budget to -- and you know what. Happy to do respect that are saying it just the congress how to do that that's bad sore so. Quite -- debate the lot of contention between India the agency in the states. I don't know and -- -- to play specifically designed. You know to do I had heard that before but. I -- Coca. The greatest oppressing the poor. And -- it may be some. Some easing of positions that are regarded here next. The year so that you know after -- -- -- started the river. In congress you know. It's. Amenable to -- -- the current. Again -- with the state rather than popular stop the opening all stopped and just said today you know all of supplement those organic materials. Actually contributed the are toxic air at the dead zone Nadal. What what do you think. I've had in the numbers shows recently. We're at the fishermen charter boat captains -- our troopers orange from and you -- it. Very concerned about the river diversions fighting them in the legislature -- -- take on their concerns. Concern under -- You know they buried there -- Economically -- -- station area. If the water extra pressure bit concerned about their target species and their punishment -- that it may -- out. Richard brown and -- go for their freshman. But it may have to read OK so of those other concerns. That's actually providing. Their protests. You know understatement -- the desert someone when you restore and return things to the way they used pretty. And you know that's the way the system laws you know even eight years ago was much pressure. And and of course for what were completed well is distributor. You know. The statement that the decision on what's the best for the largest number of people and the state does. You know both reverse sentiment numbers and well has slurry pipeline in the -- in fact it's. Scheduled spent much more money on one. So you know I think yeah I think some aren't sure. That the speeches will be relocated. But they happen oh yeah and in fact. That was -- criticisms of the master plan that they didn't spend enough time. -- looking Billy -- Chips this -- the these economies are placed about it means that you. One final question you may not have been -- -- I've been curious as soon. Have you been able to get -- on all the work on the levees on the river road Orleans parish starting around at the end of magazine. Pushed into that what they doing it's hard to tell that they're raising the bullet or spreading it out. Well they're raising it because in -- -- around here and and they have written back should be applied height and I -- a marketing for figure out there are twenty something whatever the you know over the back page that. The super delegate system does subside some and so that's what they're regardless figure they're adding. A couple feet to the -- to get back to design inspect so. Something great that's an on board Procter and it's a -- report -- System as a whole different authorization. And the -- works on matters well so that has nothing -- Well got a lot to do with what's happened here but -- -- to do it via cultural straight. And that part but I do think more than it's going to be expensive must be in their budget. I was always. I appreciate you calling the time and you. Regular -- news -- male. Celebrity they have moral three yet are welcome back we're. They get -- content we've thought about -- time show. And that's primary -- to land the I think we're still losing football field every hours seemed a little bit. Hard to believe but. It is true been reporting it years. And a lot of people liked. Bob -- from low there have been one of mending. Bidders all of this through the decades and he's written the latest in the limbs called. As rivers -- gives up its secrets planning diversions get more complex. He's talking about the settlement and water diversions. That are played in the master plan in the master plan and called for a fifty to a hundred billion billion dollars to implement it. And for some reason -- web site right now but when I last looked at it. We ask you do you think we're gonna get to. And there was huge percentage that doesn't think -- And it's introducing because. I think for those two of us who have doubts and -- one of them that that won't get that money the question is. What do we do now and I think the answer is usually what Google is husband. We're -- just won't think about it. A lot of people have been urged to leave ago lot of people have no delude to Italy. And just hope for the best and this state seems to be doing everything they can with the master plan. But when you're -- -- article blue -- have grown and it's always been complicated. The master plan and the issues animal and laws. But this seems even more complicated because of the things that hadn't been done. Opinion of his story one of -- expert says I'm hoping I'm hoping and a couple of years. We can complete. A starting. There are -- maker is much more confident in what we should be doing. Bill won't have to look at the delta management part of the study that portion of the search. Well less that's just what can be done in the rooms maternal and what those impacts will be on the current ecosystem. And that's what the -- Charter boat captains of their commercial seafood industry. Is up -- alarmed about that claim that is never really been a big part. The match your plan and it should have been and and now they're very concerned that a national where it is and Koreas were they've positioned areas that that make. The fruit in the -- spectrum in the US BC's. Will be done away -- -- big cause of an influx of sediment and fresh water. And there's studies -- suggest they shouldn't be that concerned. And experts and their experts and studies that suggest they have valid concerns. And it it seems to me it's a situation where every. Truly trying -- past. But they're going to be losers I think one man to pin they're going to be losers in. I don't know who are -- my guesses. Lore. Louisiana coastal community. Some of the fisheries. Would think. That are -- having. -- see what was it diversions. -- -- 100 versions 250000. Cubic feet per second. -- hot water that a lot of settlement and again they don't just open up the gates and let that blow constantly. What to either try and find out scientifically. Is -- -- with him. But this and I don't mean scared has become -- -- -- very real chance of happening but. This is how. Complicated situation yet. This is another article. Bob bought more from march when the and that I'm breeds. Landslide. In Gulf of Mexico. Could cause of fifteen put some on on the Louisiana coast Bob writes. If you thought sinking land and rising seas. Only being with worry about and tell them that they again. Soon I'll have now draw in the he talks about the National Weather Service researchers. City of fifteen foot wall of water could roll across grand. If a landslide occurred. In Mississippi Canon it's big -- -- oh Mexico. Thirty miles -- the mouth of the Mississippi River. And if you look. If you look at the graphics. That Bob has there you you'll see. The Mississippi canyon lands. And years ago. The media and that burst. Convinced me that we have land -- problem. Was in 1970 woody -- And a couple of years ago brought into his office and a lot of the people and showed them. What he believes we're potential. Earthquake or -- and remnants Japan's earthquake. And the shortest that he yeah mister Buchanan in landslide. In rules Gary when UC. And what Bob writing here. It did their -- landslide. Could give us a little trouble said such a landslide. Have happened about once every 1000 years in the early in that time premiere is almost up. It should be stressed that as a very low probability. Event water and in the house still a credible and would be high impact that what forecasters say -- but Cuban and -- little problem. But it it does. Explain how plastic. That south Louisiana went and area. I have one via. Engineers here a couple of months ago talking about all this in these the land. South Louisiana. Is kinda liked. -- On grand. Basic ran -- bottom. Rock bottom. Where -- deep. In the meantime everything else. There re very active very -- plastic. Moves well. Introducing we live and we're getting more information we have renewed. That we could possibly get I think probably some of those that the borders today. Not sure I'm happy about no. Coming right back we'll continue this conversation. Say with a -- dubbed obligated celebrity and -- 53. Once again tried to not -- and were thinking about trying to use stabilized land laws. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our double -- -- jog -- opinion poll today do you think we can get the 5200. Billion dollars applied the laws of coastal land 72%. Abuse say absolutely. Not and a homeless. Who is with more old university of course director of the center of an -- -- communications. Who is literally left the classroom gives couple amendment -- to I'm professors always appreciate. It. To start -- Bob Marshall bodies article in the -- wood to probably read a -- talks about. And we're limited to -- the media headlines as a reversal gives up its secrets. Planting diversions to save the wetlands get much more complex. And that when that said -- bid it seems to me get more complex reachable and they'll which has been and my response was. I guess does not 81 I heard that we got a master plan and there was a lot of applause for a good one man. We finally have a -- on the -- I thought these kind of things were. In the hand there were certain -- to go on no we've already started implementing plan. But when every at this it makes me think that -- -- -- a lot more things to decide that. While we're implementing plan tomorrow. -- I think it is a very complex issue I think people on the inside -- always known that. Maybe it has been the senators. -- public in general. But what you you know you can say that we needed these things when he -- diversions we need to. Let the river for the we need to do away or reduced to do. That's all well and -- but when you start saying okay now we're gonna start the process. Then you've got all the other factors economy and all the factors of the well being of the populations of people live there -- livelihoods of people live there and how those are going to be affected. What's the real -- dynamic of this ecosystem. You know it's one thing to say that sentiment command of that -- verdict can be placed on the shelf. But there and somebody at some point his -- look at. What kind of sentiment it is what size it is what the dynamics of its movement in the water column all bark. And what will happen if we opened some levees here and turn things loose and it goes rye. How to we recover. -- they're having these are all complex issues and doctor -- can -- you know as the preeminent engineering are areas that works on the you know dynamics of hydrology. He and his team are asking the right questions in raising some of the right questions it's very frustrating though. But. It it it's one thing to talk about doing an issue and everybody gets on board is yes let's do it. And then you've got to do intricate studies on what to really gonna happen. With each step how as how to get it. As Bob enumerated as questions how does it affect. Shipping president that history how does that affect. Speckled Trout fishing -- a resident -- This that the other. So that's what we're going to right now and I I would be shocked if they didn't cause. Consternation in the general public that there isn't looking at that closely. But I'm convinced that we're gonna have better answers. Pretty fast here so that as we go forward will make -- mistakes. A do you have with the idea of a -- to the degree of bones. Subsidizing. This -- in hand did the sport it. You know the way they're laid out is that. There's cash flow projections based on everything from. When he sixteen which target the better share royalties from offshore. Two. The price of oil that's being projected for normal taxes. To the and services. And what the court thinks they can put an error by ideal and and all of those projections of -- I mean not. You know they -- fifty billion dollars. I think everybody candidate in the week and it well we're hoping it's fifty billion dollars but the way things normally go it's more expensive overtime. And will we be do everything that the plan calls for. As an optimist I certainly hope so. But as a realist probably not. So well will do it -- adjustable. We'll come up with actually will probably have some some technical technological breakthrough news -- -- -- that apple is in this. We'll have some things happening here that are they're gonna probably work force better that we projected itself. -- would get about a minute. Or we're gonna have to ask congress for a new money and in the if we do and is the fact that this is kind of how we're building and learning how to build it as we go along. Going to be a minus and getting more phones. You know that just depends on the mindset of congress in the amount of money that our economy has available. You can always make the case of how important the mouth of the Mississippi River is. That's why we bought it in a keynote three that while we've nurtured -- the way we. And that's while collectively the Louisiana ports of the largest in the world. And they've they've means so much of the economy of America that that's what congress got a factory and is that financially war that. To conserve the pathways through coastal Louisiana. For the well being. The nation. And and we're all gonna have to work called that to make sure that they're well educated. Propose room and through march when bill passed through clients production until I have a good all right it ought to be autonomous collector. Senator of environmental communications award only universe. Coming up next we'll talk about true retirement state but the Garland Robinette and that linked.