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4-1-14 12:10pm Garland: on heroin addiction

Apr 1, 2014|

Garland talks about the heroin epidemic in Louisiana with State Representative Terry Landry, Col. Mike Edmundson of the Louisiana State Troopers, and Will Harrell of the ACLU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- the mental -- of your by the way. Com reports. Wherever -- at epidemic in this state in this country. I think a -- incorrectly -- borders happened that is why people -- hooked on prescription. At its. Things like OxyContin. And when that became a major problem. -- restricted. -- when that occurred. The the replacement. Of Troy is became heroin because it was cheaper income -- -- right. Well in the legislature now there's oil -- to -- 32 and that would double. The minimum plug your prisons and that sport distribution. Retired required time in prison for possession. And I think two possessions. Users. Would have serve at least two years behind bars. So it's in the legislature and now we're expecting. A call from state representative. Terrible injury shortly. Where I think is involved with the bill. In the meantime we're above -- with the in Louisiana State troopers Mike -- -- -- combat or -- -- Battery -- Director -- it's did you encourage Europe you'll Norman says it's easier by her -- on the streets. Than it is to -- it OxyContin. I've talked to young people and it's easier than getting. A McDonald's hamburger. Is well he's. It is in the next served in the moment enough and the legislature with -- -- -- talk about as you know there ordered an approach would drug in the in the year -- -- at odd years in and the thing about it it's spreading of importance in the Louisiana. Relate 300 him. Heroin related rests. State police -- -- all in 2013. It is now. -- Terrell -- reportedly the second sized truck following crack cocaine. Contributed to prominently at least that. That mentality something like -- -- seeing and a comment. -- -- 202%. Increase in crime lab submissions from point twelve point thirteen. That's a number of cases that are coming in the comment. We tested the purity and it is almost it was pretty actually. -- test the purity on the amount -- -- and the New Orleans area it has increased from 15%. As high as 31% that's an incredible. Purity level for that particular type drug it was pretty. Much in the eighties -- -- be eradicated and then I'm done away with the Louisiana about its way back into it. And the thing about it is that it's one thing. If you can get that person and get them into a medical place where they can can help themselves. But what we do one it would firing people that are. And the Eagles still are now Beatles thing about it when we get there. These these these kids that are suggesting that. It's it's it is true reform it's it's killing so tried to get to him front and it is not working summit beginning. -- you kind of facility where. He's been out of that again the system. You know maybe experience we've got a look at him and it's sad that we could argue or -- error related debt so last year. So I think when you look at the numbers than on majority well 60% of revenue bonds so. We've got it is something an epidemic. It's. -- moralizing. As state police group here. The kidnapped and have been around family than it has -- add members I am involved in screening. -- it's very scary type of drug and something that that would we've got to do something about it. And we're joined by a state representative. Terry late entry. -- Oreo totals about house bill 330 to what what's he trying to do. -- addition to her little burst or good afternoon and I -- -- different governments. -- articulate. The problem apparently has cost there's -- -- they don't particular problem. But this little. We agreed on all the people stakeholders share of abuse. Obviously believes an amateur law enforcement of the Atlanta journal because legislators are generally better I'd be changed down. Our increased penalties the Google to get our treatment there's there's a lot more important arguably we dislike for metal understood incarceration rate. But also -- -- aren't great but our but our industry here. All the positions are part. But there's stakeholders took the initiative. There's of the tour we we hope that. It will deter people from mom from using heroin. -- more often. All I'm not only the position peppered the possession. It's gonna what are people or people. Continue to treatment goals and just choose to distribute. And Teixeira wanted to know is poison to our community. Clinic we need to send a clear message to Humberto the tolerances -- wrote about initiatives. Our final visit their preparedness to -- -- -- -- being hurt a great about it. There's very -- to -- -- and inherit what is now making a big comeback in this state there were marked it was pointed out. And hearing in the government there has declared that it -- -- RO. An emergency. As it relates to this. Comeback Caroline. -- -- that the warming issues and one thing that are there are in this poll. Initiative of Hillary comeback. That the -- mr. His description drove through technology. So I mean we really every potential problem. There's digital bill it was more than deterrent Ramadan. -- beyond just lock them -- without any any ego treatment. -- looted -- won't come right back. A lot of people wanna talk to you about this suits. And usage or 18 celebrity column questions we've got the experts with this. Or told -- anywhere in the country -- 66. Rated nine and 087. Are welcome back thinking about how should bill. Concerning our -- -- epidemic can basically wants to double the minimum five your prisons and -- forward -- his -- Users would have to serve at least two years behind bars where apparently Andrew with the state representative. -- have colonel. It might -- blitzer and with the -- and the state troopers list of some of our callers. As to -- -- wrong colonel and Terry appreciate the call it. Racially Q Paula thank you so much. For the out of the call. Were you thinking because one of the -- talking about. Powell we got the magic alteration capital of the world in it it did you ever thought it would. Edit the -- challenge. The problem that he can read about giving them great -- I don't think if they can put. -- You know. What so the to say you know with the things that. Should be. A lot people. Kind of term and oh. Well with the kind of terror. Because. It would. Mostly African American -- And cheaper. Drugs. Market -- like they are -- Because jet cracked in here as well -- article okay so. I don't. Know we've got to stop using. Lot of people especially. XP. Yeah compared to thank. They -- Belcher Terry colonel. Well I'll agree and -- and I habitable homes in terms of treatment then -- -- -- -- -- increasing penalties. Com book armed -- our burgeoning terror and particularly don't demand problem. An and I agree that there. The problem is that so we don't have adequate treatment facilities. Only cut and then and don't accept Medicaid the federal. -- mitigate money it has an impact normal treatment facilities. We've caught. Our hospital. And and treatment centers and throughout this debate them and -- the dark of the downsizing government. -- -- any consequences when you when you start cutting these OK here are metal table there's some earlier is that that it's cost. The militants from our problems were mentally. The citizens of the law enforcement. Our jails now becoming -- middle hospitals something could go off in Norman and all of our and again our our come unconvinced that the possession. -- is simply -- Prejean desirable problem. The people. Just poison not community. And -- the only reason. Probable or increase because there's no economic value than the person selling it. -- old economic value. And -- putting you know street and the strokes fuels like the credential look considerably. That's a question for both do you read this vertical -- in the media standard -- rivers and report. -- you know and -- war on drugs. This from the DUKDEA. Says we spend fifty billion dollars per year. Trying to eradicate drug from this country according to beat you -- else -- we capture list then and percent. Of all the illicit drugs and the -- And then we get the quote -- -- local shirt that says it's easier to buy heroin on the street then it is the bio products -- con. If prosecutors. And the legislators and current view from. We'll solve fired determined. To put users in prisons. What are we gonna start seeing results on the war and drops. You can have more money more money how much more money do you knee. And -- shouldn't we be turning to you in saying if you're gonna do the same thing. We've been doing it for forty years with very -- results. Shouldn't you be given us the answers. I'm familiar that it's going I think. Certainly represented. Almost superintendent colonel Andrea. Certainly put it pretty. Nice area I understand either proponent of people he's always been that. Indicated Gingrich and his boys understand the fact that it Carol what you replicated in Louisiana back in the -- made it virtually went away. Web management urged them to encourage you give life prison sentenced to dealers -- you're doing that knowledge of the purpose. Is the cut back on you. I know about that you also made an emphasis within -- fortunate about changing the culture I mean I've been bounces do Rio Grande river. And in Texas where the drugs come across such looked -- -- karma call that. The sixty mile stretch of the river around McAllen Texas and related equipment area where where the majority comes across. Could opium which is where. Derivative of the repair when incidents and opiate drugs. -- More I think we didn't come in Canada are rare a thing -- -- that Baldwin is all we going to line and so many junctures because you you -- and convinces that the war on drugs working party. Well in Japan and our partner our grief we that if we had put. Our. The war the money that was -- to produce execute on the -- property in the war and education can be assured that -- him. But -- district attorney to share to get elected. Bar if he's not a crime net and does not play in the war. Took our society -- has been a little hypocritical missile progress. And and we spent some broad war broke an epic legal. -- is poverty today. But I think it -- -- you're departed for more than just one level was also able to -- page. You have to do treatment you have to -- enforcement. Actually cannot fight this battle with one big goal change. Are -- little cameos of this. This is from the -- institute due may tell me it's badly institutional. When they're able to attract him but I've. Had a longer show and and broke below the bottom of last year they did report on our department of public Sapient wrote for its prison system -- the 698. Million dollars a year. -- 171486. Dollars per prisoners because of that cause. Pension funds in this state under funded. We only have 80%. Of the funding that required. We need almost six million dollars we don't have. Under funded retiree health care contributions. We've only got 25%. We need 32 million. Inmate. Terrorist cause -- sporting news new year -- made education and parading his four million years. We're gonna go all these -- but all this money with these people that we -- continue. To continued to do the same thing that's not worked. More taxes. Well you have to step brought on exactly what's most important thing. Urban -- you don't with the educational side of that you know that we can look back at. Political prisoners and I've -- educational side of it. -- -- -- -- -- Articulate it and airless that and the clear thing about it not more importantly drug use trucks. And the problem with -- one is the fact is that we're not getting to a consumer and it wouldn't it we're not getting -- and we can make a difference in their lives. And I think that's what you your biggest actors and we've got to do something you can do to prison. You have opportunities. This case in point last week you don't -- being courts. I didn't actual courts. You make it to court when it spammers out -- the needles sticking out of the -- You know at what point you try to do something. As police administrators sharp as a -- attorney. As stable and at what point tried to do something. Well that's working and what no matter what we have or haven't done it pat it's important that we do something now. Can you can you show me studies or state. Or putting people in prison users. Whether it's Irwin whether or one number one is worth. And number two -- that Portugal branded much smaller than worry. As a law that the prime equalized all of -- it was bought by the police it was bought by the legislators. They put her in the place in the works better in India the place in the world. Where all of the studies in the results that shows what you want to do sports. Very -- studies prayer but again -- -- -- will -- -- -- -- my supportive marijuana are. There's all possible legislation that that is out there preserving that we should decriminalize or not and and make it there are 88 penalties for terrible depression it's. That didn't put people wait for whatever. But I gotta tell you that legislators in this building and notified. They're gonna argue -- that -- the predictable back to their constituents. And and and may have to present a -- -- car. -- -- argument and and I agree reviewed the populists. Is an article one and -- -- -- What would go back -- big point out. 70000. Dollars today for prisoners 690. Million with consulting an extra taxes that would the hopeful we will -- What computer on to the popular -- you sit there until the populist Raza. And serves criticism. You'll incorporation. In one term was about rehabilitation and changing behavior now I believe. And not just me speaking that cooperation as a business because. People make -- and you know. Partially usually ride home Asia. It's Abrams didn't turn Landry our current law and since they police. Run out of time our producers goalie in the time. You won't come back Colin. Debate does talk about it more to a the microphone -- Morgan information critical to -- -- Albert bill. Come right I don't know what you think I'm being we we or the incarceration. Capital of the 00. Mean per capita. We're we put more people in prison and and on and then a couple of the country's. Is that something we see working. And it supports such a conservative state. And we are so against big government. One -- comparable. -- -- 600. 98 million almost 700 million dollars a year for prism. With the huge population of non violent offender. We don't wanna play and -- picture for pot -- to understand that you don't trust politicians. We're in order paper with a billion dollars in drinking water in New Orleans. They're losing forty to 50% of water every day. I understand that you don't trust politicians. The comforter and mortar pit reporting that -- hundred billion to -- Louisiana understand that it would pay more taxes. Is -- the -- -- mentality. That says give me that 700. Million. To put addicted users or way. And the reason we're doing. Is because when they come out. They're going to be all better. I mean. I think was represented that -- get started the proves. I got to see that's. Government well we're talk little about how to build. Room 32. Heroin epidemic. In Tuesday in this country. No doubt about it I would submit did you dual -- The majority of the United States is turning to treatment. Aboard. Or. Even brand at all. Reading Rand Paul and he basically says war on drugs is joke is -- failure worm -- Spending all of -- It moving over it's more we're spending all of this effort. And orders. To secure something that we hadn't been able to do -- and -- people. Where you're Louise out of where you think the opposite. We wanna double the minimum by -- -- prison for distribution now. Those that are in favor of this -- some -- prosecutors most sure of smooch the news. Delta -- We're back in the 96 in 97 he would wiped out hero -- by creating a life sentence. Or distribution. One to go after him like sentences again now begin to give at least two years on boards to use. And double the minimum -- your presence and as for distribution there Rory says that they have been answered -- but they're not doing now. All old confusing and as usual won't listen to both sides have -- -- -- Harold Whitman. ACLU's southern regional policy council will walk -- the -- appreciate you call. I just out of state representative. And and the colonel. Maybe state -- mourners said. -- -- Surely -- approve. The -- somewhere in this country. We're putting users. In -- Drops. -- did drug problem we have in the country. And maybe it was just rooms and thought boot them said whether or are -- reports I've seen them. There are actually quite contrary we've got forty years of data from fifty states that should just contrary. And it's particularly true. People with serious addiction. Period the issue we're talking about here. And at least we should be Smart. About public policy. -- I think in appreciate that the other the other day. At the here in. Bill street 32. You know a number of -- source. This was particularly this year just returning from east Baton Rouge and mr. or more -- Islam and I acknowledge mr. And that in public. -- -- -- To the public outcry as we knew that public health response. Is that and achieve that -- be handled by -- system that can that can address the problem. In and in some ways are equal treatment. I do appreciate. Two record and looking co chairman looking is -- no question. About it. They're each trying to address what you perceive that we -- agree to be. A serious problem. Hey you know what what concerns. Chairman one that we yours and -- -- accurate. -- We have an over reliance and incarcerate. Here. At the Paribas. Asia and he is actually there. Our and other proposals that would. You know create an alternative. Peace. Eliminate mandatory -- and he's been on page years and spoken. About it and they let straight but he. It's so concerned about -- -- that he's making distinction as supplies to Caroline. Angela you became an exception for the rule in the rule no longer there and so that you went sure that a criminal. You are so many decades since it's sort of reaction. Two letters perceived as a crisis in the crisis can be -- flavor. The depth of the different. Decade but here we are. There's no question that rise in the use of heroin into Asia. But certainly by other actors crew mineralization is now and I can assure you it. -- addict street New Orleans straight trying to get a -- and think that whether. There's going to be five here and or -- and that let his or her shirt right now so there is no deterrent to that person who right now as we speak. Is it that -- -- these leaders are correct could produce that is. An -- that will put him little in debt and but here is what. What's going to kick him -- -- from seeking that judge quitting and the risk is that this year the mandatory minimum sentence that just doubled overnight and by certain that. He or she won't even be aware of the launch day. -- in side. Adult and juvenile prisons and certainly most of these people are -- well school. And the latest trip. -- punishment and then. Adding that even if there are the or and had did. They are addicted. To the draw out. You you don't own that go blow there at all when they're going for the brought lunatic breaker coming right back. Talking with -- though will Howell agencies you know you who southern regional policy council. Its weapons of a deal billiards celebrity immoral 53 yeah. All right we're talking about the herald -- epidemic can -- -- and all across this country who helped build 332. The -- to change things by putting users Ngo for at least two years and bars. And doubling the minimum five your prison sentence for distribution. Will hurl with the ACLU's southern regional policy councils that scoot through our callers. Cutlery Euro on with so we'll let our producers. I'm all right here's a question not listen to this round please. What Debbie. Shouldn't Lopez would be a rate should be spared in the sense that I was cracked you used to be primarily white. And did you would be actually it's about you what you just go home. That that bad. I think it depends we'll tell you absolutely not me. I think -- does have racial element what do you think well. Well that certainly parent a picture I see no indications. That would. -- fact that the faster data just -- poor people colors serving longer. But same proportionality. -- -- -- -- -- Big black Q would have been -- Lights that goal because that OK -- -- -- -- that they -- of the well we are in now in the government. Has finally been exhibited that. To be at it will be. They're we didn't know that it people -- races utilized. They rate yet. African American -- Hispanics are far more likely to be arrested. Charge. Cart created -- -- and that would he'll. It has nothing -- -- -- and back at it and probably future aspect. He didn't like people. It -- -- and those people should they the kind of felt that the these new La. Will produce what I -- ironic is that. You know the -- the legislation. -- seniors. Every legislators and it it's our -- The patent and that next sentence. Stroke care. The way we operated. Or armor street yesterday but it. That you know. We went to work an easy practice Thursday that it sort of political map it actually generate net realized that seeing when he could be done. And conservative. And it the approach and not a hard you. And all of the major legislation on this topic archer in the other direction so ultimately there's. And it shall be made there is unfortunate that income. And they -- whatever the trend there. In their state Everett in. -- right now that your group. Has built four to merit club that would protect. People who report. And then there's over two. Medical. Providers -- service providers. And see them from -- for a minute but you know and -- bill. In the senate so. It's very intricate and leave them out at the end of the where that is that's a good thing. Happened last a lot more on the table. Which. The order that we talk about today. We're first implemented in tech and a decade ago and I would. I'm sorry -- -- Did you see that you -- -- there implement and taxes and we haven't -- the media and. That is correct. That it we. Chairman. Retired chairman of that out stressful committee. It would legislatures and they start conservative Republican thought about it's okay to be Smart on. And that there are alternative that we have and in action. -- quote narrow -- print weeks we work. Think your Bill Clinton a bill to board now order or do something different. We're providing treatment people working well how to. For -- action. Put it at a different kind of accountability it's one that provides treatment that they need and quite frankly saved. They call all kind of money. Now. That we hear those artery or probably more typical. To achieve the -- barely. Whether it's -- structures that provide local share with the center to oppose reform. Because they herald. Our head like that -- is almost like Mario Matt and -- you it'll still there 00 they're amusement. So there's an adventure -- -- that failure pot smokers. Bring them here we are that they're talking about spending money and their treatment. So we're hearing oh approaching. Heroin cry -- public outcry since we need to talk about it. These people are going to received treatment. In the world share jail they went there. Is a concrete flat out. And -- be surrounded by senators and they're gonna be even they're more destitute in the war. Maybe they'd been sober. For the time that two year minimum I've only been there. -- when they get an opportunity. Where -- what -- it to stay so what job aperture. We want to read this whole thing. And a difficult proposition for share. And rural counties and parishes and fatally. You're dependent -- -- keep -- full out. Taxes as a boss and if they. And do a bit more conservative than we and they Goran decided. This is about do we seem to be Gordon often children. That girl so well and measures Mario will thank you with the Tom good talk and you have -- -- So it the your take on this topic it's a critical topic has done. And I don't think it doesn't good group released all the think about it thank you borrow or what or. What. Hopes. Up on this Indian. Reading scores. A pound men and so probably isn't true but Britain. Abraham Lincoln was quoted -- -- prohibition. Grows beyond the bounds of reason. Invented the attempts to control the man's appetite by legislation. And make him out of things that are not cross. But -- -- Double -- Don't go way usually hit a little is next.