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4-1 5:35pm Sports Talk: Saints

Apr 1, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.com about what position the Saints should recruit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk operated jaguar Pena -- -- WI dot com what's the biggest neat for the Saints in 2014. NFL drama Saints news now. -- took a club come to terms a one year deal with. Parys Haralson who did make its players in black and gold last year coming over from San Francisco and a Saints are hosting. Free agent defensive back cornerback Champ Bailey a gentleman who with all think saint all the time. Mike trip took over the Saints for ESPN and ESPN. Dot com my trip off first but to saint agreed to terms with Paris -- -- was -- effective in his time last year in black and gold. Yeah it brought in Phillips slow news day and now that you were to ask how it did you. Yet -- -- certainly a lot of you know it would be like we know at some point. Probably. In a big -- and come back down to the projected starters at linebacker. But well as a -- specialist there are some really helps. Run and -- it out split time on human rob Bryan. Can Bieber or how does that color. Now attributed going to be the Saints are hosting. Champ -- Your thoughts on that. Yeah I mean makes a lot of sense to. Obviously see he's not playing at the same level Khaleda is going to be all Kramer. And Denver decided. To let him go and move on. Very similar to the decision Saints made a lot of other veteran players that he does make sense there's a possibility for the Saints. They've got decent depth at quarterback they've got a number one quarterback who hosts but it could certainly use a veteran guy you and that -- acts. While the young guys continue to develop them and and -- -- It's completely healed from the sort of injured for much in the it he certainly emerged as the as the starter opposite you know probable. My Tribune is -- weather is covering the Saints all the New Orleans Saints all the time -- ESPN EE SPN dot -- trip how can folks followed you. They -- -- Mahan putter out Mike Triplett or all the -- coverage all 38 imperious in that to go there and well page and just. Could -- the Saints are reportedly. That should I know it's hard to a to a assume because this this question could be you know a different angle -- a different response to a you know in a mad at a time but gonna to the draft right now assuming that what the Saints had his holiday have. At this point in time it's a draft is that the of this week in. What do you think is a big case of too dude needs for the new -- Well is I think the two biggest needs an -- corner and wide receiver. Obviously they need at center but I don't probably make a move similar letters bring him back Brandon marte error or -- -- John Goodman slid they'll they'll do something where they don't need to have got that. Andre -- at certain -- Here are a laboratory that -- It's a position where I think they'll come away somewhere in the crap. A corner -- receiver that you could rotate in the mix right away and developed in the future starters but you know the Saints they will not say we're taking that position. At number 27. But I that they become more it would expose such a great draft -- receiver and that they crumble at the receiver at least some from the first report routes. -- of you know we hear coach Payton talked about is this -- -- the window and everybody throws and then now window culture it is air seemed like every three or four years is. 34 years worth of all want to land everybody at the wrong you know college football now -- it's the process you know about about critical. But -- it is his team first -- look at this look at it in the division in the will look in the league. In the in the count as a Saints right now and the NFC south with a team that they've beat him out as you Carolina. They're the best team in the NC I mean I expect Carolina over achieved a little bit last year. But you look at at Carolina Alou and so many pieces and not really hear anything and treated me it's hard thing. They Carolina it was a team on the rise it's gonna keep built last year but look I'm I'm not a completely dismiss a minor -- it very tough I think Tampa Bay is the most improved team -- Nazis and it went the second most improved team that -- And then Carolina in the states where we're -- you know double B 26. Ticket absolutely -- any club swing team to -- and -- optimism but I think it starts and there are. And as far as that when you look at the -- they'll win a stunning Renault thirteen and three. I has made some moves we know about Seattle in San Cisco what they've done of course they have a ton of picks again. This year is is is it anybody on the level or -- may be to build the biggest thing that Seattle has -- against him. If -- in a Winston and then the defending Super Bowl champs. Oh yeah I -- we sent a remote -- first and in in New Orleans it's a real thing. And -- Seattle's a great team but it -- of course Seattle could. All twelve or eleven an extreme never know especially. At the where. -- this is aptly at Seattle hosts answered sit still. It is the Saints won a number one and number two seed it'll have to go through those who interpret it close there and and and so you know -- I'm not a breakdown let's get you never know who's going to be good as I knew that it can absolutely be a twelve team and -- they're absolutely wanted to -- -- -- number one or two seats. I don't necessarily think. You look at Seattle and say there's no. -- Germany how how big was it moving forward though now on ballclub that was hate. They got to have home field or is going to -- how big do you think move forward. Was this year for the and to get -- road victory in the playoffs. Our thing you know. I think it was bigger for a as the -- you know -- it abdic compliments and they were so sick of the question -- regardless and I mean. There are all parents actually traveled in the losses to Seattle in 2011. San Francisco in 2012. They were losing games sported some thirty some and so. -- you know they'd pale -- believe that that was a little critical parts. And I think it's good that they went out improved bit. Are now winning patch Seattle is -- in those weather conditions against their defense sector it. That's a whole different story but just the road itself. They can't win on the road as long to two team -- you know are better. That you would always talk about the -- said it is always candidates and your round a variety of topics but. One or two guys you think they could really have and in tackle or break out type -- for the Saints and in fourteen. But it -- puts in -- -- who hasn't have their -- are ready you have to look at chase. That's a really good question but I mean obviously I think that I'm not. On any secrets with Kerry Robinson everybody knows him now but. I really think the emergence of artery problems and last year was a big reason why. They let Darren Sproles go. I think they wanna give more treacherous to him and Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas for that matter that but I I think it out a lot of statement after a little sort. And have a guy who also was already started to break out but. Could take that next step you know to that you Google that level Spears a key accepting their roots really. Tune to what's working on now the ESPN that come. Well following up on these two guys I was actually just that. Just get ready to start diving in and learn in these draft guys these draft prospects. The dividing line collects public street who has. We're you don't need to exhibit that I you do that you get lots of time and go like to the college obligated to a spot in the house and just thought. What what's up -- that you go alphabetical you know position educate me. Now usually. Does last night I mean -- -- 27. -- I really and Utley and again and write about who are guys who really think could be targets in America. Well it in my area and there. You know maybe it's about it about how guys here -- their pro days and you know. Tell completely sort of got to OT program next week we read -- about it from junior a year ago people would love seat -- -- in uniform but they're the bunting guys you know lack of their pick in thirteen it was easier to air it out to a small sample. I can probably write about Pena is still raw end of the year pick pat Patrick Robinson earned respect and -- really have any upgrade our. So it you're really guessing game. You know you can narrow it down some guys -- -- you know it it some people. What level now available and contrary it's going to be two linebackers two receivers to orders. -- offensive linemen to defense -- -- It is really going to be impossible -- -- in there now which position because -- though build their. Lead and they know they count on in order number seven. They won and it would be a starter next year and the year that that. Players such generic term but it. Again -- how can folks -- on Twitter. Mike trip but it all things Saints NFC -- NFL all the time for ESPN and ESPN. That come -- bit always a pleasure thank you so much -- -- him. All right commitment to Stephen in progress and -- as you call that in Saints knew this afternoon they are hosting a future hall of Famer a free agent cornerback. Champ Bailey on a free agent visit and they've agreed to terms one year deal when linebacker Parys Harrelson. And the ability for the -- on the Saints the Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans they locked on and log on to WWL dot com.