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4-1 6:20pm Sports Talk: NFL Draft

Apr 1, 2014|

Deke talks to NBC Sports NFL Draft Writer Josh Norris about this years NFL draft class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well now time to talk some NFL draft and operas and -- command of in BC sports NFL draft by Josh -- -- -- now. Just New Orleans Saints would you feel like a some things that need for the Saints going into the 2014. In a pilgrim. What are you different areas obviously. You know to me I wonder. Rob Ryan will look for someone with versatility on defense -- the -- -- the -- car and come back from an injury but I wonder. Teams start looking for. Someone with versatility at linebacker. I would just possibly a -- she's here from -- mistakes might be somewhat early and it's taken in the first round split great value Indy Q he's someone that -- I think. Many people wanted Alec Ogletree to be last year so when he -- uses when he. I'm somewhat lead I guess he's physical he can run like when there's so much ground. So that versatility matching them. With -- -- Carl would really be troublesome for our options. Just now when you look at the at the -- and look at a position -- -- -- and now I guess the way of the game. He's been deep bag used to be always a right there at the top of first round picks. Running back but now beat the emergence of backs -- that come in this league you've done so well as a threat to create intimate round picks. But they seem to be on a couple of guys that are at the top then then a very -- Carlos had a tremendous season here at Ohio State. We saw a couple bags in the SEC would -- Mason the Jamie hero I -- handicap during a mix this year overall as a class. Yes so I said Tuesday that -- -- flat hat that these -- mature perspective. I'm sure at the running back hasn't been or will be back in general are being devalued. From eighteen respect from achieved -- perspective. Now the question as we saw last year. With the taxi to do that -- Under into billions extra that you guys like their top 100 talent but we. I think we're in Micah. And this year well. A handful of guys who taught it speaks well the couple under pressure. And a new Aponte Freeman reports state. On what I like -- right away. -- -- he's an experienced pass protector and he's an adequate receiver. Now you add in the fact that he's very decisive runner to -- -- the dirt or get -- to the second level. -- -- of that guards to protect those aren't as someone. The ball out of state do really does note -- -- that cheek and free or -- so. And from that we don't know cheese at the next level in three yards or you by blocking at the level -- But guys and can -- that extra yardage break first contact. He creators -- and so that the part. Quickly I'll say that obviously it is an opulent -- -- actual right now I think that that much easier said than done. So -- to watch -- spot mutually Yorkshire played a lot of running back put a lot of receivers. On -- torch to the forty -- to New York has to come by and I don't think he's as strong purple as a ball carrier. Kris certainly. All of these terms of experience at receiver and experience that -- Just noise is our special gifts in BC sports NFL draft right it just happens folks volley on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Content check that out you want to. Just now does a good defense that tackles you know -- Jimmy Johnson always see when he was drafted in look and you cannot you can never have enough. Defensive linemen especially interior defensive linemen you know right that's -- you know their defense to Dallas had their -- of the interior defense the -- that but a couple of guys. Not so much in a great of college Corey did a high school rebounds and looking at three guys. We're Louisiana times eagle Ferguson Andy Johnson and now Louisiana Ted just an Ellis again stock really Rose. Talk about those three guys and what type a class always look at it from defense and in -- -- Quickly. Well what you said Johnson I agree I think there are in need that in your destruction. More important -- pressure but at the plate that it's shorter than it. If you treat it injured destruction that in your acting confusion is much more typical for a quarterback despite the early part of it broke. Without the country for quarterbacks step up in the pocket Jack -- Patterson's row which in an open pocket. I'd actually prefer this might surprise you just and Ellis a vote of the league's policy on just you know someone who aren't even -- -- -- game. It would pigeon -- openers pack because 161. Victory injured for three tutored the count. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right and all see it and and more at age three technique early in his career I think -- -- an -- an acre or an instrument is gonna need to be improved it figures speaker pat what struck a little -- I think almost beat -- third round. In the fourth round how early on thinks he's -- that our matchup of Matt decides. But quick and act the hoosiers didn't they just were here aren't that. I was there -- lots of Minnesota public and the issue we use in those seizures and at noon the nighttime so's just gets an imminent. This these he would Rasheed Haden in our head man I'm -- I hear a lot about him a note interesting story about him when he came through very a difficult hand because of our story and background his hands but. These seem like a dad has got a lot of traction -- You're exactly right in. And it's very -- I think it's courier can be taken one way he played a lot when you are right. Gunner but I wouldn't be surprised that she consider him -- spot technique teacher which is out at tackle because. He is so long and so explosive. I. I think right now there -- flashes inconsistencies. He sees some tremendous flashes of the explosion Utley. Of power and -- -- Stover back to the line in the and other times he's caught all on the snap. You wouldn't doubt baker go to the ground featured back York. You can't beat very unique quality of understanding. What he's. He's not in the get to the quarterback and using gently and Wednesday that back taxes -- image is -- impacted. -- arms more plays out or what part of rock and what you say when you factor in that pack the -- -- the ones averaged. Compared to when it was tackles for loss at square brackets or pressures don't support statement but when I ask -- in the top twenty. It back in the top 35. I think it just turned out to Houston earlier that -- -- -- -- career. Averages. Josh Norris NFL draft traffic NBC sports dot com again just that nobody could follow all degree were. Or. Are meant jostled each on game good stuff man we appreciate what talk against him. All right thank you very much.