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4-1 7:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Football

Apr 1, 2014|

Deke talks to Publisher and Recruiting Analyst of tigerbait.com Mike Scarborough about LSU football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Scarborough a -- debate dot com. Don't just now I'm Mike before we get into football Johnny O'Bryant the third I had a very good career LSU has gone detest the NBA war. Yeah. We thought that he would he would go out and you know and good luck to him you know to turn home. Some of these draft out of all the he's. -- that the career issue but you know Johnny you know and he's got enough common back negotiated. They can improve on an issue which. Most people believe it was -- it was disappointing year notion that brought in the didn't. To the expectations. Of an NCA term that. That they can better defensively next -- to combat smoking again. -- -- Jackson you don't -- all home basketball he's getting you -- -- -- bearing -- basketball is reduce it it is if they if they don't good and they talking -- any feedback on basketball. Now it's. Don't seem as many. I don't think. Like today finances would O'Brien -- is any book on decide about that. A little bit but I think at bat control you know certain it was been some excitement over the recruiting and -- basketball. In the future's looking bright but as far as. It being eighty. Our basketball coverage having an increasing clicks you know Johnny Jones vs trade Johnson. Person Brady I don't know. I I think it's still status quo until they can make it to an NCAA tournament. And look like in a national power again and you got more than. Four or 5000 actually on the march. I don't know that the fans. Are going to be back in in. You know is it just that how it was U basketball is is always going to be. You know I know a lot of people we talked about coach basketball or even college basketball but -- one in and in in all that it just literally. It turned me any fans particularly with their predictor over -- -- -- forty. Yeah absolutely Mike Scott Boras was -- happen everybody get the latest on the -- you've been. Go to tiger -- A lot of coverage we've been the last four days screen coverage has been. Second and and flipped the front page of multiple times each day we just put -- practice video. From today I'm it was a practice support. And we got a lot more coverage about football recruiting leading and leading into the spring game Saturday. And I can now where he's going to post a 222. Feature on Saturday he ninety about maybe you while hot dog eating contest of the president on in -- round but we will have coverage for Michael -- was on Saturday we do it just like we do college -- Regular college season was thought at 10 AM Saturday morning elation spring game followed by the network coverage of the spring game 1 o'clock in the national at the L clubs opening game. In tie this thing Mike -- -- about linebacker. I was reading a lot of talk on you a -- with a tremendous player come out of high school. I looks like he's making a lot of noise in the spring. And I ate some a single come down may be him and DJ -- and I just said you know. Even if whoever doesn't it just gives more depth at linebacker -- Could could be used -- entertain -- and -- played different spots in talk about the spring Beckwith is that. Well you know I'd like to see what would Beckwith looks like I mean we need we do only so much of practice and you know we we got a -- reports but I'm you know I'm anxious to see him you know there's been rash of linebackers and have been hurts those other linebackers. They have gotten more playing time. But we've also back lifting -- who were -- in the summer did that sort of future. It it it middle linebacker there was no debate on that with whether he should be -- defense -- -- and he wants to play linebacker. You know he's gonna get shot that. I think you know you're not discussed it don't last Tom did you know he took a lot more Welker did peace and didn't do was probably wanted. Last season. I think he's going to be hard hard discipline him anybody to have to take your job away from him. Mike now -- LSU looks good -- it in in the deep. Part of the second game which is safety. Less talkative about Mayo tomatoes has made some plays. And -- Collins at a back there he looks like there's some bad bad habit and this is the deep second day and she's really done a good job haven't some debt medical records of the last two years. They've lost some good players they Beckham -- Kleber impacted Peta sent. And they've been able RS are missing miss a beat but. You -- -- that that depth is there they -- has been able to kind of you know it's not like oh what a cupboard -- -- and then left stranded all India handed. Even though they've lost a lot of over the course the last few years. Like I mean we've we've had a night's story today on on. Ronald Marten. You know and in -- positives going for him you know court Thompson the guy that. You know continues to get better. You know it -- the guy that they really like. I'm so mean there's there's there's a lot of I think they've got some bodies there and -- -- say that I think that the defense to back. I will be fine. The of the typical coaching and I'm not saying it don't know god that is the next Eric Reed but I don't know which you missed. Anything from last it would Craig Ross and going down the new rules in that group. Mike's Cabrera tied -- dot com has hospice against tiger is getting sick of their spring game Saturday. As they had -- close spring game they'll break up teams up what tomorrow Michael Alter is in and is not a rosters won't -- Yeah. You know. If the weather's nice -- -- get eaten in Iceland and -- stated -- the most part you. He goes these things one in particular players. -- -- look at the quarterbacks. I think the wide receivers that are. You know best -- -- group right now. But you know at the -- the quarterback play. The end -- on the defense and line help being in deal in the pocket to include Thomas how those guys look. You know and then some of these defense -- -- -- about for the feature a politician on our who's had a fantastic sporting. Defense -- -- and so. You know to me that. Going in recruiting after last year it's all about Hopkins and indeed in Taiwan. And I think that the east. In the last conversation we had you know it was a -- positive that the that ego and we both went out in and I I think it is -- -- -- defense line is gonna move forward in and -- and -- he's going to be a pretty good group. Mike now off on the Al would talk about wide receiver. Accord Davis as boundary nonaligned you guys and had a feature on him. Common in that we know about it phone net. But you know an even expectations on Leonard. To ask a young man out of high school at -- extra on a young man to replace a dad did you know. Might be a second back taken in the NFL draft and Jamie hero. Dads are always over soon -- expectations that a win would it be it is good enough there -- that we seen enough I think he was in the about a McGee. As fiscal come in and be like Adrian Peterson and Eagles spread the ball around. I'm not a -- where the ball around he was. You know the -- I think the key is going to be the guy. That you're you know says the right things. We had a feature this this weekend. But you know can easily said the right things about competition and refocus and themselves and I'm going to be his opportunity this Cornet. You know he's a pre season and savvy Q I just don't see them you know who robbed here in June and he's already got. The playbook in in in. You know I I just don't see it taken him long and incumbent and he's just such a fundamentally sound cute I don't know how you you keep them off the field or your. You know after few games he he's not gotten as many touches as you'd think he he would have gotten. But this thing and I think -- the keys and get that the majority carries for awhile. I just think ago like four netted just a matter of time before he insert themselves in the -- Particularly with this option in the in the that. You know it's it's going to be there can be -- pain train for experts. With the these quarterbacks in the in and young receiving corps. Those guys trying to find their way and we a lot of uptight and gonna be more involved. But to me that's. -- going to be a work in progress and they're gonna need every one of those and -- back to perform well. My Starbucks tiger made -- -- here awareness now Mike McCann at what the Tigers have on hand gone into. The class of 2015. None make Brusett right there in your own backyard right there -- high David Duke three break Ferguson Jazz for Louis and Kevin Henry Shipley. Two Ramirez may have to -- an offensive lineman Kevin tolerant psychic and Isaiah Washington. -- where where is this class right now looking at the rest unraveled as it's highly thought of its early. But don't. At the -- such a deep a year in the we easy and a a year ago what what else -- -- out there. Yeah it's early -- -- -- -- the top recruiting class. Louisiana is -- near what it was last year -- that's what -- impressed about this morning is the quality the unofficial visitors. From out of state and made their way to the LU campus. I think that coaches have done. Probably when their best job ever in the offseason. Pinpointing top quality -- at stake in actually having conversations with them. You know would be a lot of times in February march where -- -- she was in college student accused in the Carolina's poor floors -- Georgia. But you know maybe that there there hadn't been any conversation. There's more. Exponentially. In other year but this year. -- they had conversations -- left smiles. One or two assistant coaches on the staff. In the conversations -- just one on their regular. And the coaches really pushing for unofficial -- and blowing -- in the -- the spring game Saturday I think on Saturday. And it is that we can get close to listen and confirmed Saturday. I think you're gonna have a mightily impressive. Group of recruits. At the spring game on Saturday in. It obviously did it they're gonna. Beat linemen heavy tactical line backing group. And just look at the offers -- and then the masters is that we imposing linebacker is a big needed in this class. And they're going after some top kids. The country at that position. So they're gonna need to get another -- quarterback. In this class we're told me one bit. You know that was the other six that would have maybe one dominate player and maybe -- developmental god they might decide they want take late in the year. Michael what what is in RS and now but I think coach miles and again it's been -- built a -- -- abuses is on Thursday. Name by two students out there and and I like that kind of stuff and that's one thing about a -- miles. I think that a lot of people. Appreciate you know right. Well coach in what our game based up that some ideas could talk about win win ranked about that but as far as that I mean. These seem like it did the students really enjoy artists and and this is this is a fun day I remember looking at the footage you guys out last year it was in attain that many schools do it. -- not and you know and of course things that we -- even when those miles to go from Nick Saban that the that the difference. In the home. And and and in itself look at practice particularly in the sparring. And -- quickly there was more than one way to skin a cat. Yeah. You know that that's something that the students enjoy and you know we we were having questions from our younger subscribers to tiger -- asking. I'll win that would be if they really do it again this year in the and they released a couple of days ago that would be Thursday that of the students can go out there and and I think it's a positive minutes. -- the students enjoyed -- ago. My cub baseball talk to go to -- and areas they -- often. -- an Owens full week drop on the two -- a close on a week ago. And in three straight to Florida. And now that they're struggling right now one of the best hitters have gone to the season perhaps the best in the country Alex Redmond. Three for 35 in conference play over on that banning well it's not just all on him -- had a couple of bad days pitching. And now this is a tough series for the and come up nine rang me CB state and they don't wanna follow deeper and hold -- news conference. Nominated it did. After getting swept it toward -- you know you get to a point words it's do or die if you gonna make of it and eat he can have a bunch of losing two out of three weekends come and populous -- in the pick the SEC in an Indy come close to meet many. Sort of expectations. For the associate baseball team but. I mean it all -- hitting in. You know you. That's what the guys I noticed particularly when watching them against the occasions. Just to be in the side of the players the difference. You know that the the players that McNabb is on the program has a lot of little guy as you'll see the big power muscular players anymore because he wants a lot of baseball about it. I can play multiple positions and you know I don't know -- taken the small ball into an extreme. Due to the bats and the balls and and but you know. I don't know -- -- rethink that but I can see your you know where this team would be without him and know. Media. It'd be about 45 as -- he was guaranteed him meaning no one like he pitched a bad the other night insists it's interesting because. This is a ballclub like you say in my coming expectations while Kyle last year but. Even higher this year and now I mean they are seven series and I left that when you look at what they gotta do when it got to go to -- on his week. Mean eight other teams in the conference. Eight total all are ranked in the top 25 and one in state is above so this is. -- it's tough right now for the baseball team but with hits in eight days every three and one and we call of map per that we didn't -- that this -- a week from now you know everything's back to being loose that. Yeah I mean you could. -- other -- multiple seasons over the years where I was Hughes had a Rocky start and next thing you know they get hot and you don't wanna ever count out on the -- in his program. Mike again I don't know how to get the latest on all things LSU. Or tiger -- direct conflict definitely will -- on the flight over and over. Mutiny and sit in front if you keep our content I've got more stuff. That appealed to -- and in the next hour or so. Sweet it's that Mike's caliber are tied a -- back I'm Debbie Debbie Debbie to attack a big dot com Mike thanks so much will tell me in a week and of course all day on Saturday all right. All right.