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4-1 7:35pm Sports Talk: ULL Football

Apr 1, 2014|

Deke talks to UL Lafayette Head Football Coach Mark Hudspeth about UL Lafayette football and spring football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A welcome back to sports talk I am Deke Bellavia topping Saints -- a black and gold have come to terms. A one year deal with the linebacker Parys Haralson also -- Christie Garrett reported in the 5 o'clock -- Hall of fame future hall of fame cornerback in for a visit free agent. Champ Bailey so we'll keep you posted -- that of course Christian anti Bob heavily as in the morning thirteen 15 AM three W -- Double -- take those guys on the all star break and on the draft to all the positions will be should take demand that stuff will Christian and T -- Well back home course oh Louisiana is home -- no growth is Peyton sellers in this have been pretty much all my life but. Interesting story and things in life. Always. Giants and the way things that the everyday life human interest stories of things him for real. Becoming a -- just a few moments -- some that is it's it's a story but it's real life and that's what makes -- much more special fascinating and it's. Some disclosed moment also ties into Major League sports as well so waited for just a moment. And also law will get two more of law pretty jaguar opinion poll. -- right now 40% over 40% a year or saying that you think the biggest area of need for the New Orleans Saints in the draft. And that will be cornerback. Filed by receiver. And then Uggla. And we have center as well 260178668890. Rate in the three straight years three straight bowl games three straight bowl. Victories each year they have chatted New Orleans Bowl attendance the racing Qaeda -- Viet. And have a good group of players coming back this year re educated -- about coach mark putts that John just now coach Todd how are you. Maybe -- a great thanks a result and I. Oh absolutely will -- What is different about spring football. -- in the fall from from a coaching standpoint. Well. To me it never change bring people bought me a call about fundamentals. Reward and all fundamentals saying you don't really get a chance to a workable deal is much during the fall. Are the chance to evaluate younger kids in danger and opportunity -- To contribute as much and all that maybe they are -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there in the future -- they're great understanding here you're pretty opted to beat it to specialty. Coach what are what are you look to avoid all the it's a boarded what are you -- to a calm Aziz may be -- down if you got position battles to a three at that position. A gap double what what do what do the overall goes when Unionist and get together at -- -- of spring practice is done -- spring scrimmage game. And you look back on you sit -- football or two or three things that you feel you must establish an accomplished in spring practice. Well -- spring practice toward the -- and he does all that -- you know that's the goal should carry water cup throughout the spring. What you that it might be determine albeit story. Corner. Ordered to fall camp reputed to be about somebody correctly the previous all. It may be at your partner in the back up quarterback shall be made the there and you. Water so you always have goals that you want accomplished. It may be creating a bogey out there are so. Though ago difficult if you want to accomplish throughout spring bald -- by Greg ball well he got sit there and and -- questions. You know figure those venture. -- -- as -- a ball coach of the -- cage is Louisiana Lafayette football and -- gone through spring coach aware are you in spring in and it was a bit about what's so far have you gotten everything you needed to get down. Well we were we're closing our full week and so we'll have one week for me after this week. Our spring game of the -- twelfth ignorant. So we're we're we're -- and we've only got people. It will both will be -- the scoring games so you figure that in practice is inspiring me to -- to -- Coach so we know last year what -- you had to do gone down the stretch -- to a hot start in an -- set. You lose hands so wait -- -- chance health wise now how's he doing. You know he's 100%. Recovered to agree that religious boring. Are gaining chop it back in the at all it's fully healed but you don't just getting back to where he can just. -- pocket running the football pro football and -- now. And I like to do it do it well and been really really proud of this work. Coach when you go out now recruiting after what you've established in three straight -- three straight bowl victories. What's the difference now when you go out recruiting maybe from a feedback what you -- you receive when you are in. Compared to when you first got to to Louisiana mad AM -- for them here it is what we wanna do. Burress is now I'm I'm coach of the Louisiana Lafayette visible we've gone. Popping that it children in this state in the culture of great -- -- recruit. Are here -- out we've increased our credibility. Problem almost -- when -- or they don't suggest that we. I would three straight bowl wins a conference about proper championship in. And -- Restraint and went to the top of that they actually commit universe he's making. Right now our stadium construction that would be adding 7000 seat after the handle. And then here about 68 weeks will be Torre argued football complex certainly well square foot facility that -- out -- -- -- -- locker -- Meeting rooms training room everything. Or student athletes and -- our universe -- -- a commitment to go to athletics are all pro. Coach hope -- move move now to a new day. In college football gonna have a playoff system now are your thoughts on what you've been apart of and all these years. Traditional bowl system in the BC news. Now vs the playoff system and as a coach and as I anyway I have a little bit of -- -- -- Your thoughts on moving forward to these new fourteen playoff. What you know it's sort of sort Nico an uphill lie it is hurting your body. In the country music can get some quality and put our -- not been in -- -- been a little bit. And it now but in the bowl system in division -- That apply it to the -- -- through the playoffs and get through where you know girl girl. Player out she's a true winner war all the field -- spots or Ryder or of people vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We here at the plate their teams sometimes I'm pretty sure he gained. Aware and national championship now -- double -- that Dmitri in the play -- system. In him that you want where I want to -- for fourteen in division two. Or maybe you have a few more. But he it's quite different. He'll play or have some same org speak you know right now my well -- worker. -- and they should have been in the first second spot. Well when your fourteen or sixteen circle that argument. Preparation and their keen on the you know so. Circle where the trade partner of somebody well in order to be here. Certainly not. -- let let they're repeat determine the outcome on the field it will be tried answered. And a bit like the oil to. But also like the Shumpert look to pull double. Coach now so you'll win when he's 01 when you have the fans out eight games in in the swamp -- field is bringing is that next Saturday to twelve. There -- twelve at -- And they know this to beat you wrap up this week with a scrimmage as some coach -- -- schedule like this week. But we're we're traction this week or first unit Friday -- level we gamble. After they'll work out Eagles Saturday they'll come back for last week. -- to beat third. Of next week but this spring game -- all the charitable. All wrapped up there this spring ball we'll get back into all sees it worked out the culture to be. In it in of people. Coach when when do you windy when do you and your stance -- -- some breathing room some time where you get a chance if there's any -- To shut it down dedicate everything like you do the football could you so successful and -- he had to give you all. To the family when it when you win the union a step get that down. Well -- your final week spring break -- so once to spring break. What would get some trouble there -- at least -- -- real road Purdy. -- -- all season workouts. And should have been there and so will be really grind it out to the end of the middle of June. Share option though I think it will get about. To -- that at least that's the last two weeks in June. They have it at New York Italy currently recharge the batteries -- your credit for that. It reputable trees that again partly first of all. Coach three straight years three straight both three straight bowl victories. You you set the tone -- program has recognized now crossed the contrary. When you go to big stadiums you you you a feared that people respect you now. What what is the next step for Marcos but then and the -- today's program. You know we've Rico legal hurdles remain to say each year that they'll win all our old game we've -- reporters were. We're working -- little earlier for years. From when the Sun Belt Conference which we did this year. You know to go to bowl two winnable. And they go to be up what about football program. -- -- -- -- But you know this year we -- shouldn't be. We receive shut them out and -- And -- know that that process and so we can continue improving. I would wanna get to the point where you're using a Boise first they'll be in both the easiest spot twenty over a year in year out. What these new facilities that were building up -- it's gonna are bigger increase. Our credibility. All the country rector also throughout the with our recruiting along our success. He is the head football coach of the wheezing and raging cadence. Marcos that they -- spring drills next Saturday April 12 at noon with a sprained. The coach always a pleasure thank you so much fun time -- get dead resident working Indiana last week and had. They -- really appreciate a -- -- picked -- pictures -- like all right Dellucci to.