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Apr 1, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: in a new report released today only 48% of Americans have enough money saved to last more than a month, if they lose all sources of income. If you lost your job today, how long would you last before needing assistance? AND: a costume company Morphsuits played everyone big time today… announcing they developed a suit using “light-bending” technology that would render its wearer invisible. Problem is--it’s an April Fools’ joke. If you had a suit that could make you invisible…where would you want to go…and what would you wanna do? THEN: When it comes to fast food--burgers, fries, fried chicken, tacos, malts, frosties, frapachinos, etc… which is your guilty pleasure? What’s the one fast food you can’t turn down?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is and he Bob Mitchell filling in for a -- tonight and all this week dispute does the morning show on the -- -- WW LA MF lemon dot com. Here's what we have on our WW world talked table tonight discipline is. A little scary. In a new report released today. Only 48%. Of Americans have enough money saved to last them more than a month if they were little -- sources. Other income and that's why you have so money. Families moving back into their mom and dad -- because they. They lose their job and that that that is a big fear and a lot of people I've talked to have that fear. Especially when -- around 4550 years -- you lose that job. It's very very difficult to get another job and the pure accounting on social security and help it. Hey it may not be around and be you have to wait I think until at least here around those 65 years -- So are you argues that financially do do you worry about it has anyone got into the shape already where you -- a job and you lost your job and he lost all your savings and you just don't know what to do and then eventually you know when it comes to people living off slow vote the state are living off the federal government fuel and I. After a pick up that tab so if you were to lose your job. How much money do you have to last -- a month two months six months a year. And a costume company more suits played a big time. April fools joke today. It shocked me and that they claim that they've developed a suit using light bending technologies. That would render. The winner invisible even showed what was supposed to be someone naturally there was no one in the picture because there was a debate invisible. The problem was it was just a big April fool's joke but I did get -- think about it if you had a suit -- -- -- so open visible. Where. Would you want ago in other words the view of slipped in somewhere. And snoop. And just listen the single there up to. Listen to see what they're talking about. Where would you go. And under and extend this into two time travel bought I'd love to be able to have sent in and Philadelphia. When there were contemplating. You know working on the declaration of independence. Worked on the constitution. -- That would be dressed up outstanding so if you look at snoop on someone when you love. To take am going to your boss' office knowing they're talking about you. I don't know exactly. What they would be so what they're saying 26 year old -- 78668890870. Oh. My text is down so we'll get that -- knowledgeable when you can start texting -- of the right now you can call me at 260. 187866. And a nine OH seventy. And a when it comes to burgers. Fraud is pride chicken. Tacos or other fast food. Which is your guilty pleasure food that you'd just can't. Turned down now John and I were talking about for the show and he's the got a bunch of control Borden. Keeps me on time everything and he's the guy that will first talked -- to ready to go on WWL. And we both almost have the same exact. Guilty pleasure and that these these sliders. These little flimsy. Hamburgers. That you can usually get it at crystal in places like that probably want. I mean so then you didn't you can literally sleep through them. But I'd love them love them with with onions and pickle. And and and ketchup and it's that is that is something that is it's really hard for me not to indulge in fact. Season before last I have my own little. Football tradition on things like -- for game day and as long as them. Both teams winning -- continue to eat the same thing. And I started eating some crystal burgers from the burger location. In Slidell which is buy them by the mall. About about a twenty minute drive from my house. I would take in drive all oil well they're absolutely just to get those specific -- to eat during the game. So when it comes to when it comes -- any kind of fast food what is your guilty. Pleasure love fried chicken apple will approach you can but it is so hard it is it is almost impossible. To find a sit down restaurant. Where you can get good -- trick it knows that go -- and have all classrooms. Fast food fried chicken -- -- But what I really like -- Google. Home -- fried chicken and I'm I'm not quite sure where you go so what is your guilty pleasure -- another guilty pleasure I have. Is I've said this a couple of times in the past and we've talked about a subject like there's. Is the banana split. From Baskin -- Literally cannot draw I've bought it Baskin Robbins there's one on goals -- -- I can not drive but because. It's like it's like the banana split -- talking to -- It's like the banana split his friend Bob. Come on in -- I'm -- -- scoop of Vanilla with pineapple on a scoop up. Chocolate chocolate -- on this group of strawberry with strawberry is on. And John I don't know if you were into banana splits and stuff like that. But they always ask but he. At Baskin and Robbins the stupidest. Question. Do you want whipped cream on that. Of course I want whipped cream on that that's why am in here for you get a banana split to get the whipped cream -- the -- on top right. Your guilty pleasure I know we talked about the small burgers same thing. How to elect and -- Everything is fine except to Muster I cannot I cannot eat -- I have from -- What other guilty pleasure for virtually. -- -- That is good. -- -- -- -- -- If if if it. It all up what I what I find that night sometime. If I'm watching TV and they'll have like Taco Bell commercial or McDonald's commercial and I really don't eat a lot of fast food. And I'm so tempted to go I want it. They make they make it looked so good. You'll just get out of your chair and just drive over -- and 11 o'clock at night. The fifth at a all right 2601 late 7866889. Late seventy. Let's guitar for drug owner of -- David -- how are you David. Hey you there. I thought -- compared -- and I am pretty inability. Of the year. -- good for you. Thank you Tom. And I don't necessarily -- I'm looking at war or you were. Up. Sure and you're worried. -- laws unless your -- Also today all right so what do you -- -- Ordinarily -- -- -- talk about which one of the -- you believe the answer. -- mister slick calculation -- -- but it traveler or hurt -- sure you do look. True or camera here. You mean visibly sneak in this. -- Yes. That would be interesting that's for sure you know. -- always have a model that we all know India and Korea. And -- material terms -- lower. All right now -- answer my question about your guilty pleasure food is their food. But whether it's a burger Fries fried chicken and tacos are -- -- is there a particular food that you can't say no to. Oh yeah which one. Closure by. Lou yeah hole. It stored there are all right try to try to make sure it will be. Wanna count from mark and live. And you know it will there shortly there are. -- putting your -- picture. Uses. But you're trying to I -- -- news department you were slaves serving put in the wake of higher there. -- Director mark people -- but certainly there are prepared to work after the. All right David I appreciate your calling to -- general. 187866889. -- somebody here we're talking about tonight. You can start calling right now in a new report released today only 48%. Of Americans have enough money saved the last them. More than a month. Or are you in that category and and why why do you think. That this country when it comes to the cost to -- to continues to go up and up enough. 26 year old -- 7866890. It's heavily. When it comes to pleasure food. What is your guilty pleasure out sublime global -- political right now at 260170. 8668890. It's heavily on -- Olympus go to. WWL and garbage 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question if you lost your job would you have enough money saved. To last more. Then a -- only 48%. Americans. 48% of Americans have. That much money. And is that something that your concern with. You hear stories about Somali people who're you know 5050. To 55. But they lose their job and they want -- losing their home. That doesn't it just seemed like when you when you lose your job and in that age demo. It is extremely hard to find another job and waiting for Social Security is such a long time away. It was your -- to secure 178668. At nine point seven let's go to a canned Cat Power you. Just -- on that particular call per cent collar. And I have actually gone to the southern part of the -- -- caught your review your -- Detroit. Thank you bonus program and a in regards to your play -- Oh points in particular don't. Look at the picture. The -- ordered treatment the redistribution of wealth. Everybody. Capital hole and it almost isn't there 1% old 95% while instructor. Now whether that that's exactly right or wrong yeah well it's a transport an amount that sparks who owns one. -- -- them it's inevitable. That the lower Echelon. Prices computerized. And student match. Which would put complacent anyways but -- the way we're just don't match. It's inevitable that that living standard is gonna go down. What do you think we can do if anything to stop this spiraling cost of -- I know I know one thing retirement. It's certainly costing a lot more now then than I anticipated. And I find out so many families are living from from paycheck to paycheck. And if if something happens you know. What do they do and what do you what do you think the curious what do you think we do to get this country and in better financial condition. I would -- and I actually went through a situation like that -- burst pipe got sick and I had to change my profession. And it was fortunate that we were still -- a market that was an economy that was inserting. And I would sport or perhaps six let's -- that a no. I could not saying that I'm industry I can't do it I don't understand how to do it if if you want to change. Cap inflationary costs and if so I'd do. Don't know. I know it is a problem for for millions and millions of Americans. I -- I think more and more families are doing. Is rather than you know the kids leave and go away if if they do away that they come -- Coleman and it looks like. One of the things happening with -- -- you have in multiple play at least under the same roof. Just so they can say about it because you know mom and -- of course senior citizens are retired they need extra money to. May I ask how old York yes you. An answer but you. What question would lead to possible within eighteen. Hours. -- joke to Austria one side and and the loss of them. -- -- a great job where we're gonna have a pension. Is that percentage I don't see -- even worse. Bet percentage of people that don't have the statement sent to make it true. That stretch spirited there certainly have a lot so are most criminal. At the then -- it's. So that -- then. You know utter utter -- a month so -- And do you think there are many people would just take the attitude it's it's cheaper not to work and let the government support me. Actually not. I don't believe that is becomes under her I believe there is a percentage of people that Putin. But I believe it is you get across America. And start we need more more people I have I can't say that. A large portion at saint I just sort got to collect. No but a lot of a lot of kids -- -- public college and can't find jobs and they wind up having to a big a student loan in the playoffs and they. Need to move back with mom and dad just so they can survive and in in many families. Mom and dad are kind of looking forward to the kids moving back home because then the kids to help help them pay their expenses. And don't concede the economic more than -- sure you did it mean more you're likely to. And I'm not certain that there has been certainly a bad thing. And gets you always. Working together collectively right. It was in the -- the order to. The third and Ortiz. It was a it was a collective strict reluctantly working together. And that -- -- so. You know either now. Or so right. Listen on on the lighter side one of our other subjects were talking about the pleasure through original post fast to our bras so what. What are your favorite pleasure foods foods that you you know you probably shouldn't eat them you just can't turn and a. I'm I'm fortunate I haven't felt weren't so that -- -- -- it's -- where -- -- -- You know an academic -- on but you have one and has -- -- There are -- country that you kinda get some help in stroke. Listen I I -- say to them about mcdonalds -- I've tried for a long time at a I've probably did not even McDonald's. Burger four -- any -- food burger for at least a year doing my absolute best eat healthy because oh in the trader at the -- told the he said you can do all the work you want. On your stomach -- said but until you stop eating certain foods you -- -- -- the demands that. So why don't why don't need it okay must sun comes to town from up from Houston for a visit. What are they like but I like to go to McDonald's social all right come on I'll go with you. I hadn't had all of those you know those those nasty old regional McDonald's burgers flipped it a little better. And I wanted us that all of this is wonderful -- -- I'm gonna have another on the main. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right and then. And and and then that a couple of days later I'm working out at the gym and a -- -- -- real hard work out. On league lead and you know what I did it after sweating for an hour. I went to McDonald's again -- got -- -- -- General Norton appoint a recurrence of -- the like I appreciate your call today. -- You to right till 6017866889. 0878 we are on this dutrow tonight I'm Bob neutral -- the first dude who's filling in for -- Tommy Tucker. In the morning now remember remember if you can't catch. Your favorite WWL shall live listen to podcast any time it's like like a DVR -- WW dot com. Look for the big podcast button on the top right hand corner of our -- played. Or find your favorite host go to Lincoln mark shows and schedules and click on their name it's real simple and so convenient it's podcast. On a WWL. We're talking about a a couple of things tonight we're talking about this this new report. That says only about 48% of Americans have enough money saved to less than more than a month. And you're having more and more friendly ship moving in together is that necessarily. A bad thing though wouldn't it be great in this country if if our families were closer together. I know I try very very -- and -- my wife -- relief worker on when trying to to spend more time with the family. You know as as as difficult as as it is. Like -- left column pointed out that may not be a bad thing if if we have you know. -- more than just one generation. In in the home and I know or vote vote for senior citizens. And people were trying to the office or for security it's becoming more and more difficult. So therefore you know if the kids to move back. Now the thing is is that the kids after moved back and help it can't just move back in and coached they have to move back in and help. And if you're in a situation like that if it maybe you lost Judah -- if maybe in -- -- there are more than one friendly and I'd love to hear from you. On on how that is -- you know and we're talking about your your favorite pleasure food. Such as burgers Fries fried chicken tacos. What what is George. And I and I got sucked in on this. Early this morning when I was doing my my -- Oprah. A company called more suits and played a -- and an even settle on there this is not an April fool's joke. Of course I got sucked into that and and and not and I believe that if it's said that the -- -- -- developed and light. Vending technologies suit that would make the wearer invisible. So if you had. An invisible -- -- where would you go. What would you do you know if if you -- if you could just knew if you could. Walked into a meeting if you could go somewhere in the past and just listen to someone you know discover something. What what would you have liked to be a part of what would you like to be able to sneak in. Rumor and find out what's going all -- no one knowing that you're there to six year old 1878. 8668890. In February of a couple of ones open so. If you want to it was a -- we would would would love to hear from -- I thought to a whole bunch about both the the invisible thing. And I I just think it would be the would be really really great I'm I'm I'm a big football planned big saints fan and wouldn't you love too long on draft day. Be able to you know and when they start putting things together. Early in the morning and Sheehan who they're gonna look -- when you just love to be a part of that when you wouldn't you love to be able to have. Sneak into. Mickey Loomis is office when -- Nadine with Sean Payton and found out the kind of things but the talk about. What about you. What would you do if you're invisible to 601878668908. Seven's go to Ryan Ryan Howard you. I'm fine -- little but you have if you were imperialists and if you had this invisible suit. What would you do where -- ago. Hello Ryan yeah. All right -- where would you -- Sorry all right Chris. If if you had the ability to become invisible they had an invisible suit and I just mentioned how if -- -- invisible. I'd love to be able to sneak into -- Mickey Loomis is office and -- eavesdrop on he had Sean -- talking. What would you do with the visibility. All or actually. I've been watching how cart. Yeah and it's actually pretty. Triggered share it that can stay -- And he's. Politicians come encrypted you know tend I'd like to -- You know in the quarters and she was going on in the background. That would big -- everybody's talking about it. Right. All right you wanna talk about them living in homes that it. I actually. I was gonna say. I lost my job. Right before the turn of the year you and actually get my job back -- -- Matalin and a cook now. And actually. I was in the got an iron. And I'm trying to move back out that. You know the Internet zone and I actually. You know put up a little bit of money in hopes supported everybody in. You know help them out because it's about time that the animals. Or your parents. At Social Security needs. Are not yet not yet. -- only certain okay and where their -- They didn't use the extra money from Busan. You know try to help as. As much like -- You know in China would then it's a little -- new construction. And you know I haven't been doctor. -- care and now this news. You know health care. Going to the there. Do you think do you -- that we will ever. Because when I when I look at things and I look at the cost of things and look at the cost of health care. And it is just an incredible medicine's George just cost you and hormonal excellent. You have like nine in L article is and stuff like that Daniel dating and and you you wonder do you you'd think this country will ever get back to like. Well like like the Walton where you've got you know several. Generations living under one roof and would would would that without destroying you think it'll ever get active anything like that do you think that these type things might foursome that was -- do it. Yes and actually. Believe it and my age. -- I I work at a lot of people you know around my age between. 25 and thirty. Still live at home because. What's going on right now and it's it's hard to find jobs. Territory -- it to -- now. It's hard on something that -- insurers it is bank that can take care view. You know without crossing your arm in the late. But you know your mom and still working. My -- -- works my. He is actually on disability. -- Even I've run into a lot of people who in that the low fifty range 52 to 55. Who no longer have jobs wanna work. But can't find that it work or if the they would have to kind of like start all over at let's say a fast food restaurant are and don't have careers. And so ends in some cases. Win. When the children moved back home. And and -- able to lose. To fit in. And realized that. They're not children moved in Mecca and they're adults moving back and and if you can work that out sometimes that it's it's a good thing. All right one more question before you go -- when it comes to. That pleasure food that fast food that Berger of the pizza chicken that chocolate dessert that you can't say no to it what is it. Absolutely. I have no doubt in my mind I can't say no and I -- UN absolutely. A 100% -- like. For awhile now I've brought myself a habit for error when I was working tonight here's what I would do you like blue bell ice trained. Oh yeah. Rubio. Targeted putative. I would get a half gallon and eat it in two nights at a stop putting a bullet be it went out the box and put it in the fridge for the next night I appreciate you calling okay got ago. We Berry and Allen and outward hagel will be right back with you to a six year old -- 7866. And it nine points ammonium Bob Mitchell when WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell and Boris -- -- tonight one of the things we are talking about we are we are sharing. Org guilty pleasure food you know. Those foods that you know you shouldn't be your objection. You know they're not with him but no it doesn't matter. He you have to happened -- Texans -- back -- -- -- let me get caught a couple of tackles and not get that went back to pulled. Here's chili cheese fraud is. From bullets brought off. I just bullets Amber's. Old that we don't him -- and -- but a -- well here's a government. Yeah I don't know this -- guilty pleasure. I have to count my chart brawl oysters yeah I would say. I would say char -- -- it's going to be good and -- point you'll let Butler and cheese and cholesterol you know but to a three dozen. When when I don't item I'm taking mine I have a granddaughter. And -- I hope I -- I think she's fifty amateur hold cheeses but. Where -- while ago. To celebrate. Her -- -- hospital. It was into the drug goes and gets -- chart brawl oysters so you know World -- going to more like John Atlantic while guests. How did you figure out just to give you just reach out to mama what that is like that. That is that is a great by the food. Speaking of oysters my wife and I went to dvds and innate and got a couple dozen voices. They are that -- I have seen -- very long time him and it would. I was talking to congress and senate Mitch. And drug goes about a week ago. And -- piece that's completed so funny he said that. The oysters right now or so good. But even as competition has -- -- it's a Tug of the oysters are real good right also are have got to -- oysters at. Oh what is the name of that place. I -- blankets it's it's on -- on the North Shore and the that the cost zeal as. The but I don't know I can't even describe fuel with -- softer -- with but they're good but I gotta tell you. I love the char -- but when you can get some cold. Salty raw oysters with little ketchup and hot sauce and Tabasco sauce and some relief. Chris salty crackers. That's so healthy for -- the strategy in the -- absolutely that's so healthy for you have to look at -- and they can generally get back to folks -- gonna go to a Allen and -- Alan how are you doing tonight. And I'm doing I think I'm doing absolutely great talking about. All this good food so this isn't what gets me in trouble when when a worked at night a talk about all this good food. And then when I get off at midnight then I've got to go try to find something good to eat but before go to bed which is not good. Well on tablet. Thank you so much. -- On that it is no. -- don't you go. I -- it I'd wait and Lilly is -- yep okay. Well yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- A -- you click on -- yeah. I wish you little problem on the north you. People want. You don't you -- you know there. You know I don't know about an open not one of them. Lately. I can't let it be first -- While. Public I don't know who you are what you got out. That we. Have good and not long Lleyton. You know about. No I'm not sure but if it -- on the former partner. Well I don't. -- I didn't call them all and not give -- Kate and I don't remember -- I -- immune at all. Indian Charlie I do remember that and if I am correct wasn't there horse named in the internally and actually I remember remember. All right Allan appreciate you voted in tonight okay about it all the same to you okay we have picked up another quick break Barry and helper die hang on. I appreciate you waiting this long I'll get right back to you 26017866. -- -- seven in a you can text -- And it's 78 -- to talk a mottled wolf pleasure through that you just can't. Do with out. And in a new report released today only 48% of Americans have enough money slave to last more than a month the and that's why you got more families got -- Moving together. If you lost your job that you lasts more than a month and it's what it is that a good thing. When you have multiple -- is living under one roof. Could be huge debate. I'm Bob excellent -- coming right back and WWL I'm Bob Madeleine pursuit one of the things were talking about tonight an April fool's joke that I've felt for. A company called more for suits. Had claimed that they had made an invisible suit you to where it would enlighten you know you can go here need to go there it would currency and I really felt ports -- thought it might be fun. But what if you had an invisible soup. -- where would you go what would you wanna do real quick email here. Guys is. I'm already invisible to my local relatively call another relative out of state who in turn calls me would like to be really invisible -- What do they say about me behind closed doors that. Go to Barry and -- loosen Barry what about you if you had this invisible suit. Where would you wanna go what -- to do with that. You know barrier there. Against -- ain't there are no more let's go to -- opera little draw power yeah Alfred. Don't call about. -- an -- You're talking about. Out -- debate you. Know. While the only. Albeit rate or. Not. But it worked out. You -- offshore and we'll. Ask. The district. So you -- jobs. -- get it. He's cute -- anyway now electrical or -- -- A young girl. And sent to. Each course. The net net net net. Yeah sucked me in that went over it. Albert group I want. To. Joke that all right. Now we're now -- -- but now one WWL. -- felt. That it hadn't thought he and I are Albert looked like what's your favorite pleasure. Are you acute food -- okay. Goodbye. Of -- a knucklehead. Alright very. I've got to go to news right now I'll get to you right after the top of the hour shall please hold and you you will be the first person up. I'm Bob Mitchell in particular tonight on the big date seventy WWL ANF salmon got done.