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Apr 1, 2014|

: a costume company Morphsuits played everyone big time today… announcing they developed a suit using “light-bending” technology that would render its wearer invisible. Problem is--it’s an April Fools’ joke. If you had a suit that could make you invisible…where would you want to go…and what would you wanna do? THEN: When it comes to fast food--burgers, fries, fried chicken, tacos, malts, frosties, frapachinos, etc… which is your guilty pleasure? What’s the one fast food you can’t turn down?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is me Bob Mitchell started disappoint -- doing mornings I'm filling in for food for the rest of this week and get to the fold in just -- second well you know what's on our WWL talked table below to view. Who were just tuning in and a new report released today. About 48% of Americans have enough money saved to last more. Then a month. If they were to lose all of their sources. Of income what are your biggest expense and how concerned are you about the rising cost of living. And you blame for that and are you. Looking at the point the possibility. But you might have to them talk about people over forty you know moved away from home move back in with the mom and dad. And you know when when you really think about that. I heard a conversation about the soul about a week ago and it talked about how unfortunately. They are so many families economic collagen. You can't find a job a new you can't make a living or or people get into financial trouble and they have to -- Put two families under one -- and I don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing -- said that when that happens. Of course the parents have got to realize that it's not kids moving back and it's their kids but it's not kids it's a belt will be back in. And you know what when you really think about how things used to be it was not at all uncommon to have a couple planned to when treatment was Levine. Under one roof so do you see that as an option India putrid two -- 01878668890870. A quick. Text message I'm thirty for the BA in communications and still work two part time jobs. No opportunities inside apartments and -- There were 800 plus the month. I can't swing that. Wonder how many people. No I'm not this. -- listen everything is -- Obama's I'm I'm I'm not that also I fell for a practical joke. This morning about a company that claimed. That they had made a invisible suit. That if you Wear this suit you know like radar and felt like -- been full huge. And like a dummy I got sucked -- to actually believe in the free to walk in and walked around invisible drop out maybe would have some fun with it. And if you had an invisible -- Something that turns you invisible. Where would you wanna go with let's let's go to Barry and -- power you Barry. Bullet band. That does it do the food and like it to the White House. -- it would have been kept -- -- the democratic republic -- I'm an -- -- certainly went up into opera. And that the Cuban missile crisis and other. We given taken out -- oil you know going on about how do you deal with practical crisis let's -- the credit but overall. Hello America for the about. Political partner for reasons but ultimately I'll probably. Actually probably pop up he. Turns out. I I would to other may have a question of how awful subject but do you -- chance watched the TV show scandal. -- well it is into my favorite show on TV. And it did does commercial use some of the things but behind. But behind the White House shield and I would like to be invisible. To go to Hawaiian isles and seat. Doesn't really work like that do you really have all these these people sneaking in and lie in and and and and you have these these Kelberg. Departments in the the there's actually a department that's higher than the president and I would love to be invisible you walk around and and just find out really what goes on behind the scene or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Visit here to Colorado -- pertinent and in the argument technical repeatedly and -- not. What development toward the report of the big -- majority -- report did not want to vote. Did it to see the movie legend. -- no well and and went in the movie Lincoln now I don't know whether it was factual but they. On day actually. Showed Lincoln and his people paying off some of the guys enough in order to get the vote you know. That -- -- but the food to about my -- Clinton yeah. That's what who put their well I can I cannot believe go deal crippled children's. And and it is that they're good -- and a fellow Korean chip built a bit and I expect that that in news they'll be wearing the skates. We know multiple. You know there's that old commercial that says -- but you can't just eat one now. I have a feeling -- by the troops you're describing. Are those the -- potato chips. Yeah yeah absolutely I I. I am and -- I had an invisible suit. I would get in that -- it -- I think. They are putting something on those troops to make them habit forming a bit or it may not be like nicotine but there's got to put that they put some of those chips because -- Heavily southern -- to -- about what you study indicates that you predictably and. If they think I'm not supposed to eat a lot of salt so I I get their unsalted -- but even those those goals the world that you were talking about those. Ohio appeal chips are just a little work you'd -- you'd gate get caught up in -- block them on the big you know whole bag of chips. Just don't read the book is a good -- thank you -- let's let's go to Chris Chris you're doing. -- -- I want it got into it saying. OK if if you had an invisible zoo where which ago. OK given that there's been so many conspiracy theories and there's so many. As as go around. I would put. An I would think it -- NC is there any and yeah. Well. I mean an entire country. Because of. It's been injured in the area 54. Well whatever was fifty won't. Know fifty -- the real sicker. And that up not gonna let. Yeah. Yeah yeah. You know epic epic got it locked -- this. May actually be much good I am. Anyway I'm. Unit and it was a bit ago that banana -- you. Hate speech person. And I think pretty good and my weight is. Really at stake between you want it even want to see and I'm not but -- Apparently -- 155 same thing. They hand out and eat mustard either so you can summoned. You know the problem and I'm looking at this bring your peers is the only guy talking about the food he can't resist is hot fudge Sunday. With double hot fudge and double knots over it's also good. Well at bat so I cannot resist it. Shouldn't watch some TV with the big screen and put a good deal on the air travel somebody and -- sprinkles and chocolate chips. The only way the only way I can survive as my wife worked with made in that is we don't bring the food in the the house and -- I mentioned this a little bit earlier on and and I'm not making this -- that this is true when not when I was working nights on a regular basis. Get off at midnight I'm -- -- -- -- hungry and I eat some food. And I love I absolutely love blue bell ice cream of blue bell ever needed a spokesperson. I would need a script I would need anything because I love the ice cream and I got to the point. That I I -- go to -- store they were there would be on sale I get three of four half gallons put him in my appraiser and go home and eat a little food. And at first I started out with a little portion of vice tree. That wasn't enough then I said why should I waste related in a bowl this can dirty the bowl so let's start not a carton. And I would go I'm not making this up I would go through a half a gallon every other night. Mexican though I've gained ten pounds I don't have a beer belly I had ice Graeme belly. -- -- -- -- And we'll go into -- not lonely. And that group you happened -- and and I -- -- the -- But I did at night after night on May not how I would I would go through every night and come home from work and you know. But anyway. -- at the end and you realize how difficult not I can tell you right now. We don't have any at home when I leave neared midnight by the time I get I will stop someplace along the way he did that at. And did some good food. My wife -- a a white meat chicken sandwich for me to eat at that she wants and eat healthy I'll keep that in on the way Holbrooke picked up a couple of -- and ice -- Well okay for your balance and saying I'm balancing things out like thank you Chris. Right now -- thank. All right 260 -- 78668. At nine point seven when we come back we'll continue to talk about these subjects and I'm doing give you Bob's. Both oak -- story. Of the night is another person who says there the food they can't can't walk away from its blood broiled hamburgers that's another one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's time for Bob's Bozo little of the day. Are both incredible comes from -- total Florida. Where Bozo Ramon Garcia had a thriving marijuana growing operation things were really going well. -- -- -- -- adding on to it was a grow rooms adding more and more plants than -- polite to make the plants drive. I guess she added one light to mini power company crew was called to the neighborhood after report of a power outage. The crews replaced -- blown transformer used. Only to have a new -- blown moments after the installation. And they traced the source of the big -- -- or bozos residents were they discovered a small fire in the hole was meter box. In several extra wires are putting more power. Into -- home. Cops were called in our Bozo was busted as he tried to dispose. A 51 plants he had growing inside by throwing them over the fence in his neighbor's backyard 51 plants. Neighbor swears it was more like 25. Don't know what's it back to the to the phones -- daughter Randi -- how are you tonight. -- -- -- -- -- Going -- going with you tonight. It's -- pretty good was Colin. Talking about the cost of -- Sure if you lost your job. Would you have enough money saved to last more than a month. Yes so worked so you're in good -- and I'll negotiate with doubt about it my question is -- -- hear people talk and that there are raised minimum wage to attend our year. In Louisiana -- the cost of living keeps going up but -- all of a summary of. The out. The minimum wage of the cost of living because living is going to whale. Across let me go whale but that said minimum wage just farcical seven point whatever -- and -- Yet Clinton. Our units are you in favor of that. Yes that point favorite. But I'm just wondering when they -- it and then when you go to McDonald's is a bird can be on dollar. Absolutely and -- ever listen I'm all for people making as much money is legitimate if anyone thinks. That they're going to were that these companies are gonna raise the minimum wage. And in some kind of way not try to get that money back by either hiring less people. Making people. Do more things I have a friend who works at a place and it was hard for one thing that he was there about four months of the -- -- and a look if you wanna continue to work or you're gonna have to do this job -- and more and more companies are getting into the multitask in. I am and I'm not sure where I stand on all -- on the minimum wage increase I'm for a to a degree but I'm afraid. Bet if they increase the minimum wage that other people -- gonna lose their jobs or businesses or not just going to sit there. And let their cost go up well I'll pass it along to you at all. Right actually dark we -- on. Well what -- your what is you're guilty pleasure food. It would have to be blue bell is great but here you talk about that and it's got you want to watch where did. You have a favorite flavor. Like Napoleon and the rocky road. I like the banana -- like the banana split -- the Bob Murray was not a chocolate chip. As well liked the draw -- items like tomorrow. We are here. And you know it's it's that's -- ice cream. I'm not sure how long has been here but it won at one time. It was only in in the Dallas area and I have a friend who content didn't commute but from time -- time had to had to drive to Dallas. And he would take an ice chest and just -- and as much blue bell as he possibly could. And bring in and so I've actually been eating blue -- both orally -- with a on the shelves your New Orleans. Broker felt all right Randi anything goes through and add to the show. -- no -- -- appreciate the right to DiMarco. All right thank you so much art all right but got some lines open so let me go ahead and kind of reboot the show tell you were regrettable wait before I get of that. We all on watching in the news -- against maybe reportedly had when the president visited the Pope. The president gave the post. A gift a gift. A -- of seeds. From the White House garden so the president of the United States. From the richest country. In the world visits the Pope and gives in the chest proceeds. From the White House garden my first thought was when I saw this. What in the world to hope to do with a chest of seeds and you'd think the Pope smiled and said. Just what I've always wanted. Evolved in that position which alone gives you an absolute. Goof ball gift and you -- I got and I'm not quite sure what it is for and I can't remember who gave it to me. I'm afraid that maybe one of my kids gave it to me. And if they are lesbian in the here this probably going to be upset so I don't know what that should keep going. Or should stop right now. They gave me a and all of all Ole mister. We know where you church where you can miss your olive oil in that way you don't have to. I don't know. But you know what I use all of wall like if if I'm making and do -- and Cokie I've. Or if you don't salad I've -- I don't -- -- gullible what that. Good virginal bald like and sop up with some French run after. Let's go to let's go to marked in the applause how are you mark. I -- on eight. I didn't want. -- At short and -- the animal weight problem. Almond board. Yeah -- Leo you know borrow -- -- what Portugal while that are out there. It actually it CEO that man. One man man. You know they get them out that the politician. They're doing more every year back so. There's one error in. -- The ones that there were people that make in the. Well of the politicians are stealing you think each year they they have to steal more of the cost of living goes up. There properly orders -- -- -- needed to get away. What is your favorite to a pleasure to. We're -- our red beans and rice. Do you think to yourself. -- didn't. Tickle me. Yeah -- and argued that are big smoke and -- and smoked sausage. Smoke. You can't count out. Go. My wife looks the best red beans and rice of overhead. Ali it's an important -- plays with a like a red beans creepy little watery and I hate when you go into restaurants and time. And -- serve your red beans and rice and put the rights of the plate that put the red beans on the water just goes through when you got. We got water really is I don't know that's that's just. War. I appreciate you calling mark. Let's go to Brian -- Brian thank you goalie WWL tonight a -- I'm bill well banks take a look at all on the mere commoner boat young people and about on the job why -- all it. Maybe set some light on this because economics is somewhat -- -- -- at -- okay. Well basically what's happening is that government growth and it's happening on both this is not right you know left this year. It's growing so much to the point where -- -- government spending makes up 40% of our current don't -- look at our economy government spent. So -- government grows they need more taxes to sustain and that's why you call a living continues going. What is happening though. It's 70% of the bulletin of the country's going to well transfer social programs and that number keeps growing every year. So you're killing a productive. And businesses. Are now fighting over regulation. And you talk about in the nineteen under -- Government spending -- 3%. The economy. So basically. That was a capitalist economy. Because me you to go to me. Good start businesses really eat it if we get it -- And we keep it that running as quickly as possible. Nowadays yet so much over regulation. But legally. They're not going to be. So do you see any way. Any time in the immediate future that we can start turning this around. Because I don't I don't know I don't know if it's as simple. As electing a new president I really don't. -- politicians existed grow the government data at no Infiniti of drinking the government doesn't matter what side of the aisle they all all. And the problem is it's gonna keep growing and growing into the point I just don't see any way out of this. Come every politician -- -- -- -- street big government line and if you look at the numbers it's grown ridiculously and we were almost spending. Each year. Government spending almost equal in World War II. Which was 50% at the time. It's so ridiculous that we're headed if we don't changed. Probably about thirty years -- -- on some varied diet stuff. Brian being. I am with you I was having this exact conversation. What someone just a couple of days ago. Almost word for word. If if if I have if I have any fear for my grandchildren I'm not sure thirty years from now forty -- you know what this country. Is is going to be because I can tell you one thing -- -- the cost to living continue to go up and I agree with you one thing I don't care who's in office. If if politicians wanna know why do we have such a negative attitude toward them. We almost have the same at least I do and I'm just being I'm I'm being honest with -- So don't. Give it to say they've attitude have against -- Carson and go -- ahead. Another bad thing is we have the baby boomer generation admits that and they will not -- not putting blame on any -- specific part of they have really mismanaged them absolutely. They cannot retire absolutely but they that the law and promote and in corporate America. But he can't get new blood in the end. And at double thing it's just screwed up and and and then you look at. The taxes yeah yeah having marriage rate -- Don't let that the next one forward if not being produced. It's great to have dropped 66% since 1950. And -- -- if you are bad. Back to class according thirty. And -- have a viable for the. I don't know I'm with you a 100% what what I'm worried about is the fact that. That this this this current generation. They do not manage their money and and and that's why only 48%. Have. Enough money to less than more than one month what what I did concern about is what happens to these people. Of like what like that the generation of of of my kids when they look when they get around you know. 55 years old and -- and they have not managed their money and if they lose their job and they can't find another job you and I have to support them. And they may be waiting for Social Security which may not even be here. In in in twenty years. How -- all these people going to exist. The way out beer and a hate that they'll come doom and gloom and I really like this shy away from that but we don't Spain we're gonna go mad Max and area. It it it it could be I do not disagree with that at all the only thing I'm looking -- -- I'm I'm wondering if if if if families will come -- pull together and and and we may go back to the time where you have. A two or three families the Libyan under one roof I appreciate your colleague Brian. They are much or also taught him not guilty pleasures tonight -- -- read real quick like a couple of the guilty pleasure that I got text. Bob got -- have oracle mushrooms and was cheeseburger loaded baked potato. That sounds good. I never. Never met a Mac and -- I wouldn't eat. Nothing can be fresh -- Chocolate chip cookies. With the cold glass of milk -- you like that. That is absolutely great 26017866889087. And grab on the phone call would go to Mike in -- Mike what about you you know what's your pleasure food. I'm just carry it out and yet. You'd think cares what you think it's -- and that's favorite deal to pleasure. Your real chart. Say that again. Well not. I'm not sure what he said didn't make any sense anyway so let's. -- that was -- Somalia just you know every now and then you know people say I like -- problems in the world why are you talking about something silly like this you know why. Because I want to and because I can't -- -- and you don't like it. Too bad. I'm department. On the field -- -- and it you know -- hit -- -- If allowed it to me right back I'm Bob Mitchell interest due to big gates said he WW LA and implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell filling in person tonight. Have a good time and join the conversations we're having together. Always always always remember. You can -- your -- WWL shall live and listen to a podcast any kind of like a DVR go to WW dot com -- -- the com podcast button on the Brian -- of via front page. And if something else wonderment of all -- Africa this Saturday. What a big sports day relishing the spring game in the NCAA final four and tiger baseball. And we've got -- all covered will kick things off at 10 AM and sports Saturday with a big chief. And -- Bob -- alive from Tiger Stadium clock we'll bring you all the action from all through spring game. At 230 Westwood one's NCAA final four show followed at 330 by game number one number one Florida and number seven Connecticut at 730 game too -- number two Wisconsin number eight Kentucky. Minutes picture of a choice. Continue listening to the NCAA final four little five point three WW FMR catch gained two. And the publisher must appease played baseball stories on the big it's WWW. You know a lot going on tonight and them I'll get to the pulled in in in just a second but I did wanna. Bring this into our talked table because when I first read this I said. The apocalypse. Must be run around the corner second coming going to be right around the corner or something like this actually happen. But child and they reach after school program. Was told that the bookie was rating during his three reading period was unacceptable. And had to be put away. Nor does the name of the book. The Bible. The boy's family complained. And here's where it gets scary. Guess who came to their rescue the ACL. View. I'll repeat that for you. The ACLU. Claimed it was rescue the ACLU. Tennessee. Is defending the rights of the student to read the Bible school. That he thinks some educators don't really understand there's a difference between no school -- religion or prayer. And not allowing religion in school so the ACLU. Came to the rescue. And told the school is not the role with this young men bring in his Bible to class and reading it. You think the ACLU finally got something right main. I'm I'm shocked -- a personal thought maybe it was an April fool's joke. 26 year old -- 7866889087. Let's go to. Randy how are you Randy. I don't -- I don't know how I'm doing fine you hear that last story talked about. As an economic where. You wouldn't want can assure you know what. -- situation where not -- you can child Bob. Right but but the ACLU rarely come to the rescue people like that usually they're the ones saying. Get the Bible models cool so I was. It. On odd ID to. So what's on human Randy. Aren't aren't they are. What are all the previously talked about at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- Situation yeah -- -- -- and I disagree. About the fact that old age problem. -- Are marketed as warm belt but. Are noble and you know. And they got -- in response to. Large population at large truck and -- -- most of the money out of the what are -- I'd like George George Bush George -- -- Outpatient and they learn it yeah. There additional. But don't get our government has got to start spending less money so maybe we can pay less taxes. Well I think that we have a bit -- to say man ducked out such old right adding that yeah. The a bank and pick up and let them. Because we reduced the regulation. Financial market so it didn't take advantage of it. It will get on. And they are operating that basically. Didn't make the action agenda that would be at our. Oh so what are we didn't do what do we do to help turn the guy back what are we put we do to get out of this mess -- because at at at this point that. Less than -- less than 50% of Americans say that if they award to lose their job that they could not survive beyond one month. Well I think the first -- yeah he'll. Let you know as. And I had it gotten on Bartlett but a lot and but it still not sure where it should where it needs to -- I think the the -- For. Just. Expansion. And out -- -- at the point where the miners are at war. Integrate distributed. Data or are you is that -- support our culture. You know I'll trade the middle class and the lower. Charlie what coach Leo. Yeah. Let the -- and the like they had been benefit so well and stop. -- -- Rent out are about. Shouldn't be. You know I let. You know -- out to the war and patient can change change in the structure. Got to Randi appreciate your calling got to take a break up gonna come right back with Ken and John I'm Bob Mitchell and the approach to it we'll continue our our conversation all the way to midnight tonight on big 870 WWL AMF and the dot com I'm Bob Mitchell and -- approach do it tonight one of the things we are talking about as April fool's joke that I got -- -- into. A costume company but the name of more suits. Advertised. And I hope I mean -- just. To stuck right in just like that it and it even said this is not an April fool's joke and that and not all it's -- on line it's not -- -- proposed strokes what must have been a proposed drug anyway they claim that they developed a suit. Using light bending technology. That would render its wearer. Invisible to -- would have some fun with us if they work. In invisible suit and you can Wear. Where would you go. I have a couple of great text messages. Let's see where is the we -- go hey Bob my head invisible suit I'd never play for further saints and pelicans ticket or concerts. Favorite food peanut butter and make an hour. And Peyton. Here's I've not heard of these and no win. Smothered seven states with gravy over rice and -- viewed even by -- takes him on that was so good. Not tell you since we're talking about -- like this that. Ain't -- more. Manuel wells hot the most news that used to be awfully love those things you nick that and made no -- You know for very short time you can given in the supermarket but. No one -- when I was growing up John and I were talking John's a guy by the way. Who. Runs the show and answer the phones and talk to you we were talking about one when we grew up I think we grew up. Close to the same hernia. But that they had all all the little manual stands like they had they had one alone -- on a belief in fields avenue and it wasn't walking just continued did you go deter hot the balls in the they're hot to put in the that. Raggedy old newspaper current. At and stick him in the paper -- you'd run home with the men and and eat them when they're hot and my wife taught me how to eat Emmanuel hot tamales and that it -- quick without peeling them. That you know there were folded up right you full both ends -- And you take and put your thumb on one end and tunnel like Q you eat like. A crawfish. You -- acts. So that thing right out. Don't don't touch it. All right we're having fun tonight in if you don't have fun I'm Starr report. Can hang on a guilty right after the couple news of the -- 870 WWL AM implement dot com.