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Apr 1, 2014|

: a costume company Morphsuits played everyone big time today… announcing they developed a suit using “light-bending” technology that would render its wearer invisible. Problem is--it’s an April Fools’ joke. If you had a suit that could make you invisible…where would you want to go…and what would you wanna do? THEN: When it comes to fast food--burgers, fries, fried chicken, tacos, malts, frosties, frapachinos, etc… which is your guilty pleasure? What’s the one fast food you can’t turn down? PLUS: a child in a REACH after-school program was told the book he was reading during his ‘free-reading’ period was unacceptable and had to be put away. The book….THE BIBLE! The boy’s family complained…and guess who came to their rescue…the ACLU! The ACLU of Tennessee is defending the rights of the student to read the Bible at school. Do you think some educators don’t really understand there’s a difference between “no school lead religion or prayer” and “not allowing religion in school?”

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now so it's made -- a -- in -- seat tomorrow morning you'll be hearing and now here's Tommy -- -- schools and post a comment doctor it's makes cute. So are always good plans he'll be on the air tomorrow morning. -- before I lay out what we're going to be talking about an Islamic and gradually my good friend Jim hands so that you just heard in the new season now. An official member of the WWL new department and I -- Really happy for you -- Alright here's what we are talking about tonight a child and a reach after school program was told. That the book he was reading during his free reading period was unacceptable and had to be put away. And that spoke of course is the Bible. And the boy's family complained and -- never never never gonna guess the million years who came to their rescue the ACLU and -- It always seems to me that the ACLU. And it is the organization trying to. Keep these things from happening trying to keep the Bible out of school but in this case the ACLU Tennessee. Defended the rights of the student to read the Bible that's school. And do you think maybe these educators need to understand the difference. Between no school -- religion or prayer. And not alarming religion disclosed nothing wrong with -- in your -- was nothing wrong with the -- with religion in school. In now and I'm I'm just. I'm just happy that the ACLU finally got something right so. Maybe we should take some calls and congratulate the ACL you to diaper actually doing something positive. 260 late 78668. At 9087 you can text me and 878878. Also were talking about. YouTube favorite you know. Though the book and -- guilty pleasure foods foods that you. You just can't do without you know use if you would like not to eat a whole bunch of it but the but you do things like burgers and Fries and pride chicken. And I wanna read a -- -- I feel honored here on this text message. Bob you were cool enough to be a shell nation. How about that -- cool enough to be a -- nation but why not talk about a wonderful thing Barack parish has especially before Katrina. And you're right and of course one of the great places to eat and sleep art per -- couple weeks ago and got one in my guilty pleasure of fried -- That brought rocket Carlos and they don't -- cook the chicken and unpopular or so that that's what Michael people who have the -- chicken and of course the baked -- And a costume company called -- suits played a big time. April fools joke today. That really really shocked me yeah I mean I was all set to do this story on this new technology. Of light bending technology. And it renders the person invisible. And they even showed a picture. And they said you know look. There's a personal way. Wearing this light -- technology suit and there in the picture but you can't see them. And like a big dummy I looked at the picture of certain. There's no one there in the picture. It must be working didn't dawn on me that maybe there was no the picture to -- get -- Thought I would have some fun with the if you had a -- to deter new and visible where would you go -- want to go with that and have you ever been part of of of an April -- -- -- that you hold on someone or someone pulled on you and it was very successful. If so share with me at 2601 late 7866889. Point 78. I haven't pulled this April -- priced in the in quite some time to write this down for next year if you -- stumping really really simple and someone. Call them -- work. And just leave a message say. I'd like to leave. I'd like -- leave a message for Bob Mitchell OK what's. Mr. Johnson of calling him from the IRS. And then put your phone number and they get. You know. You get a note that the it could be your home phone number and you wouldn't recognize. Let's go to let's go to say I am in that inventories and. Yeah. And out and out endless books you like this year's. Current. -- -- -- -- New York. Top foreign -- -- Are you talking about will visit. Area 51. Elliott fifty point. -- -- defense can do why else definitely not an old Obama saying. That Russia can and cannot. Could see. All right. You go go go get some scoop on Croat and give that to Obama so maybe have have little more leverage in this prison and a group. -- -- -- Keystone state and yeah. No no wait you can't blame. Russia on Obama I mean he didn't he didn't invade the other country. And you know. Also I. -- need. To yeah. I. Won't call the braille on the state Easter -- Hershey box. The Brooklyn -- rush of people brownies on -- books. Yeah yeah. All right to approach to. Being. Good to me -- -- but it -- -- I'd like brownies it just depends on what's in them. Meaning nuts and stuff like that cones that's Republican and probably a dispute that the I didn't on the right -- The good MP eve let's not yeah just wanna say -- are there just I said that it was ironic -- Wolf thank you it's honor for me to talk to you Sam I appreciate your call. All right let's go to -- in Atlanta how are you can. Beat you this. And really he's he's. -- So. -- Yeah this this time is short nation alcohol all the world. All of you. Big -- and that he has urged so. Invisible city. I think it. I think. That's Rudy beat down. -- you as a pre applied the electorate tractor trailer. Truck yet but only depository. Like. You know some cute bank. And I spend the world the amount that bank. It. Nobody or. About. But it's not if but if you -- if you were bent on taking the money you could -- walked in there. In goes on and -- -- -- -- The serious here. You know you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just collapsed. And he could be -- Sure. Sure when he went hold hold on the second I have to admit. I'm not quite sure when people talk about that and not -- sure what exactly they mean I hope they don't mean. That if I'm successful. And I do well and you're not successful that I should give my money do you I hope I hope that's not. Well that I think unfortunately. That. Now. And -- has not. Been OK don't. -- is. My acute cases turn. America was about -- So. Prosecutors. And been. In. You opportunities. Continue to succeed. -- -- -- For and he you know. In Austria. I'll meant to look good don't go there. Now and then and music by about that honestly -- Slaves would have been but we're better off we -- element that was a horrible horrible thing. Horrible time. And and and at -- and our country's. History. All right we'll take a break. Two -- -- -- 786689. Point 78 you know you just you just can't think that -- OK are you wanna think that way. Think it to yourself or are really don't care to a to share his six year old late 78668. And late seventy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talking about tonight -- of this new report. That's at sporting eight Schumer could only 48% of Americans would have enough money to last them more than a month. If they lost their job because of the cost of living is getting so -- And people lose jobs you know especially people who were a fifty plots. A lot of the younger people who haven't really start of their careers yet you know. Certain kind of -- to start and a different job but you know. -- they're not supposed to be age discrimination but believe me there is age discrimination. And what what's happening in in a lot of ramblings. Kids who have moved out and glory -- that maybe 35 year old 32 of 35 year old demographic opened their. Are are moving back home and now. Some some senior citizens are welcoming that because. It it's. There was a time when you'd have vote a couple of families people living in one -- and and in its spark -- work out that way and the when you when you look at things and this is happening more more frequently. And it and it may get to the point that because of the cost of living goes up so much that. This is what might have to happen. Having said that if any my kids are listening I'm not inviting you right now to come Labatt about snub that's that's not that's not the point I'm trying to make. We're also talking about guilty pleasure -- like burgers Fries fried chicken tacos. And my buddy John and John is running the control boarding keep me on time and answering your phone call. One of our great passion -- is manuals hot tamales and they're not around anymore and I got this great text he says. I would wait -- the Manuel thought the ball in men was just about the closest to -- span. And by the bottom of the pot. The hottest in the best and -- right and I've forgotten sometimes I would I would do that and Cheryl little container. And get a lot of the Jews and -- that was on the bottom of the pot. Taken Coleman peeled my tamales and men and the -- cholesterol feast. Let's let's get back to the polls were gonna go to the -- Sean thank you for calling WW well. A cap today blood is that that might blow apple man. Hot apple absolutely. Yet but right now or what but we -- apple -- -- the -- it right. -- To get it. Ice. Cream and stroke. -- that's old you know some people. And I have never done this some people eat apple pond with a scope of cheese. -- -- So that it. Right. -- like Mario girl called me. Put oil. In the people that -- -- So Sean what do you think about. Our society right now where. Less than 50%. Of the people need to working people people with -- people with mortgages and kids and things like that. -- that they lost their job that only a monopoly to exist for one month. -- do you ID you think that. That as we go on and the economy continues to rise because. I can tell you one thing the cost of living goes up I have read day I mean every day you go to -- -- you and you pay more the group did the time report. You think maybe we're gonna we're gonna get back to like you know the kids living at home with their kids and into publisher and how shall ensure expenses. Acting so man that they are they would get -- are attacked our view will have a lot don't muscle -- it really. Back -- hopeful that. And what they've gotten here tonight no wonder I know what you mean that's right I mean. You know I I retired and said OK. I don't wanna do this anymore. And and all -- -- do not want to mislead anyone you know I have I have not put -- -- -- has greatly greatly blessed me so I'm -- and the main reason I came back and I got more like a I got bored sitting around doing nothing but I have many friends. Who retired to the start taken their social security and they thought that while got some money put away in the bank of them -- to -- Social Security. And I will be fine and they say that the cost of everything especially. Especially for seniors the cost of medicine is just absolutely outrageous. Outrageous. Right. So letter dot. But appreciate you calling okay. -- dollar and into the -- Howard is that you. Yeah I can -- sexism viewers won't ask what can I Q we probably 67 made by. There are called -- Italy and all -- it disagrees -- he would not make it appear above those of piping design. It'll all migrate your fellow. -- Or. Would. It be the oldest I just I shaved my -- vehemently people don't know. At the world that -- member a book to a settlement and to implement. Well -- lack popular mountain. I -- in the back the -- as I recall Franklin -- yet yeah. They get -- well enough -- remember. They portable the drop in and still look and milk -- truly do -- really enjoyed helping us now. -- -- -- -- believe -- Will tilt tonight did she did in the won't want people fluctuate due to vote yes. And what part about the latest -- is about. Each short it is just silly you pick out all but beaten the pocket -- Good. And it shook -- wrong and our whole deal probably -- like a draw yet that they would -- Age. -- -- -- It would. All. -- I'm sure that you. Know and don't look now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was really terrible and other people. We didn't commit. And through the year -- short version of those good conversation. And and -- with the thought about Indian doughnuts okay. Elect a governor with two different from candidate for the French Quarter festival. They can get coming out Omar Toronto and I can't wait to -- the now. Want to show you one that you send me and an email or a text message when when the time is because I've got some Britain's dominant from Chicago. And we're going to the French Quarter festival also. It'll work out an email and pocketbook in where actually kind of forward and not -- -- we -- bring -- -- -- The term losing in a little -- Brazilian and -- Deputy cajun country continental didn't stop people default and a mutual back to Texas and. Howard I got before -- dog -- -- wanna get era of opinion on. Well on and I keep waiting for this could be an April food to keep waiting for tomorrow -- late April -- where worthy AC old you. Of Tennessee is defending the rights of the student. Read his Bible in school -- I don't I didn't think it was as though. You can. I actually want the -- -- the only school. Entry entry for all talk OK okay we school. -- these cute -- is. Old school or get in California whatever. And all of our. Our school issues and rescued. Give up all the law and work. Well you know I I don't I don't know but you but. I would do I would be all in favor of bringing prayer back in the school -- -- and I think I think prayer. Could solve and will solve a lot of problems. I can be that you can bring back pledge of allegiance. In part that we go. To the Mexican. Station. I feel it taking. Let's go to Marc Marc are you tonight. At Tampa market if you got a guilty pleasure of food that you can't say no to. Well right not an -- -- at the speed to beat arsenal enormous problem man. Are we treat myself to our art Coppola what are our -- rupiah. Well you can still -- that. I think showed them I would and wouldn't you know. What are. I want to get something about waited you know. We're confident and I don't happen the original building on -- on them but I'd expect to sort out their credit but again you know our increased rate and they'll. But printed in -- Template situation that we can and united way to properly you know decrease increase in -- out that they would you know are you ready to keep up with inflation. I thought I would agree with him on an -- that we do. Are we would you know increase and raises in -- -- -- probably want to keep our own. It'll tightening control control prices. Could it. -- Washington -- -- In -- -- we don't -- about not happened by countries and. But why why would you think that support multiple exposure or better at a job that you should make more. -- suppose you can do a job I can't do so. But in the -- in -- win. I you to work our way out and about it Wear out that basically got -- then waited one. Got you know -- one battery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It went to that you know about a corporate Internet that. And about them to decide that the problem it will -- Real people is written. -- money taken out. -- secure it is only. But they don't have not taken out. And if it's going to be patient. You know it. Is keeping -- -- I think premium. I think response yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm competent and I can always like to open up this week. -- -- -- not you know we came up and we do about it mop up we go on. Do you have any children. Take -- well. Would you what would you ever see a time where both families would move in together. To -- to save money. I don't know Obama but if I don't -- know these kids you know to animate them and on. It the door would be open. And at all. But you know a lot of families are doing that where -- that that the kids who -- or 35 years old. There have a hard time making it first of all I I think credit cards rule and tons and tons of people really got and got in the too much dead. And -- it up on what I'm reading about is that a lot of times that. The the kids you're like 3540 years old a moving back with the with with the senior citizen parents. And that way that their that their share expenses and that might be the way that it in the future that that families can exist and survive. It's -- opportunity to you know rain didn't make it app you know won't be on than normal economy you know the quote that I'll just come -- Prominent cabinet that would -- When people. I -- you know are the reports it. Some people -- you are now in the bank account yeah. Bought in bulk agent you know there might be part but in my department to market not -- I'm not not and that it -- economic -- I think the amendment you know they waited and should not well. I think if everybody is -- -- saying. At -- -- -- -- we beat them out which programs children my grandchildren. We basically expressed it in the and and concern about the outlook it is. Dutch all right mark appreciate your column and read a couple about text messages and get back to your phone calls we have some. Lines opened the viewer call Lyndon. Chime in on our our discussion as to -- 7866. -- and 087 you're. Talking about what this gentleman where we're just discussing now at -- getting to the point that. The economy is the store literally eat at people's savings and people have less and less money only 48 priest of Americans have enough money saved to last them more than a month. And if they were all the rules all sources of income they would know what to -- cool what would you do -- how long could you -- and do you think that may be we're getting back to a society because the cost Levine is getting so high. That you're gonna have more than one planned Leo and related related of course more than one plan and living in and in the same house. And a trial in a region after school programs -- of the book -- was -- during his free -- period. Was unacceptable. And had to be put away the ball the Bible. Yep and guess who came into the rescued the ACLU. Tennessee is defending the rights of the students to read the Bible and it's cool. And got a text message because I said. The ACLU finally got it right. And the text messages as Bob come on the ACLU finally got -- right they always depend the First Amendment freedom of speech how ill informed. Are you. All I know is that the ACLU seems to work overtime and trying to keep the Bible and keep -- Out of school and that's what I'm referring to and I'm really gland at the ACW. Got behind us. And I'm complementing them port hope you -- comment on the -- six -- -- 78. 8668. Point 90870. Also we're talking about guilty pleasure through regionals. Those burgers and Fries. Fried chicken. Goals of hot tamales that you know ice cream that you just can't resist that's that's like if like your drug of choice. What is yours -- a six year old late 786. X 89 late seventy I'm Bob Mitchell interest -- On the big 870 WW LA and implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to -- dutrow -- stolen and morning's this week on the big it's WWW well. Here's what would be are talking about tonight. Talking about a new report. That showed the less than 50% of Americans this this is really counts carry. Have enough money saved the last them more than a month there was that they were elusive job they'll know well what would happen. And your your reading more and more. About grown children moving back in the house. -- you're hearing more and more about you know at least in order to survive but having to live under the same roof. And it. Senior citizens or having a department on living off Social Security. Health care for seniors continues to go. And minimum can't find jobs to. Supplement her Social Security so that it is is an option where you have to families living under the same roof -- the problem is. Is a lot of times when that -- moves back in. The the the that the mom and dad still look at them as kids in trying to tell them do in the only way it can work. If you have to realize -- your children but they're adults and you have to -- on him and let them have their own lives so. I would be interested. If if there's anyone listening who was. In that situation right now or has ever been in that situation where you've had two families will be under the same roof. And it worked out this this may be 44 for many people with this may be the only option. Because if if if view or. If you're in the the the let's say the that the 35 year old demographic and an illusion job and and you can't find another one and so many of of people in that generation. The attitude. Lot of credit card the expenses and and and problem soon. Just haven't budgeted your money well and it's kind of like it's it's almost. And assassinate -- to help each other talk and I'm curious. If there are any of you know we're listing this program you're living in that such a situation to forum is under the same roof. I was working out for if not would you would you ever consider that -- would you ever consider. Like you know moving back in with mom and dad and mom and then what would that be okay with few. On my wife that I experienced a little of this awhile back when my daughter and three grandsons and son in law. Move back from a pro junior he of what was that law school and they moved back in the -- those four I think. Six or seven months and I would have to slave for the most part. It worked out that it was a little. Difficult getting used to having three kids running around the house and I had to adjust. Walking out the -- my underwear sit on the so for watching sports. But other than that you know I've caught caught I thought worked out forever world. What do what I'd like to do that in the future what would like to have that type of on going to be in such relation. No. But looking -- expenses. Look at all things were going looking all put the cost of medicine and health care and continues to go up and I don't see it changing I'm not really sure. What Obama care is going to do and I'm not sure how successful. It's going to be but on those calls to both the cost the most I've plays seemed to go up. Every year my premiums seem -- ago while -- my -- place. Go up at every year and where all this is going to goal. Twenty years from now. If if I'm if I'm still around I don't know. It it may it may be the only way to survive as -- I'd just don't see it happening anymore. I don't see it changing any time soon. I have a couple runs were in the middle of oppression. And they say that what happened all it's good -- -- It's it's good for the for people like Q&A -- -- where where were cutting the the -- that that we're giving hospitals in the week giving the doctors put in. Eventually you know the doctors themselves. -- are shutting down private practice isn't going to work for hospitals and eventually you know your cost is going to go up. Seoul is that something that you think it could happen in the future two friendly living together. I give me a call at 26 year old late 7866890. It's Sunday text immediate -- of the gates of the one time that's the way it was. I know one of the things that in in in a lot of -- the cultures and -- and in the Spanish culture. Mean. They all live together in -- what they would never think of putting mom and dad it in a nursing home. I admire that. About their culture. We're also talking about on all on on the light side of things talking about food. And you or your pleasure foods the foods that you just can't say no to. Whole Nazis possible -- someone texting and is on the menu. They're getting so what is your pleasure -- how do you think about I am pleased to have been together and what do you think's gonna happen there. Also. If you could have an invisible suit. Where -- ago. I'm coming right back to secure only 78668890. It's seventy phone lines are open. Waiting for your call from Bob Mitchell interest welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell and for Stuart let's go to Alison at beaver springs how aria tells you -- talk about moving home. I'm Ali. -- aren't that. Well actually act and expectant parents are at ninety children in that the answer -- And it looked at best relationship that. Now -- -- and in a battery you. Out there and are now with that that mom. Actually actual in the cracks and -- -- -- Is it. And they look at that. Let's talk about it with much at that it's great that relationship is pretty. -- -- it and done and play and achievements that -- But we are and so -- but wanted to thank. I hope they realize lament that as a compliment. That's that's that's the one thing that that a -- I had some of the Spanish friends of the -- just like. -- that their their family concept. Almost made me jealous because you know they would they would never think. Moving grandma out too little -- never never think. You know that that's not that should. Are either -- -- on my -- dying all all get -- them abroad or and Pennsylvania to. It -- that much club that wouldn't it and get them that explodes. And I'll close he'd be in big ticket -- but it fit. And it's an expense wise you're able to share and it helped both both sides of the family right. Right yet church and -- -- that impact every week. I mean Allen at the expense and that -- are -- -- week. Michael at the week's -- my work schedule or one week and you and -- am actually come off but yeah normal again. Yet that we apparent -- will part that in. So it wasn't. Once it was a difficult and admire that mom and -- Jewish kids or treat you as adults. -- -- -- -- -- We are procedure that ancient -- you are there. When you're at and anxious she hit it in each it'll long one another unit at bike. I. Usually -- -- children. No match and one at that that the fact -- that we all. We are we. We -- apple not and that makes it different on when you actually -- -- -- that you -- -- eighteenth at that. Jet engine at the -- It's our sport together -- -- -- -- out there it was an actual image and realize that. Now arm up and up and -- my mind it it. -- -- putt I I appreciate your calling -- you made him he made some great points of Gordon got a good -- -- -- to talk to you longer but. You're right if if if if you apply the Bible to your family it's gonna work out fine thank you -- come back with more calls right after WW WL.