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04-01 11pm, Scoot, Guilty Pleasures, Invisible Suit

Apr 2, 2014|

On the lighter side of topics, Bob Mitchell talks about: in terms of food; what is a guilty pleasure that you just can't live without? AND.... If you had a suit that made you "invisible"; where would you go?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and pursued I heard it last newscast. The guy was talking about an -- for an evocative -- you could order a cheerleader. To come to your seat. I think he might have been sucked in on April fool's joke I mean I read that and said Shirley. Surely the NFL wouldn't over the NFL and you know what you. What send a message in the cheerleaders and come visit you in the stands. That's been the trouble that is absolutely nothing but trouble. All right welcome back to the show a few or just shooting in the here's what we are talking about one and we have a some lines open you can -- -- -- -- gonna get. Right on your call and -- get ready to go with us on. The big 870 WW LA MFM and dot com. A new report released today. Wasn't really surprising to me but it is shocking that only 48% of Americans have enough money. Saved where if they lost their job -- be able only last for one month and then they would be in real trouble. Because the generation we have right now most of them would deeply in debt listen I have kids and I know you know. They'll want things right now. It it is the generation we live in. And what's going to happen. In the future don't know -- and continues to go up. You have more more people concerned about especially people who lose their job when they're around fifty can't get another job and have to wait too long for Social Security. So you think eventually it's going to get back and people -- didn't need to do it for surviving where you have to go several families living. Under one roof. Got this text message at my house is four bedrooms one bath poor dude get on the the bath. I have made my wife and three kids plus my mother and father my uncle my best friend his life. And kid and we split the bills and still live paycheck to paycheck and -- a manager at a restaurant law. Wow man. We're also talking about. These foods that we all have no guilty pleasure -- stuff you know you shouldn't -- you happily no that is not good for you but. You needed anyway. Includes that you can't resist maybe have of a favorite cheese burger or. Like like million grilled cheese -- of my all time favorite jumpers -- when I go there normally eat at at least two of them. So publisher in your your your guilty pleasure food with us. And I got sucked into an April fool's joke because I read a story about a company called them more pursuits where. You would you would put this suit on and that would reflect light or not reflect light you know you read a bunch. Symbol of technology. In stealth bombers and stuff like that and make you invisible and then of course after. I realize it was an April fool's joke -- felt like a -- saw a figure well I'll I'll make something not a little used the moment radio show. And if you had a suit that it turns you invisible where would you want to go with. I would love. To be able to sneak into the White House. And don't walk around. And see if it's anything like. The white house on the TV show scandals scandals of my favorite TV shows in some little things that go on. Behind closed doors in the White House and there's there's a secret arm of the government tickets would. B 163. Or something like that that. They don't even answer to the president the president can't even muscled and thought I'd I'd love to be able walk around to find out what really goes on. Behind closed doors in the what does that that would be great what about you if you had the opportunity what would you do to a six year old -- seventy. 86688908. Germany and we also are talking about a child in a reach after school program was reading his Bible. And the school came in the future payments and you can read any book but the Bible the boys planned to complain. And to their credit the ACW. Who normally is an organization. I've always believed that tries to get viable -- -- anyway the ACLU. Defended the right of the student to read the Bible now. The show -- men can can take his Bible school and I'm so happy about that let's go to a -- in the -- -- power you Linda. I'm -- different time now remember they're real -- -- -- from -- -- just to kids. We I I believe me I've mama my my answer to that always. I was just a kid when I got started I was fortunate I was able to get into radio. Right out of high school graduate from high school when I was seventeen years old so. Believe that we we grew up together and that that that that book that was -- a great error. And I'm so happy to be here on -- on WWL and and talking to people and always struggled taken. Have at least one or two humorous subjects because -- -- life is life is just too hard to not have to land from development time. That's right while I was thinking that argued the blessed. It just. -- faintly. As inflatable -- You Bible reading through so many generations you. And I'm 63 MM -- where grandma. But still celebrate an anniversary of the year went ahead and money again my -- monies to try to ride taxi and have kids. But the -- and some aggregate as being -- you know. And let them marry my diet and he would he would bury him older sister actually going to be deliberate bombing at a product -- Mary. But I found the lord Jesus Chrysler must savior would use three weeks -- out of college and tactic on. That's supposed to camp the Pentagon -- am actually more fans get re preaching that have been mean missionary. It is an Ericsson and Indian ministries and -- and I church -- in learning to serve the lord black and they would church and its. -- turn this thing in its blessing to hear any one. Reading worse because. I mean that is the history of human right now. I can tell you I I content I can tell you this OK in all honestly. I've had an incredible. Radio career I've I've had I've had great success and I'm. So happy to be here at WWL. But oh look all to god that it's it's because it's because he is mostly because -- my savior protects me and -- currently. And and because. I've never thought much about my skills I've just been lucky enough where god blessed me and god said hey -- mine I'm gonna take care view. And that the -- -- of the success of. Like Mike Green kids you know. When that became a widow and I haven't lived around because I came from a family of nine cabinet and nine. And they start bringing our nineteen month old Obama and you're at it in 1950. Yeah there at 2 point range that morning and more Beloit is. Mary. And now after my -- -- in the bullet hit a bit Batman -- -- everything is today thank you and bad. My mom kept apparently in all 48 states. And -- military. -- -- No date -- And the old Danny inspect after the depression. They can't people -- -- to sell magazine. And mama and her sister went to. Get it just. They were yen. And you know and so what. Do you think that they would. Like cooking light. -- -- -- two -- car. Campuses. Different factors that street. And that having met each other so mom that during the Mary that you Geithner it would match up that they became lifelong. Effort and -- began. That. You awhile back on the -- Polite but for a -- change I need your voice permanently -- Look at some about it and said -- One day camp and you -- -- the number of Smartphone tablet. But you. But I remembered them from an apparent that we live in New Orleans. They would every year for a Cooley here but any where from -- I'm going Sam currently currently take out in Kentucky and Tennessee -- package is that old for the try and older living aero -- and now and it's like. It's memory. And it. They in his mind right -- strike -- -- -- drag. My family member friendly all were from. From bracelet in Louisiana I am I am really. The total Kunis okay. And. Now -- truck plant is in -- -- over the Obama my. And they were English in Paris. At issue -- remarried and Cherokee Indian and I agree -- -- -- and that that -- to be a 113 miles an -- Rank and McCain are now in the economic and it was wartime. But rich in dollar -- Well surely should share with me your guilty pleasure food the food that. That you just can't do without that the EE Eaton and yet it might that'd be good for you but -- and. Well and have a little girl I and I demanded I -- in Mississippi I was a big sister at home. And one of my at you'd get important in that she had reached at. We feel that the kids. And my -- let me replica in my grandmother and great -- she she worked in the area. So what or what what food just -- you can't do without. Well we actually case that was the only -- sitting at -- -- I thought my earnings to be kept a little Chinese -- -- Bible because I want out hanging ball. I can write -- note. I mean food from a different you don't. But what about once special dish that you really love that you had to pick one -- through that you know. You can't do about this none. Well when I wouldn't get that wouldn't eat -- electric get Mary. But when I was a kid we would stop it at Martin -- speech rights are little wait -- access to -- about that. It was entirely reliant on the highway in the end by the white -- that's an -- and why -- Like. Linda I enjoyed talking these things usually -- and I. Am -- OK -- All right it is this -- show I'm Bob Mitchell thank you so much Judy back to some some -- a touch of someone touch grandma would love to have three generations in her house again. And here's someone that next -- holy Bible stands were held. Others learn your basic instructions. Before leaving earth. Like that of a cover of that before. Whole Nazi. A guilty pleasure heavenly hash. Never did like him shall I elected -- but I played almost almost no chocolate now. At all gotten very sensitive to caffeine sort -- pretty much stay away from truck. 260178668. -- nine OH seventy. If you wanna share your you're guilty pleasure food with me now we have been talking often on all night. About if you have a -- That could turn you invisible where would you want to go -- -- the -- were talking about is I got sucked in to. In April fool's joke reading a story about the company he. That. Have the technology and develop a student that bid ended. I don't know what does it say bending. Light bending and and I built bought into it and some -- -- -- but so was that a proposed joke but. If if there was less of a -- that you can -- that perjury invisible where would you wanna go and would you wanna do with the 26017866889087. -- take a break and will come back and is a look at the that the call boarded if you have a phone call him. May be called earlier and couldn't get through -- conductor now we have some lines open and the wait albeit long at all so eligible to call at WW while I'm Bob Mitchell as little -- show tomorrow morning on WWL first news for the guest host -- I'm Bob Mitchell filling in -- -- those duke and fill -- for comic collector in the morning. Should -- revamped totally eliminate leave common core as it is the nationwide initiative to such standards in English. And math in every state and over if you teachers who report. If you're for law if you wanna change it would bother you about common core plush of Louisiana passable to increase penalties. Pour -- in robberies some silly attacking -- -- reached epidemic proportions and Walsh ports. Just quality. Two of the things at school will be talking about tomorrow morning -- to our -- we go to Wayne. Wayne MI correct it's just pronounced kill right there and silent. Don't correct. You were brought for Brett Favre still has -- More. So what's your what's your pleasure from. I hit it. -- got to be accurate but secular popular. -- -- it. Upload. And you'll -- The -- at the restaurant. That would go back to you don't know if it. No nearly Manuel remembers the -- and Carrollton. In the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was the same -- same people made a lot of mileage. Yet they're arresting. We go to all. All -- intelligent strategy now. You know I I I like fried chicken to but I've unfunded. Almost impossible that only a couple of places that I can find it a rocket Carlos. Is wool in the -- there's there's a restaurant in Slidell like I cannot remember the name of -- And I'm going blankets. New seized or something like that it's part of the -- people. And minutes it's hard to find. A restaurant a sit down restaurant that serves good fried chicken I mean. Pretty much knew either. Have to eat less food or -- your own. Publicly. I can't wait wait wait -- output much life and work a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Orbital camera and they -- the best fried chicken it all all out right there do they do they look at nasty ornery. No adjustable rate tightening com. They do they do really well don't really trust. It it surprised me -- and it could be -- the black pepper spotty. -- is really want. The -- that well really boy what it was. -- my wife makes good pride chicken to mix it with a -- better. And it comes out extremely extremely. Pressured she just takes flower. And mixes -- and -- and makes us like it's almost like a tasty thing as opposed to trick a minute and -- it and it it it it it it's so crisply that. Even when it's cold it's -- How Obama debate -- make it so good. It means it is you know -- know what Michael. You know but yet in all I I love fried chicken -- and and no offense to people like. Like pop -- and and to Turkey for its just not the same adjustment. Under this agreement and not at all not at all. I don't know great show may be New -- Arabia thanks. Thank you -- appreciate all -- right to a six year old late 78668890870. -- one of the things we've been talking about it is the invisible suit you know if you had an invisible -- where would you go what would you do. This is -- great and if I had an invisible suit. I would wanna see if -- lady's chief of the people that work well on board. That and what can you imagine. You if you -- -- -- -- you're invisible you can beat up on him they would know it's coming from. All right did you hear a -- on just the second let me move this in front of my face if you heard about this kid. In Georgia. Who stole a whole bunch of money. From the first Citizens Bank. -- -- the bank made a mistake in the bank deposit of 31000. Dollars. And the customer name Stephen heels into the economy and other customer with the same name. Now on the second fields of the local eighteen year old who after fighting the banks. Era immediately did within the budding social -- would do. He spent did he start pulling some money out and the bank asked him to return the money he claimed they were wrong. It's -- no mistake has been made he said the money was a direct deposit from his grandmother's. A state assuming. That you would give the money back to the bank also June form. -- often thought that I really do it a case like of course I would give the money is no doubt about that but. -- column I I might be tempted to wait awhile. Deceived they realize that just earned a little interest of course right now at that probably is a dumb idea because. What are you earned it if you're lucky in your savings account. Less than 1%. I I got a message from a bank and it said. Something about that a deposit has been made into your account and I'm all pumped up enough to what does this out of this happen. And they deposited. Two cents. Of interest. In to my savings account OK let's get lifted back on the -- we're gonna grow to. I'm gonna go to David in the show -- an -- -- David. I'm doing fine. What's what's would -- You're guilty pleasure through through the -- you probably know you should need a much needed anyway. Well and I ran thirty probably tempted to key is don't have a cigarette in my life for you. And I tell you what though the best chick and I mean I'm 52 yard goal waved back. I can go to Denny's fried chicken and where sweet little bit bigger plate -- change days. And it didn't sound man and it's our Potomac or parish bird and actors for. Better than -- his. -- rocking chair and you're kidding right now limelight Iraqis know it on the right distance and Paris and what. Paris in and judge for -- today. There's a -- station on the right with a donut place straight there are offers that. Fried chicken is like the coal mine. And I went to place in the Georgia Tech its soul food only and that the staying recipe that. It is great -- in the open right now. It's all right now -- -- open until 10 o'clock to ten and but -- -- translation. Where that battery get their subscribers are -- and it's arcade days now and keep the. Delayed until they pry the chicken a few order of arts already prepared. Right -- tried you know when you walk in their -- structure right now but it. You walk in AT&T it's stressed. You know and that the case -- You can put in your refrigerator and the truss system principally. I'm gonna try that I'm I'm I'm absolutely going to traumatic as -- on a -- pride chicken but. But I don't like I don't like best food fried chicken except -- electric chains chicken strips but. I like it is a good sit down home cooked fried chicken I tried. Right it's. Yes. That -- Kia relate. Holy now I'm old enough. At Wimbledon. And today because. -- -- -- Well if you you know I'll eat healthy. But I try. You know like he -- common hallmark but you know what I'm it and -- that the owner. Be so cruel it's it's like I mean you walk in there I need to and you got like eight pieces there -- -- -- -- components that and you could tell you what there's no chick in new law like this place. You know you mentioned earlier that you run like thirty miles a week. I've I ride my bike now like I used to run that much wrapped around a couple marathons and when you run that much you can eat anything you want. That's right and that's only reason why I do that if I -- mine I wouldn't eat chicken because. It's just like so brief you about about the chicken here important refrigerator. And you -- -- you'd like to its history. And that that taste you know it's I'll like keep chase chief civic trust in the heat the chicken by itself but. I mean I've had all kinds chicken in the city and outbid all. Means do you -- the plate and Georgia. Where it got southern route to me doubt man -- -- -- it -- to be southern boot swear it's the same recipe. And we that the NASCAR races across street paddy in Gordon Hala and not it's like -- this is the best chicken in every. What -- -- ask you this question if there if you had an invisible suit. What would you do where would you go with that. In other words if you could be invisible like. Where you know invisible all -- know until they -- you. What I do. I take a shot like that have been in and it helped me. Admitted it. Artists on this on this earth if if if you could be invisible is an assembly should like to sneak in and Ghana just check out what -- People know when you're there. Not really. That -- -- the lions. -- -- -- At that -- that they partners about that part of that. Targeted -- Go on Tuesday. In Qatar and be in Maine ain't got an automobile markets and and combine more. And -- it. He bit heated what is cities to note in an automobile. Industry is seeing it all comes -- -- -- more. We're about oh boy all -- the start of the drug problem is seat soccer. -- cheat you cheat. You out. Let's let's go to. David David how -- you. David you there. -- -- All right -- work. You wanna answer a question what you're guilty pleasure food. There are. Some -- ago. Where an epidemic. Cottage cheese. I doubt. That you're guilty pleasure cottage cheese. While. And what kind of food you -- if cottage cheese -- -- guilty pleasure of -- Well I say -- equator errors. -- like that all of and I just stop and talk about record away. -- David is still there -- Like we lost David to all right. Did this time that the -- to get on a strained some time. We're also talking. About. -- an invisible. And we were just weekend besides guilty pleasure of crude also talking about the fact -- less than 50%. Of Americans in the recent surveys said -- have -- lost their job that only be able to last one month and then there was start to get in too deep financial. Trouble. Lot of people around in the you know 35 year old agers start to move back home. Home or move back home mom and dad and in some cases it's it's it's beneficial for for both so and when you looked at the cost of living when you look at the just -- everything now rent no food no medicine keeps going up. Can you see us getting back to the time when you had -- -- A couple of families living in one house with we've got a couple of interest in calls with that tonight. Where some people say that that they are doing well are already. So if you wanna just. Call and talk about what we are talking about it and would we have a few minutes left so weighed in -- and conversation with you can -- -- acoustic durable late seventy. 866889. Point seven he let me go ahead and let me get into some of our our our text messages. But see now that -- empty nested. Playing around. With different types of recipes. And I've found a very good adult comfort food. Brownies with grand millennia. I just that would they go to. -- wonder how that works from bottom abide a brownie and a shot. I'm Mike a much survived two shots that I deal on the floor of cloud that would be that going to be absolutely on the floor with a. Let's go and take a break and we'll come back with your phone call from Bob Mitchell. -- -- -- On the -- seventy WWL AM implement dot com Bob Mitchell billion for astute tonight and we were all just thrilled to have Angela hill and RW WL radio -- which has got some great stuff coming up on -- or stroke. At 1 o'clock on the front porch this time we'll go inside the Lower Ninth Ward. With the holy cross neighborhood association is the big controversy. About report pursuing the former slide of the holy cross school and will talk while and so on changes at 2 o'clock. Taxis and as the culture for gamers will review the dirty dozen scanned the -- warns about everything from identity theft of telephones and -- -- What can you do to protect yourself and many seniors in your life. What do you do if you're a victim but we'll talk to the experts and at 3 PM male maintenance. Who said women are the only ones who care about -- look shall talk about everything from Botox. Laser hair removal liposuction -- surgery. And face lips. Permitting remand -- have you would you do whatever it takes to look and feel. Polls little cheaper I would we're also talking tonight. As we and -- to midnight. We're gonna just try to keep it light probably for the next twenty minutes. Talk about. Food and talk about you know most of the families -- electrical and guilty pleasure for its foods you you know you shouldn't eat. But if if that's there you you eat it you know like mine is ice cream especially blue -- -- And I have to. As my wife not to bring it in the halls of -- Anita and not go crazy she can make a pint of ice cream last for a week with me kind of as. Ice cream would would be less than one serving its oil a day after not to bring in the halls otherwise. I will just eat it constantly so whether burger Fries fried chicken -- -- it's -- what is your guilty pleasure -- And just suppose. That there was a suit. But it turns you invisible that I got sucked in on this earlier today I thought it was real story -- April food -- but. If it was possible. If you had a suit can turn your invisible where would you wanna go to six year old 17866889087. Ago -- text. If I was invisible. At at at at. I would go to the Victoria's Secret runway fashion shows proceeding. Yeah I guess that would be canonized let's go to CJ in South Carolina power usage day. All right are you about now I'm CJ if you had an invisible suit where -- ago. I wouldn't have to go in the halls and offices of congress. To find out what. You know these guys really believe how much is actually that got closed -- comet cupid show. And how much of that they've really believes and how much are they willing to compromise. I mentioned earlier I'd like to active role in the white Nelson and and do the very same thing does you know you you've got to take in the wonder if they get the for the public and they say one thing and then they go behind closed doors and levels how we suckered him again. I agree I agree. I I talk about people moving and please keep this light so I don't -- -- need to build. Okay. About a year ago my mom and stroke. And after going down and visiting her in rehab and getting a lot of researches to she's a widow -- a lot about com home health care and who takes care of -- I opened up at about 25% of the councils in the United States now have -- care -- in the house holes. And that it shocked me yeah and you know -- he realizes that. You know I think one of the reasons that families and I have to get back together people who are living longer but just because -- live longer doesn't mean you you are totally bull while -- So I think you can see more more people. And I'm pretty much being forced to put it to a caregiver role. And because of that you're gonna -- families may be coming together more. You know I was talking about the same subject. Couple weeks back and have we gotten to a point and our society. That we lived too long and in other words we we use medicine to to keep vehicle and you know my wife was a nurse and my daughter is a nurse my wife retarded. And she said that even you know years ago she is that there were there were many times when when people would come in and they were there were older and they they weren't in good shape but we have the technology. To keep them alive and it in bulk but what type of quality of life to they haven't that's it for me personally. That's what I wonder about -- I wanna live as long as I can but I want equality of left I would rather die sooner than they have a relief. Bad quality of life and not even know where I am and you know there's Dunham barely exist. Right that's pretty good quality elect -- -- ever leave the house one house anymore is she -- No no but -- but use a walker now but I mean basically it's. -- the biggest things in her life for watching TV to turn a movie channel and eating and eating. I was into talking about eating let's let's let's move on to carry your food. I would say if one thing -- like to -- that they have one thing depicting would be a big juicy peach. Not for me fresh being juicy -- -- That reminds me of a -- filled episode with the teachers did you see that when. -- Candidate -- and got a special teachers. But only chemo once a year and then they were all sliding the -- and so if at least that's that's a healthy food you haven't any on the helping guilty pleasures. So when I was a kid I don't live in New Orleans and longer but when I was a kid we used to always go get these three foot long. Hot roast beef pulled boys from a place called Teddy. On Franklin avenue -- in -- -- button on the boy's home. And knows where the -- -- he felt fully dressed -- boys you couldn't -- that. You don't you just made my mouth -- -- in my favor po boys. Is I like. I like the and this from what I've read in history was the original pool boy and that -- -- French fried potato -- boy with that good roast beef gravy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- and you know you have to you have to have the the right bread long long long time ago I was in. Jacksonville Florida and there was a sign that said New Orleans style roast people boys -- -- man that's for me you know walked in Gaza right. Give me a -- beat -- boy dressed. I knew I was in trouble when he said what is dressed as a -- Dressed you know lettuce and tomato soup or we don't have a confined to bring -- to -- -- and they brought it. On this ruling soft roll. Analysts backed up about six inches and I said what is this -- to -- role in style roast people boys and Al. You aren't even close not even close got to have the bread. Right that that that's the key to a good toward any good food and South Carolina. You know here elected shrimping grit Britain out I'll take gumbo any day or symbolize their trip to -- You know I'm drawing you know New Orleans restaurant that he was serving that shrimp and grits and I'm -- and I'm trying to get in that put. I don't not like hundreds and daughter and sister -- Not there at the restaurant here that's pretty cold and making great technique. Which is kind of like. And if you ever. Rice cake if you know it right it that they actually make it with grip and it's not as cry it's it's. -- claimed some probably get in in -- -- and come out still will be creamy but Nadal holds together. I have heard people do that and then they deep draw it has is as they try to. Exactly and nick -- it not mean that. Took too long -- not super crest and then what -- do it then they take a trip to put that on top with some sort of -- on that that's okay but that's part of the -- groups in the upon it I can't do that. But he ever see yourself moving back home. Oh yeah I would love the idea I would have to go home. As a matter of fact that I'm retired from the military now and I'm just -- that a real estate prices could go down a little bit and. -- the rules the prices going up right now I don't know any of the quote. We have -- then it's bad for the lead. Yet it made it -- -- that the group that it would just in the sewer a couple of years ago what did you buy them. Probably ready to move up. And now somebody here. All right CJ thank -- -- being part of the show today. -- thanks for me on. Right when we come back I'm gonna have before I go it's 01 more thing that. I'll fill you in on it's always something the only that I have an opinion on or it just a a couple of real old. Black it is this story features. Unfortunately. A couple of like it is it will come right back to WW LA and implement dot com I'm Bob Mitchell -- for screwed Kenneth. I got very little time you want to make a quick statement about -- -- is that right. That's pretty quick all right before I go. One more thing. You you have to picture this in order to make this really work I want to the picture and ocean and seven foot waves. A man was wept while proceed by seven foot waves -- in Oceanside. Baptismal ceremonies in California. The missing man had been. Helping to perform a baptism. And association. -- the light of the skyline church. Which rules civil -- two or three times. A year some 25 people attended this event. Appetizing. People. It's seven foot waves. -- -- -- -- Said that while the three men conducted the baptism. When big wave began to Roland. And pulled us both and hope to see. -- also said. But the next -- baptism. That was scheduled for. 45 people. At least fifteen of -- he dropped out. At. Lol man okay. A lot of the job directing care of of the board for me and she'd be on time Jack tariffs are always comes and the less power couples -- the vols -- thanked the public job Manassas for a but helping me get the info together one of thank you Diane Neuman director programming. For allowing me to do this and putting up with may be given those sometime I can be a royal pain I realize that. -- There. The royal pain because homework and a lot of -- on our arm or -- that's okay but thank you guys are right. That's -- I'll see you Thursday night in boy we have something really really special about theme parks and punch train beach coming up Thursday night. We're gonna have a blast right tonight god bless -- from WWL AM implement dot com.