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4-2 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Apr 2, 2014|

Dave talks about pull-in or back-in, What is Wrong with People, and a chainsaw in the neck

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers is its April the second its 2014. And it's hump day. Everybody asks everybody welcomed new -- -- day yeah middle of the workweek. Now we're just gonna smack. Brewers -- -- and you're ready you know I'll swap. So one of things again debate today in the legislature. And whether that people can carry concealed. Handguns now into a restaurant that has a buck. Here. Here's my question about all. Heidi you know if it's a concealed. Handgun. -- so walked in with that it's either strapped to their ankle. Under that Anthony can't the strapped to their cancer. Somewhere over the holsters underneath -- -- that it is inside that waste and covered by their pants -- shirt you can't Nancy. The key word here is. Concealed yeah. So. So -- -- probably going on right now I know it Sharia I know people of concealed carry permits and no police officers -- always scary when -- off -- And they may well be certain at the table next to you at any given restaurant that happens that bar your. And there may be down on the ankle that may be a gun under their shirt that may be a gun tucked in the back of their ways but you're never gonna see it. Because they know that would. Cause some people -- have issues will create. Uncomfortable situation here raised questions take it out and put it on the table and say hey I like about looks -- my new 357. The only time someone. Any responsible gun on or responsible off duty officer would ever pull out there ago. Would be in the event that they needed to use it to protect people inside the establishment. So I'm not saying whether I think the legislature should pass or not. Pass a law that would allow either off duty officers which is another bill that Africa and another time. Wore concealed weapons scary holders. To bring their guns into. Restaurants that happened have bars this legislation does nothing about actual bars but even there I guarantee -- That off duty cops and people with concealed carry permits are carrying guns and into these establishments. You don't want someone -- with a gun because then if they get an argument or fight that otherwise may -- would just you know resulted in the hollering and screaming that may be putting incoming and well. He has not done that we don't want that obviously but just saying that it is an interesting discussion and debate because. It's. And deal now Heidi you know exactly and any private restaurant bar. Any snap your own home you can make a rule and you can tell people are not allowed to bring gun in your business -- your home. And by law they should comply with. -- in any restaurant -- -- no fire. And then you're allowed to bring it would have bright they're on the run on the front door no matter what the loss. Anyway just something I was thinking about it's its users and on this definition memory of a restaurant. That sells alcohol I guess -- ago. Well it dated actually determined by what percentage of your income is derived from food for all OK there's a technical know if more than half of the year. Income is from. Food out your brought your -- -- that has a bar. If more than half your income is from alcohol Europe bar that there's for a -- does that discount where the break point exactly in the middle I don't know that work that that be pretty amazing. -- that well -- -- suspect you can tell by -- the debate out the debate will be interest and today the house criminal justice committee it will keep you post them want to completely different. -- completely different topic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of the troubles every. Sunday night observe everyday and I'm kind of worried about him -- -- -- it. When you pull into the parking garage or parking lot when you go shopping and apart store you come here to work to -- inner -- -- -- and -- back I'm up on on the pull it all but about half the people are parking garage are. Back yeah support. That's the real thing but anyway about -- -- are right now back dinners and had a hit Leopold winner -- -- back. And I don't I'm. I still haven't gotten anybody I've talked to several back. And tried to understand why is it batted back and and pull out vs -- and and back. Well I think you'd definitely like and in our garage were -- park you'd -- does make for easier acts bush earth because I don't blacktop there's could be some more people coming around on around them Bada for other cart yeah it's it's -- it's a quick get away. Okay I get that. But why is it better to leave quickly. Then arrived quickly -- It is much easier to pull and when you get there or you're hacking and everybody behind you -- wait while you reposition back and and it. Some people are very good at -- and others not so area and over the an angle into you don't do it three or four tries you know so that you're waiting and you waiting in that one Paula back out or backing back -- Now people of the backup cameras now which. It's about to become standard on all vehicle now I'm law. It's easier to back again but I still don't understand. Why it matters and I guess when you're ready to leave your ready to leave now it is wanna go see rather messed with that when you get there. But the back dinners I'd tell -- I think they're pretty dead set and what they do all I know him very says there are ways. Now I happen to market a spot where backing out is very simple. I wanna get an -- lot of detail about our parking garage but I parking spot where I can just back straight out. And then I'm gone because we have parking on four sides but it's anyway. Pull it back again. And why text me at 878 that it uses on very heated discussion amongst people line. People in our back. We'll talk about it what did you forecast coming up right after that and sports as Steve Geller alike on the world of sports science Austin. Very big name individual whole lot else on on what will -- always coming up after the man as a -- very heated debate and amongst our techsters today 7870. People are backhand. One person says all and I'm usually right on time for roughing the late. And I can't back in on the first try so I don't have time okay that makes sense that person. They Poland because they don't have time -- method because they're pushing till the last second to get to work on time. But another person says I prefer to back it after a long day at work I wanna get away as fast as possible. So you see there if you have time I guess. Some people are in a hurry to get to work -- to get away from more a -- you know your forecast. Look for a mixture of clouds and sunshine today -- nice spring feeling today a bit on the warm and humid side -- is very close to eighty degrees which look at 10% chance for a stray shower or some sprinkles tonight we dropped into the low to middle sixties for overnight lows tomorrow highs around 81. Very similar to today with clouds and sunshine 10% chance for rain. Friday a 50% chance showers and a few thunderstorms could linger into Saturday and Sunday as well from the Eyewitness News forecast center. I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- Or pads are all -- to this no ran until the weekend saying there. Partly cloudy at the airport in -- 68 degrees cloudy and 66 downtown and in -- we have some fog around the area the worst of it along the coast visibility -- -- on port pollution down to a quarter of -- O'Brien has gone gone Champ Bailey may be a -- and so much more going on in the world of sports for all that in more we say good morning it. Happy home. -- -- gala housing go invade a flat net today it's a good thing -- indeed good morning everyone a lock for the -- football hall of -- over the saints. As cornerback Champ Bailey is still on the free agent market. With the black and gold seriously consider signing the 35 year old -- in fifteen seasons has tallied 52 interceptions. While -- -- -- -- reporter Kristian garic. Don't bring players -- just to have coffee dinner they bring players it would there's an interest of both sides up potentially work it out a deal just with state. The debris have been that you don't forget about it I. Bailey was plagued by a foot injury last season but is said to be fully recovered. The saints every signed linebacker Parys Haralson to a one year deal he was acquired in the trade to forty notre shortly before the start of last season. He notched three and a half sacks with thirty tackles in sixteen games for the saints. DeSean Jackson has a new home and most still -- NFC east after inking a three year deal with the Washington Redskins. Jackson's career highs with 82 catches for 1332. Yards last season for the NFC east champion Eagles. But Philadelphia cut him amid reports of all the field concerns. Former saints offensive tackle Charles Brown has -- in the New York Giants. Brown was benched last season in favor of Iran arms that for the saints after a rough outing against rams defensive end Robert Quinn. Patriots are hosting a visit from free agent defensive end will submit he tore his ACL this past training camp and missed all of last season for the saints. You well -- yet demolished too late sixteen nothing on the diamond the raging cajun tied a season high with 22 hits. And improved to 27 and three on the year. And it will be SMU taking on Minnesota in the and I -- title game tomorrow. The mustangs rallied to beat Clinton 65 to 59 in the golden gophers needed overtime but 16764. Over Florida State. Today for a sports talk LSU football coach -- miles or you most anxious to learn about from the tigers' spring game on Saturday. At six LSU baseball post big -- state and -- eight you have a choice baseball continues on 870 AM. Or you can hear the pelicans vs the Denver Nuggets 1053 WWL left them I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning its -- Tony forward they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio coming up in 25 minutes allowing it to back -- here with more sports you -- ask you if you were the general manager of the saints or any other team. Would you -- Champ Bailey to a deal on itself would have BA one year deal a longer term beyond what's -- worth -- -- The guy who's 35 years old which in NFL term uses. Pretty elderly. And a lot and you did see a severe drug he had he had his worst your last season but was suffering from an injury merits of we'll talk about that point -- -- -- to -- -- must work right now Johnny O'Bryant. Leaving the O'Bryant I'm leaving the LSU tiger basketball team. The tiger showed flashes of greatness this season they beat some very good teams. Mostly at home but they even had some. Successor -- success on the road it looked like maybe there are put them together how big blows. Are huge blow for the team because he was always seem to be good for a double double -- -- kind of surprised. A bit heavy wasn't coming back for his senior season just because. He's projected may be to be a first rounder. Possibly -- second -- but. Even might not go drafted at all so different drafts predict doors haven't -- gone for a traffic and are not even being drafted right so I figured why not come back try to do. Something that the tigers haven't been a long time help them get back to the to the NCAA tournament and also booster draft stock in the process but those will be in good shape next year but definitely it it'll hurt the tigers a day. And then never out solution leading scorer you're right thank you Steve will lose -- but you -- back and appointments -- WWL. Pull it back in -- can't you -- -- like great people are passionate about whether they pull it to a target mr. back into a parking place we'll talk about that we got you weather coming up -- -- -- It people are why. Nobody knew that that's both coming up via debit. Let's get your forecast feeling very spring like today high tenth close to eighty degrees about 79 this afternoon. A mixture of clouds and sunshine overhead and a -- 10% chance for a stray shower or a few sprinkles. Tonight will be in the sixties and then tomorrow we'll do it over again feeling a little bit more humid with highs around eighty point again at 10% chance for rain. The weekend is looking like we could have showers and storms around. Friday a 50% chance and the rain chance does linger into Saturday and then especially Sunday with a 60% chance for showers by Sunday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird cloudy and. 66 both downtown and in Slidell fought most of -- along the coast. And I coming up what is wrong with people on some great text messages -- -- a lot of last in the question people let her back yeah. We'll find out your replies are all -- outfitted. Hack coming after WW well. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the air edition of WWL prisoners on the second of April 2014. Hair it's hump day you know why did a -- Everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the blood pumped -- ever actually learned the legitimate -- you don't know why -- news side. It just bounced around yeah it was a lot of movement was Wilder's views. If you're driving please kidnap allow it to distract you from your primary role of could be driving. That would be better. -- am happy -- really the second day of April marching into spring gas. Oh my god outfitted. I don't know I was a -- you created I know. You can use writers don't know what people I didn't know it was coming yeah -- surprise. Every news release in mine and it's. And from the LSU police department. I'm going to read it. General announced arrest by Ellis -- police for video voice. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One suspect has been arrested after an investigation in which two individuals were video recorded during sexual intercourse. And the recording was posted on social media. OK so. Pausing from my reading -- Interpreting two people are doing it -- -- out videos that puts it on the -- continuing with permission well. On goes the story. On March 28 2014. -- so watch with -- age eighteen was arrested for video borders and was booked into east spent parish prison. March 27 2014 the victim reported LSU police that on March 23 he and his girlfriend. Had engaged in consensual sexual encounter while in the bathroom of the suite where he resided in Kirby Smith hall. The victim was later informed that. Still pictures of him naked during encounter have been posted on social media website and had been posted by maker. The victim advised investigators that he had spoken to baker at the patriots and baker added to the victim that he had a second suspect. He and a second suspect had video the encounter and unmarked when he 2014 -- -- police investigators located question baker about the incident during this time baker admitted to having recorded. The encounter and posting to social media now -- -- The investigation is still ongoing in a second arrest is expected now they've since it's another new Israelis and they've made a second arrest. So. One guy brings his girlfriend of the norm Parker doing it in the -- now. Two other guys. Pull out the video recorder presumably -- I don't. And they record it. And if that's not bad enough they decide after they've got video. Of this guy. Having sent to the outlets put it up they decide to put pictures of it I believe it was an answer these. How pretty huge yeah. Why would he do that yeah. At a -- measured human and friend now is to have been arrested and -- video -- -- -- legally. It is still legal to record people without their knowledge period. Especially if they're on clothes and engaged in that case they sent. One senses during sexual our resident as a consensual sexual encounter Yasser sexual encounter consensual sexual and yes they got to give the consensual part of their. -- I did something fine. That's just one more time ago -- plan. Full moon night. I had a pretty huge and. -- -- back again you and I both generally Paul and but I've been finding people who back in a passionate about their backing it. When they arrive in a parking spot they always want to back in. One -- people back in plan ahead they like to get hard work over first. There and here's an ounce of gold -- -- delay -- million dollar put it off. -- -- -- And I says it's not just easy to get out when you back and but he -- a car problem or if somebody has. Has deport you loud it's easier to get to also easier he needed if you left lights out of them -- they need to topic are. Your batteries right there I get that a game and announced -- SEC -- president understandably what difference doesn't make. You to save time in the morning when you backing up when you when you -- -- and and you take a little longer back out war you -- -- an afternoon when you leave by backing in because a whole lot to write -- others more to this than just yet quick get away another person says when the hits the fan you'll be glad you back then. Okay so don't worry about that generally when arriving at work I may have that. Quickly leave. And I guess if you know there's a problem fired and that this storm out of the building out. A prison back again and don't like it caught in traffic and yes it does make a difference OK I get that when you leave it's faster but it takes longer when you and you don't lay people who are trying to get to work also when you back into the takes on the other people tell -- added that Elvis. Most oil companies. Have back in parking all. They require a year that people back in so they can leave more quickly in the event of an impact on the you go so there are some things. -- itself. I'll -- some more text messages as the morning continues but very interesting debate I've noticed in our parking garage about half the people Poland about half the people back and it's pretty evenly. -- I'm gave no one it like -- -- -- when he -- more birthdays Chris Miller joins us. Talking more about this proposed law to allow people with concealed weapons handgun permits to carry their guns into restaurants that they're now -- Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and as they get according to mr. meteorologist Alexandra cry confirmed. A light Alan how are you a fantastic day. -- day making our way to the work week this beautiful weather this week. I have to pass that we can and particularly pretty it was perfect and continued yesterday it was fantastic. Monday it was a nice day yeah they looks good -- yet it -- it's fine especially if you don't mind it's a little bit on the warmer cited as some people thought the weekend with a little silly that you out of with a little silly. I mean nice and mild today highs close to eighty degrees. Out breezy out there and a mixture of sun and clouds overhead -- writes -- today just a little bit warmer than yesterday otherwise the same -- about -- Smart just about the same thing I added about two degrees -- -- Mars or capsule to the kind of slowly warming up with these southerly winds it's more about 81. Breezy a few more clouds. And overall. A fairly nice spring day. All right there you go folks if you like the weather last few days you get a for the next few days -- and things change yes then things saints and then we get this Bryant and unfortunately it's not one of those nice fronts that -- manic panic -- down again. It will cool us down but mainly with the rain so we are looking at 50% chance for rain on Friday. 40%. On Saturday and then Sunday we could see a few more rounds of some slightly heavier showers -- still. OK so Friday Saturday about even shot at rain Sunday looks like the -- of the day. Yet it probably will be so at the and I you know an entirely wet weekend or anything like apple we will have the rain I think on the radar pretty much from Friday. Maybe even through Monday before it completely thrown out here. And I enjoy it while last -- is doing his comment Friday Saturday and Sunday we don't like the timing of it but I'm gonna enjoy the weather we have for now we have the opportunity. -- the headline in this story is tree -- hospitalized with chainsaw in neck. Oh my goodness I'm looking at an extra right now which I'm posting to my page at WWL dot com. And it clearly shows this guy who was up at a tree in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Was cut -- When somehow change targets away from him the change comes off and it gets embedded in his stats. And that's aids on the X ray you can see the tip of the James does just below his sand. And the rest of it is parallel with his stern -- laying on top of his rib cage. Police say he's going to be just fine. Miraculously. After he was struck in the neck by the -- -- another worker helped him down they. Were able to limit the bleeding and get him to the emergency room where he underwent surgery at Allegheny general hospital. And doctors say the some missed all major arteries. And only cut into muscle. Lap. Of 21 year old is expected to be just fine a few stitches. -- -- -- at 10 o'clock. Apparently going to return to tree trimming. And now why I gotta go -- go to WW that coming click on mine now my page and you'll see the extra day. And it's scary you know to decline -- treatment you received the camera that they're just so far up their my mom always it's really -- -- -- their. Yes it was it was 62 with a bucket truck that's actually strapped on climbed the tree and then I saw enough lives as they move their way down the I mean does guy you know their what they do is. Amazing I love to climb trees is a tidbit yeah I wouldn't get up to the very top of the tree like these guys that haven't -- -- Right in your chest in your neck and well -- united. This guy had a guardian Angel yeah doubt about it how he didn't just cut off his hand when it comes extra you'll be amazed me so you honey -- a tree -- in your spare time. I know I used to like to climb trees down but what they do is secret ballot recent up there -- and -- scamper around there on one land they're on another land. I really think that's pretty. At other tabs I'm glad somebody else's willing to do it again I'm not climbing a tree with the -- -- an -- Thank you very much Alexandra. The great that with elected mark Alexander grant from -- -- that these forecasts. When and with that amazing actor -- FaceBook page as well. FaceBook dot com slash that would WL radio expected. Again live it is just amazing I'm Dave -- we've been debating all our. And it's very interesting how passionate people about this you pull it back. -- question has elicited severe response from people. Because. I've noticed in our parking garage here for a long time market about a half the people back in about half the people pulling. And some people are really committed to one or the other one -- as we have no choice -- safety policy that all employees packing and where I work. Another person says. Use -- very little chance of hitting anything or anybody when you bracket that's a very little chance of hitting anything or. Anybody when you pull out. I guess that makes sense but most people it seems to be they'd pull -- if there in a hurry to get to war. They backing -- if they think they're going to be in a hurry to the war seems to be the general one thing but that's coming up next to me. And says that at SLU -- policy now allowed back -- Has no backing in law -- as a -- the law. Another president eighteenth yet the policy when parking either pull through one parking or Mac and you have to back again. Interestingly different places even have different rules about it. Sports -- right now does stuff well I thought on the world of sports we better get right to Steve Geller good morning happy updates. Happy hump day everyone twelve time Pro Bowl selection Champ Bailey. Made his first visit of free agency and it was with the saints he's coming -- the worst season of his career though and turns 36 in June. Is there any concern that the fifteen year vet may not have anything left on the tires here sideline reporter Christian. Merits regardless to -- and have a whole lot of -- What did they edit a lot of guys out there that if you don't need strategic -- better at -- bodies -- that are reports that. Daily battle a chronic foot injury last season and appeared in just six games for the Denver Broncos. The saints have brought back a player who -- -- for last August a greeting agreeing to a one year deal with linebacker Parys Haralson. He appeared in all sixteen games in 2013. And tallied thirty tackles with three and a half sacks. Washington Redskins made their biggest move of the off season yet adding three time Pro Bowl receiver. The -- Jackson less than a week. After the dynamic player play maker was released by the Philadelphia eagles' Jackson was cut amid reports of off the field concerns. But the New York Giants announced the signing a former saints offensive tackle Charles Brown. The 26 year old started to two games in New Orleans after being drafted in the second round back in 2010. Free agent defensive end Will Smith visited with the New England Patriots. He turns 33 this summer and missed all of last season after tearing his ACL during training camp. Smith has 767. And half sacks in nine seasons with the saints. The raging cajun rolled over the green wave sixteen to nothing. You will laugh yet roughed up -- pitching for 22 hits while improving to 27 and two on the year. And LSU post player Johnny O'Bryant the third says he will bypass his senior season and make himself eligible for the NBA draft. O'Brien and led the tigers in scoring this season. Averaging a career high fifteen points. The go along with eight rebounds per contest. That -- on sports talk LSU football coach less miles or most anxious to learn about from the tigers' spring game on Saturday. At six LSU baseball -- -- these day. Then at eight you have a choice baseball continues on 87 the AM or -- the pelicans vs the Denver Nuggets a 1053. WWL let them. Steve Geller WW else. Wars you know I congratulate you you are now the general manager of the New Orleans Saints -- make you promised but for the next. At least thirty seconds Steve Geller is taking your job -- Champ Bailey are you gonna sign them and itself for how long. If everything checks out with his physical because obviously I am concerned about a 36 year old quarterback with a foot injury but if he seems. To be completely -- which reports say they are I would inked him to a water two year deal. Somewhere around the veteran minimum or a little more than that so you think he can make a difference of the effective but the thing and this is I actually do he's got the ball hawking skills that would be a welcome addition to a team that was lacking in turn -- last season. And also a great mentor for the young guys on the defensive. Honorable and that be too big ball hawks picked up -- free -- by the new -- and things that we'll see what happens and you'll let us know as soon as the deal is done or -- in the is without a deal thank you Steve. You're leaving without a deal right now but I you come back in fifteen minutes that is. Coming up your forecast in -- -- news. Hi -- near eighty today and tomorrow with some fog rain moves in Friday Saturday and Sunday are we haven't solved the great debate but it's been a good ones you pull -- you pull it. Or back yet. People about split. I'm surprised a lot of people told us their company requires they back in case they have to leave in a hurry -- -- refinery at a place like that but other people a -- that's value you get a ticket if you back in. And the United States Postal Service has a no backing in policy in their parking garage so. Some companies require -- and some require you back again. Another one other persons as always Paula it. Have a great come down.

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