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4-2 6:10am Scoot, anger in society

Apr 2, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about why people are so quick to anger and rage

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David good morning I've I went out -- coffee in Metairie yesterday. And I I saw something of a that was really cool day they had this it -- cafe they had a wedding cake. Dentist and he could get a I mean I love the taste of wedding cake aria but you have to go to a wedding. -- to get wedding cake most of the time so -- -- and are you get a slice so and I thought it was great that you could taste wedding cake without somebody having to sacrifice their lives destroyed. -- -- It's nice you know we'll we'll talk about this this morning I read an article the other day about. On TV and whether or not TV presents a realistic view of being single that shows like the bachelor two broke girls sex in the city and -- in the past it was -- Andy Griffith show with a rifleman Mary Tyler Moore. Does TV and reflect a realistic view of of being single and -- question this morning is going to be would you rather be single -- married while. Just call it the way it has -- because single or married. Yeah and and and I guess that would include those who wore Ian. And a committed relationship that you're not you got married but he if you would maybe like to be married this you would respond to. A typical. I'm single at this point in my life and I dating somebody but I still have money. Single freedom to some degree and a are you on why don't you do. Marriage. A second time around you ended. And that's over who are reluctant of very. Very okay and that's not a reflection of the person I know and I know it's a reflection of my past yeah well now. I'm and I understand but there were benefits to -- being married. -- -- -- You know there were there were good times. Well the light at times -- you have good times did not being married. Yeah I guess you cannot I don't wanna be cheated or or bitter. And I know it's gonna sell that -- that this is just. This is this is neat idea and both I've been married and I kind of got experience on both sorry yeah and I did and a committed relationship and not Mary. I think it's interesting that. That they are going to be those who aren't married who we're gonna respond to our poll they'd rather be single. And those who were there are a lot of people who are single who who would really rally bred to be -- I know people who were single and they would love to be married. And there are people who go to a place like match dot com for the purpose of meeting somebody sitting get married. I think -- -- -- Older. That -- to pay off to being married. I write are again just figure one real quick example and when I broke both of my legs. And I gonna want at that time. I don't could -- pulled off. That was room paid off in the -- a thing about other things if you wage do you want -- really be a long and when yours sick and using. Well I mean that's census taker. That's a that's a reality if if something happened to me there's nobody in my part on senator. -- -- -- -- A -- to refine the recent tradition -- -- got -- da da -- cigarettes -- just -- much like submit as playable clock when I have until I. I I've got a body on him out on the West Coast who has been married or gosh may be way too many times. But at this stage of his life liberty and whatever I'm not sure that he. But he's did not there Andy's very alone. And not enjoying it at all. Know what to do while I'm having fun with you no idea although later we're gonna talk about comic -- right and I live a block away from Bourbon Street. I'm I'm alone in my apartment instead of going on and sitting home reading a -- course Alex siting towards Cyprus are clearly -- So what sort of like -- or coming up in the next hour. And I noticed a lot of confusion a lot of hysteria a lot of panic about common -- -- -- really know what it is do you really know what the goals are. We'll talk about that in the next hour becoming -- we're gonna talk about a Louisiana house building has been passed down through the house now goes to the senate that we increase the penalties. For assaulting refereeing -- Why is there even a need for a new bill that would increase the penalties for assaulting rep for -- Have we lost total respect for authority. I'm screwed if Tommy Tucker it's 614 and we'll be right back on that if you -- Would you rather be single. Or married. Something to think about if you wake up and featured day started or if you're already in your car you partied last may be dirty work. -- was your morning like would it have been better fear if you're single would've been better if you're married. If you're married would it have been better if you were single -- -- heavy W a pretty general opinion poll this morning. Would you rather be single or married give us your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com and we're gonna tractor pull through our our show today. And we'll give view on the first update coming up here in just a few minutes the least you know house passed a bill yesterday. Actually a Monday. That would increase the penalties for assaulting referees. According to a local soccer rep for the assaulting referees. Has reached. Epidemic proportions. In all sports. Now last year we talked about. You talk soccer refereed 46 years old. Who died following an attack by a seventeen year old soccer player who disagreed with the -- call. He punched him in the face. The referee went into a coma and about a week or so later dot. Now the seventy year old who has not been identified. I'm pleading guilty he's in juvenile jail now. And one of the things that judge did was ordered him to put a picture. Of the man that died following its punch. In his cell with him for his entire stay in juvenile jail. He also asked to write a letter once a week to the family of the person that ended up dying as a result of his punch. And tell how least how I tell them how he's changing his life. Now I realize that it's it's it's easy to to criticize young people for not respecting authority. But we apparently also have a problem with the adults. Not respecting authority. And attacking -- for reason a sport. I think is one of the clearest new signs. In our societies losing respect for authority. As some of this is coming from adults. Not just not just teenagers. Think about the rage. That is so close to the surface in so many people. There's road rage. Barriers rage over. Somebody not turning down loud music in the parking lot of of a convenience store. There's somebody who shoots and kills somebody in a moment of rage over an argument about texting. In a movie. I understand that that's aggravating but you don't pull out a gun in the movie theater and shoot the guy. That's ridiculous. Assaulting ref -- road rage arguments in public why do you think. As a country collectively. Why do you think we're. We're so angry. Why are you so angry why why are we also quit. Two. To get into a rage. And to get angry. This -- today is is title lack of respect for authority is on the rise. And there is a growing lack of respect for authority and it's not just young people it's also adults. Andalusia legislatures addressing this like considering a bill that would increase the penalties for assaulting. Sports refereeing it's. And again I think it says an awful lot about how even adults. Don't respect. Authority. And that is setting a bad example. For kids. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we talk about this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a text number is -- cities have. It's 6 warning on Wednesday morning on scoot -- for Tommy Tucker and -- to -- them. Update your problems it's a Wednesday morning it's a great time this year it's gonna be another beautiful day today. But -- a lot of people ranked. Frankly they don't even realize they're angry they don't really understand how quick to the surface their rage and anger are really York. So what do you think people so angry. I studio for Tom Tucker. The -- blog this morning lack of respect for authorities on the rise and this is why the Louisiana legislature is considering a bill that would increase penalties for. Assaulting sports refereed and that's that's something that just kids do. That's something that adults are doing. As well. If you wanna -- Russia would come in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- accepting. In a text -- receipts have used every. We'll talk about it being single or being married and and whether or not television that the trees that in a fairway coming up later in the show but here's -- -- -- party general opinion poll this morning. Would you rather be single. Or married it's close 44% would rather be single and 56% would rather be merry. And I wonder if the 44% who say they'd rather be single for the ones who are married. And a 56% who say they would rather be married if they're the ones who were singled out for -- chuck -- on WW real good morning. I'm good. At that wanna preference on the side with the fact that I'm not going that are religious person. According to consider myself anywhere near being a whole person whatsoever it. -- bit rattled just observe and it. I think it comes down to the lack of respect. Lack though. Anger that we. Globalization of the people in their feelings what. The trouble lack of fear of god. On the little. Static in new oracle but I think that you know you look look at look at Austria and the Bible has. You know metaphorical meaning to a lot of ways it. Bottom and the more. In. No laws. He didn't approve of the Roman empire is essentially saying that. We. Respect for what created in the beginning. Mean obviously we -- great treat wooden -- and function period while this balloon was loose -- -- -- that. And lack of -- For what brought here. And that's when all -- And Kyra I guess -- -- in what you're saying god is the ultimate authority and if if we are not as individuals if we are not. Beholden to that higher power now there are people look at the the idea that atheist because they don't believe in god because they're godless. The idea that atheists are causing trouble that that's that's ridiculous to -- -- do not go out and and murder people more religious people and murder people then then atheist. On but this idea of being accountable to a higher authority which is somebody who sees you. All the time I think is a very very healthy thing I think this is one of the main roles that religion plays in our lives. And I'm not necessarily in you know adhere to the area of god then. You know other trinity and -- buy the property of all of them. But despite higher followed even at the a -- -- Or a a -- -- Electronic whatever whatever went away. Or or people who are people who are weakens. The believes in it in act I guess the whole idea of harm the idea of taking care of the planet and taking care of each other. Absolutely I think that's probably more where I. We do it that. If you options abound that thing probably let it upset the balance of saying would he break. You know the short bull of a truck. Order if you if you if you do those things and I think what you. Start lacking respect you start not being portable pool the community start breaking down and we lose. For each other and respect for each other. We become -- would become ugly would become angry. We take on a very we don't look from the we don't want to hear so. No I don't -- Chuck I enjoyed our conversation on the political -- have a good day operable to -- bury your under the WL. Yes -- this one and it I disagree with the premise that we would -- -- -- angry note -- would -- America. Ultimately that does it's it's it's outrageous. Look -- you look at the cauldron of people. Gold Lebow and only one -- two tickets as they do it during both sacred thing. My typical Rambo look on the on the on the -- we -- been in regular shot in the book in the battle. -- -- Militant group that would go to Google ebooks and took on the role that you -- a little bit about the album compiled -- in Oakland on the cart that it. Only up two examples Obama. He did not look so stupid if you -- the ministry patent number you see every day but it's only up in the announce that we just about it. -- did something really stupid and make of that and taking hold out it would what went in number it's possible significantly small compared met people. To speak out to. I'm very I don't disagree with that and I'm going to college -- have a good day. That the percentages are small but there seems to be an increase. -- and I've I've Daschle lot of legislative. Move is a tickets it's it's senseless legislation. I don't have a problem with increasing the penalties for assaulting -- periphery. And whether it's a child or an adult assaulting a -- three. This is. This isn't a figure of authority. And I think this just continues to show how there is an increase of a lack of respect for authority. And and I agree that the the people who are involved in broad range. Relate in relation to the numbers of people on the road that's a small percentage. But it seems to be increasing. And there are so many people in jail right now who never thought they would be in jail but they lost it. For one moment. The guy who shot into the car teenagers over loud music the guy who shot and killed somebody over texting and a movie theater. People are angry. An average citizens. Are angrier than they once for. So why do you think people so angry. If you and -- join us this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- -- -- activities having -- good to have more -- more of your calls when we come back. It's 631 times cute -- -- Tommy Tucker and here's a -- and he will -- a -- Phillies David when you were young and school that you play sports yeah in -- you play basketball. And I know it's hard to believe but I actually played football. And as -- I was really only good track -- play football until the eighth grade and everybody get bigger than me he. But I hit a mansion. I can't imagine then. Getting violent with our refereed in a sporting event because I disagreed with the call arm. And any new -- last summer there was a case where seventeen year old a punch an official 46 year old guy. And he went to a coma and about a week later he died in that it is in in juvenile jail because he disagree with a call -- in a soccer game. Yeah and we've had numerous incidents in this state. Of parents. Spectators. Screaming yelling getting in people's faces -- make shoving you know it's. I don't know -- say about it. Well to me this is really just indication that we do have a problem with anger and and it's it's it's getting -- and I guess the question is why are people so angry. The -- blog today is about this this deal before Louisiana legislature considering an increased the penalties for assaulting sports refereed. Its title lack of respect for authority is on the -- you can read it and share and give us your comments if you like. It's at WW -- like Thomas also on our FaceBook page. It Debbie appeal radio you can enjoy that conversation and be part of that no. I give you some updates on that come again you used Mary -- about -- well I favor the bill but I'd I don't know that it's gonna make any change I don't know the just passing a law is gonna cause people to stop and think wider sewing pre. And I do like this text that says. That. Scoot to you are so right. I find myself sometimes getting. I'm very upset going off on people are stupid reasons not sure what it is but two people including myself need to stop and enjoy life. I wish I knew the answer. Anderson we also says say it shouldn't be abouts the refereed assaulting anyone is a crime because you're -- apart you're not exempt. We should not need to specific law. And -- I I agree with that I don't oppose it I understand that I don't and I don't know that this law is gonna guarantee that people are gonna suddenly take notice in and put their anger in check and I think the bigger question is. Why are people so angry whether it's road -- or. Are getting angry and official over a call and just getting Manning did just somebody on the street or somebody. About anger -- -- politics today yes and they can't control. That's I think the key point that you get angry all you want. But he if you keep it in check what are you can't keep it in -- Then these kind of things happen. Why do you think it was so angry. Why do you find yourself getting very angry over something that it if you put it in perspective of this the whole world or your life it's really a very minor things. If you gonna join -- -- with your comment this morning our numbers 260187. -- -- 86688. -- nearly seventy protects them to seat 77. It's 642 appearance schedule in this Wednesday morning. I'm -- if Tommy Tucker and we'll be back. But every WL. What is common core a lot of panic a lot of -- hysteria about common core. Yeah it's been adopted by the state of Louisiana and a lot of people are freaking out. A lot of people are freaking out and they really don't even know what it is so they have a total misconception of what common common glorious and a lot of that. Is the result of hate in social media. So. We'll try to set the record straight on the basics of common core. So you at least have an understanding while the legislature discusses this today and tomorrow we'll do that in the next hour. I'm scoot -- for Tommy Tucker we're talking about lack of respect for authority and and why why are people so angry at your calls and -- just a moment here's a text that reads. I filled with anger because we have a Kenyan Communist president who was a compulsive like. Is a lot that's wrong with that statement disagree with President Obama if you want to. But you can't prove that -- canyon and I think it's really interesting that the Obama haters have ripped up the rhetoric. Because he used to be that he's a socialist. Any -- and and I I guess he was reelected and being a socialist was scary enough so now they've ramped up to being a Communist. And I would be. I would be willing to bet that many people who call -- a Communist don't even really understand. What it means he is a text that -- I think the big problem with -- injuries we don't have enough time to relax. And we're always constantly working. Costs from a great -- a year and a VW well. -- -- -- You know -- EP. Green. And it. -- Don't know yet. -- -- -- It out to conduct. You -- the -- and -- At eight. AA. And the world and we actually. Paying each and it. -- it. Would go at each. School. -- -- Import it. Eighteen year. Ago. He hit it. In. It. Think it. Ended the year and the European. -- anger angry in. The should be calm people were -- Yet. To me. It was more. Well I think about how many people -- in jail because of that one moment where they lost they lost their cool and they acted on their rage. Well in the end -- be at the -- you know. And it all carry it in -- land where you can't try anymore. When Devin Harris and that's true you can and you could trust yourself hopefully and -- -- -- Glazer of more at peace today employs fewer Kohler show -- share that with us. If you're on -- -- -- Why do you think people so angry today. Why is just so much reached why is it increasing. -- -- join us on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866890. Recently -- is -- 77. I hear is a text that reads. I'm angry because we live in a politically correct society. And have to tiptoe around people's feelings instead of speaking. The truth. Another tech three's experts will tell you anger and depression. Are related. Kids only see anger from parents. And it is repeated or vehicles more of your text or next I'm astute in the morning for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back -- here's a W. Traffic update Carol Roberts which -- read every single month or hardware that's at WW a pretty Jack looked painful this morning and scooted -- -- -- 38% would rather be single 62% would rather being married give us your opinion like going to WW real dot com. Got a really great Texan a born again -- of doubts -- -- people are so angry but first let's go to John in New Orleans -- your WW well good morning. -- who you don't you know. I think one of the biggest mistakes we made. We don't understand exactly. What anger is a lot of people say. I am angry book you did you did. And the truth is that he's studied psychology and at the line -- Myself. -- a VA hospital and be committed look well. I experienced extreme angry anger. The death of my daughter or angry at her mom it was an accident. Long story short that go to the doctor and get my mind right and one thing dollar from -- and a psychiatrist looked at. No one can make -- and just one can mention. 02 men walk and that at Y one why thank you. John I think we got to I think we got cut off so I'm just sometimes it happens with that cellphones are gonna ask you to call us back to weaken their finish our conversation. But John is absolutely right. If somebody makes you -- You allowed them to make you -- Here's a -- reach -- is the manifestation of fear. Our collective fear is rooted in our loss. Of control of our destiny. Have we really lost control of our lives that we've really lost control of our destiny. Or is that our perception. Three people were never ever able to control their destiny because we're we're living creatures. And and life happens and good things happen and bad things happen and that's been since the beginning of time. So we we. We'd never really control our destiny. But here we go on to the point where now we think we should be able to control our destiny because we control so many other things in our lives that we expect to control everything. And when we can't control -- that we've become very frustrated. This conversation started because of Louisiana legislature today. Is. Talking about a the deal. That would increase the penalties for assaulting sports refereeing it's. And to me this leads to a lack of respect for authority which also gets into the hole. Idea of a rage and anger discuss blog is about lack of respect for authority is on the rise it's on our website at WWL dot com also on our FaceBook page. If you're -- stay with us we'll talk about common core yet you can meeting here this in the next hour. On W zero.

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