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4-2 7:10am Scoot, Common Core

Apr 2, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about Common Core

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I David here's an update on -- WO pretty general opinion polls this morning which you rather be single or married. 39% say they'd rather be single and 61% say they'd rather be -- are right now of the 39%. Might be the married ones who would rather be single to 60% maybe the single ones who'd rather be -- I could go about why I'm very I mentioned earlier -- -- I'm very happy with with my life I'm dating somebody and I'm very happy with with my life that. And I mention it's June last night it and it's a beautiful Tuesday night in them looking down. And the beginning of urban street a block from my apartment and I'm Maria I'm I'm home stuck reading about common core because we're gonna talk about that this -- but I still enjoy being sick that you talked about how. Your -- fully health chew through your recent injuries -- I mean I hope she helped you with more than just that because she might have been listening this morning though -- was at a solemn good for is to help you and your help we're going to get hurt that's on non issues damaged -- mr. -- An absolute joy to have around and that's led me to think about you know being a long -- had been alone. You know if you don't ask nurse come -- once today but I mean you know it's it was a pass on what she's wearing yeah. That. Got those Halloween costumes that are four and I companionship. I understand all of that in and I mean I don't have a pet and got a couple of plants. But I don't really feel alone until you know you may -- think about how alone I am last -- -- like I doubt you brought up you know you're alone it's only gonna happen in the nobody's nobody's there I mean it was still pretty good about my life until I -- -- -- -- -- I got to holiest. From that you -- you know this thing is ideas I think some people do better alone than others and they're just fine. -- unaudited. Like what you're saying you war. -- now know why I. I'm so excited about having to defrost the Turkey every Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with the Turkey you know you take -- out of the refrigerator. A elated to -- a little bit to put it back in. You know you feel that it is. That Turkey and out you know so I guess I developed somewhat of a relationship with the Turkey though aren't prepared if it isn't the bonding issue. David here's a Texas says yeah we're talking about anger. Explain why -- annoys the hell out of me no control issues there are no fear when you want to -- -- -- felony yeah. And Michigan as a couple of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier -- Joseph was Carla Jo-Jo had the unfortunate. An unfortunate. Thing of dealing with the death of a daughter and was very angry and into the afternoon. VA hospital where his anger and and Joseph you're saying and I've got to get to break here -- -- you finish you were saying that -- the psychiatrist soldier and I totally agree with is that it. If somebody make you angry you really allowed him to make you angry. -- really I'm really angry at. All John sorry -- wait a minute minute wait wait wait. On the anchors read because now angry at Jordan because he put it happier. And you know angry. At. Certain people. -- -- just continues. -- That you heard -- say -- you know -- and walk and wrote -- so why don't get angry. It gently bit -- -- or whatever that played these quote the other -- that thank you baby that was so sweet would it be numbering in the rules. That policy angered them as it was something that was born on which. Why -- got. -- -- -- making power and not that it would. -- And side of this world cannot. Make up and make a happy cattle. And anyway what effect is what it. And I know we -- -- and that is what bowling ball and and. What -- and making you angry. You all here are these spot. You given our work to do things it's making you were. Your place responsibility. On come to make you -- and that potential you'd like. If you if you call. And all our. Figured that somebody else. Are you able to control your emotions like one that was good lies where if you. Yeah John you're absolutely right I've got to get to a break I'm glad you said that because he's making a lot of people realize that other people don't make him angry. They allow other people to make him angry and -- John sorry that you lost your daughter. Tells what you -- -- OK here's a -- raise my wife gets me angry every day I'm studio for Tony Tucker will be right back going to be WL. It's 7:19 on this Wednesday morning guys who came forward Tommy Tucker why are people so angry and why has -- becoming more common. How we'll talk about that in a little bit later in the show also various planned now and and more talk about it. Revitalizing what used to be jazz land but -- Six Flags sent out in New Orleans east and it it kind of makes me think about how new worlds he's used to be such a thriving area. And could be again. Do you think it's worth developing a big amusement park a big complex in New Orleans east. And what do you remember about New Orleans -- we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour also what do you like about being single. What do you like about being married we'll continue that conversation this -- blog this morning -- title lack of respect for authority is on the rise it's on our website at WW dot com. And also on our FaceBook page is part of a conversational get some of those comments in just a bit. The words common Cold War. Cause instant reaction in many people. And the reaction quite often as instantly negative. Common core is something that is criticized but a lot of people who criticize it don't really understand what idiots. Seoul will try to explain the basics of common core. And then ask you are you still afraid of comic -- Now much of the fear. It is manifested from talking about comic core accounts from social media. -- comes from people who had eight totally. Misconceived idea about what common Koreans. And there are liberals and conservatives who don't like comic war. But isn't really a bad thing it's an education initiative. We'll talk about that when we come back. It 7 Tony Wednesday morning I'm scoops in the morning for Tommy Tucker here's another -- you will try to create turnovers. And you know -- -- so many stories in the news -- in any -- -- -- feature please it's. Here's an update on our -- if you look pretty -- -- -- poll would you rather be single or married 38% would rather be single 62%. Would rather be married give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. I'm skewed in four Tommy Tucker. So today and tomorrow the Louisiana legislature will head into a political controversy of common core. And what they're gonna do about comic or in our state. What's interesting is that there are so many people with a definite opinion about common core. And what it will do to our schools and our students. United a newly released poll shows that 49% of the people of Louisiana don't even know anything about it or very little about it at the most. Common course been adopted by 44 of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Was adopted in Louisiana in 2010. Now -- implementation started many parents complained about the new curriculum. It was coming for the government. It was different they thought it was misguided they didn't understand it on many could no -- agreement help their kids with their homework so they became very frustrated. What is common Cold War. Now I realize that many -- not to listen to any of this with an open mind and you have a preconceived idea of what comic corneas and it's wrong. It may be accurate and you may not like it. But there are a lot of people who have an idea about it but they don't really know what it is. It's an education initiative. It is designed to set standards nationally. In math and English at every grade level. To better prepare students for entering second year a two year and four year colleges and to better prepare them to succeed in the workplace. So popular that the controversy. Common core is not. A curriculum. It is not a curriculum. It only sets standards to be reached. It's up to each state and each school district to come up with a curriculum. It gets the students to the certain standards. When they finish each grade. So how can that be controversy. The status of comic -- were established over years this of the grew out of a movement in education started in the 1990s. In 2009 the national govern owners association. That included some Republican governors. Got educators to work on new standards. The goal in meeting these new standards was to provide a consistent clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. So teachers and parents know what they need to do to help him. So what's wrong with that. It's common core racist standards. Then AMP students. Might be making seats. Or even lower. So should the higher standards be lowered so the students continue to make good grades or should the students be required to reach certain standards. What do you know about what are you like about what you don't like about what are you afraid about when it comes to common core. -- join our conversation this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- early seventy. And a text -- 87870. The standards of common core do not. Tell teachers what to teach. Teachers and local school districts have the freedom to figure out how to teach the students what they need to know to reach the higher standards. Again common core is not a curriculum. It's set standards. That if you don't meet these standards been you don't move on to the next great. And there are parents who are frustrated because. They're students who were making a.s and b.s might be making sees a lower. But why is why is that something to be concerned about. We should increase our standards -- meaning you do you know that the United States and English math and science. Does not do well compared to the world what we're not close to the top when it comes to students who perform. And how often do we hear studies about. About. Seniors getting out of -- of of high school and they have like a fourth grade reading level. So why should we increase the standards what is at that scares you about comic -- Common core is also not a federal program and the federal government was not and will not be involved in developing common course it's a state. Issue. The federal government will not take over the initiative -- court will be led by the State's. Sole. What is it about common core. That bothers you. We're talking about raising standards. We're not talking about a curriculum we're talking about. Fighting a curriculum that brings the students up to a certain level. And if you have kids in school. -- was -- -- affected you. If you wanna join us with your thoughts this morning are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Here which Semitic at a text number estates have -- It's 730 I'm scoot -- for Tommy Tucker here's a WWL news updates take place here's a quick update on our -- W well pretty -- opinion poll. A so -- -- talking and -- talk more about this later in the show would you rather be single or married 40%. Would rather be single and 60% would rather be married. It was your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com we're talking about common core it's not a curriculum. It's. Standards that need to be reached any state any school district just come up with a curriculum but gets the students to certain levels. I don't have a problem with -- any of that but here's a Texas said what concerns me is that our kids will spend all their time studying for aptitude test and no time enjoying. In a time exploring the joy of learning. It's my understanding that. There is a different approach to learning and and some people like it but issued no there will always be people who don't like change. I don't think there's anything perfect about anything. But is it wrong to set standards which is what's common core guys. Out we'll get to abort your text here in just a moment LJ -- on WW on good morning. -- yeah I'm good. And keep talking about common court yeah. Talk about race and it looked. At one point five GPA. And you have to score on either math or English to progress to the next level. -- -- -- standards while they raised. Well. And again I this is not better deal with every every. Problem that we need to fix our school system and I think we can all agree. In America in general and and of course there are really great exception everywhere. But in America in general. They are not enough seniors who were really prepared for a two year or four year college. And there are a lot of seniors who were really not prepared to enter the workplace because of the lack of of math and English skills would would you -- -- Prepared because there while some -- -- next great level. Without Astrid got the -- What exactly -- so. So if there are standards that you either meet the standards or you don't move on is that a good thing. -- -- -- -- I mean how is it how is it that high school seniors and I remember report that came out last year. And I I think it was a fourth grade reading level how is it that people are graduating from high school with a fourth grade reading level how is that even possible. It reached a certain age to social promotion is -- yes and mature so why are lawmakers looking back in a that. There will -- social promotion. Speaking to say. Either optional material you don't -- out there to talk about it Norway. Education system that. Detached and. So I I think this is a part of the whole the whole goal. Somebody may not agree with trying to get there but getting there is is important I totally agree with you about social promotion. Now this means that they're they're going to be kids who -- gonna be too old to be in the grade -- and if they don't if they don't pass. But if they don't they don't shoot if they don't pass you can't promote them. Well -- A couple of it would it would have common core would. But if you if you order a promotion. Is what you get. Our schools so that's the supply you can graduate care read. You know I LJ I agree logical we -- -- right -- I don't think we should look for excuses to promote somebody and yet if this is there a great discussion about social promotion. No you don't promote somebody to the next grade unless. They make the grade. And common core at least attempts to establish standards that if you don't meet the standards. You know go on to the next great if you and -- join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890878. Protection over the states have creativity I student Tommy Tucker will be right back into the WL. There's talk about doing something with the abandoned Six Flags amusement park he used to be transplant. There's talk of building a big complex with the resort hotel and revitalizing the amusement park is this a good idea. And when I think about this site I think about how health thriving new worlds he used to be. Mean I remember going out to the -- -- live in -- and we go to the plaza to the ice skating ring -- we've go to the plaza is it to a movie. Not just in on with the go to knew we would go to new worlds he's he was actually a destination. Do you have any memories of new world Cecil talk about that among other things in the next hour this blog this morning is titled lack of respect for authority is on the rise. You'll either agree or disagree it's on our website at WW dot com and also deals with a whole region anger issue. It seems to be on the rise in America we're talking about common core -- very controversial and yet a new. Poll shows that 49%. Of the people Louisiana. Don't understand it at all. Or have very little understanding of it and yet everybody seems to have a very strong opinion. Here is and here's a text. I'm gonna get too -- these -- are coming so fast it's hard to keep up with a but I thought this was interesting. This text reads. They socially promote because -- kids fail. They would get discouraged. And drop out. The drop out rate will greatly increased. They won't at least the kids to have a high school diploma. To get some kind of -- getting a job. What is wrong with that text. If you promote kids. Because you want them to get a diploma. Now because they've. Achieved to work. Then the diploma is absolutely worthless. A Patrick here under the WL. Well comment about teaching children to lower the first thing children not only have to learn how to war. And I think there should be teaching children learn a lot going on in their bodies and brain hormones and such. A lot of things better pro -- You know in the classroom and more in just allow kids to learn that they don't understand in the first born. And then they learn how to learn taken into account the way that brain and body yours are working that day. You know Patrick that's probably the most fundamental issue there is teaching somebody how to learn something -- me see you could present them with the information but if they don't know how to take it in and how to interpret it and how to -- -- And how to remembrance -- and it doesn't do any good. That's exactly. -- first -- and I had the means that none in the teaching first grade it would. You know you're not -- and she would be across the. -- It -- I've heard stories like ten. Yeah and so that that kind of you know did it a stigma about going to school sports. Patrick a -- there was this and that that's K here -- learning how to learn and I think a lot of this can fall on parents. And if you have kids in school you need to be involved in their lives and you can help them. You could help them understand how to learn. And it's also important for -- it's it was -- -- and and do homework and and do the best you can't go over hole worked with and -- show some involvement. One of the reasons that kids in private schools do better is not just because the school might be better and some cases they aren't some cases they're not. But it's because the parents of private school students tend to be more involved in their kids' lives I said tend to be more involved in the case -- And maybe it's paying for the education maybe it's having the money to pay for the education that you have more resources. -- that allow you more time to pay attention but the point he has. -- if you have kids. Even if you're stressed even if you're busy you must. Take time to get involved in their school work and their school I mean that's your. That's your responsibility. As a parent to join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text number is 877. And a lot of teachers are not happy with common core. We'll get back -- more of your comments it's 751 I'm scoots in for a Tommy Tucker this weekend here's a WWL traffic. Robinson so many people have a definite opinion about common core of -- many of them don't really understand common core and much of much of the much of the V disrespect for comic or much of the opposition the company comic court. Really is inspired by propaganda on a social media I hear is attacks are getting so many texture to your calls here just a moment. And so many checks -- about this here's -- -- recent teachers don't like it because it requires more work I know I'm a teacher. But I love it. I hear is attacks I have three kids prior to common core two or a students one was a C student. Since the implementation of common core. My kids have reverse roles. Primarily because my C student. Was accustomed to having. The work hard having to work hard and study hard for a great. Where is like a -- -- have had to actually develop study skills common core encourages the child to think critically and analytically. Which are two skills needed throughout life. And I've got a text a moment ago from Sony said the dumping the politicians are involved and that's that's a misconception. Here's another text under common -- a simple math problem like seven times five is not just 35 anymore you have to prove why it equals 35. Well what's wrong with -- Financially your -- WL. I don't think I'm on our banking on or New Hampshire and it's kind of -- -- Talk about that the preparation that clinic and that you sort of in my parish wouldn't think I'll actually we're prepared for. -- -- You know it was coming three years before -- OK it was like phased in. There were classes that night for the parents. There's like parents lied. Program which can tap into on the Internet to like help you with the you know some of the aspects of common core. And when I speak to some of the parents they -- from -- -- -- or those kids go to public schools and so -- -- -- it happens and kind of preparation. Angela I'm I'm up against a news break we just -- very quickly how are you kids doing. Great. I'm pretty I appreciate you calling thanks in part if you're -- say what this will continue this conversation into the next hour a common core. You like it you hate it the understand I mean really anybody understands everything about it it's not a curriculum. It sets standards to be reached so every student has a better chance. In school. And in life in general. I'm screwed in for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back after the news that.