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4-2 8:10am Scoot, Common Core debate

Apr 2, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks about Common Core

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David when I was in school I was really afraid to fail and I was not a good students and one of the reasons I was that are good students because I just suffered so severely with obsessive compulsive disorder which. You know when I was in school nobody knew about data and so I really didn't get any help from psychiatrist -- my parents have in my parents knew something is wrong with me they just did know what it once it. Back then the psychiatrist and know what it was certainly I I was not a good student. Very Smart person but I -- -- was not -- -- -- where you say you were distracted. You know dislike fiddling with things that are well to say the least -- mean a lot of it today is stuff that goes on here injure your parade. In your hand it's so I wish I was -- it was a terrible student but I I still worked -- not failed because I was afraid to fail. And today it it seems like there have been too many years where kids have been socially promoted to the next grade where they really haven't had to perform. They reach a certain age. And they're promoted to the the second that the well the next great movement on up and if you do that then the diploma is essentially worthless by the time they get -- and we've got a high school students. I think the study said that high school students graduate with a reading aptitude of about fourth grade son Donald itself and -- that there's no excuse for that so common core is going to improve the English. And the math skills -- it's -- -- improve the standards and everybody's gonna have to meet those standards before they get promoted or before they graduate. Now I got a hold of one of the new math problems. Because a lot of this is. About it. Analysis it's abouts. It's about thinking it's not just about coming up with with the answer. The -- semi -- a few moments ago. It's not just it's seven times five equals 35 it's why is it equal 35. Although it does everything so here's here's -- a word problem that I found from comic core. We're actually in college course on a curriculum but this is something that was used to to try to get students up to that level of math. If Johnny has five. Marijuana cigarettes. And he smokes three. How many does he think he has left. Arm. From green rate -- money here on WWL good morning. You. Pretty good. I actually went to school at and your art school in plaque that -- action. -- listening BA here aren't I. Don't think you guys very much for you know available right. I think they're -- into the that it got to talk about there are common -- -- -- can tell you record and owner Robert small tech company. The ability. Individual could think critically -- -- should think critically and working. Working together. To solve a problem are going to be very important for the future -- in -- years. That we prepared the amount of talent that we -- in the ancient art are putting out. We look right now are far behind. The other piece her ears. Yeah right right on him about it live at. Instead of looking at likely -- get to kindergarten you are our neutral like for me you are in the class of 1990. And I wonder about. About you know it has urban spot or at least -- on. Getting rid of the idea of action here to remove the stigma a failure and -- looking at school in terms of guilt. With mathematics and English and all of the other course. I it's like -- -- out and out brightly lit into their discussion that there is little outline. Hey listen I'm glad we're right we're your touch back home and thanks for listening and I appreciate you bringing that up. -- there there are so many different aspects of this award him anything. That involves. Education. We'll continue this conversation about their -- who also this hour we're gonna again and again -- a respondent gonna get a break and I'll respond to. What the caller was talking about. We'll come back with more of your comments and I just got a ton of checks don't get to a few of those -- are talking this week about on this hour about New Orleans east. Do you remember when you'll -- was right. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker here's a song from the local man this is wild by royalty. And justice are pretty big hit. We'll be right back -- W out. New Orleans mighty Mississippi WWL. AM and -- 19 minutes after 8 o'clock -- Wednesday morning to say it's cloudy. We may see some sunshine later and has a chance of rain Friday Saturday and Sunday. You know we'll talk more about that tomorrow -- scooting in for -- target this week I got a text a few moments ago from somebody it's at what we need to do is think about tech training. And you know I think there is a lot to be said about it are high school system and our school system in general is based on. College preparatory work not every student is college. Is college bound and what they do in some other countries is they they take those kids in the start teaching them. A trade or they start teaching them in an area where they're going to thrive as opposed to forcing them to finish high school. In in an in strict academics. So I think there's a lot to be said for that it's something that we should consider in this country we're talking about common core it's. It is complicated it's very controversy old so many people have an opinion about it unfortunately many people who have an opinion about it. I've don't two totally understand it and I have to admit I don't totally understand it but I like the idea. Setting higher standards. Here's a -- -- I'm disappointed in you -- I usually try to see both sides of issues and be fair with opposing viewpoints. You're coming across somewhat arrogant is obviously you read a little bit about it last night a large amount of parents very animate. About this as implemented right now not everybody opposed to this gets their news in viewpoints from FaceBook well obviously that's true. But there are a lot of parents and a lot of students who do like it. And there's no reason to automatically assume that something is bad without trying to figure out what the goal list. I know there -- a lot of teachers who don't like it because they've got to get their students up to a certain level -- we had a few moments ago was just talking about. About learning I don't like the idea that it's all about passing a test. But what else muted due to determine whether or not somebody as the information. I'm I'm assuming in other countries they do testing as well. In other countries that don't have the controversy that we have when it comes to education. Most industrialized. Nations don't have the same controversy with the education. And our students we are way down the list in general. So if we get upset that there are students. That come to our country from other countries. And go to our schools. And get out of our schools and they're smarter and they take jobs away from Americans. That's a concern. And that's one reason why I know it's gonna be difficult. But is there anything wrong with raising the standards. And there are a lot of kids who were going to be behind it they're gonna have to catch up. And I I guess that those who were who were behind at this point it's not fair. But life isn't -- Shouldn't we expect. Certain. Levels to be reached at again common core is not a curriculum. It's a standard it's a set of standards in English and math. And it's up to the local school district the federal government the local school district to figure out what curriculum is needed to get them to a certain level. It's also about a critical thinking. And learning more about. Why you do it's helping as opposed to just doing it. If you and join our show this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 -- a -- summer's activity Saturday here's a Texan recent fund. I just mentioned the new meth problem if Johnny has five marijuana cigarettes and he smokes three how many does he think he has left. This text reads -- Johnny so three depending on the quality he probably thinks he has ten left. Student Tommy Tucker will be right packed with Morrissey torn anterior to. Stick to Iraq. I discovered alive again is titled us lack of respect for authority is on the rise if you ever got angry it's really about. I think this is as much about anger is it is about lack of respect for authority. It's it's about the house -- 227. -- is gonna raise the fines and the penalties for attacking a -- for re. And sporting events -- the year a student athlete to order. -- you're an adult. -- and there have been apparently an increase in cases of these. These people who are are just trying to officiating game. Getting attacked and as so -- Americans lost patience. This is a country where instant gratification is treated like a constitutional right. And that instant gratification also deals with. How we feel. I think one of the reasons that people are are so prone to road -- is that you know if -- because I -- manifest my anger right here and right now. And there are so many people in jail right now because they weren't able to control that moment of breach. And it seems to be on the increase coming up in the 9 o'clock hour will continue the discussion we had earlier in the show. Why do you think people -- so angry and you can read the blog on our web site. A -- you don't McConnell so it's on our FaceBook page. And -- WL radio more vehicles coming up Angela hill today and 1 o'clock will be on the front porch this time to go inside. The Lower Ninth Ward with the holy cross neighborhood association the controversy about what to do with a former site of holy cross school. And does and so changes there -- -- to a clock taxis and is vulture time for spammers. Don't get -- tune in to Angela today at 2 o'clock and then at 3 o'clock. Male maintenance. Yes. Some of those guys can be very high maintenance Hussein -- the only ones who care about their looks. So all of that coming up with Angela hill she is a legend and we are so happy to ever hear and to BWL one to four today and weekdays on Debbie WL. I'm from New Orleans. -- The for -- color spectrum is. I. A comment that about what you said earlier out of extend from parenting. I am. My -- -- a single thing that. And you great support outside of the stingy on the others for a and he was very very involved in our school so the way he would I don't know it's. Common court that I really get them from -- the -- with a parenting because. What does that doctor I'm in urban planner my next brother little green near my youngest go to professor. And my dad is -- single handedly -- well. And there was many times where when we didn't we didn't school. -- he would know that. Are great for bad before we got home from school so. I really think that as long as a parent. You know it's -- -- great foundation and moved forward. In theory. I think it doesn't matter what kind of curriculum as you know that the regular. You're gonna be welcome now. The I I agree with you and I hope parents are listening to. What I hear as so much respect for your for your demand for for what he did and you know you might feel like you're a pain in the in connect to your kids by -- -- do -- work and being involved in their school life but it really is crucial. If if parents are directly involved in their kids' schoolwork and their -- school. Their kids treat this is a vacuum something that it will they can just get away with doing whatever they wanna do because mom and dad are involved in this. And on a -- -- have money or at the European senior working two jobs if you have kids it is your responsibility to be involved in their school. He wrecked whatever it takes is your responsibility. I've studio for Tommy Tucker more of your calls -- comments coming up next it's 830 here's had to -- WL news updates -- physically. I thank you David I really wanna set the record straight I've really just made it out but the -- because some people are responding to the common core of the new man asks a question about if if Johnny has five marijuana cigarettes and hollering coming -- think he has left and true -- and now -- -- Bronson answers one answer was he -- thinks he has at least ten. -- -- that that was really that was that was -- that wasn't really true. However this what is part of comical. If Billy has 35 rounds. And he uses five rounds per drive by poly drug buys an eagle. Wedeman the are you pulling your leg again a seizes a real good comical record that this is relatable. If Billy has 34 admiral played a bowl it's. Chi. If it's 35 rounds and he goes he uses five rounds. This is relatable man he has a five rounds per drive by how many drive ice and go. The answer seven. But if you critically analyze this he should be going to any -- advice. Media event that yeah. I am I exhort your text here and it just a moment because of really really great text to get to. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker from Metairie junior and -- WL. Oh hey thanks for sure. I green. Or well that all the rules the -- some of that. So there are sort treachery away from college prep. And I think that the logical complaints from years but he won that occurred very much. Because I think the common cool -- it become portray for. The AC CC. In the future which. The complaint. On to it in the newspaper in the country. Do it the example that use. For the -- And the and the man. That you -- I think those chip. Cards. But like in the paper yesterday. They hit too long there. And they and they had some questions directly as well it. And it was a very poorly written questions and answers. They let them correct answer and that was one eye opening act that it -- well. Most of the complaint artery far. The grammar exercise. Such. A lot standard grammar exercises but the examples they use are the common. All individuals. All -- the president long must be. The job with that it wouldn't that actually be the school district it's doing that because common core just sets the standards it doesn't. It doesn't instill a curriculum. Well I think -- question I don't know on the. I don't think there's I I personally think that there may be some irrational fear over some of the questions that are being used -- They come to court just sets the standards and and contrary to what a lot of people believe it's not a curriculum. It's up to the school district it's up to the state. To determine -- curriculum it will take to race the students up to a certain level. It. Hurt that it playing in the Andre here. Another thing I wanted to put out -- -- her again who knows what it's amazing yeah actually this law was involved in developing. Some of this. Bill Gates it is in his wife were involved in. The foundation that led to two comic -- this was something is sort of back in the nineties. Well one of my complaint with windows. Centers. We give -- a little box -- Schuettler. And the answers are OK cancel. But does that make sense thought -- -- just. Well I think Billy -- who is I get the impression that Bill Gates who is of more evolved from a financial standpoint to buy you know I could look further into that I don't know if it. The mentality behind -- windows are waiting to winning to comic court. Jim I've got to get to a break gynecological assured thanks for listening if you wanna join this -- your thoughts in your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven. Protects -- 7870. I chuckled because you win Jordan feet goal our show producer here's his song. He dances. Literally. So the only difference between this and a nightclub is. Well. I guess in some ways it's really actually got a difference. He can't. Verges told me in my head phones it's the quality of the day thing that's different I've studio for Tommy Tucker we will be right back on negative zero. When I hit this sort it kind of makes me wanna do some kind of -- really can't explain -- there's a lot of who would help. -- I -- -- forward Tommy Tucker -- to witness this morning coming over the next hour why are people so angry. We'll talk about then also there are plans to once again talk about revitalizing. I jazz land is six -- amusement park in new policies and that got me to thinking about what -- -- he's used to be like. And it would be so great if there was something thriving out there that changed New Orleans east and will also will continue talk about some of the things we remember -- New Orleans east. Here is a text. That Reid says thank you for trying to clarify what common core really means as so many people have distorted political view of it. And I don't really understand the truth. I'm here is taxed all of this is about my. Comic or math questions. The one -- smoking marijuana cigarettes in the wanted to drive dies. This text reads your common core problem is not funny this is a very serious issue. Taken very seriously. By many people. And Allan thank you for the attacks because that brings up another problem in America too many people lost their sense of humor. -- doctor Lewis a professor you're on WWL doctor. You do to pursue that opportunity to speak you are humans sure it is a complicated. Issue and the fact that in Alabama where I live. -- We've been oddly comical but per year. But -- dispute the broad outline. Are our concerns are along the line -- one size at all approach. Which is a historical and unconstitutional. But we think that America problem. -- major problem. The and -- That some people are orchard near that you know this news -- okay that -- higher standards it's more rigorous. You need to look carefully at why that -- that you are who are on. China commission -- best center spot in English. And doctor Jane program and not -- You sir are the standards because they did not know about -- what the experts believe or understand there's. So right away you've got a major issue. Suu Kyi said it is controversy unity is -- is complicated with all due respect there are as many people on the other side -- think it's great. Well I understand it but nevertheless let let's just. Look at some back OK they're only you expert on that particular bank dot he had been involved with putting together the message -- it's. Our standards what were judged to be the best in the country when Matt -- -- -- opted. You know -- -- actually lowered their standards now let's look at them and understand oh okay. We have a major complaint what what -- -- about -- Bob -- Egypt. By implementing a -- or what. Any possibility being done so again no standard book -- -- throughout the country to ensure that they were. Of war. There's others. Second thing that he did. We're from a business out point for any orders are employed -- did not -- any kind of cost estimate. We had no idea how. Much it cost and estimates are about 200 million which as most -- here in the recession period. It. Doctor I'd like to I'd like to continue this conversation about it you have to get to a traffic updates I had to and a break -- like to hold on. All. Right we'll continue this conversation if you're holds they would this'll get to more of your comments in mortgage -- are coming up. I've -- into tummy -- RE 52 and here's another yeah. Traffic update list. Robinson we continue our conversation about common core a lot of people have a definite opinion about it but according to a new poll only 49% of the people in Louisiana. Understand anything about -- or very little about -- we continue our conversation with with doctor Lou I'd look at a doctor or you. Which is down and I -- on so. On which you say that common core is liberal conservative Horry political. It's extremely well look -- are you are you are right and you're conservative. -- -- -- so I I'm getting a a number of text saying that and I don't I really don't believe in only two people involved in this I think that's I mean it's part of propaganda that is probably spread through social media and I simply don't believe that only two people were involved in this. I don't know -- Only -- expert on the I don't believe I don't believe that our guys are not gonna I've got to tell. The disagrees with you and and this person could owe as much as -- or maybe not. I'm just saying that there are definitely sides to this issue. And you'll see that they cancel this that this is not about this is not a curricula doctor it's it's standard and you're not happy with the standards. Well the thing -- -- you you've got a problem and that it never want to curriculum developed at least earlier. That the standards are there that the court are going to be developed by. Estate you're you're local board of education what we've Alabama. That's not the case because number one and why not clear if that's what's supposed to happen -- -- happening. Because number one in their copyrighted -- you cannot change. -- did you just happen but that's not a curriculum. What you -- outside dateline I'm gonna introduce -- -- trying to tell you sin -- you say it. You cannot change the standards and what we are finding it it's all on aligned on the standards but I think it's thought that everything. And that's not a problem what it. So there's no cost estimate piloting. Court rejected it and I'm saying that that's what I did and a lot of the a lot of this development a lot of this development to continue into the Bush Administration correct. Oh yeah it that they didn't already documented that -- so this was not part. I -- -- which started in 94. Doctor. I enjoyed our conversation I'm going to had a chance to give you conservative view and skewed -- we'll be right back on W appeal hang on.

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