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4-2-14 11:10am Garland: on coastal restoration

Apr 2, 2014|

Garland takes calls on how best to restore the coast.

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Our -- to our head to rock canned toys have emergency at the last moment. Mobile will talk a little bit about this subject we're gonna consider. His one -- will be oblivion for injuries or just about a little while but I think it's very important. He's an economist do you written report -- -- economic impact of coastal frustration. And retain protection. And we've done at a minimum -- show was about the master plan. To keep cell phones you liberally from his -- And the costs of it is anywhere from 50000000200. Buildings at least that's what it's estimated so pork. You ports in his study that. These study was commissioned by -- door Louisiana now. And a restore -- museum have no substantive. Input into the study. Purely independent unit. And it points out. Many things you already knew and and Tsonga. May be coming. On the pro so. Jobs to be economies to grow. If we get that kind of money. But he's got basic information I think a lot of people on where I eat. Louisiana has lost 18100. And CDs square miles probably. Over the last eight years. That's about 24 square miles per year. Can you imagine how exercise. I mean not that union -- Our exercise of -- seeing cool. Collected. What is by -- corn. I think it's it's and shouldn't perish. That has humbled the average cynical we've probably done three holes and would every year about -- and Lauren -- India Tuesday. It makes big news. What were dropping. And this is part -- but it's true it's a football field embryo. Disappearing. While the child -- him coached. And well and losses sober. The master play a medium to play and is projecting. Additional laws on top of the 18100 square miles. 17. Or modeled over the next few years of nothing's done. And that's a rate of 35 square miles per year. It's introducing because we're when rappers started. Talking about the so screw television. Still blown person and then would be negligent. Tremendously intelligent. A geologist about rouge as a company there. And he's known in the environmental geological engineering. Community buried under. And he's the one that sort of warning follows 1970s. That were losing those. I was sitting in the legislature. He was next and he didn't immediately know me and leaned over and just blow for the meeting began. February prominent -- group behind -- homes literally as well. At least of what you think about the loss of the weapons of my question is we laughed about it now. Is wonder what happens Kazmir -- whose long. Never heard it called. Because there's more and more. -- lived as more few -- was Cyprus or. At least in determining certain won't stop by my office. And he had these in those days of the -- to spy planes instead of satellites. And some kind of way you'd gotten photography. Broncos -- planes and it's -- up and transparencies. You could yeah. Above -- and relievers. And all of the transparency and drop down and sequence Erica Disney. Animated cartoons same way. They -- those and you could see we yemen's coastline and -- Retreating from the edge like like I've bottle him laws would be. But breaking out from -- in and from the edges but primarily. Breaking up from within and in the way explain that they've grown. -- over bread on Sunday. Goldfish. Bowl. In the goldfish will start nibbling and it. Well when it starts to breakup as it breaks up from the middle in the in there between prince and be comfortable in the nutrients. That -- disbursed in the water. -- say wary of the way I'm an approach won't play out well it's for the marchers world wetland right now. We're seeing a tremendous catchers. In marine -- there. General blog it is because the wetlands are breaking up so as the -- true that your spreading like crazy. But it's still breaking up from the inside Al. And its excel or. And a my point -- Have won their first talked to. Doctrine gag going I don't know. We're losing about 61 square miles per year. And now went down Tuesday current grade point reports -- miles. A lot of Pulitzer all of that because we've we've minimized the problems note that because. We have left land and to lose. Bought. If the master -- in his right in projects. Additional loss of 750. Square from my. Over the next fifty years. -- assume that would mean. Although we may have left late in Toulouse. The loss will actually speed. Coming up will we'll take a look at these details -- It's prone to starting. About how all. There are benefits if we get the -- 2000000100 billion whether Britain and beat by the problem. Do you think -- you see an answer to this you'd see this being minimized. You see this being a problem that we can control. So we can continue to live here questions comments Gibbs call. Twos against you rule 187. He told 3866. Aided 90. It's -- -- -- Once a number of thinking about the U. Attempts. -- Louisiana through slaves southern Louisiana apprentice peering. We we did schedule against its written. I have submitted a report called the economic impact of cold storm rose relation. Hurricane protection. Had a little. Emergency report on -- canceled for you and stand put. It is -- it's at least. Executive summary of everything that you Britain -- a bar outstanding economist in the user number two well. And he talks about the threat that we -- with just a bit of opponents and who -- thought of these. Years of being -- -- losing. Football field every I'll word them our southern Louisiana land -- Loss ago almost 19100. Squirm while all over the last eight years and over -- -- -- victory. Unless something is done and certain looks like something something. Will be done. Will -- almost 18100 more squirm. Story it's -- dollars and answer to -- question but where abouts a man. Jim and say good -- your thoughts are pressure eco. The other -- -- torture everywhere it would -- doctored -- Corrado. Junior record herself insert Bernard parish. -- -- -- Push back a little bit on the torture program are since 1995. The number -- project. Has been an hour surgery. 64 miles long much closer and the chandeliers war to protect -- We do that -- -- the -- to stop the way actually to go in and if you want to reconstruct. Atlanta you're spewed here you'll look good to see it disappear as doubting protection. Pick it up and say -- because that -- go on now. There and we need everyone to join and to push the state. To adopt our noble one program which is a -- -- barrier. Read an artificial -- to stop the wave action -- Black but that's Bernard. In and into. Midshipman really cold yeah Ireland where -- kept -- -- and everyone. -- -- -- a couple of questions. Does doctors who gagged earlier -- this type of brief war work. -- -- Option that we. -- it can be. Rock it can be barred should be can be. The -- oyster structure that he may be that we. Follow -- short crossing the bays with rock basically if you want it for both the war if you cook it. Just slow down. That the wave action when there hasn't come -- And board what's calls back. No one. He knows that's why our practice it that's what they'll. Yeah -- we yeah we talked to -- graves is gone now. Can't put him organize. How much -- know you know. But it can be figured out quickly reported doctor gatlin. Well she counts -- -- story on that project could keep deal. Urgency that. In the urgency of our -- and means that we start now talk about for next ten years work trouble. In the project can come -- down. And start dropping rock. As you measure of doing it proctor the rocket commitment Chinese start there and every day you're say an honor little. We we've heads in there and I'm not doing anything wrong with -- plan. Doctor gagged earlier group thinks it's a good one. I'm sure I would read -- listened to his presentation. But over the years I've been involved in -- NC big companies involved and -- the government involved in everything from. Submit cones that kind looked like born a colds to honeycomb types of med structures to. Giant granite boulders of whatever. The first some regular hurricane. Of category one strength. If it hits it heads on -- spreads at all over the place does does he think this would stand up to war can. Year to Iraq War talk about. -- -- I want to I've been in the Shapiro. -- -- Good -- barrier down not compatible way he may get an awful. But that. You're not look at the stopper change your look at the stop the -- reaction to that destroying. All the time right now it's gonna cut back on the salinity. And you'd go in there and dread and bill. Would -- happened to. It's a -- or when it comes through urgent projects or. A lot of this seafood industry -- hard you're bridging broad. Libertarian and I'm like everyone else the diversions their -- tour would probably do catastrophic damage to. Industry wetland. -- what worker beware of what happened after -- tall order that it was building. It away because -- no protection. That we have with the barrier islands. -- -- a year ago so you have got -- what you have and then rebuild. Let me ask you. Alberto of course and it's not -- Any secret interpretation. Have put in in talking to. Experts. Over the years. In in variably. The the majority of them have said when I say yeah but how about so and so. They finally come to the thing -- you know. They're going to be so mirroring is we can't say you've been in politically. You can't you can't say yet you can put out a plan that says were abandoning. This area because it costs too much. Or don't have the expertise. Did do you ever suspect. That there -- or areas that just. Aren't gonna make it. No. Idea. Believe that the pair shoot themselves. In the people live their lives still feel like there's anything that needs to be abandoned. It can be recovered somewhat -- cover what we -- what. We do not. Terry and camps stop what's going on right now or oppose -- now what we talk on the phone. Got a lot of experts out there with the butchered their card via. Look the bottom line is that you start from the outside to protect and so they -- black and it is. Saying that there were completely on -- Artificial reef because they see that it is if we get more want to we don't say. That our coastline. In the next. Territory here is spending the start now that you're gonna get down -- -- not going to be more money. If you go out there and billboards or -- or elected did for the last sixty years. It's what it's and that money if you need to do that after. He put protection saying the war could do. -- look at it is economic impact study. And just you know a nonpartisan. Study by a long chartered economist who's extremely well respected in this state. Here's cynical. The master plan called for an investment of a minimum fifty billion dollars and -- rose for a hurricane protection over the next two years. -- level -- in the future. Slows. But will not stop or reverse the limb -- A hundred billion. -- yield. -- gave no -- if we get a hundred billion. And -- it talks about the GO -- yesterday program. Which is estimated -- hundred million to 200 million per year beginning in 2007. Team. So I think I think we've got that money in the state must begin paying back. Severing three million dollars per year for thirty years. To the federal government -- the new flood protection that we've got. Just do you really think we're gonna get that money it just seemed like everywhere we look. The cost of paying for what we. End or just -- per share. And convincing. The rest of the country depends who put a big pictures. Yeah. Do you think we're gonna get it do you. Yeah I don't like right thing that. -- -- You do you know like pepper. And these products are approved the mock trial could treat -- The EPA and everyone else involved after their studies. Citing awful and so it's targeted brought their war too much trouble. That what we feel our project to minimal impact on the environment that we have -- most doable thing that we ago. -- -- -- If it's probably the -- book as great an -- you can doctor -- bigger area and -- it is. Elections for warriors -- able partly what. This product report dark -- soul sick but are. Also sort of by his committee was the first one state Louisiana and it's made a couple fishermen landowners. Commercial freshman recreational. -- -- Pulitzer board off firmly believe that our only chance to -- or what is going to be. 2.0 something to stop the damage it bring down try to replace what out. Prevention outside of the this is a waste of money and. Jim I've appreciated spend time with the explain in this suit we're humans ignored. Complicated subject but it forward thinking about a report talking about it arguing about a were discussing. Possibly were actually doing something about it and that something. We haven't really done in the last forty years were a little bit Italy to the party but hopefully I'll probably I've appreciated the call. Come right back John Briggs -- Britain applause so the callers what do you think about Elvis -- 60187. Days total for me. 86 fixated on steroids. Engineers. -- -- out there. What do you think would -- would -- seen -- is there's still reason to hope certainly. This economic impact -- -- looking at. Says that it would get around. To doing the saving -- hole. The very fact that we did it is gonna be really. Have a tremendously. Positive. Impact economic impact on this day what do you think -- to 01 rates. We're feeling good about a new report -- one of our leaving Louisiana economist it's called area economic impact of coastal rose -- hurricane protection. And would then did he takes a look at things like go for terrorism could central economic impact. The the hard construction activities obviously we start rebuilding the wetlands. There's money that goes in -- economy because of that. And developing new industry -- Michael -- who Juno -- author's idea village. All are thinking about just like the Netherlands. Has become. -- center of expertise. Over saving alliance neighboring communities saving culture. From the Croshere and the cities. We could do the same probably in a much bigger. Situation because we have such more much more cold flow and then an -- Also the of the storm damage that we would limit would put more money back in two. And and the very fact that children businesses and homes. Pay a higher rates -- -- of the threat of loss of wetlands all that combined would greatly. Expand the economy. And in that conversation. We had to touch on the back. State it is or who lost almost 19100 square mile plain and 24 square mile per year. And if we don't do something next fifty years we'll lose another 18100 square miles and all pointed out. The measurement always goes to we're losing a football field every now. You can imagine you're standing in anywhere in Louisiana here warned the United States and where in the world. And a football size field sinkhole opens up in -- -- it makes an from sometimes worldwide news. But here we can't seat. Were were not up on the mound looked down on it. We're below sea level surrounded by Lebanese war Livan in the march were at sea level -- it sees it. So doesn't have that kind of moved back but it's a giant problem. And our survival depends. Of all was gonna talk about -- to make sure I'm making mistakes again directed war. To bring a lot more auditioned with permission -- call for expert show -- Anybody out there listening I got John Barry Georgia's Joseph and I appreciated -- much. Well but there are aren't aren't always a pleasure. -- probably mentioned. Restore Louisiana and now the group by added. Update our cry about it. We absolutely. No direction and all of that we want to -- an answer on jobs created. Are. You you've been saying. -- it -- great. It's an important report that forgot about Watson. Likenesses report that will define. The debate over the issue. It for years to come. -- imagine the dots they'd make nine billion dollars a year selling their expertise on the war all over the world. And we can compete for the. Say that say that again on most people. Don't know that probably fund that hardly. The ducks -- nine billion dollars a year selling their expertise. Around the world. War. And we each and that market explode. At sea level -- Boone Pickens. Said that. Water and the oil up 1%. Confused by like it is. And in outed that the sister who's going to be around a long time. The problem that we have here is that almost gonna be created. An answer and respond. There's no money out of our and the whole basis of the lawsuit. What to -- Master plan projects. And our respect and -- -- in the forever but really. To create a statewide solution there's more damage on the West Bank. And they are on the and you know last week governor -- -- and Edwards all said they support the losses. Our blog goes said what I go at them back to be true. That it Watson -- I legislature. The industry is coming in the table and negotiate statewide solution certainly including. And tomorrow. There is a bill on the senate transportation committee SP five library in which would -- while. And anybody on the West Bank that would -- that. Let senator -- fire now and I admire. What you want a lot sooner than ever to contact them and tell them what you. Because. It you'd be surprised. How much you know who. Call. Make. Two legislator. People do eight. Point. Doesn't count and they don't -- -- call their voices -- -- So. I urge everybody. Basically -- -- that -- -- -- that -- Just call them itself. Collect the court decide the lot. And you heard a lot. And it would save everybody with the your parole or -- and or old or or new. And and -- oil group humble oil. But let me just -- -- Q this question. Do you feel like living in south to Louise and would you like to continue living. Well if you do. Fifty billion dollars according to this report will slow. The disappeared probable and we will not stop. Or -- land loss. So the problem in his -- you do you do as much money as we can lay your hands on heard -- Saturday -- industry. Not to be grateful 10 companies that don't forests and genital odd. But the very. Dealt with -- and you know Monday just figured football delivery. Your not going to live here. Homes affected your financial futures of your health is affected businesses affected. We're threatened where something that ignored the state in this country notes from other countries in the world. Threatened. And it's not about getting eaten -- the -- on really. Featuring him. It's all about -- ball would come in right. -- called little time thinking about disappearance of south Louisiana woes could John braved where John appreciate your old enough. Eight Garland. I just wanted to point out and financial analyst. By session and an extra point doesn't he talk about what Apple's expenditure. Point being ego and the other being under bill. However what -- master plan that not. It's that those are that were gone into doubt that and constant orders. Which means it worked on without the accident or. If you take a billion dollars the year the year. And await those amounts by -- -- 4%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh -- he called ninety billion doll and a 190. So what that means is that. What the state needs to -- all -- and our future -- day. To actually implement. And complete -- or duration. Is a more -- all in the 50000000100. Billion ball. Well. You're gonna stay living in -- for ignoring those numbers. Well actually I live in battery that just happened to -- completely at the moment. -- -- and I know a lot of people impolite way. -- -- -- -- -- Katrina put that to maybe twenty feet of water and there are thousands. All of our report as much as well it is. And a lot of them told me they're not common. India and do the irony is of it is is who we can't see. -- -- its. Even when you get in -- in go out there if you go their -- regulations fisherman commercial trooper whatever. You you can see it even be on a daily basis. But if you don't -- often able to troop out there your old realized how much over the water there. But I always say you approved if we were ten feet above sea level. We would all talk about nothing else and we'd be going after revenue. In every direction we could because. Tell me if Ahmadinejad -- -- we're we're talking about. Those survival of south Louisiana programs. Of most of New Orleans. Although I think you're absolutely white and actually the marketplace. Is starting the point that -- and if you look at insurance rates to go to -- They -- or insurance lose or web site. There's a schedule there that compares insurance rates by companies. Are a very sitting and always you know. If you look at. Actually poured one world. And and you look at the war once -- -- so for the same same problem. Not art -- picture some -- in about property and there will be. So. 250%. -- itself. John very interest in figures are appreciative called those was not aware of thank you for the time. And in the irony is in order if we can get every entity. That could possibly -- into this bucket. Where we're trying to save ourselves. Of week -- round according to the report did the yeah economic impact of Kosher restoration hurricane protection. We're just have to call our expert that told -- The Netherlands. Have made nine billion dollars on the of -- funeral overall. Selling their expertise. And how they save their country after their massive. 1927. Katrina type flooding. And we can do the same it was more so we've got. The people who placed the Michael -- the -- pairs that Greg Russa baggage. Tim moved him to and so all with the entities that have planned to or doing just that. Are wrong Jerry urine double bill appreciate it took. Begala I I don't understand what their problem with expecting. People true. They made a -- for a reason. Checked -- will probably year or should -- you're -- one they would agree. You worse or any election because of the work and the canal and pipeline. Why do we got a law shoot what apple law trying to stop the law strictly just crazy I don't wanna look. Board's secretary -- -- it's believes is one. And Google truck and killed or one of them vote in the lawsuit. Said that. There are experts have told them that have to go back Q and and you try to rebuild those canals. The fill you put in their just turns to crucial that you know it it's it's like quick -- and and it doesn't do much of anything. And then they also point to the legal agreements in the word and there is practical bowl. Didn't even know it was a word but it's its. Recovery as practicable. So there's -- debate as to whether or not. It was required or what was require says it's a couple of the enters. Well we brought what looked forward to -- like electorates across -- mean. We -- the oil industry out here but they've restored order wetlands it's like you know. Both -- -- actually purple -- basically so let's stop right. It's it's just. Again in a repeat this over and over here I'm charitable hope people understand and it looks like. We're turning -- against him in continued that brought a lot of money. Two of the state over the decades a lot of job. A lot of charitable. Contributions. Everything else but it it's. It's it's not it and esoteric debate. It. He has survived. If Maria -- bank. Built on land out there and and they're doing it to have increasing economy would say you'd. Damage himself -- we sure would appreciate -- helped build this back. Not harder and saying I don't think Rabin --