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4-2-14 3:10pm Angela: on men and plastic surgery

Apr 2, 2014|

Angela talks about the recent trend of men receiving plastic surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Khoobehi and Dr. Kate Holcomb of the Lupo Center.

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While I have loved our entire day but I gotta tell you I have really look forward to this next hour. Wanting to look the best you can be and feeling better about yourself. Is no longer just the thoughts of women. Men have decided to invest in themselves. Both through plastic surgery and through the many procedures that can help erase a line here or filling gap there. Just as women have done beauty maintenance for decades. Men have joined the ranks. Here to talk about the evolution of male maintenance is doctor Cameron Kobe he. A board certified plastic surgeon. Who was also on the staff of the LSU Health Science Center. Both as a professor and director of training for aesthetic students and L issue. And doctor Kate is -- -- Holcomb. Board certified dermatologist. And clinical professor of dermatology. At Tulane university's school of medicine and I feel very great. To both of you for being here because I know what busy lives you lead which is probably. Part of what we're going to be talking about is what we were talking before the show the tremendous increase in the numbers of people. And I frankly feel who are openly talking about having procedures done it's no longer oh my gosh don't tell anybody. People are talking about it both men and women. Agreed into okay good. Let's talk about when men come to you doctor -- What are they looking for. And that's known. Many different re. They've been some changes -- alive and they do one to have some changes and Koreans they've planned for new jobs. War. They -- have. Little bit new look and and then there on the group of patients that they come in because of exercising and connect it to that this love handles and dues spent a lot of time in the -- Suspicion and age group up to forty. The is much harder to lose that extra fat and that one ligament help from us to get. But men are are interested in having full face lifts. It typically for men it is little bit lettuce and. In the -- tried to more focused than -- phase in the community. Sometimes in the patients they have -- expensive procedures. And they look limit done or. Fake look and -- uses the to have make copy congress pretty -- -- -- pitch. More conservative. And careful. So you limit the procedures what you do in in compared to ladies. Are you finding that men are more. Project. About this issue then perhaps one. Yes. And. And I think that goes back to the society have accepts it. -- have been -- changes in the last. 1015 years it was time and that caused an extension of the taboo. -- -- -- talk about it -- and not people more open about it that talk about what they have done. And I think it's fun to see more in -- and same -- happening in the united in -- I need to talk about it but it's still -- wanna be little more privacy more. It limits the things done that and compared to ladies. Obesity change in -- Doctor Holcomb -- interestingly as we were getting ago. You worked in the military for years that you -- with an awful lot of men that you were saying more for the medical side were there any. Issues with that cosmetic needs. Shore well even in my prior practice in the military and now in private practice at lupus center for -- panic and -- dermatology. Many men come in for. What may seem like a medical issues something like Rosie show redness. Flushing. Act mean. Saving bumps pigmentation. And while -- can be partially treated or. Treated wind. Topical products -- prescription products we do have this very large armament carry him of laser and light there p.s as well as. Things like lunchtime -- that have very minimal downtime which worked great for -- and because if they work full time and again can't really afford to have minimal downtime. Which. -- cute those medical therapies. So aside from just you know straight aesthetics we have many devices that can help with just very common article. Are you finding is not a company denies that it will often be. Even seven not a -- after 99 whatever. Just procedures because they are perhaps feeling pressure work to. To be little more youthful looking for new job shore while I think everyone wants some of -- are pressed more youthful. May be slightly more energetic. And you know if we have those things to allow people to do that and name they can learn about them and I think many people would be interested and it. One thing -- do you fine people and you know high profile jobs may be attorneys are people acting in her act with the public frequently. They want something that's gonna make them look. Power. Are more well arrest and or. You know something like Botox that can help with frown lines it'll make you look less stress less angry. Absolutely. -- let's talk about and go back to me first for me the actual surgical things you can do it. If a man walks in and you were saying lower face but let's just say he's -- -- heavy lives in bent fenders -- What do you do. That the first is it good examination mantra there's no medical issues I mean -- make sure that -- them problem with the eyes on the issue but. Data procedures you can offer the patience and and the good thing about -- -- -- -- Option as a -- pox thing is that can help them some. Issues but for the surgical issues if they have excess skin. And I -- -- -- news command and removal or the banks and the guy that surgically remove them. There combination of Taylor is and the Botox has helped us to some situations that the latest surgery and to. Kind of a postponement that's an important time but there's times that you -- is so -- excess -- who lost the last to succeed that this -- becomes. Necessary. And they're a group of patients that they need that for residuals. Impairment because says that they go to doctors an ophthalmologist -- -- -- feel Paris and the -- that they cannot similar rule is blocks that region. As to become necessary to access game. As does that just cosmetic. But knee in general many many men com. -- of -- level of consultation and do -- and -- the -- ladies and the or. Little bit more to say that the don't want their colleagues friends and as much so. Days sometime be kind of piecemeal -- you do procedures in stages so that the too drastic change just subtle subtle. Yeah well they hate the name the -- but the one of them they can you Roger as the patient talk about it that. That he had cosmetic procedures and they did that with too much and and patient don't want that patient don't wanna change that no one between the different. Look. Among the better. And suspicion men that they cannot may call and I think so you need to be supersize he's beaten him more careful in -- more. Conservative. -- treatments. Four man. Bruce Jenner is another example I think of a man that unfortunately had too much and it dramatically change talent out. Correct a grade and the thing is also is that. That their politicians -- -- and I think -- a lot of them. That we use TN TV and hasn't classics in Asia and as -- that Republicans who look at them and be compelled that procedure done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is comment because. And in the public eye view on the looked better he won on the crest that he won the crash. And the deal looked done I mean that is the key thing is that we don't want Hollywood look at the money that. It really is. Almost life the global wind swept. -- that would and publisher Joan Rivers. And making a fortune off of -- comments about her many surgeries. No one wants to look at think something like they're real high -- has really get impatient misconception because. Most people. Want things to be done gradually so that people don't come out and say what what happened here if our you know. What exactly did you do I think in many cases even women you know they want something that. Makes them look better but it continues to make them look like and fell and recognizable. And it -- press sometimes what draws men into our practices that you know may be their wives or girlfriends have been coming on time and they see that. They still look like they're beautiful -- but just that. Better version up and says that sometimes they'll drop them to come and -- -- what I do that you know look a little better look -- her friends. I do have a funny sorry. Something that I think you that he -- mention. When IA was in the military. It was actually when Obama had come into office and if you look at them old pictures of Obama. He has some brown spot on his teeth which overtime have very very very slightly that the parent there completely gone. And I have a lot of doctors and patients and they come and complaining malls which are not animals just. You know brown growth and we treat them type of please turn off -- And fan in all they've made the play and yeah Morgan Freeman and that there about that. And that I usually think of emotional pictures and you've seen that -- I -- it. What happened. So and there are a couple of different devices. To be able to treat something like this that are their. They have many names. -- every -- Telesis are -- ten assists populist and Niagara. And they're just very small brown spot typically see on people's cheeks. The way they're treated is with elites or that specific. Two pigments. And -- we -- -- -- two. And basically. Heat them so that they'll follow off our -- off. And generally there's no. Present scarring associated with -- and usually with an about it he won their content. OK I want everyone to stay with us if fun. If you're men out there in your listening and you have any questions we have two real experts with us. Give us a call at 2601878. Or if you're a woman out there and want to ask some questions we'd love to hear from -- as well. We're talking with them doctor Kobe and doctor Holcomb. About time feeling the best you can billion looking the bashing today we'll be right back I'm Angela on WW well. It is our lucky day because we have doctor Cameron company -- World renowned plastic surgeon and doctor Kate Holcomb who is sent a board certified dermatologist. And they are both here talking about. Yes what's available. Readily available to -- now. As they are making the choice to do what women have done for a long time. Which I go back to it just makes you feel better about yourself. If you're looking for an extreme change and I think their other things to -- to -- looking for -- both of you agree that it's about being the best you can pay. Enhancing what you. So we. We're gonna talk about little more plastic surgery but I'd like to get into the Botox. And I remember this goes way back when I had the talk -- on WW well we had done doctor French. Who was talking about Botox and I remembered saying after that program I can't imagine that you're putting poisoning. And he brought people with them who you know in five seconds. And I thought this would never ago and now it's -- here. So let's talk Botox what is the goal of Botox. And to mean the goal of vote. Talks is to look more refreshed. For some people that mean means to look. Less angry patients a common men especially Wednesday. It looks like and frowning at that time how can you improve. You know when they're not really frowning. And just -- kind of add to EU EU started the segment. It is not a poison it is narrow minded and that means it alters. That passed away of how are muffled and you know don't care patient I think management -- And so I think you know really just to look more refreshed one other thing is that often we can achieve a more. The open side and and less tired appearance. Until this is just a matter of giving a series of shots. Correct that Botox. Is it consultation takes 510 minutes but the injection Celtics. Meant just to. And there are few areas can usable parts for. But nowadays -- really that the new pollution in the Botox is so many more new areas the use it for -- headache. That is something that he found out that the patients that an affront to tension headache they use a migraine and relax in the muscle helps them. I've used it for them on the arm swing. It works great as some but never forget this that lady came to my office sentient winning. And she could not -- in her shoes because she was sweating so much equipment they shouldn't. And -- -- as liberal as -- sell one interest on the filed with mushrooms and so did the book talks were on Murphy and book perfect. Or patience that it's Amanda come in because. They say they don't -- shake and because you have this with the -- and a Marist shake hand because it's it was cold and I'm. And we'll -- works great for them. Susan -- just cosmetic it's what it is you can help the people that there. As certain issues that you take as a granted shaken hand it is just something you don't and think about it but for somebody that is sweating. They always a regret or that kind of skits anxiety that they connect need somebody knew they can shake hands and they can have it. I'm Nicole and the beginning of the -- so -- more -- to it but cosmetically it really has helped us a lot because. Not as -- as a -- there area that the things that we can do it. Minimal downtime. Not too aggressive. And and also it is kind of entry in the class that could find the little -- the economy and that's with the youngest daughter with. Electors solved it like the doctor and they get comfortable and then started and the procedures. And that's okay in this Botox into the quick -- but does anything else can be too and they graduated graduated and this is -- comfort level. And vision and comfortable for this procedure. And it. That's and that talks as a very safe procedure. As the and cosmetic use. -- banner around now it's going I think 1213 years but it was you automatically going past Tony -- I'm in the way it was actually -- And discovered to be used for cosmetic use it -- a -- one was and ophthalmologist some of the dermatologists. An ophthalmologist with giving medical studies on and -- forest -- much as where I wanted to. Contracts. More than -- But they noticed that patients are saying that their wrinkles. And don't believe I was ever on the second dinner conversation and lightning and it tests. In effect that these two doctors are obviously very payment and in the community when we talk about it and very people -- grateful people. Exactly so when one starts on Botox it last how long. Typically. You should expect to get about three to four months out of it and and Botox and companies that are at the competitors they have some other products like -- does porn and vehement. D.s. In general he'll get about three to four months some people get more out of it. And as sometimes patients in and they don't come back 567. Month after treatment repeated. And again. I know it's patient by patient but that the goal is to either look relaxed or not angry or the sweaty -- or whatever but at some point. It will have had its life and you might need to move to something else. No I mean that's something Google was patient ask body that. To the buildup but immunity to or does not become effective. And in the cases -- patient buildup putt immunity to -- Allen is still. Has done correctly does work and missing in the cases orders in patient that the build a community. Something happened that patient continue aging. And the elasticity Eagles away that you don't respond as well because in -- ballpark came up one indication was patients younger than 65. Because of intrigue all the patient because the worry that the teachers -- masses that the is not the respondents were. So imminent if the is Clemens was that patience young witnessing the -- but he finally does war. But isn't as effective because the last -- these it. Do you have very young people coming in people in high schooler and college. -- Botox now because clearly because -- need. Unless there's a medical. Reasons. I think that's winning that's enough but for cosmetic use and ABC in late twenties. The patience that the coming in the eighth and mainly in the starbeat. From line because the summit told them equally angry you -- to. I am studying all the time running Haver the bucks and you know and young people early Tony as I mean late monies early thirties. On the disk Botox can be used honest as a preventive treatment because affair. Reducing activity of them off -- and ultimately. You're preventing decreasing and the scan which may lead to. Lines that become more permanent and it really does not make a frozen face I think -- there's been comment of that but I've known many many people and -- And they have very animated faces it would be inappropriate to treat them make their face the press. Zen -- and then you said that is says if you may see somebody but is that is that not properly has done too much. He really want thing is that -- you do them both parties that a patient facing ass and make a facial expressions and. You look at the muscles that you wanted to lacks the Lamas and leave them on and make them for it. More. Pleasing. To -- just relax all the muscle that's not -- -- stay with -- we're gonna continue our discussion. About how to look younger feel better and -- gonna talk about Fuller's. Right after we go to the newsroom. Our very special guest doctor Cameron could they he and doctor Kate Holcomb. Plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Talking about we are talking about. Making ourselves look better feel better at -- and the -- that more and more men are but in reality more and more people are. Men and women and in fact what has happened in the last couple of decades is remarkable. With what can be done. Even prior to having -- cutting -- facelift. So we were talking about Botox and now let's talk about these killers because I don't think a lot of people totally understand. What they achieved. One thing we know this that's when things are aging happens and you lose volume. Now states. And that shows itself that there is lines -- on the -- out. And columnist of the cheek area and 'til now really the recently of them which -- options there was collagen in the past but that was in the short lived. And the day -- creation of and the production and availability of their. Horrific acid which is going to -- with emirates the man -- really been an evolution. And that the Mittal is a plastics and it is now he can. Fill the face and give the patient more youthful look. And this issue -- is the new one of the Duma that. The title in the park but that. It didn't really pollution they gave in the people that more youthful look without make them look done. And these pillars or. Temporary. Which is a good thing impacting. The good thing is that if a patient doesn't like is gonna go way back -- is does not permanent. But they do. Give the patient when youthful book -- less about it. Nine months a year. And also the doctor put him as minimal some competition it bruising but. He just used up too topical cream and that is injection offices and -- immediate result. And go home home go home or go to work go back to work anytime. The the the filling. I think a lot of -- well I want fat face it has an effect face it is any. What the sellers are intended to do is -- and my doctor today he said. As we age things change so bones shift. There are different fat pads in the face that some get larger -- get smaller. And that idea is that with sellers -- -- and replace. Some of the natural appearance of of the youthful appearance by a targeting the areas that have changed with the teachings and adding back to some of the fat pads or providing structure. Where there may be some fat Jimenez. And -- to give more of a club for men particularly more definition Miami be you know they look a little more sad year tired. And as acting today he said. A lot of these pillars are. Pretty much all that we -- in the United States are temporary and -- you know. It it's good and bad because. If you like it -- often -- -- repeated but you have an haven't. Bought into something that may be your stock -- if you decide that you don't like it. And some of the -- tellers like volume is actually. Great for men because men have very different skin and women -- and thicker skin on any need a more robust. Products that will give a lifting capacity to you know bring. Bring. The lower face may be. In an op boards fashions at that it doesn't look as tired -- I -- Indicative of just bring a little point about that the father's. That late -- did use about the news on my son's. Like -- -- old people injections. The face to -- And -- Like us old people listening that and decide -- have -- kind -- procedures and proceed because procedures make sure. That chick make sure -- -- ended the doctors or certify the college's sports certified. -- a -- decision or Haitian -- our force of a plastic surgeon. And -- easy pick and Google lit the fire and it is no reason. That Google people that they are not qualified to do it because. One of the problem with the sellers that they are permanent like silicone. That was used in the past the face is that. It may look good or treatments but as time passes and bodies that are active. And space David little grades material that -- using and causes and complications. Reaction infection and migration and and received quite a bit of these. And office that the patient on -- injections in the column. The some -- -- something in anticipation. Taking -- -- did you talent -- injection per farm that is just that the that the price has with a suitable as with chief of what the thing is that they understand that. It's much harder to fix it it's almost impossible sometimes to fix it. And you -- my body. And some of these products are not barreled they're not -- Heather's high risk of infection. And even some of that reaction that you can have can feed. Hard -- -- good humor and that you have to you either can't don't or it will not try to treat it -- my results in the not to solvable. Not dissolved -- that is. Very very scary because the feathers and talked about that they are at the proven. They are also have the patient the injection for the -- lip or face or someplace and they don't like it. A you can a inject -- -- days it's hard nowadays you can and twenty -- is gonna be -- -- my gosh -- -- reversible. And that is -- is very important because. Hey you wanna go at somebody does experience. And has antics has. The qualification. Totally who have to perform this procedures stay with us everyone we're gonna continue artists. Passion about. Look at matter right after this. We are talking with a good doctors about them. -- better about yourself and all the various things that are now available and I wanted to ask about laser like. Laser like vote for the body laser light but also for the face. Course the neck he has -- -- under death okay let's talk about that. Says they like and I think is is that. Is the general term that could actually applied to many different devices on tactic that he may have a laser light as though. Yes. What it is basically. Eighties that the -- abusive and before that the to select the selection. You for the -- it as a mom indication what area and in. Police book and a -- And the one of the policy that that -- -- -- an effective tissues on the tissue that much though. The delay is -- entities that. To control heating up that she she. And this with the thing about it is that comparison is that for the Amber's gonna grow and you for the big paddy and the proteins heats up study contracting. Will be going to heat that burned tissue so you do with it colts as a controlled temperature and he -- thought the fat. A melt the fat but also raise the temperature to about 4849. Degrees centigrade. And we doubt when he gets some contractions. And usually is done under local anesthesia he'd have to obviously put down one you can do for. And I demand in hip and it you don't put small area and it would be like for other people who have doubled chants and people who have Giles. Correct but not for somebody that has sagging tissue to. OK it is is very important to different shades and offered a patient right procedure or somebody may need to listen like -- But some of the and they need the knicks let our tight end and -- -- so that's important with a qualified. Them apologists -- -- and to the value it can give you the best option. Not that on the option they do that the lives machine that bought the one applied and you for a what is the best for you. For any comments listening to this and who have you know I'd be willing to try one thing what would you said. So for the lower face or what you just brought up you know a number of men are even women you know we don't have. Just a small deposit of fat under the ten market analysts say in at 7 o'clock dollar parking act. And as doctor -- he was saying. And we have some understanding that fat response to a certain temperature so we can heat back to a certain temperature -- to. Make the fat comments. Does not dissolve or be absorbed by the body. But at a different temperature we can make the skin tighten and -- for some people who may need. Tightening. We can target the tissue that way by setting the temperature so that they get tightening if someone has both been in certain areas will use a device for temperature -- You know to not the fat but then in the same -- to tightness and a great place that we often applied is along the job lines to get the job -- more definition where. You know may be here. Your job lined kind of goes right on into the neck without any definition or as I said united Turkey model. And there are few devices that you've got the one we have misconduct and -- and welfare. They went in on a week that talked about sixteen hours on all of this we're gonna have to take another break but I want everyone to stay with us we'll be right back. I want to thank a doctor on camera could baking and doctor Kate welcome. Doctor Holcomb is with the -- close and she is dermatologist doctor committee plastic surgeon thank you for all of your time and expertise. Enjoy the rest -- everybody.