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WWL>Topics>>4-2 4:20pm Sports Talk: Jedaveon Clowney Pro Day

4-2 4:20pm Sports Talk: Jedaveon Clowney Pro Day

Apr 2, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Recruiting Analyst and gamecockcentral.com Team Insider about Jedaveon Clowney's Pro Day results.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk yesterday. Veterans and future hall of fame cornerback Champ Bailey on a visit with the Saints. As they hosted him on a free agent visit the -- see the black gold signed cornerback Champ Bailey cancer would online. At WWL. Dot com -- though it was Johnny man's jail and today it was two Davey and -- having his pro day at South Carolina Chris Clark who covered. The pro day car was opening South Carolina for gamecocks central back com Chris thank you so much all the time and I was imagine there was a lot of -- people. Enjoying it via the work out and watch it it on TV today and dancing some of the people talk about looks like today Vienna was impressive. He was. I. Gave it -- South Carolina and getting on the of course have a lot to do that. -- ESP NFL network. Other paper there about a hundred when he got the remembers. Every NFL team was represented. Head coaches that are -- Bryant with. With the first pick of course. He walked past me. My understanding the Texans and Jaguars in particular sent. Our whole our whole team of guys. -- it was into me well me. Getting on the forty turned into about habits and you can't become -- Unit that he did a lot of the agility drills. Defensive line -- real deal and. And that's that's what -- impressive. You know he did some things they've been -- that everybody knows he's a relief that he would pretty obvious. From just watching him on the forty watch him on -- even back in high school and so on you know at the -- it it did. These are 100 meter dash contract and what would pass some people but he -- -- Agility. You know given that he could play you know maybe in the 340 cents depending on which team -- -- of course Ron well you criminal they're the coordinator. That you adapted -- and accept the work he's pretty impressive. Chris so what's the talk around man hug and goes those teams that you talked about have some of the -- picks in the draft Troy is a possibility Eagles number one overall. Now -- -- years. Asking a bunch of people around that are certainly a lot of people are of the opinion that protection should take him. It's hard he's passed on a guy like him. He and and the Texans obviously quarterback. Is among other things there are some talented quarterback. In this -- they sat in the is the biggest need and their ground again in the fall. All four regardless. You know one person. Talking to me today if there's any weight on the theory. But it's sort itself you know a lot of people. You know what was the waiting game has played in major. These teams there's a lot of animation unit floating out there yet to question what the motivation is at times or four. But certainly. There's a chance to get the Texans. In. Spent a lot of time retort that getting down the Columbia today. To do a lot of homework on cloudy and you know that last night and that. Yeah he's got another problem work out schedule. And interestingly in the department put out there reiterated again today. -- cities. And -- the possibility on the table critic you try archery. And of course BP did get one -- one in the areas on the table and we'll see actually now it certainly did. What occurred today and keep it yet to classify -- strengthened his case the number one. What are the play is a -- and -- -- work and now one of the players you the only way they may be draft. Have liners. I did -- today and that will be -- all opulent. Winning quarterback. And he can't paper. -- a lot of people in the draft and he's sort of -- -- ancient. The gap where -- originally thought. Actually before he should stop -- -- the immediate free agent pickup. -- some people think he's definitely in Europe to now at a later round. You know I think it on the speed surprise that the get interrupted at this point he threw the ball well. He's a winner people love to make. You know how else Marty is what a competitor he is in the top -- -- -- speed and all of that. The toughest quarterback in the draft which is pretty operate consider some of the guys that are out there in the they -- burst Ellington. If that phenomenal. Season you know last year he sport athlete. You know look extremely good catching the ball. He would run the forty either because he made an extremely good time to come by and did a great job there. He probably. -- a bit -- got -- in the third round range is what people are saying again. Talked to bill until draft day of people but about some people fall. Apart decades in the -- it to another one talented corner. They'll probably get drafted lower -- his talent. Level is that talent wise. He picked out probably in the top birdied that you know -- some of the you know red flag and things like that had during the course victory here. -- -- -- -- But he is talented guy. But didn't line a much much better time than he needed it from my understanding. Didn't run a great time. The common -- And yet we're not sound today not grow substantially apparently. The Woolsey in the until sequels -- -- decent tackle in the old mayor in the past season. They'll have a chance. It -- certainly could be maybe top -- -- second or brown maybe in the ground guy somewhere in that range. -- -- -- -- -- And few other guys at the corner but that the deacons and that idea. -- it have been very productive senior year yet people -- But these guys -- potential. Very late round guys in India free agent pick up. Chris Hagen in a -- delay is on the -- -- a pro day for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every major sporting news agency and the course today was excellent in coverage and right now we actually have thirty day free trial check -- out yet. All the basketball. Insider knowledge alone into a couple of. Chris Clark recruiting analysts in team in south gamecocks into dot com saying that it was a lot on hand today a debate in -- And day out it Williams Brice stadium Chris thank you so much from the time we appreciate. They are all right.

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