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4-2 4:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Coach Les Miles

Apr 2, 2014|

Deke talks to LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles to talk about spring ball and training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Saturday afternoon in Death Valley if the L -- spring game for the -- you -- it was a pleasure -- -- -- LSU football coach. Less miles to the radio -- coach miles how are -- -- great bought are doing good coach to coach I know you're a guy you're you're all business you were called but you you embody a lot of things. You like to give back to like the half on. This is still an appreciation day that I was talking to Michael Barnett about mob of people in and modesty is. They're excited about is that to tell us the bit about this and and how you came up this is something that a lot of people -- fall to even do it Thursday on campus. -- -- -- -- War we did a couple years ago when you realized it at student sections. Very much we plate war and we you know we enjoy certainly the the energy that they bring Tiger Stadium and so. More of our -- You know team -- scout came to me which coach can we you know -- from mark classmates and teammates in our Nomar. The people who went to school and then -- contract we can -- You know kind of appreciate their efforts and the construction should sure and so what we do that is what -- practiced and bill it will stay on the sidelines and I don't watch -- -- now but. In the world also -- perch and get involved and will be told some balls. And church and ponds and -- to an obstacle course and just have some -- with the -- substance so which. It's it's on our our guys for too because it generally is very entertaining. And and certainly -- smile on our sanctions which media -- -- if you would give tax. Have absolutely LSU coach less miles hospice against the Tigers a couple of days left in the spring game Saturday afternoon at 1 PM. -- here on WWL would join you for pregame for -- -- from Death Valley. Coach just -- ball let's go back till we told you earlier this spring. About that clinic Ray Lewis -- and last week rob -- what was that like coached him to be around those guys fall while to have all those coaches among eight coaches YouTube visit with you recruit your players. But to have guys like Ryan and in a future hall of fame and Ray Lewis comes beat him must have been something -- Bolt truly great -- Loose and reprieve to -- we spent time pro partner Bob Bryan. We we coached and missing both staff. Oklahoma State. About Simmons and -- -- actually. In this Stanley. Anxious that I would reduce -- when he was sold to double figures speak in that. Meant so much to the school coach is because as you know snakes that catch from. There will be here nor changed about that at all in the -- -- -- -- great a couple of this year Shula. But the Henry Louis removed -- perspective. A player. And -- a great job the media coaches and you know really pitched actually exceptional. Speaker and one great -- And he says things that you know -- straight week. Original. How do you communicate in the community -- you know you'll have players changed he would. -- -- so things should attach in the mostly actually hug and crashed them involved in. There that informal communications. At the tells everybody -- -- In great -- You know he -- And they've been really -- even when he spoke to our team. ET wishful. The things that our players should ruin players should be think. And you know -- can Warren who you know you need to try to approach. Shot. So you know what you can do and then this is something that you'd shoot expired to and so. Why not do something that you haven't done in the world are well coached. Improvement. It makes you see approached this to judge so pressures -- I'm wondering now he says some angst. That that was some tactful and that we were actually that Russia. Certainly respond from that the football community. It was nice to see you know all the coaches that. It came back. -- there are more than welcome and are actually the more pressure or football and -- frankly. The high school -- Asians in Louisiana and the principal coaches in this area. They then they'd probably teach in and in world. There -- -- in there football and that actually recruit many times -- from that this area in. On our football needs -- more so thanks. LSU coach and as a miles -- against tiger spring game 1 o'clock Saturday here on WW. Coach -- talked about because that you lose a guy the caliber of a zag men broke broke all kind of school records. Talk about the progression of the quarterback played whispering. Well I -- the competition itself if we get -- certainly. Started well you certainly emerged as much of the sanctions were trying to get accomplished that Brandon pierce is very talented and competitive and has made some in the significant improvement I think that competition will continue what. Now and again that he actually can both for it. It'll move to see the pocket Netscape and so little strange and yeah I changed. We told the ball well weeks clobbered well it's. Think we're you know we're we're not ready to play games would the solution would the world aways away but now. I like playing in the temple quarterback action at -- you know significant strides a great summer. 829 -- for the opener and more accurate. Coach what would you say is is a strip of your ball club but at the medical practice -- -- the spring game but but grown and gone into this season -- the main part of all season total what is the strength of this team. -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- secondary. And has now like all slumps people some line at all and supply line. Speed the linebackers. In this period that that's been very physical spring I'm back in court strike clinched. -- go running back shouldn't be -- strength force. I think we get to the next clash and they can find it now that we couldn't sit. Wide receiver currently good when that next Echelon should make it worse he will be pretty special. In the courtroom when you bring in -- Format to number one prospect in the country -- actual. -- we -- -- she worked strengths are like first electric team electronic practice and how that or -- And so that's can be on the -- Coach I know which dog is about before you play day at a at a high level and -- -- can you've been around the game despite all your life coaching there at LSU we know what it means to be. In the SEC and -- to have a son and how that would orders and my coach to beat. In that position and and you're -- -- is being -- not talk your early season you see these -- coming up from -- of the schools -- -- He's he's been incredible what does that -- from a he can you separate that the coach from the father's it is that this is that a hard thing to do. Yet it's India. Yeah it's it's in this conflict there and some coach. You know why I -- responsible wouldn't speak to actually. Talk about the ability east. And dispassionate way whereas I'm also. -- and I'm proud of that board that I love injuries that have been there and then. Yeah. I think -- he would special skill and ability and such but again it's it's. There's conflict should a coach. Now. I -- accurately to -- watching him play and I suspect that you can see. More here. Yeah coach and found me. But there's always one or two bad as some may be may be some by the that we didn't know going to whispering -- that stood out in impressed you the this spring in May be came out. Came down the stretch around the turn and say he did this guy has got to see some time this year. Well -- fingers number of those taxed again so -- -- You know everybody would expect -- quarters to play in the extinction that last year. I like a Michael Ball from like each kind of stepped in there -- dark spot in the east continuing to get better. Pinkie in that Washington will be guys beat those guys that spot and you know the course so Weinstein guys that you would that you expected to be there. Yeah. I think -- who probably -- -- that you might compete -- Coach finally in the spring game is Saturday nearly a decade here in -- how long coach did it take you -- and on appeal across. -- -- How fortunate -- that when I master I'll tell you exactly a whole. New beauty about it codes you can continue to practice -- ought to you know correct what they. Shouldn't go on now. There are certain minor cuts and abrasions on the -- he would. Work. LSU coach Les Miles coach miles thank you so much that down was see you Saturday Tigers they. Fort -- -- LSU coach in this amount.