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4-2 5:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Apr 2, 2014|

Deke talks to Senior Writer at tigerbait.com Bryan Lazare about LSU baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming up at the bottom of the L news the greatest. Wrestling announcer of all time is in town rests on main air. GM JR -- is in the house -- have a good visit with him coming up. Rather the bottom of the hour news LSU baseball tonight -- Tigers taking on. Meg -- state brattle exhausting to write a -- debate back comp at BO door onto -- joins us now brass will coach McNair the other day. Today that the experience we don't wanna go through anymore I lost four games. Brian is this is this team just in the slop or is a little deeper than that. Well I think it will vote for me I don't think they are at and in eighteen at the end. You know Atlanta two weeks but yeah I don't think it eager and you know at the 300 -- only so. I think it's they're not edit it going now but you know yeah I think there's limitations -- what -- -- practically. And I -- to start the year it is in many. Tied it -- replaced in one year. Not. These players to contribute now. Hopefully they'll start swinging the bat tonight that these next two weekends being all the Arctic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he had the -- Brower I mean if they can go forward to out of those six games that will be used you know sitting here a week from now. I mean I'm not saying you don't you want to win every series so -- and is two to one regardless how you slice it. He'd be manganese in -- two out of three against -- -- -- statement -- -- -- if you go to sweet animals in my expects that but. Then a week from -- -- -- he's a totally different feel and I guess when you look at the whole body it's it's confidence it's how how you play an enemy. Who could explain coming gonna to -- season one of the -- head as if not the best had to return in the country. Alex -- I think he's pretty for 35 a -- played just just me. I don't know says they did face an excellent pitch and every point it's Islamist -- a combination a lot of things but. That's just the way in baseball as it comes in waves comes ago. Yeah but you know. It's fairly -- for community. Let an honor that is nine. But again you know you go back -- -- if -- -- a little bit like you want it that the -- and. You know -- -- who really hot. That her ample last year. That second Atlanta beat me -- cool off a little bit and now. You know this year really. I. Really mean that as well it's like -- They help they've done it. The work not think -- -- it's not. Not like any out yet. I get a couple at you start at the top one. Bryant Saturday is a spring game for the LSU Tigers so what forty you're looking forward to you and I you became an. Well be it it the other two quarterbacks up -- -- you know Anthony Jennings and our. And I think again make it to be restrict the -- not going to be much running game. You know beat that you don't have any doubt it back -- certainly not a whole lot of secret but it'll be up at the line out for all of you will be pretty good. I or let it speak to be well OT -- or. You know that bet but -- like wanna -- out out ya young. The plot. Everything out that -- back at what point at. -- really keep you can't pinpoint to carry on and look at it eat at line order back. Brian Mississippi State done this a touch doubtful -- issue unless the look on the flip soundness and Tigers don't do well Tennessee's -- you -- -- six series -- like to -- we're -- consult. On roto league is tough. Right in and you know you know -- product it's tweaked it. Eat it up to 2008 see him run Alex you would think you lap and want. You know all -- the plate and still won the west ended up international beat. You know that he went on three game winning streak at that point. Swept the last four conference here are you you don't expect that happen very -- So why you know I -- at LSU. It doesn't win four out of six. The next two weekends. I don't think -- there Beijing it being an actual speed pretty lemon and Eric B -- is to be regional. So the next two weeks Derrick Coleman and they -- -- -- AJ while all the -- out the spot. Senior -- of tiger bay dot com -- BO dole on Twitter. Is Brian is on.

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