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4-2 5:35pm Sports Talk: Jim Ross, WWE

Apr 2, 2014|

Deke talks to WWE Hall of Fame Broadcaster Jim Ross about his life and career.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know he was also I. How solid January 8 seconds. And Thursday night. Because Oklahoma pounded it crimson he's a long time who would soon -- famous folks it is a pleasure. The welcome into that need to be a radio legendary. Voice of wrestling GM JR -- Jim Powell. A good rather how are you doing man out today Woody Ayodele might have made you feel when you could talk to a guy like you think it's always nice in the I'm just glad to be above ground it's been held around for me and the rest of business and -- to be able to come back to where all started for me in my career. Forty years ago in New Orleans is absolutely in -- -- Mean it's now unrest in geology you know all of a Texas base dress and all these -- and and a base all the names that the big dog -- Mean it's out harassment the -- dating grooved down here in the wheezing and Mississippi Tennessee Alabama ought to Florida. You will be opponent in the opening game established on TV I was bill -- that -- yard -- television syndication. -- way back in the day and and a he and I got art show long a lot of television stations in the markets that that we are servers -- and Houston. Always at north Diop misery. You know hey I've made drives from Thursday nights at municipal auditorium in New Orleans. All the way back to be in Oklahoma City on Friday night. And that is you know we work we make enough money to get an airplane ticket witness -- a drive. And brother we drove all night to -- collect forty -- -- But I was so happy -- so much. It is that I would trade those expert just Burnett I -- and now the thing that there's going to be. 70000. Plus in the bill on Sunday is in -- expect for a JR Jim Ross is our Spanish against a wrestle mania Thursday the silver anniversary of wrestle mania is here in New Orleans on native brawl on Monday night. The who's who and -- we talked to -- slaughter about a month ago he came in here and he was telling us. It if you renewal Owens and at 340 window you'll see people music industry active sports -- -- that -- here. And its fans with their fans as the key aides aunts and uncles. In join wrestle mania now we've had the Super Bowl experience the final four is mostly in the MBA all star that's what this is. Coming to town this week yeah it's it's that it's amazing deal. You know I got -- Rochelle is tomorrow night at the house of blues and I was having lunch today. Over mothers. And Diana. That young man has helped me out here. I assume we gotta have takes New Orleans so. You know he's a good dominion like you know -- and you just gotta order so he had to step up for grabs so that's what you do would you out of -- and I got I got to crawfish yet to Farrell you know I've got but I I -- knew what I was -- -- -- -- red beans and rice and those -- I -- And Collard greens and cabbage and a total Austin ushered out of them myself tonight. Cause -- load up on the red -- Rusch rather not automatic -- and nobody knew Miller -- around -- but tomorrow not a house of blues are going to be good but. I have it's amazing. The following. We were in Marlins mothers and had these fans but to me from Belfast NORTHERN IRELAND. They got into town yesterday. And there's less of warning all blown home that you were gonna stay until Tuesday you and last year. In the New Jersey New York area they did that independent study that said that wrestle mania -- nine. -- generated a hundred million dollars in new money for those communities here so I think this whole. Thing -- you know is. Though the -- hope presentation. Is great for this area -- in -- statistical death for the. JR Jim Ross has a hospice against -- wrestle mania thirty Sunday here in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in -- on Monday night it's the who's who it's the Super Bowl while wrestling it is going to be in town folks come on out enjoyed you've been up and down Portis. Around the side -- you see all the banners. If he's here everybody starting descend on New Orleans it. And JR let let's go back and let's talk about some of that that the big moments you handle a great moment 2007. Are you go to the hall of fame but I think the meaning of us that what fans. That go watch watch wrestling was it was a Monday night when you guys came on what -- USA network and on and off with. With two out that you guys he was three hours and it was it was just the excitement but it was it was -- just as the considering he was a story -- it lose it with a home what you guys did. How does that work and what would Jerry all of you -- as great in. -- well we kind of became that I don't know -- sounding. As grow Munson was a no no break your arm patting yourself on the back. But I think that. The King and I had had were blessed. To have wonderful chemistry. And we both had done and we enjoyed doing our job I didn't feel like a job really. Is -- adventure did. So. I think you know somebody who will you guys -- -- the Madden summerall of pro -- have to move because of Monday night primetime and -- did there were there was there was weeks. Where there was if it was a bad money not football game. That we had more young men. Watch and money not crawl in here King and I. There were watching money not the ball then it was amazing -- it was a little most phenomenal things and then the course that BC -- came along in. And put their show head to head and we had that big battle you know the money not wars -- -- gonna survive. And you know luckily enough we were we were the one that came up there and race. Quick story about did you are we're at gala issue and then Manning and -- good for renewals -- male roommate. Is -- for San Francisco 49 Monday Night Football. And -- the -- the found in my home thinking we'd see a wade -- seasoning from Cameron Crowe Lafayette Louisiana is occasionally the same. So we get gradient or buys all excited and mean good from the mine rested their ilk are caught in Nene and Eric Griffin and now we're all excited in. And we think the back guy he would because that night. He's the local rock at a main event on brawl and things like we penalties BB anything deal we wanted the ball. So all of a sudden and about and I wanna say about. 630. Before royal come -- some Eagles don't TV would jump in the call on -- -- -- -- to go to Rick solidly in place now Rick's. And and this was in the nanny so I'd just numb minded ways and means Colin zenith TV. -- -- the the last of the big miles when he got the threat screamed yeah I mean it was a brand new -- to show roof for all. You know we got just enough there the load up -- -- season -- lap on me chicken in the food and watched Raleigh about the out of my ninth elbow to -- comes in there. -- let's wash to gain in order -- note nor know DV all -- Tebow the air so you had to leave it -- there you go missile threat. So we got the remote control and -- -- batters in. Said it. Manually on USA and most people came and and is is a little. We love wade and we won't answer is the only one do good but tonight that TV says it does not golfing -- this day and roll caused the rock and don't -- -- -- remain a vehicle and every day that's again all people. If filed and to me I group in the minutes out there junkyard -- are nearly a grapple assumed destroy all of -- a book become -- But their height in JYD certainly. To me it was just a local -- earlier he was just below what was it like to see him in -- come -- -- and have. If you -- -- Nicky wanted to be one that's right I mean he was just some idea slammed -- again he gets you fired. He's he had that thing that you look for in any entertainer. Or any athlete. In you see -- connect whether their fan base. And sometimes it's hard to to define exactly how they did it is organic it was just. But for some reason. I told him one time. He was are still arrested as a villain Baghdad. And I was -- commentary and show was over. Not welcome back into the locker room area but you know -- set up -- for two hours and change. You know challengers of -- Blatter. But download -- phone call -- brother Tom hit it you know I've been without -- stay housing unit Milan they're finally got a good -- to media pressure and that's -- by hours northwest -- said that. As for a -- toward dark success who has a good reason. Had to do so but that's plagued invent those male pampered try to going to be so those suckers of the NASCAR guys use that anyhow. I walk back to block or not posting this invitation -- It just a matter of time. You -- be the biggest fan favorite biggest hero babyface. Whatever. That we've seen a long time and he -- me like I was a government real man he he wore me out. Discuss and knock -- -- and made the cuss at me. In an -- because he wanted to be a villain so Bear Bryant a San Diego change -- They lack who you are I coach you have a work ethic you're. You used YouTube Mikell forget that it -- this. I guess yeah they get lost in your presentation. I said man you don't realize what's awaiting -- People don't generally -- -- T shirts. Of villains are trying to do a little bit now but back in the day. -- was at the end and I either good it's that bad a -- man that one note though that was do you want the other Fisher out and I said it would it would throw to kick start Romanian. And -- you're going to be really happy we have this conversation. And he looked at a whole lot differently and then he became. I remember him Macon a million dollars in one quarter. On T shirt sales just just sell T shirts and caps -- for a quarter. A three month period. A million dollars. And then then then it got really really hot. According for -- to knock the rocking you talk about -- -- -- those three wrestle mania is. I think fifteen. Nine as a seventeen in nineteen. They had. He had a million dollar day and wrestle -- yet thirteen million dollar a year some guys say oh hardy's college football players they'll make an NFL. While they wanna get a wrestler. It's just -- and while it's a career man it's a job. And you can make a lot of money don't have to lose so were working now. You know I would coach Stoops at their Oklahoma he's got all these -- coaching tree -- -- -- coach interest them. If yes success you can bet your sister your gonna get a head job somewhere so where you hope they if they don't so overall attitude so he's got that coaching -- now and I. I'm getting almost guess that says they look to get any kids are not going to be an NFL. So in a mile away let's say let's give a try out -- they may be big enough and strong Nevada big personality that. The necks of some money. In the in pro rest of this and so. What is ever kid go to college for to learn a scale or to get her degree to get a job. That's as it so. If wrestling to be that guy's job what sexual. Trying not a thing not a thing -- -- maximum. Yes indeed JR Jim Ross is our special -- wrestle mania thirty is in town this week in. And -- are in town -- to show at the house of blues among other things also. -- about a barbecue you jerky and he really well you know if I can't -- one -- there you know what the heck I don't understand the world anymore guess. The person would -- podcast came out I got a phone call from a my agent. And and know that and before -- let them to be going only Asian I had was a state farm agent you know in -- that I could be valuable but I don't know I think new -- get out here so. My agent calls -- says. Well yes we do here. Here here -- back to broadcast so -- -- Well you know I came out yesterday in the race came -- you're number one in the sports category which -- what's made me raise eyebrows. You know more in the sports category United States Canada the UK Ireland and Australia. And I almost fell out of my chair and think and what the heck. So in the last several weeks it's been this remain number one pretty consistently in a lot of countries. It's called raw report it's a little deal to get my two Angels and will be of free download the goes out every wins the and I in interview somebody. It is it is come -- you meet talk and I don't have a format in. It's like if you. -- tape recorder -- and and we -- gonna go on a car trip or we went to the local bars and I was Colin. In certain to bar put the microphone there and I just have -- brace that's my style. Is world war at least jail that's all that's -- so my -- and so. But it's been good the barbecue sauce the ketchup mustard jerky the seasonings. I'm I'm actually going to be selling a lot of that at my showed more night in the house of blues. So will be available there. And then -- the fans go to the losers go to access. Which is gonna -- the Super Bowl experience and at the convention center you they have WB's got a big store there. And not and JR stuff is in that story as well so right now we're selling online and have to be shot dot com but -- in town NASA is on the Graham. It's at the house of blues tomorrow -- this is probably all week at the access. I use my mom knows. Original barbecue sauce recipe said. And then Oklahoma -- that the barbecue capital well it's very -- it pretty big business pretty big business and you know when I was underdogs only child we had a 160 acre farm so. Always have a list of projects to do. In because we live in a a war room not bigger number of war room concrete block else that the people that live up Barbara for us. But -- their tails and we admitted to our converted dairy barn to our home. And I sit for a loose of that and included bathroom that we had out now -- for great. But we cooked outside a lot dad smoked. With smoke near venison. Quail. You know beef are obviously ribs and so my job in the summertime. What it was today and hot they're bombed -- both the work. I stayed home get the far right on the thermostat for the smoker that's for my local barbecue smoke in came in and then -- would come and make. Chipmaker -- -- it was set on simmer all day and I have that back the -- the commission had a screen door on him and I'd be outside. It's an illness solves all day only in crisis some of these days alone so that solves. You know and so -- and that's the reason I'm even in that business and not to say have been nick and we're sell lots of it was a lot of -- in an international but it's all on line. And when these days -- delegate looking at the grocery store. JR found out that I had about a a sixty seconds left on the loose a tough question but made maybe they're wrestler dead. Rookie the Moulds always the most unique -- Maybe -- favor just this one -- Hossa is hard to be -- policy was just the main as a man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who most popular pro athlete. Was it Pete Maravich. Was it Archie Manning. Was at the junkyard know until you don't guard dog one is down and plants alive so. And that's all due respect Archie Manning when Manning and late in the late Pete Merritt. Who taught us all about basketball but Girardi was the man. And I'll be talent they want to extort tomorrow not house -- -- -- great time. If you -- calm and it is. The tickets are at the door -- -- ticker hierarchy at my post number -- out and get me tickets today in practice who have upon. JR Jim Ross the legendary hall of Famer take him out ideology barbecued dot com is website he's in town for wrestle maniac and how's the Bustamante are. It has been a pleasure my man thank you so there are a god bless him by Jameel yes indeed this is sports talk on WW yeah.