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4-3 6:15am Scoot, Fort Hood shooting

Apr 3, 2014|

Scoot talks to CBS military analyst Mike Lyons about the Fort Hood shooting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about the Fort Hood shooting it still a lot to be a lot to be learned and when the gunman is dead sometimes it's difficult to figure out exactly. What the motivation wise on three people dead the government is dads that's total four people dead sixteen wounded separately yesterday afternoon. At Fort Hood the nation's largest military base -- lines is a CBS military analyst and retired major major -- -- Tor -- Major what is your first impression off of the news that you've heard from the sport Richard. He had terrible news and just you know the story of you know damaged soldiers with PT at the doing this kind of crime is just something that. You know really strikes in Irvine obviously soldier on the violence is just -- acceptable from. The military perspective it's one thing to you know die in combat -- -- in training instances very dangerous we all understand that that this is something that -- To a preventable on something that people took -- time understanding so. You know Fort -- for all its work -- done to react to the Portland last time unfortunately. Is it again by what is a terrible accident terrible tragedy. So major what is the problem. I think it's a great question -- usually the eating meat kind of things and something goes wrong there's. Ten things that happened before and in each of those situations all the places for one thing to intercede almost ten pull out the -- And next thing you know that the that the situation doesn't happen similar to a plane crash. If this guy's friends -- -- is like somebody knew that he was about to do this for a -- the possibility it is sort. I don't -- Interceded on away possibly cannot get a -- all kinds of things. It would have been prevented but but enforcement didn't happen and then he had to actually have a. Well it it seems like he wears dealing with so many things and I'm I'm not -- I'm not criticizing anybody who has depression or anxiety or psychological or psychiatric issues. But there were silly things going on with him any recently purchased a handgun that seems to seems to be a problem for me. Yeah and and I think that done. In Texas where you know carry permits are probably -- to get in most states. Vs you know understate it down on on post he's not allowed to carry it that's the thing that's. And don't want to restrict. All the weapons opposed to locked away in arms from some. Now live with the police have problems so you know they're they're likely it was a situation where the was medicated and obviously a lot of these soldiers now coming back it was making it's kind of a dirty little secret people. How it's how it's being -- But he was allowed supplied and under some kind of medication for anxiety -- possible traumatic brain injury I think that that particular look at. What the procedures were. There is so always talked about increased security. -- two a military base I can't imagine what increased security would have would have meant to preventing this. Now there's nothing really means. Military police there have a special response team. Really so much can happen in the short period of time that window. Between when it -- What is derived and an accident happens and that's about what took place here so. -- only so much you can do. At the time. And then this particular situation whether that's the plan whether I. You recognize it's gonna create as much damage as he did. He was to be going after one individual's particular -- -- all of those things. I had the investigation will come out and -- Again if there was any -- possible -- preventable. -- hard for rational thinking people to. To get into the mind of somebody who in they've realized that in all probability they're gonna kill themselves that's probably yeah predetermined. Reality it in their minds but they -- they -- if they wanna seek revenge they want exact revenge before. Before they die before their children before they they they kill themselves. It's. I guess it's a shame if if somebody's gonna do something like this that -- They don't kill themselves first I mean I know that sounds horrible but I it's it's hard to get into. Remind -- of somebody who would wanna. Create damage in -- because it would just be them it would just be a moment of satisfaction in your life. Yeah and in fact is that if you're in the military your uncle quarters in both cases you've -- -- tremendous part -- With that person to your left and -- right often that people. Don't they might join the military to put their country that they fight for the person for the weapons out of them. In this particular situation to get something where you felt -- that -- -- the person is just unthinkable -- also. It's just -- surprised if there wasn't any kind of warning in and in the -- to do a better job of that. Try to figure out if the situation indeed did happen become explosive but unfortunately. Of the ten things that. Should've happened prior to the incident. Can portion. CBS military analyst retired major. Michael Lyons thanks for being with us this morning -- -- W -- --

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