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WWL>Topics>>4-3 7:15am Scoot, guns & alcohol

4-3 7:15am Scoot, guns & alcohol

Apr 3, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Dave Newman, with Concealed Carry NOLA, about gun safety

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's been a debate for a long time option as citizens be allowed to carry guns if they've -- the gun legally units. Gun that is licensed and have a permit for a should they be able to carry guns into places that serve alcohol as being considered to once again by the Louisiana legislature. I'm Dave Newman joins us once again on WW Allen Davis with concealed Nolan dot com also Hillary certified pistol instructor -- registered with. Louisiana state police state it's always a pleasure welcome -- shows. I agent during the concealed carry no dot com. The open. I apologize for that concealed carry all day. In this discussion about carrying a gun into a place that serves mostly food in. Be the examples that the representative in the legislature used was a place like Applebee's or or chili's. From the standpoint of an instructor like yourself. What is this what is the feeling about bring your gun with you at a place that serves alcohol. Well I mean in the the information that we give to students that are carry guns concealed in the -- you know legislation and -- come conceal the apartment. It says that you can't carry in a bar that you can't area restaurant -- -- -- -- or confusion between that action. Well we you know law and another secular you can't carry a -- -- any alcohol. Or all conserve and -- consumption on the -- While you could get -- anywhere -- clearly people goes to one place with one important to our place yeah. Exactly so. To me I mean I absolutely understand the reason why they want separate -- because I mean a lot of people go to a restaurant not origin well at the same time. You know me do these comedies section of the cards you carry laws that is that. Can't carry while you're drinking and have a blood alcohol oh oracle but for -- which is probably. What -- are are -- at that -- graders are basically we do is teach people dispute and it carried out drinkers and the -- your point 05. And that we make sure -- state. -- but it it it seems like this is is motivated by this idea and every so what this representative from Mosher says. It was motivated by the idea that -- I need to have a gun with me all the time because if I go to Applebee's or chili's or someplace like that I wanna be able to protect my family. While it got so much. In the restaurants -- -- lot of people misconception about that he could ever by -- got one or seventh. And and and and -- the -- -- one and do that. It is the transitory period where you're most honorable boat attacks are so there are occurring in that transitory period in -- called caller -- and we shall work. Or you -- restaurant cord going shopping or something like that. So that's where they wanna be a hypocrite but you know yeah in my car. I needed when I'm transferring from the court where goal. Well that makes more sense then is going to a place where you feel like you know if I'm sitting at a table I'd better have my gun with me because I don't know what's gonna happen. Right I mean they want and they wanted to have a whip them so that they were -- -- -- their and there are so let me go to you want me what you did in that transitory period it's still. As always Steve thanks for your insight. Art group think.

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