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4-3 8:10am Scoot, bullying

Apr 3, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about how parents of bullies could be liable for the bullying

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Out Cox David a congressman is -- now predicting that by the end of this decade marijuana prohibition will be lifted in part will be legal in this country and I see that is a strong possibility when well that that trend out to states legal recreational use Tony stayed actually over forty states heavily. Or at least twenty states have thought allowed medical uses of marijuana and a Democrat from -- their congressman Earl -- an hour. That says that he thinks the game is over and they -- in five years of marijuana will be legal everywhere. You know that would be another one of those lasting legacies of the baby boomer generation which ship popularized pot in the sixties and seventies yeah and if you think about those people what maybe started with pot smoking in the sixties as. Long haul wait for that that could become legal on the -- -- many many years. And you remember the crackdown and Nelson and some closures were you know we're gonna wipe this out then. One on and everything went to jail for a long long time this summer still in jail you know -- for a -- and are. In -- remember the hysteria. Over -- what it would duty you and again I'm not promoting marijuana I don't smoke if it was legal I would smoke it's my choice I don't particularly like the -- makes me feel but. You know like as long as alcohol is legal in this country I don't have a problem with with marijuana being legal did you ever see reefer madness I was just gonna bring that up -- -- about the heavy -- is it's it's a comedy but you know that's what they really I think that's really from the that the forties mentality 40s50s mentality. It if you. What do you smoke or not if you haven't seen reefer madness off if you if you -- just take a look at how hysterical. People worry about pot it would it would duty you. I mean my god may be if the guy. Was was doing a lot of really good cocaine you might act like that -- -- in the -- I've never seen anybody on -- act that -- -- -- -- to have like one -- -- marriages you know giggling and laughing hysterically running -- all around the room and its fifth is important or not. Yeah if you haven't if you haven't seen it and you you wanna. You wanna go back and see what this country once thought of fodder what a lot of people -- on -- I'd take a look at a reefer madness it's it's very funny and how many years did you say discovered in five years and five years by the end of the decade. I should parents of bullies be brought to court and forced to pay a fine. If their child is a bully. Would add that -- our conversation we've also this morning talking about. The shooting at Fort Hood yesterday and a guy who bought a handgun recently who was dealing with mental health issues where they severe enough to where he should have been able to buy a gun. Again there are those who say no matter what you should be able to have a -- to -- blog this morning we've also been talking about is at the Fort Hood shooting a call for more guns or. More gun laws eyes on our website at WW -- -- comets also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. -- so we're gonna add to the conversation this idea that. But the parents of bullies should be taken to court. And find. Given it a really big flied to pay if their child as a bully a recent court ruling in New Jersey would make New Jersey the very first date. To allow this to happen. That a good idea to the parents of bullies. Being held accountable and fines. If their kids bully other kids. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A text Amber's age 787 basic thirteen Thursday morning and -- will be right back -- -- WL. It affects our show I hope you're having a great morning. It's cloudy but the chance of rain really arrives tomorrow Saturday and mostly on Sunday I hope that changes it doesn't ruin your weekend but. You know as what we we can't control that is the weather's so even if it rains to figure out something fun to do this weekend I here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. I should you would be able to carry a gun with you in an establishment that serves alcohol 69% say no and 31% say yes give us your opinion like going to our website WW real dot com. We're all thrilled to have Angela Hillis part of our radio family had to be WL and she's got some great stuff coming up on our show today at 1 o'clock it's an OMG interview. What if you grew up and you saw your father brutally strangled stray animals and then you learn as a teenager that he -- committed wine. But more than one murder he was the happy face serial murder. She's gonna talk to Melissa more of the author of the book shattered silence the untold story of the serial killer's daughter that -- to a -- it's it's -- to do votes from WW LTV. The political analyst and publisher of gambit weekly put Ochoa and Angela. All of that coming up with an open mind -- Angela Angela during Angela hill today in weekdays one to four here on WW well. I'm -- in four Tommy Tucker the so there's this new ruling in in New Jersey. That would give a school official the power to find a parent. Of -- -- And defined in big bucks. Should parents of bullies. Be brought to court forced to pay if their child as a bully do you think that most kids are bullies. Because of the parents. If that's the case then should parents be held accountable to join us for your comment our numbers 2601870. -- 38668890. X seventy and a text number is 8787. Tim your Honda VW on good morning. -- more risky and -- idea to take exception to some New Year's Day this morning starting. Highly trained -- that got shot I hear you. Secondly. I think the founding fathers. Or very delicate and when they created bill writes I think they actually knew that -- -- -- about this country is founded our right I don't own. Again I don't Jerry. I believe those rights were trapped by intelligent guys that knew their top talent they extort. Twenty odd years ago a guy named crews. Walked out the front door to shut up and shut it get across the street are grumbling about it because it bothered him. Drove up the Wal-Mart. Saw the lady -- out Wal-Mart in Egypt would have been fourteen branch right shattered yeah. Went into the Wal-Mart. Several other people people sporting goods or those store try it firearm now. Walked outside saw another -- again and cargo across the street. The Winn-Dixie the first fully operational with a guy named Grogan squad cars up through the windshield in the head job at. The -- guy right behind motorcycle. Shot him in the ankle. The guy crawled on the squad car -- walked around I'm like are par five rounds in the of that police officers -- Guy and the parking lot that was a fair distance away about -- 45 and he declared that mr. cruise. -- The crew went to the shot and -- someone else then to treat it -- how late actually are hostages opted for a day. William resist stealing jail. But I believe it and people around shooter yet. Arms out he'd made it to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- it the right to Kerrey's I think a lot different from defective everybody should be carry. Mean everybody I don't I don't agree that everybody. I don't. Enter into and I talked about the talked about the police officer of the retired police officer Tampa we showed some audio and movie theater. That's an example Simonyi who restraint but still this is further proof that not everybody should have a gun but if you're going to have a -- I think it's important to be trained how to use it properly and Wendy's. And when I. You know -- make -- he was successful we -- sir I think he took the thirty year retired. There's just -- that really you know colander that you can't get strength. Bill colander if you like on and on and it around you -- done. -- -- And then that they would act of nineteen wanted we're not gonna have -- -- it would not have thirteen. Mean yeah. You can't you can't be certain that those people who pull out guns to shoot the gunman in a restaurant we're gonna be good shots you can. -- they got they got it tried to stop the that the guy that was killed in the lead up or Bombay. An economic data out trying with a forty. I was in the military and -- forty by the party in the -- living thing that fifty feet and god. You know that people can do it but it's not the average guy I could do it and I was -- by the united states military here. Tim I appreciate your comments this morning got to get through traffic update if you wanna join us through your comment this morning about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's only a text a -- 787. It's a 22 Thursday morning that scoops in the morning and for Terry Tucker will be right -- here's another -- got a dual track. There -- problems. -- -- legislature is going to consider a bill that really kind of re defines things says this this new deal would allow you to bring a gun into a restaurant. It serves alcohol and got a couple of text of people who said you should be able to bring a gun into. A restaurant that serves alcohol but not into a bar. This search food and this has been -- -- W a project -- people should you be allowed to carry gun into an establishment that serves alcohol here's an update on the poll 70% saying no. So the majority of people saying no is growing a 30% say yes and you can give us your opinion by going to WW real -- count. And it's -- blogs about the shooting at Fort -- we've also been talking about them on the show this morning. Why is this shooting got a call for more guns or more. Gun laws and that's a trending on our website at WW dot com also part of the FaceBook conversation. On our FaceBook page to be WL radio. -- -- is -- about bullying bullying today is not just verbal and it's physical. And also cyber. A threatening accusatory. My kids were victims. Now what is sad is when the school won't take action schools are just disband and then dispersant mentions 123. Three prominent Catholic schools. Have issues American name and three Catholic schools have issues and a lawsuit. Is pending because of what I've stated. There are schools that one denied the bullying problem because of legal reasons and I hope that that would not include. The Catholic Church I hope that we don't include. Any school and I guess that one of the questions is is is being a bully learned behavior. Is that something that comes from from the home or is that something that comes from inside a child. And New Jersey is taking a big step in they sets a precedent here. Which would allow a school district in new court ruling in New Jersey allows a school district the power to fine parents big bucks. If your kids are bullets. Now. When we talk about bullying yes included in this today is. Cyber bullying bullying on social network FaceBook -- Twitter. I know I know people who have teenagers. And their kids are often distraught. Because. Of bullying online bullying and -- Twitter FaceBook or whatever. I think kids need to become a little tougher. There seems to be this idea of America that will nobody should ever be offended but nobody should offend you when nobody should but would probably were growing up. People said offensive stuff to us all the time. Whatever happened to teaching kids instead of saying oh my god my child's been bullied online whatever happened to the conversation look. It doesn't matter what anybody can say about you. It doesn't change who you war and should never change your opinion of yourself. There will be police throughout your life. In school. There -- police in the workplace. And I assure you if you don't work at a place now it is a bully you work somewhere where there was somebody who was a bully. In the workplace. There are people who say derogatory things about you your entire life. And they -- generations need to be given. Permission to just to deal with that and not get distraught over it of course it hurt your feelings and I'm not downplaying that at all. But shouldn't we teach young people. To better deal with. The reality of being bullied in life as opposed to trying to protect him from everything that's offensive. And I was bullied in school. More verbally than than physically. But I mean I was pushed around -- kids. An analyst -- discredited. And run home and cried in my mommy and daddy that I was bullied at school. -- again nobody should bully. But I think the other part of this debate should be about. About teaching kids to deal. With things that are offensive. And there's no guarantee you're gonna go through life now or later and not be offended. So you have to learn to be strong and deal with that. If you and enjoy pressure with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Tex is a 7870. It's 830 -- execute in the morning for Tommy -- this week and here's a. VW world news updates from space debris were talking about a court ruling in New Jersey that would get school officials the power to fine parents of bullies big box of their kids are guilty of bullying other kids. Which we suggested it's a learned behavior and it comes from from the hole. Where were you bullied when you were in school problem bit. You know we we we look at just -- -- Ago wasn't -- you always tell you more man. You read some of these full as some of its next idol you and I don't even higher -- They'll detect that idea I'm -- and still bully did is David you know you just gotta be tough I read it does somebody have often talked about my years cities Jefferson. And I said I was the guy that did you know everybody wanted to beat up. And I ran into a guy Saint Patrick's Day at Paris halls all aboard big sick guy gap -- -- I was one of the guys who tried to be jump on it as well as I am sorry. But I apologize at all hours later nice area. Yeah I I've heard they're quite a few stories about bullying over the years you know other people that haven't done them I did okay. Considering I moved around a lot and I was new a lot of schools all the time. I think that makes you subject to scrutiny. But you know I -- I just have heard these stories. Women. And then doesn't seem to make any difference and the cruelty is just unbelievable. But I do something else for God's sake and leave the people won't know quite often. I think what motivates bullies is this idea that they're really more insecure and sides then they would wonder where admit and they. They wanna put somebody else down which actually makes them feel better about themselves out just evil evil stuff. I don't like here's a text that breeds. -- -- kids today if they get bullied and commit suicide that falls on the parents the parents need to toughen them up. A little. Yet because society is making kids weak today. My dad said. When he got bullied. When he was a kid. He just tried to beat the hell out of the guy and after the after the bullying. He -- get the guys respect. I am and I don't suggest that you know about -- thank you Nevada drafts -- -- a lot of the -- today is. Is emotional and it's it's mental it's it's on the Internet it's -- error but again I think I've really think parents should spend some time. Telling their kids that you're going to be bullied it's part of life. And you just need to deal with it and not let it define who you Warren I think -- far too often cancer ours are ours so. Sheltered. And protected that is like oh my god -- I've been fully well you know. Just teach him that. That's not gonna change who they are you think maybe it could be part of school instruction in May get to that point -- have a class. People not to bully people -- might think it really comes back to what parents teach your kids but that's just my opinion. Hey we're gonna talk to Kevin Griffin Better Than -- tomorrow between 930 intent about the twelve and -- as were open charity benefit. That's taking place at the with a veteran and as for foundation Saturday April 12 at house of blues. Also that includes a concert my head of investment house it was a great place to see them. The foundation raises a lot of money for a number of causes in and around the world we'll also talk to Kevin tomorrow about the new better than as a single crazy lucky. And a new CD scheduled to be released this summer. Do Better Than Ezra is now in effect would give you a sample of the new president as the song when we come back after this break I've -- it for Tommy Tucker and we'll be back. Whatever WL. This is so brand is better than answers what is called crazy like. And I'd like to do better than us right now I don't it's I don't think it's now again we'll talk to Kevin Griffin the president tomorrow. -- -- to -- content on his future also tomorrow morning I thought we talk about what kind of crowd. Can expect for wrestle mania this weekend. You know we've had Super Bowls and final fours and we've had. Recently NBA all star game with had a lot of lot of big events in this city. And then this morning draw I have no idea what to expect with wrestle mania but we'll talk about penalty shoot tomorrow. Here's -- WW up pretty general opinion poll this morning should you be able to bring a gun with you into an establishment that serves alcohol. It is your opinion by going to WWL dot com a we've been talking this morning about the Fort Hood shooting. At the army post and Killeen Texas it happened late yesterday a -- been identified by multiple sources as specialist -- Lopez. He and allegedly killed three people sixteen were wounded and then he killed himself this is again according to the information we're getting now. He was also somebody who just arrived at Fort Hood from another base back in February hasn't been at Fort -- that long. He served in Iraq for four months in 2011 he was undergoing treatment for depression anxiety and other psychological and psychiatric issues. And being evaluated for PT SD. He also complained about suffering from a traumatic brain injury he was on medication. He recently purchased handgun. And 45 caliber Smith & Wesson is believed to have -- the gun used. Should this have been somebody who was allowed to legally purchase a gun that may be a question -- blog this morning on our website and our FaceBook page having -- radio. Is set titled is the Fort Hood shooting a call for more guns or more laws. We've also been talking about a law that is bill is being considered that would make it. A legal in new law would actually we defied the law that's on the books and allow people to bring guns with them into places like go to restaurants sinden. The representatives in new brochure on mentioned today if if somebody goes to chili's or Applebee's they they need to be able to protect themselves and their family. I don't know how many people feel threatened to being at a place like that or. Going in and out of a place like that. Is there really need for a -- in a situation like that you make totally disagree. With what I write in -- game and that's of course just fine you can give your opinions if you want. Our website at -- VW go to our economy might totally agree I've got a text a moment ago from somebody said death thanks for some. Some honest good thinking. About the topic of bullying and -- I get a text here that says that you and your politically correct ways on the reason kids are soft today. Or understand the connection there because they're talking about making -- stuff. You you're not tough because you hit somebody you're tough because you learn how to how to deal with what things what people say about it. But let's be honest about this. Not everybody's gonna like it doesn't matter who you are or what you do not everybody is gonna like Q. And for the people criticize you -- their people who don't like them. And it's just been my observation with all of this talk and there's there's so much -- in the media by bullying that I almost think it's morbid media -- unity is. A bigger problem than -- -- I'm gonna accept checks of people say well it's a lot different today I do understand that. But to some degree it's not any different. Because we didn't have the technology but we still have people saying bad things abouts. And now more people could say bad things and boy you -- FaceBook. Twitter. Other ways -- -- they don't have to they don't have to see you face to face. They have to talk you on the phone. So. -- the social technology today the social media gives cowards. Way to be bullies. But since you can't stop that from happening. I think the best reaction to that is if your parent. Teach your kids to deal. With things. Did -- said about. It doesn't change who you are just be too often teach him to blow it off. I've coached in for Tommy to factor 8:51 on this Thursday morning and here is an epidemic of state or province. It's 8564 minutes until 9 o'clock time spooks in the morning for Tommy Tucker this week. Here's an update on our WWL pretty segment of people something we've been talking about this morning. Aides say concerning legislation in the legislature this session I should -- be able to bring a gun into an establishment that serves alcohol. A 72% say no. A surprise but it's 20% say yes it is your opinion by going to WW old account meals have been talking about the Fort Hood shooting. And visits to blog about that again there will be many of fuel totally disagree with me and Betty you might agree region and cheer when others give us your comments if you like it's our web site. At WW dot com also trending as part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which is to be a dual radio we've also talked about bullying is something happening in New Jersey. Which is something that could set a -- around the country. There was a court ruling that would allow school officials to bring parents to court. And fine them big box. If their kids bully. It's holding the parents accountable. And that is why do just a conversation about bullying in general. Which is a big topic today and I think that it's in all honesty I think it's more. I think it's more media hype. Than it is a problem that is in new problem. And somebody touched on this in a blog a few moments ago I mean a -- if you -- this ideas it. It's did did people to reach UNC terrible things to you and and you commit suicide. You know there may be other things going on in your life and not just the bully but nobody. Nobody should. Should be so affected. By something that somebody else says to you that you went into life. Here's a text that -- small kids don't always have the option of beating the hell out of the guy. People that say that are ignorant and rarely interested in defending physically weaker. And gentle kids. Here is. Attacks that -- abusive parents would become more abusive if they had to pay a. Fine for their child being a bully not a good idea. And here is a text. I'm your age. When someone. Avoided our time it was face to face. When. They tried it on me I would simply. -- cold -- him and that's all I had to do this worked very well. And and did much more as well. There's always that there's always that option but sometimes if you stand up to a bully you actually win respect from the bully. You know police. In many ways police are armed mentally weak people. Have to feel the need to pray on somebody that you can -- That says that's a tremendous sign of weakness. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about a possible new direction for the Republican Party Rand -- talking about it. I'm studio Khatami and we'll be right back.

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