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4-3-14 11:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

Apr 3, 2014|

Garland talks about the legalization of marijuana with Howard Rahtz of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to a no blur. Among many show is on the drug laws in the United States in the old thing. A couple of things reciprocated this show -- we had. State trooper represented the ball and a area who legislate war from Baton Rouge on. Talking to build build now for the legislature that would give a mandatory two years and it's -- users. A her a of Carol. And the reason being. There is an epidemic in particularly open Vermont but all of this country would done shows on it. And I think the state troopers said over 140 something like that people dead. So for -- from Harold -- in this state. And in the mean time. A University of Texas have numbers cited his kimbo starting. That said. Medicinal medical marijuana. Does not lead to increase in crimes stood statistics over. Certain period and up for the game well and ironically enough -- chronicling. -- it's realize him separate figures on the show when it writes the pole winner ritzy starting. I can guarantee. You. That either in short order or long power there will be another poll that shows just the opposite. Most of them -- -- -- influenced by the people who wanna be told that what they believe is true. Stewart it's -- hard to understand and you choose strictly bought holds these days. What we're doing a regular basis we call -- DO law enforcement. -- the law enforcement against prohibition. Made up primarily of retired law enforcement of the troops. We have one today -- brought so little experience teaching your career Cincinnati police department. Police captain. Swap negotiations. Team coordinator. Central by east controlled section he shifted focus from drug enforcement. Too long term strategic efforts improved efficiency. And that that came up with seizure aboard drugs money and that's that from traffickers. Supervisor for a methadone program. Executive director of the alcoholism council. And the creditors goal -- own and all of and so captain during happen to have you Wear this -- that they were calling them. I'm happy to be here thanks for the opportunity. Give give people an idea of exactly what to -- is what did she made all of what's whose mission statement. Well it is made up primarily. Retired and active police officers prosecutors and judges. All of -- have come to the conclusion that the drug war huge failure. And it's time to look for a different strategy. And most of the people that I've talked to will leave. When I've asked him about places like Portugal that decriminalized. And and everything -- -- says it's been a tremendous benefit on the plus side. -- most of the people Levi talked to weren't that much in favor of decriminalization. Is that correct. You know it we we throw these terms are a lot of times we were not very specific about what we mean. True -- is. More for legalization decriminalization. Things so open on we're just not paying any attention to it. For instance Merrill models. There's a difference between decriminalization. And legalization first server along. Well we're advocating is moving there want it to the regulated. Marketplace. Where we have controls on who -- it. What the prices. And advertising. Page news. Right now position in the control drug court. If you wanna give Maryland 2 o'clock. In aggregate accurate thirteen years old wanna do it you can give. And what worsening and is regulated market players. Is more efficient and controlling. Drug use there and David -- cartels. Why is it dead. So we -- the publications are read end. Local law enforcement people that I talk to on the on the shore all the record. In particular prosecutors. Are so adamant that. Marijuana is that India. Gateway drug. That it's much more highly addictive than it's ever been. They're toxic substances that weren't in the book pork there -- prohibition does his best. They sell virtually the same things you saw an eighteen years -- Well you know that you you've mentioned two things there that are that are really interest -- one is. It's more powerful than ever before the -- -- more are portable -- that's absolutely true potency is actually encouraged. And there's ingredients and it. That we don't know what what's in there because it's a legal product product product quality control on this stuff. So those two things are actually. Exhibit in the affair earlier in the war on drugs. It's the war on drugs work in marijuana would be less powerful would cost more. And -- the two criteria that the federal government uses. To about 200. If we're winning it will be unsuccessful. The purity should be lower in the price should be higher and in fact there were fifty years exact oppresses the Kirk. So. By that criteria. We're we're barking up the wrong tree here. Here I had a report on the evident. Where the DEA. Said all the are able to -- uses about 10% of traffic. -- think the the public. A dent in any time in the future may say to prosecutors. And will enforcement are. You think this stuff is so back. Bad you want -- to pay ET thousand dollars a year for every person who put in -- When the Romero -- brew beer and water -- You want to prosecute. You would -- prison school and -- right shores that the war on drug works. Were you couldn't tell what we've got to do get -- whole lot more taxes. Or you gonna get better of what to do you ever see the wave coming back at. The prosecutors and police saying okay this is what you want to start truant from results. I I don't see that happening I mean I just. The war on drugs is increasingly viewed as a total earlier by almost everybody bears. Some folks that are but the bitter and by you know in my Italian justice David Maryland can be legalized in my lifetime. Did not see it in my lifetime that I've changed. I believe it can happen in the next couple years -- tipping point now. And I think you know what's going on in Colorado. And Washington. I have a brother lives in Colorado and other friends that there were -- legalized. And you know what this. -- -- that included let me take a break hopefully we'll get -- Mexico we're talking to. Retired police captain member of law enforcement against prohibition. Is the WTO brigades celebrity AM 053 yep. We are. On the radio talk room with the or murder of police captain retired police captain of proxies. Member of law enforcement against prohibition on national organization. -- a lot of members of the former law enforcement people. Captain Bronx we've got a caller got a very interesting. Thought he thing eurobond would the food products. -- my father I thank you might call that bit is that -- perhaps we intimate understanding. Is that true purpose of the drug war and if we ordered -- our view of what it's true purpose maybe. Then that -- we might think well drug wars is working exactly as intended it's working very well. And that is to create a billion dollar -- bureaucracy. You borrow the money and find the beneficiaries are. -- some money. And down. And it's not necessarily a streak to control. To exert a certain amount of control over the -- blows illegal drugs. For the benefit of people. Including those people -- law enforcement. And military. A -- very close is many people is in course might do -- ex military expert on court and local enforcement. And that they -- I know people who have written down. Time to cocaine being -- military aircraft in. In united states military bases. Are people who -- on -- certainly. Firsthand witness down local law enforcement dealing cocaine openly. So there's there's money to be made an -- there and this year the. How hard. I think a lot of people made you laugh of what you conceive but bear with me a world for all three dots. Try to connect him -- a -- in real credence to what you've been saying because everything learned over the last yours. I think you've been right. I'm sure you Pollard did HSBC you've been second largest bank in the world. Out of London and on -- -- -- and and it's. -- dozens -- -- Lloyd's of London Wachovia bank. In particular -- its BC bank but all of them. Caught not once not twice with multiple -- and long to ring. Billions of dollars not just with two major drug cartels and Mexico. But also for terrorist in Syria and Iran. They were finally -- stopped. By giving them buying the Nixon and no member of Indian banks wherever name. And charge. Ever sent to prison now. Look at the two major prison corporations in this country are all on the new York stock it. They tell all their shareholders. They're concerned about the legalization. Of marijuana. To hurt their profits end. They also point out that in their contract with the majority state that they -- one report states. They have a clause in there that requires 80% occupancy. Over a twenty year period so. We've got to supply. People for the -- of those corporations. And finally. -- -- -- -- -- First explain to me. That -- and the feds or the local pleased with the state please -- Drug property with the boats and Holmes. The local people get 7080%. Of that when it's auctioned. In the bids get ten or 15%. If you only those who read together. And you find out the true it's anybody's been saying right on -- Well. In saint Ursula corruption associated it was -- that's -- And the one thing he didn't mention was the corruption of the Mexican government. And there's a book called Marco and I'm Mexican reporter name Hernandez. -- document its drug traffickers involved at the highest level of the Mexican government. And you know he talked about local officials openly dealing cocaine I've not seen. But I'm noted Chapman incidence and New York police officers. And some other places -- stealing drug dealers. And and then putting them back on the street the famous French connection carries. -- all that Caroline is confiscated was kicked out of police property room. And and resold on the streets so you know there's absolutely no -- big money. Brings big corruption. And you know that Karl Marx said that capitalism gave people enough rope and they'll they'll feel sorry that wrote the match. A little bit what some of the banking stuff is. You know with all the money and you do see this conference call and you know probably -- that we can. Go to go on and on and make new laws. Take People's Court that slaps on the wrist that. You know let's let's just changes -- -- mutual consent or at the georgians. Let's just legalize the stuff can be done that. And this city police in the legislature -- on the show -- week earlier earlier this week. And say that we're gonna take users give them the minimum. Through your jailed since it's because people are dying from -- But how do you respond. Well I I think it's that -- silliness. That's not a problem just down there. You know time and now we're really in the best -- major heroin problem. And -- -- the -- Ireland problem is exhibit today for the figure but. After fifty years -- amber. Came initially out of concern about airport in the 1970. So. Yeah and in what Beltre is -- never been stronger. And never being cheaper well those are two of the biggest indictment -- the war on drugs that can thank outs. And here's the deal and I'm sure it's probably similar in new war launched yesterday our attic in the war insurgents that are almost anywhere else in this country. Want to get treatment as I am trying to get him into a treatment program. The best they're probably gonna do is adequately. Matched. Sure what in essence we do instead of spending and he says 181000 dollars a year. Put them in prison which is going to be noted that warehouse and come right so this problem. Let's get these boats in the treatment program. And we can get a -- the arms of the drug -- Because these fanatics. Our high volume customers of the drug cartels. There there being. They're almost in new year drug pusher -- customer. That continuity for you so we should do everything we can't get those votes out of the illegal market. And treatment. And we need to expand treatment capacity. And residents spent in the money Sampras and well let's expand treatment -- -- into productive I guarantee viewers get better results. It is herb. A look to -- got to take -- break news can you say were there longer. Sure -- terrific. We're talking durable retired police captain eighteen years since and that a member of law enforcement against. Prohibition of drugs it's so large national organization. We're coming right back. Your thoughts comments questions to music 0170. Told 3866. And nine and zero itself. Ripping good about in the pink tank in talking about drugs once again this time because and a legislature. Is considering a bill to make heroin usage. A minimum two year prison sentence. -- one of the authors on the year video to their from the legislature. And the state trooper. Saying that they pull back this and and giving reasons. Why it was a good idea. We're talking to Howard -- -- this point. Retired police captain member of an organization Colby. Law enforcement against prohibition. Howard once again I apologize because we -- keep. Re setting the table because people come in and out of -- -- pretty frequently. Give people an idea what is the point two million up -- and give me an estimate of how many members. Well I'm not sure on the membership numbers I believe it 5000 -- ago. Active duty -- retired law enforcement. -- probation parole prosecutors'. Charges. And then we will -- of other folks that are just interest in the issue of acre turtle a 30000 job. Overall members. Kuwait he'll likely is probably the most credible Ortiz. And talking about law and talking about drug policy reform. Because we've been here in the trenches. We know firsthand what the drug war like Cheryl. I think we speak people then Kendall. You were eighteen years so please captain those who -- police department. -- it that that change shoes you know didn't start off as a policeman saying that drug wars not working digit. I didn't. -- -- -- When I went to device control unit which is our city -- -- -- responsibility for that you are -- enforcement. When he came out -- -- -- new strategy targeting mid level dealers. Previously focused on -- street knuckle or so. Private about you know five and ten dollar. Very. And we arrested thousands of those guys and these earlier mentioned there. All the money that's -- corrections -- wanting the drug wars and they're going jail cells. Are fighting in any sense Specter and I. And you know -- a lot of stock in. Our Corrections Corp. of America -- that are bought and. Though there are two very big corporations. Bullets that hit the debt so anyway. We witness may. On capitol weekly basis we European very successful in terms. A restaurant people. She's in big amounts of drugs seizing weapons. I'm seeking money. And I would ask our guys. Knows anybody locker. It's a hard time on because. The big but we made this week and they can never look me in the science say yes. And the same thing you know we recently. Noted the date -- some nice work in getting -- -- Guzman is probably. You know one of the biggest. Cartel leaders in the world. And you know people were asking one impact does that have on the drug market and the culture news and it'll be miniscule -- -- We are always somebody willing to step -- And take. Control these things. And if you think back to our -- -- -- alcohol prohibition. Probably defeat the Al Capone and cartel. We defeated that not untouchables machine guns. And not by busting out girls beer and whiskey. But legalizing alcohol. That was the end of organized crime related to. Alcohol trafficking. And -- we forget that lesson over and over. And you know this. During -- we've got legislators. Wanting to put in mandatory sentences or heroin users we've been doing that for fifty years. And are able to straighten this relationship has been great success. It's time the transom and you know. Aren't -- let me bring more liberal listeners antsy and you're wrong would kept. It. -- financing. Probably. Very good. Fortunately -- in this area art and now by nine YE a regretted that and came. The morning. Called me instead. Well and you know well for me and make it compact and the and -- into reality -- So are -- any more lake -- it could be complicated. And it. Apple isn't. And -- -- -- in Maryland when you pointed out. Like. It wouldn't it would and think it's discouraging and apparently that late in -- -- and people now are. When that out. -- go out there ready because wouldn't -- -- -- Now on rehabilitation I think obviously. People in jail. Is working. On pre network. And not call. Eight cleaned out and -- -- What I -- and look around my also important for your loss to save the very least. On the captain. If if if Rush Limbaugh gets hooked on toxic content. It makes publicity seekers and view likes to -- -- but what did you eat what you didn't become. There because of drug use drug pusher. Think it is that toxic content is is a drug routes so addictive. Virtually can't break it. But if you get that world book edges some help but it -- Irwin you're peppers. Well in his interest in in here in the -- in the country. We have had a tremendous prescription drug problem. And lots of people -- and I actually cotton they're not cheat code and then all this -- and get hooked on it. And then as that were drawn. Where they could they lose their jobs there run out of money loser health insurance. Then these people are transitioning -- Which is cheaper and immediately available. And are over this there now among young people is now the single largest cause death in the state of Ohio. Just -- auto accidents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barely extremely difficult to get all Fatah and. Treatment works and it works pretty well and it's got out of there rap because relapse -- pretty much a part treat people. -- -- a big percentage of folks who don't make -- course are. Put him in the second time and other percent makes it currently in the third term of a percent. So. You know with all chronic diseases diabetes epilepsy. Heart disease which -- the same sort of -- So include certain get discouraged. And just the most tragic thing about the ladies. Story is that it's preventable. -- we wish it and it global ship. And -- and -- cloture on the plow back money and that it took a black coal presents. And -- -- it just it makes essentially. You go listen to them on -- -- -- -- -- -- listen because people here who we -- and we'd say put him in his cell mobile borrowers now you're from the come out they won't warn no more year. Well there. History and doesn't -- Insurance and don't believe me I'm laughing -- it to him to take a break here come back one last segment. Thank you so much for staying with -- were -- were talking to a retired police captain of Cincinnati. Is a member of a very large organization national organization made -- of wall and horsemen and people retired and active judges please you know agreement. That are against prohibition. Of -- A legislature. Backed by the state police and law law enforcement people. Are now considering a bill -- for users would put two and jailed or two years minimum. We have thousands of people who disagree with -- they're members of what's called law enforcement. Against prohibition leap. We have one of those members retired police captain out of Cincinnati. Team yours in the forced Howard -- would this. Howard for where you get into the questions again let me go to logged on honored your own -- -- The government try. Yeah I think it is in jail. People are. -- -- -- An eight -- course and Al. It all -- Unit and I. -- And and that is what appeared. To block. God that's a great point and and we should be doing because even if we're not locking up people for heroin possession which is what Ian. Proposed. -- here in and out. In jail just some percentage of them they're going to be. Driving under the influence. They're going to be involved in fights that are going to be involved in some crime activity. And whenever we have been in the criminal justice system. And we decide. -- penalty for that behavior. Whether it's assault whether it's burglary whether it's a DUI. Driving the influence. They need to be held responsible for that behavior and at the same time. We should be treating them for their addictions that they don't read and so even if heroin possession has decriminalized are still going to be somatic and treatment. In jail that we need to take care of just like there are alcoholics. Or not arrests and people -- drinking or possession of alcohol but when they cross those lines. Eli assault other crimes. They've got did you need to be provide an entry in jail so -- don't. Captain will what is it educated people that I speak to law enforcement. Politicians. Lawmakers prosecutors. One isolated them. While -- and still do in the war on drugs a Dem or cute kid porn to in these statistics. That even should she asked. -- fractionally. Accomplishing. Here and they always pat me on the head and say. Where you don't Garland kids out there dying apparel and there are dying -- -- -- Whatever it is over 102 -- this year in the Louisiana long. What are but he appeared out. Under the war on drugs to mean. It is just such a contradiction it's so obvious to me you're here to bring an update statistics out than it is -- and I you wanna do more of -- -- And and when I say -- them. Well the signal get alcohol we got 28 people a day dying one every 51 minute. It cost all of -- a 132. Billion dollars a year. We got 88000. Deaths a year when the smoking it comes of 440000. People killed every year. Why don't should make those illegal. In the archery is because it's illegal prohibition doesn't work. -- But we're gonna to be boomers trying to continue. It's amazing. Very quickly for the people out there that there were calling in. A note sitting at their phones so called bottom line is marijuana is gay breed drug. Reports. You know that that term date rape drug. Came from named Bob DuPont who was Nixon's original drugs dollar and what he -- -- ones that. A lot of the people who are having problems with cocaine and Ireland also struck where water he made the assumption that they were causes things. Research is pretty much. Disprove that and but what it is true. Is that Merrill -- because -- you know illegal drugs is the gateway into the illegal drug market. People are -- to buys some marijuana. Needed dealer this dealer has Chinese menu of options. Including Merrill. Crack cocaine heroin methamphetamine. Together so -- -- summit it's. You know you're fine there'll that you have access to all those other drugs -- to what the -- discovered. What a separation of the markets where and when marijuana was taken any -- market. Now we take all these customers. The illegal market. Can open and outlawing torture unfortunately we've run out of time I'd love to have you back on them later -- -- Thank you so -- thwart you when your organization goes true reduces CO decide -- in law enforcement. Thank you again you have rigged. -- Was captain Howard brought Cincinnati police department required at this point. But it -- we call of the three. Days ago -- Obama was American speech and and -- in the year and supplements. And he said Russia doesn't pose the new number one from security threat in the United States. He's more concerned about a new weapon going all in man. The moment Chip -- called me by its broad we'll talk to some experts to see why the president's concern. Governor bill coming right.