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4-3-14 1:10pm Angela: with the daughter of a serial killer

Apr 3, 2014|

Angela talks with Melissa Moore, author of the book "Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter" about her own experiences.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to Thursday and it's a glorious one now I know that your thinking about spring because there's. But a touch of humidity out there that's okay because we had a rough winter and I think we all want to move on to pretty your time spent. It's nice to see so many people sitting out citing launch. I think we have a very interesting day hand. We're gonna talk to a young woman who -- has had quite a life -- name's Melissa more. She has written a book out called shattered silence. It's the untold story of the serial killer's daughter. Her father was the happy face serial murderer and has been sentenced to three life sentences but it's really a story I think of her acknowledgment of that her. Finding hope and moving on with her own life and -- very very uplifting. Then we're going to be talking to our wonderful for an Clancy -- Because so much is going on on this weekend -- know that there's lots of election things happening. In our surrounding parishes primarily in couple in Jefferson Parish saint Charles saint Tammany. So we're gonna get the lowdown on all of that and he's been spending some time in -- rumors some were going to be talking to about what's been happening up in the legislature. And our third hour I really hope you'll join us because we have. Are lucky enough to get Mike Anderson who is beyond special agent in charge of the FBI office here. And we're going to be talking about. The incredible program the FBI has and has had for a while but -- it's been sort of a morphing program into what it is today. About fighting crimes against children. And it's it's really it's important. The number of crimes that are against children and in many different ways. But we will be talking with him at 3 o'clock I hope you'll stay for that. We are going to take quick break but we're gonna come back and we're going to begin our show so stay with us everyone financial under the -- -- well. Well so often we hear of the victims of crimes. Sometimes seeing their families and such pain because of their laws. And sometimes we see the perpetrators of crimes those found guilty of horrific actions. But rarely do we meet the family members of those who have committed crimes. What is their life like when they learned of what their relatives as John did they see the traits -- -- person who killed another. Are they judged by one another did. Well today we meet a woman who lived such an experience. Melissa -- father was a serial killer. He is in prison serving three life sentences. But for many years and Melissa's life the actions of her father imprisoned her not allowing her to be honest about her father. But now she has written a book called shattered silence the daughter of a serial killer kills -- for healing journey. And she is our very special guest today. Melissa thank you so much for joining us. The keeper I mean I'm so honored to be here. This is one incredible book and your life has been. One incredible journey. I'll let let this go back in time though and tell me about. Growing up on growing up and tell me about your father. Sure -- Ankara and Washington stay. And that in a rural area Pontiac mom watching and my -- the tractor girl long haul truck driver so that meant he left Washington State as he traveled. It helped boring and pork product that pretty tall and pretty. Paulson that he Ricky pretty like apple from Washington State to California. And lettuce by it's reversed that Brent. It is speech and so you know it's gone -- and you come home on the weekends. And thank my parents children from my mom stay home. Can she agreed that it's the Thailand actually. Let the -- domestic. And believes -- and from shying. And -- that he was very different them and mom. Start area and it can charismatic. Charm -- actually eat man plan. And he at Le Petit and her attention and money from home at street -- I'm able to reach. We -- so excited when my talent come home and we live last year travel and he's only at -- for acts. And that was so exciting as shelter and stick it to cap. And mental error and he played -- -- that being out. At Jerry -- I think that creepy or theory or are. Lurking in the dark or something like that probably not someone that comes home and it came. The -- -- the book an experience where. Hewitt found some kittens. Grade and so let me around the country we can't stray animals all the time on the property and habits basement dollar. Area and -- strayed cap kitten. And then in the DC area and I play how -- and and -- -- Mike -- and I decided. One week in my -- on to bring him out into that killed when I was working. That killed clearing -- and given. Probably. -- meet you learn from my mom. And comic -- hat in my hand to ten million that -- -- king he's sarcastically. I ask you what how -- And hair. -- -- -- -- -- 66 -- almost 300 pounds in particular over. And he'd crowd kittens and playing with them a little bent on -- At first I was curious like what happened that -- -- -- at and -- You know and do it and it's just. I think I'm Whitney you played -- mean some people -- cement. Well the next or buying trip can't either channels. And include them on issues that close. And then it started on center trying to get off to close line. And when my -- to get some. The clothes -- he was climbing more -- thing. And when I realized -- like -- get them to stop. This action I ran into how to get mom to treat. Our current system to get my -- to stop the accident and when my mom and they can. Were -- -- and I don't know for sure how he killed. That's kitten I do know that they were an -- and -- -- Each candidate. Time has helped them a report on the ground. On at -- department and I act. -- -- -- Did he when you were crying and screaming oh my gosh. What was his response to that. And I remember the smile on stage and Stuart. Q it looked like he -- -- soybeans this monument as he is asking end here as entertainment. So that was sort of an awakening for you that your father who we obviously -- because you looked so forward to seeing him when he was home that. That something wasn't right. Yeah I felt that something -- -- right. Living in the country. You know I didn't -- lot. Friend or -- you know frame of reference -- to see it. He did your do that night and I couldn't help like that than normal behavior from my because -- resident. Any association record dropped from. So from print out point I can help from -- it's something where about -- And that was the only experience -- the animal on the property each Hewitt don't want to kill -- industry cat that not. Justice Department eat -- time at a -- Her sister. And other capital property strangled our. Just there are other -- screening. And air -- try and thirteen I ain't bother me at all. It just turn it sparked and -- -- -- pictures to keep the pictures that should eat here. Like it was extra at. -- -- Your parents divorced when you were eleven. Did you lead. And it did you know the origins in did you see it coming as a child. You know I -- -- and act to ditch my Karen and crying. They didn't -- it's no physical violence going on deck to hit my mother. He didn't. Typically use my mother with or story in my -- He will chauvinistic. He'd put my mom came down it didn't mean to her. -- physically he didn't he cancel her. I would say -- was kinder or and her out sixteen Berkshire. And. An emotional abuse. Then not so very much about an emotional albeit on not physically it says mostly because it yet and and as a child not seeing the physical abuse and not seen actually did and that way it never stops fighting so. I didn't ski. At Verisign. To shortcomings I had heard. Keep looking -- course I have my aunts and my era -- content or actually -- trying you. That -- success to it as a child. But I I didn't hit as -- at all so it's a complete stop when my mom asked -- cheap pack up our belongings. Intact we are heading out and Yakima Washington. Cute Spokane. Washington where her mom and my grandmother where they let her. She she went on to talent on the car right she's poking and kept her -- factory. The at which you still saw your father mean Shyamalan on in the summer it wasn't the end of a relationship. -- During that time period of separation. But let me count them intact or having your hair with the bleachers and California. And that he -- church in Q and -- -- area where I where -- in Kenya mar can -- a little long. Term -- -- had that happen are on the history let her plan. In a way I placed at the not so long and then. That didn't preterm -- premieres at trial. I think. The emotional load and was when my dad came -- -- -- -- all of our belongings. And then. Putting in my grandmother's basement. Now all apple -- Stretcher became a Christian to the corner. Of the eight mentally I can't compare what rim and my mom and how are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- World -- Q how does like the little cookie cutter houses are remaining time there were very day so they'll bring him really four. The aiming at our -- and then my grandmother and then not to mention my uncle also. Can you. So a lot people. That's a lot of people and it's a lot exchange for a little grueling you know. Yeah. I spoke. In man it went from the country and I and all that and outlines. Spokane which he felt like it was that big city and frowned. That that country and sit on mean street with milk for all of -- All of these came to play it and I articulate normal. Top frame of reference -- and and now it -- to achieve what was normal -- -- by. In your fifteen years old -- your mother called you when your brother and sister together and send your father has been arrested. Right his hat and actually it's the anniversary month. -- nineteen years ago this is the same time here yeah thanks you're the current count up my -- and I was sticking your apple aren't a freshman in school. Can. I won't call action should. They -- my grandmother's house. And -- -- -- -- sister -- stretching your captain and Iraq it. And then my brother Kurt for a while. It. Is scary to talk to my mom and very open about each panel. And and my brother and current -- -- is -- at her murder but it. -- a line that should not open for harassment her -- -- working capital. -- and all want to know error or shot at a and I -- -- and they -- hard and are content to all age. -- -- -- -- -- -- way to work out for sanctions not only trying to make editorial and then I'll eat. You know let alone and -- and we're going to school and here. I -- -- hearing my extra wave. -- they are depressed at being. And -- -- and I thought that Tennessee and partly guilty. Associate and friend come on me lunch and support their parent at -- -- let them. That their parents are concerned about Iran. You know hanging around me. You were all so. Talked to them at all. You know heavy hitter ever seen her that share her need her dad. Operatic they were tree forest. That sent an apparent now that. They're excellent and it expressed that you tiller and at all so. On what TrueCrypt -- do were they extra financial burden. You know by being exposed to me. So and it's just it was. -- really a catch twenty. Just -- and Hampshire equally to your brother and sister in what -- all right horrible thing. And -- and -- saying it's like guilt by association and here you -- shocked as anybody. Correct and I mean and spoke hand and he'll lean -- mean you know friends our experiences in my later crying now. -- -- adults -- back packing outcome. My -- certainly. Can't Brothers. Our clients. And their jobs barely being. You know her barely being my. I mean here and there clients leaving they're a complete victory church I mean -- that's -- the -- are actively. It was really tactical family at all. Limited UBP was. He was charged with killing his wife essentially hit your stepmother. They were not married yet -- it -- -- say. And how did it go from her he is ultimately. Guilty of eight women's murders. -- so then on. They find out so how he was actually. Hot on Chilean mining that was she. Britain on a car and the pine -- A car seat with -- -- around quicker but the signature. And and they had found her body -- recur and he with a lot person inter rock Q. Soul -- and -- a question. And so that's how they treatment at an open -- real kicker quiet. But an outpouring broke some minor. -- my uncle has proper contention to -- -- And into the murder children. Cooking and -- and -- just. It at all contracts and -- -- about water and the or wrote him. Or. -- it and put it and then -- thinking that. I would be acceptable. My own alternative police. And the police. Caption my dad and ultimately. Tried fertility Willingham and tragic error the other -- or and then -- actually do. All of achieved its way. With the Miami -- or -- At. Tunes they'll work and cheaper. To convicted killer for and it and burger to -- all slowly now. About it workers. In action and not try how happy Easter. Alert me. OK so he was leaving little. Little happy faces and that's how they connected everything and did he ever ever say why. Firm he. He didn't he did not say -- -- current. Never a high. And -- why when I look. -- and true. You know I -- the -- As a child. And I have the -- or I -- -- -- trial -- I don't see any game. Strawberry. For all. Our time -- -- extra college -- apart. -- He can't try welcome and hope for our sport. I don't. And ski ill. With my parents being -- his mother dying. And -- want to really -- Staying with my parents step forward -- -- employ it. I am not he can now he -- -- -- -- and snapping -- I think ski. -- and don't plan to front and -- aren't for a long time. I don't know what makes you a -- group that I. Think pressure. And I know it's not genetic first Erica I looked at that. -- -- because skilling guilty by association. I want to find my -- Marie. Why -- Garrett and what about -- and. Well you know what we're gonna take a break we're gonna go -- the newsroom we're gonna continue our talk with Melissa more. Shattered silence her book the untold story of the serial killer's daughter. Please stay with this and that she's been kind enough to say if you have any questions for her she'd love to talk to you are numbers 260. One -- seventy but let's go to the newsroom now and Chris Miller. We -- back with -- Melissa -- the author of shattered silenced the untold story of a serial killer's daughter. And we are talking about it she just had basically a normal childhood. Her father was a long haul truck driver. Would come home on weekends it was very participatory in. Are heard her brother and sisters lives her parents than divorced and four years later she finds out her. Father has been arrested for murder on that one murder then spiraled into the knowledge that it was aged women. And he was known as the happy face serial killer of on the West Coast. Shocked anybody in trying to put yourself in her shoes. Melissa I know I could clearly hear that the pain that you had when shortly after your father's arrest. Friends and friends' parents were rejecting an end the effect that it had on every your entire family. Really for the actions of your father. And then you've got the whole commotion of oh my gosh somebody I loved. Has been a murder. So if you can kind of go back there and I'm Melissa. And and at what point I mean I know you've had some struggles in high school etc. but at some point in your life you. You'd you'd turned it around where you could become the very good person you bar. And indeed the contributor that you are. Yes -- -- when that happened to really tell. That I wouldn't accept it anymore by society I'll try to be somebody -- and prior -- well. That I was living a lie and -- and and it can mean. Why it's shortly after my convicted and really cute prison for life in. I -- high school I didn't change my name. I again. I talked about it in the book I went to my god before he was convicted of murder and acts which suggests to me says it. He had a nickname -- any -- a tendency my first night I change -- -- A lot of I am a member of killer -- are. Part of this team. And the stigma and a lot of dignity that you passed out. Our and and some members are actually mr. tried to try. And instead of changing I mean and it changing schools. And I time that I -- change or lag. Because that ultimately. And I didn't prepare -- saying I did -- we are living in poverty. Get well by you know that something that was anger and looking back. What senator Pete or -- You know not talking about gaining ground. In every coach and trauma. Can't say he needs something in the that's friend -- dinner -- -- want to talk to you. I can how and senator circulated -- and each and dumber than a terror. And I can start matching a long time. I ended up. -- all or after I graduate from high school all I. Might now try and stand on. And we have children. Daughter. And she's a girl extra bulk of the time and I on campus here. Should -- Q school once. School learning about him in the kitchen light that. Eric and barking at me and she -- At the moment as well and as she -- try to figure. Where they're at it down -- who making Aqua catching you. At her overt acts. Can't let anger at the moment -- here. No I can't explain to her parents murder my. What it can play in England article there and I realized after -- that I had -- term my parents. A mistake my doctor. And I need to break that cycle of violence and she break scene. Well and it took a lot of courage. And ever -- shame that chance to speak out well. And Torre reached our Dr. Phil and it kept going on national truck. And and Carol retreat. And -- -- and I think that aren't just going on the -- not one or any books that are prevalent. Not actually that Taliban to depleting can topple. Or my count there are actually read it earlier extra -- -- And back to let my therapy. But I -- as it is such a -- So very real I think that is the word that keeps coming to mind because again we can only try to understand which you went through. The the pain of of at all I mean it's so complex it is the horror of someone you know having. Killed all these women it is the reflection on your own life it's taking charge of your own life. And you've created a beautiful life for yourself your husband for your kids and now being so open. It's it's just -- it is a great thing to read to help other people Melissa we have a caller let's go ahead and take and I appreciate him calling. Games yet. Paula what do we know. Just within the last couple we are all fine on the that they -- this story. It will work I wanted to know what he's seen it and that would -- -- -- an accurate and what actually on the you know what. And that was the -- tendency. Yeah. I'm actually did not watch -- Atlantic and consultant and indeed I had heard about it's not that Sunday. And what I have heard from your announcement that it's not accurate. Eight gay days. It's not. In line with that accept the new mean. I mean there is not in -- -- -- tax. Real active and and what I hear from people that it likes them is that after the ninety. They did. Eight decade. And he's brought cat out after that the real underlying case the real event and and it shows. All that real channels after. Time. It I'm not a movie and -- they gave factual counting. I think you think are. Interesting is that -- in the movie they did make a point to show. That she looked children they -- him buying items armed and being on and actually getting excited is kids and they were one out in the proper way and greet him and you have good form. Throughout the movie. It did depicted -- -- over. Ray and I can't watch interviews that David Arquette who -- Actor -- betrayed my cat and he said that he read my box -- and and so I'm sure he. -- shirt. They got some like it my -- character and it looked are -- from that can probably from their sources. Aren't -- inspired. Take -- -- That part of that the. Are you James answered that question do you know the origin of the smiling face. And my game I -- -- now. Don't ally to interpret -- saying. Have no idea I keep in mind that means that. And it might say I have I don't know why so attacks to use you know -- so creep people out. It. And now it's section. Iconic symbol that we used everywhere. In no time -- incorrectly stated. The one I -- people I can't use that symbol you know Larry that -- as -- I don't. James I appreciate each and Melissa wanted to hold on we have to take another break that everyone stay with this thank you James for the call. Melissa -- is our special guest today she's the author of shattered silence the untold story of -- serial killer's daughter. Melissa's father killed. Eight women he. Three life sentences and this is a book not only about her childhood and her father. And the horror that the whole family went through. But really about her life today which is has such a nice happy part of it on the same ending as you continue on and you're doing beautiful things. Let me go back to your father when was the last time you spoke with him. Are coming out and hand would be -- round. Cute counts and eat. And it would be -- About the time. And a letter from him and I when I return back trying to get -- retreat. Hewitt not happy about me hearing on and he can't like doctor Carol writes. That after -- on the cute sever communication. And and -- and I get -- but it was prior to that. Prior to that you were staying in touch with your father. He -- -- you lecture and sometimes I would respond. Not very often I I let. I would not think right grandma might not -- salt and didn't talk to knock at the current -- -- that through letters. And there -- one did it in 2000 science and should present a little guilty about. -- at the daughter had the guilt that at the daughter that was in doing my cutie. Found to be it daughter and I was. I know it from particulates now. A guilty. I was overlooking at compartmentalizing. The fact that its shares currently. You know at the -- in my head around thinking in part being daughter convened. -- their daughter in my acting. On Powell you know it never has and can I need to tell all account and then. And then after I realized. Thank you need to set -- that you authority. And I didn't meet she application. That there are no no need to. Did he ever show remorse. Merrill and -- letter and I actually it. -- and chipped out and eat out really a long letter from can I. I asked them about how he felt about eight nick and I mean and how -- -- -- -- I only able to see to do these dual roles without curing human being absent. And keep setting -- My only -- Lack I was basic without a really good gas and only stayed put my eight year attachment. Actually -- and -- where it's eight air attachment. Did you ever meet with any of the family members of those women. I am friend where Arabs and that the -- urged. From the victim's family members and friends let them compete. Communicate with them sometime on the sound. And they're on. You know their -- team. And then ripping off and Arctic in the past they can't I can't I meant it one at first victims -- July. And that it portrayed in the like Timothy. I. I don't know it's exactly portrayed in the election. I'm assuming it would. Her -- in dollar terms and she appeared -- mean on Oprah. I met her in Chicago for the approach on the line incur -- private -- aren't appropriate spoke on the I don't. Can. And she let -- -- that was the ultimate in hard hit the eighteenth. When Turks. And that -- start crying in the Oliver and my Catholic spiritual life. For. Again never a conversation with him about other than his comment to -- and you know he made these nine century mistakes. About what was it was -- finding pleasure from killing was he finding it a challenge to kill. Slinging and a -- He referred to the story Alex seen Wang and we went on the -- -- -- trip. -- and can be stopped. And it stops he got out and he got. And a -- and to delay came keep it -- patent and the latter and that can't remember when it. And I bet -- scary. Thing and I set it was scary person kept jumping. He's like it's scary going -- the first time. And I and he was referring to actually murders. -- That's the only thing ever virtue. In that sense any kind of reason why. Melissa we have to take on the break we'll be right back. You can get Melissa's book shattered silence the untold story of the serial killer's daughter. Amazon.com. Or any Barnes & Noble Melissa thank you thank you for telling your story. Thank you for having me and you know anybody who wants me hope what they take away from great story back. In that -- that activist pioneer. Absolutely. Thank you again so much.