WWL>Topics>>4-3-14 2:10pm Angela: with Clancy Dubos on upcoming elections

4-3-14 2:10pm Angela: with Clancy Dubos on upcoming elections

Apr 3, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL-TV political analyst Clancy Dubos about the upcoming elections in the New Orleans area.

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I can't tell you how impressed tying him with Melissa more what an incredible story. She's just so very real she could have been your neighbor your friend and to wake up one day and two. Discover that your father's a serial killer is huge but that she has carried on. In her life issue has creating a beautiful life for her own children and her husband. And and really opening up her world to say you can carry on and that that clearly is her message. Well we're gonna do a little metal show after Merck gonna carry on we're gonna carry on because Saturday is a big Election Day across our area. And there are parish wide elections in saint Tammany Saint Bernard saint Charles. And in Jefferson Parish. Races and Harry hand and Kenner. When we think collection. We think that Clancy Clancy Dubose. Editor of gambit and political analyst for double WL TV and our friend. -- -- Hello we are early appearance -- here. -- planting and you're there you're not I'm holding you. Hold -- hello plants. -- -- -- Hello Clancy he is dying to talk politics and knowing it's. Not sure it's OK I know he's there because we're gonna talk only about these elections coming up on Saturday. And hopefully it'll be a nice editing in the get a big turnout but we're also gonna talk about what's been happening after the legislature. Or. Is there yet. Here -- is struggling. Not to worry ladies and gentlemen because Clancy is our man. And if anybody can do this he can't. Okay we're gonna call back again we've got all kinds of things going on in of the various parishes in Jefferson Parish -- now. Others -- or not a new Kenner mayor. The present mayor is involved also re running but he has some months. Opponents also there's going to be a -- race -- hand for new police chief because the police chief there has not retired. And then across the lake there's a bunch of things happening over there as well. But again it's. It's a Saturday election you'd definitely if you live in that area want to vote. These are you of all my gosh it's on a presidential election it doesn't have to -- this is what's gonna affect your life. So again is -- planted there yet. Can you hear me and I can't hear you now. Apparently your producer -- rebuke. Sorry about apple. Well we're learning curve here it's all the matters Clancy and longest -- are you doing. -- you -- I can't -- again. Canadian so I don't hear I'm still here. Okay. OK anyway Clancy you're here let's go ahead and start talking about what's happening on Saturday. And look let's start with the Kenner mayor. OK -- in the camera mayor's race. I'll always it is always a barn burner. Take no prisoners kind of election whenever outrage for mayor of -- In this race should go through candidates incumbent more accurately seeks a second term. He's got two opponents while OpenId. And Al -- Yeah you -- incompetent Republican. And it's a Republican morality is apparently and nobody should an addiction yet he has a live picture of the political endorsement -- You know certainly would be installed a favorite of the usual Richard incumbents. Of course important thing for our court candidates until voters is to take anything -- aren't so sure that. Yeah me and his allies will be knocking on doors and stand -- street corners and they're an attorney that the vote out. Of course election is all of these elections that were talking about today on this Saturday. Also encountered you have war. Custard council elections four out of 73 of them uncontested by. Those are contested -- certainly. Constructed very. Immediately you know. Provision be at large is certainly a big one. That that's an open seat because incumbent is term limited. You have one. District incumbent -- -- Who optic came from districts are now running at large -- partly or the city attorney is running. And -- Aladdin is running sort of three candidates that are running of the district. I'm sorry at large division -- And then in district four. You have Jackie -- a lot and Maria plays not affect Gretna and outlaw launch he also council. Operates in Gretna Jackie -- a lot of Maria -- bounced about encountering district one. Gregory Harold deep down and Robert -- -- all. Seeking that seat and district two in -- you've got three candidates like seeker Bill Schwartz and Rodney Yemeni. Who apparently has somehow related to the mayor but the mayor has actually endorsed Mike -- and that race. I would -- in districts. You've got former mayor of silica Paterno running about counsel. Against attorney Dominic de estado. Basically what you have can hurt you offense. About what the police chief in carriers on content of the incumbent is term limited. But there is -- Protest. Michael Glaser who -- over the top ranking members of trying to police department running and he has opposed so it will be China's new police chief. Which often hasn't carrier between them there in the council races. You. -- -- group that is in power and then you have outs. And so this a lot of ways -- turner should be elections are all about. A referendum on any administration. Also count the center in -- Annapolis or allies. There are basically the critics of the -- -- political opponents. And it will be. The party if there isn't where it stated there. And the others -- were running demeanor has endorsements some of the entrances. The -- the mayor has allies on the on the council of course she's running and so it's always a war. Camp when you have municipal elections. So some excitement in -- coming. And it's okay let's talk about that pair him police chief. Sure. -- -- -- -- Four candidates running leader dale. How macho. Darling Schwartz and Jim Walker all Republicans. So -- it is incumbent and would be installed as -- paper there but you never -- Generally slow. Everybody checked in order. And I would not -- of that you've sort of friendly wager or communities election because it -- Always all about turner. Partner and in all communities. You just never know election might turn and the important thing here for a candidate to get their vote out from voters remembered it to the polls. Peter dale who would capture for a while re run. So the form please yes. OK so let's go over to saint Tammany parish coroner. That's also going to be -- -- actually it's fourth candidate there. All Republicans all physicians. One of the award him. And -- is an African American you know too many African American Republicans but I'm not surprised that in Germany which has. Republican stronghold. And all of the candidates weren't. Well are Republicans they are doctor Robert Mueller got patrol trust -- doctor Adrian Talbott and doctor Lee and true -- Of course this election special election brought about by the resignation. And conviction. Of the former. Coroner doctor -- And who is on his way to federal prison. And I'm sure that the management and the fiscal. Of the office are struggle shorter. All of the candidate to bury them and sure that. That candidate throughout stressing topic and straighten up and offers into the background of financial control. Well because it was. -- out of financial control under dot. Don't think they're probably gives new meaning to the word transparency. Yes promising transparency and accountability which is what you would expect. You know I couldn't -- it's tricked out -- the large parish. Bigger turnout can be because it's a special election. You don't a lot of other things on the ballot and -- do you have. Milledge election and beat -- spring weather seeking to -- -- side milk. Property tax -- already on the books when that expires at the end of this year. And then there -- dedicated. To street improvements. Street locally. It will borrow a lot of -- to borrow up to 500000 dollars artists or street -- other than that you don't have a lot of things. Percolating. Politically over in saint Tammany. A little bit -- will turn out as an election. Will regret that a quick break -- Clancy I appreciated which you have some slight -- city council's it will go over them remarkable to think Charles parish and Saint Bernard. And the Morgan talk about what's happening in Baton Rouge with Clinton Cuba so stay with this. Well which issue being discussed by the state lawmakers matters most TU. Common core domestic violence flood protection. Gun laws helmet law marijuana laws speed traps -- see others cast your vote at WWL dot com. That is are ready jaguar opinion poll and we'll get those numbers. But we are back with the one and the only Clinton do post. Political analyst for channel four and of course the editor of gambit magazine thank you so much am I know you're so busy. Especially this time of year because you're doing all kinds of reporting etc. in means a lot that you join us and we were talking about what was going on in saint Tammany again this is the very election. In our in our immediate area on Saturday. And there are some races in the slide down. Yeah and I apologize and social slide I didn't -- to -- Very important relationships Lego like -- Is having its municipal election right now plateaus where. What sort of huge swath of voters in saint -- and that will drive turnout in the corner entry as well. Insular ago. Agencies sometimes. They're -- competitive tour and opposed the mayor for Internet is unopposed. And Randy Smith is -- -- spoke. Chief of police -- flight you know. You have -- -- and members of the council seventh district council members and two at large. All of the seven district cult members to opposed. Sam me and district B and bill Borchardt junior in district -- but elsewhere. What well aren't you get more people running at large should be elected. Well -- because -- -- -- some final Alex and Brett rubble of all of those except for six or Republican Nixon as a Democrat. And council district paid Jonathan Johnson and -- And district seat again -- Republican and Democrat or Crockett Republican candidate but you lord the Democrats. And district duties council slide out we got three candidates. Two Republicans cryptic -- -- losing war. To that the Democrat there is now very junior. And in district he for the oil City Council. -- -- -- the Republican. -- you are also Republican Pete O'Connell is no party or independent. And then and council district shouldn't Newcombe and -- Russell both Republican -- -- -- flooded out City Council and district perhaps. So Slidell will be very busy on ten. Let -- should be busy Saturday. Although typically when you the turnout will be very healthy but it would probably be even higher if the mayor's race. And the police chief rates were contested not -- still. In each council district and outlook for the council. Agency hopefully at least 30% turnout and that will drive turnout in the -- -- as well interestingly. In the corners range. On three of the four candidates. -- Preston and output are all from Slidell. Doctor Lee and true -- just from Vanderbilt. Well we have a little race over in saint Charles parish the one at large seat. Yes there's a three candidate race but a Republican -- Democrat I'm an independent. Julia Fisher Perrier Republican. Stanley -- there are no party or independent and -- Lewis Democrat or other. Apple arts division would be councils city and saint Charles parish. And in Saint Bernard there is a hospital tax Milledge. Yes. They're trying to bring back the hospital in Saint Bernard. -- -- their hospital Sherman general topic it was called. Closed prior to Katrina. And so they are proposing a nine million dollar property tax award user only and -- to be voted on. Paris wanted it's a thirty -- property tax ever go on the ballot. In January political group agreed to hold it in January but it would go on the ballot. -- -- -- about a week it'll go on the books should say one year and the purpose of this system. Mr. trying to infuse. Cash. Into the new hospital in Saint Bernard and -- that you have been straight to attract you know. Quality doctors and to make a hospital. A true. General hospital not to limited purpose obstacle that woman has about hospital that it does take care of whatever your needs are insured Paris. So that your -- look them in that -- need to get to a hospital. It does it works there where they hope it will work if voters approve it. You have. Not just a few general doctor but you'll have. Specialist there as well Ian -- etc. so that they can take care of your needs pretty much whatever they are in Saint Bernard. Know that sounds are very good. You know I just listened -- and I'm always amazed she just flourish whether you're talking about attacks Milledge in Saint Bernard or. You know a presidential race you just love politics. I do. But I also love fishing and I do have my beside the amount not just about electing getaways in. -- outdoors and not a commodity in a monster. Oh -- -- it's called having wonderful balance but do you really know it's and you know people -- you know history. And so you always have a good perspective and it makes it special. We're gonna stay with them Clancy in the next half hour we're going to be talking about. Everything is noticing up there happening at the legislature which believe me is a lot so I hope everyone will stay with this and if you wanna call Clancy and have any questions form. I'm sure he'd love to answer. The numbers 2601878. But in the meantime we have things happening in the newsroom so let's go over to Chris -- Our special guest Clancy Dubose who was of course the political analyst for double WL TV and also. Editor of gambit and and a wonderful friend to dubbed a real radio. And we've been talking about the races that are this weekend Saturday the big election. But we're gonna shift over to Baton Rouge because so much has been happening in the last few days. And you wanna talk about number of things but in listening to the news report that time resident of Austin ban on just pulled his bill. That would reduce the sentences. Of of marijuana charges. Because he realized that the sheriff's department were not for it and in reading on that it literally was saying. One share were saying what happens is our concern. At one level is is if you reduce the sentences than the next that leads to legalization. That of course could be argued but. It brings up the whole issue that we've done several programs on now on Clancy. And that is the organization of the most eclectic group of people I think I've ever seen together. I'm holding hands calling him Smart on crime saying that we can no longer sustain. The penal system that we have that has just warehoused prisoners in the we need to look at yes punishment but sometimes not the costly punishment. Of putting people in jail perhaps their other things that could be done. And just sort of your thoughts on that. Who purple Lancelot and you have buried six currently in very accurately and beautifully encapsulated the problem. Everybody wants to be top foreign prime. Louisiana and we're not the only state in this predicament many states including. Has not been totally Smart on crime we've been tough but not Smart. We've been tough because -- Saturday a larger jail. Well guess what would somebody go to jail -- these -- just taxpaying public the people who are following the law. Suddenly have to pay for them 24 -- in place to -- and mostly screwed the medical care. Now all these. Close to where. 24 hours a day seven days a week triggered -- five days a year it's a little or somebody like that means you're gonna pick that person petals. What life. And normally do this to restructure what. Still looks certainly some murderers and rapists and really mean to be separated from society we all wanna put dental -- she. But when you have people in jail literally people doing part time or possession of small amounts of Merrill. And I'm not arguments to legalization of marijuana but perhaps to be a smarter way a -- expensive way. To. Make them see the error of their ways for about having all of us out here who. Following the law not breaking the law. And then and paying our taxes to pay to -- these people for ten years in a -- to -- that you -- seeing out of proportion. And that is that is that the core of what they're talking about and again this as the business council it's. Everything but the peace deal YouTube the pelican group that's so concerned it. It's everybody's looking -- it not saying we need to reinvent the wheel because taxes who was was harder on crime than we are tetanus and and Georgia have. Older that Mississippi did this ten years ago and we're still frankly in the dark and then it was bringing all this disparate. Groups together. Disparate groups together is that. Joint or common recognition. That this is very expensive and great insight cracks and not really getting the job will wake up -- back at it's not putting a dent in crime. But -- withdrawal whole bunch of money it's open and and that's not doing good. -- And when you talk about an -- -- yes it is sentencing reform but clearly they are saying is I asked the question. What would be the argument against this and they they felt one of the strongest ones interestingly. From the sheriff's organizations because over a period of time through no fault of their -- They work because we were. -- arresting arresting arresting -- including warehouse and warehouse and warehouse building more prisons so now they are part of their funding. Is the number of prisoners coming in and what what that this group is selling Smart on crime is saying. Is that we can still use facilities. And it will be -- might be -- rehabilitation might be in other things so sheriff's wouldn't be knocked out the door. Financially by not having as many prisoners. Living in there which is if you were saying is what is so costly. But it's also. At an aggregate rupture that's going to be different erupting but this was an art that used to be made. Which are came out against -- and there are up that he felt they had pledged to stay neutral. Look what crawl space of -- here the sheriffs are in the business of running jail. Let's not -- their budget okay. -- -- their budget conscience and from running -- -- outlook outlook publisher of outrage but. Part of that Tibet there on the other side of this economic argument. All that money that we taxpayers span coast to lull in large measure to the share. So. -- somebody need to think about that the voters in the thick about. And you know if Charlie floating in the reasons he lost to share of racial. Because he turned it into an enterprise -- Human where housing enterprise and people of New Orleans and why accidentally sit well even -- a while ago and certainly has been no prize. It is made a lot of mistakes. He at least you can not in a while ago which reduced the size Kabul these parish prison. And that's a good thing and they -- not turning murderers and rapists. If somebody do a better job of holding on -- guys if you cannot. The people it got incarcerated but -- work on that what do the federal consent decree and other things. Yeah the idea that we -- -- short lock up everybody people there. You know it creates a lot of jobs for the -- to giveaway. Actually that's the society the best way to attack cracked. And I think that that is the overview is what is best for society. Nobody wants the bad really bad guys out and that not talking about that. They're talking about those that have made mistakes need to pay the piper but that can carry on their lives and be productive. And there's a way to do that and that's what you're trying to say we need to get off track wrong and on to a better track. Agree anyway well we're preaching to the choir here plenty wanted to stay with -- we're gonna take another quick break already be back. And we're gonna talk about what's happening with common core another big big hot issue right after this. Well we're joined by a plan to do -- and we're talking about what's been going on in Baton Rouge with the legislature and it's been. Very very active let's talk about common core because it's been such contentious. Issue and I'm very curious to know what you think Clancy. About what the governor's been doing sort of -- Sort of what -- -- hypocrisy -- yes. He's. -- proposition and he was gone for common core old old war. -- the -- testing everything -- -- play and let's start there would be elect comical or don't like travel courts. We shouldn't disagree about the facts and we shouldn't inject. Wild accusations into the debate just plug your -- disagree over the -- implications of the fact that we shouldn't disagree about facts themselves. Common core originated with the nation's governors and actually record with Republican governors its first came on to the same. During the administration not part of the administration that. Came on the scene and actually -- Some groups that are in the Republican governors about but it. And ultimately the National Governors Association about all under former president George W. Bush so it is not something that forty Solana. By the Obama administration has taught me about the things that he can be angry at Barack Obama about the dissident walked up on it does support it -- -- -- -- It is -- national. Effort to. -- just standards. Educational standards in schools across America -- and -- America's kids to compete with kids around the world because. Test scores continue to assure our kids are falling behind. Students and children from other countries. And we don't wanna be dumbing down America we need to be possibly raising the bar and that's what concourse seeks to do. That's the goal that's. Sort of the the sales pitch. As well as anything else. The implementation. Or as a certain with a rubber meets the road is typically where the problems develop and that's what happened with common core. Cover of course great and it does a lot of things about coming -- are great particularly raising standards. But as they roll out the common core curriculum and the common core standards and implement the program. Over the last year or so Louisiana. Elected it looked obamacare. It there were a lot of glitches and other teachers -- the -- school system or not prepared other schools citizens latitude to totally prepared. They didn't have that much of a problem. But melodic -- Parents whose kids -- -- agencies. -- incident that children come home vacancies. Or worse and the parents apartment in because they wanna get their kids. It's a good art schools. And that economic outlook tip recognition it's such it's such a school because shortly vacancies and she's latency. -- relatives about -- comical. So that whenever you change things there's always some disruption in change. Rarely -- ever is are comparable process become a court doesn't ball and change -- -- -- the thing. Two to teach -- been very important. Our ability called critical thinking -- just about memorizing facts. I majored in history which is a lot of factual memorization. But history also while a lot of critical thinking and in this whole. What are the benefits they say pro proponents say outcome of course they did you get kids. Starting to think critically at an earlier age which is such an important skill -- In today's world today's economy so but the argument. Some people -- throughout the whole thing up as one week. Certain aspects of common core or delay it -- people wartime austerity it in a war -- -- to roll out more smoothly and you know. Just -- reader wrote a couple of after the supporter -- -- don't want to change anything on the outside people to change either acute than they would get rid of the and I'm not seeing and hearing about. A whole lot of efforts for people struck a compromise on that petition yesterday that house. Education committee. Defeated. Some bills that would of thrown out covered courts and judicial question -- little about Bobby Jindal who initially two years ago. All out for comic or Japanese -- putting on the breaks and reversing years what we shouldn't have on one -- at all. I'm not really sure what that is. Bobby Jindal who's arguably our best educator governor. Had -- -- -- test called SAT other ace CC -- one size fits all test that every high school kid takes. When they wanna go to college so I'm really not sure where to go over there. I've got to believe that both sides of the support and Inkatha supporters felt like you -- on their side and an opponent spotlight should be on their search center and hard. Saying that you for the bill to repeal comical but it never showed up -- -- -- -- calm -- we're going to be out of that weapon at the supporters of tropical. And there was a lot of thanks to buy some parents I think I'm not going to be able to help my child -- homework. There was one quote from teachers and I'm a teacher I have four kids and I can't do all this stuff. And in the issue of keeping higher standards. You know it's we all want higher standards the idea that the one size fits all which again like you -- get. If you take the law exam isn't that the national exam if you take a medical -- -- -- And got -- although the overall national. That very much. Something that they won't be back regularly step by step and and and fairness I don't think the common core supporters. -- and we don't have any trust or any accountability. But it felt like this particular brand. Because it is it is very do it's unfamiliar to a lot of people and frankly. Some schools and some sort of a better prepared for and others and in the citizens that -- prepared. And if I'm not certain it's their fault that they are not prepared would. To people pointing fingers a lot of schools social support the singer to state. In this state important thing about well we are conjecture -- it just didn't do you know I can't say flight control. Well clearly there are some parishes that are more prepared and others. Some school system -- school. That a more prepared than others for -- Well I have a feeling is not over think -- even though they've had these two votes that things will go on and continue. As we will -- want everyone to stay with -- and again if you wanna talk to Clancy it's 260187. Day. We'll be right back. Plan to do both our guests were talking about common corn Clancy we have a collar with a comment John. -- A lesson -- and -- reading your editorials about the litigate should. That the -- trying to stop on delegate count is. Yeah and I and I don't know if you noticed the Blackstone you know. And a couple of honorees environmental litigators are all in all can figure out -- period. Two rappers. Apparently very wealthy Republican listeners think other properties. Contaminated by oil companies. Won't one. Big local guy is mr. Canada's aero. Yeah actually in there as far. And he was having their record severe financial difficulties he fired the environmental warriors from your Capitol Hill they come down here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And made millions and millions of dollars. So what they're all over Iraq that now -- -- look real is very -- it will mean Republican supporters. Who get very good and decent arms so many years down here no more room. Superb for the state. That is an interest in and a director will probably -- -- and -- don't want to collect and -- -- collect. Go to -- if they collected because they were there any older charity. Art journal and not approved -- current cycle that journal of the people are represented. In an oil pollution or other Euro. A legacy lawsuit. But -- and former governor mark Foster who was one of the leaders of every charge against so called. Trouble flush it which it -- and Mike Foster where it shouldn't. And folks who really did destroy his land auditors and and made a -- of it and he had a good case and pledge it was a quarter and -- got a very good supplement form of the details but where nobody got a very good settlement. And it's interesting Lego or governor or after all the expert. But I do think it is ironic that some of the people who -- align our area and environmental -- it would -- -- -- -- -- to trample on our environmental lawyer to a -- the public. Guys I'd love listening to all this Clancy I'm I -- your best friend you are a wonderful man who are you sure everybody. Well listen I love you -- thank you all for calling. Next hour we're going to be talking to the head of the FBI here very important topic stay with us now let's go to the newsroom.