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4-3 4:10pm Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Apr 3, 2014|

Sunday WWE’s biggest show of the year—WrestleMania 30--hosted by Hulk Hogan is in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Big Chief Deke Bellavia was joined by hall of fame inductee, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to a special edition of sports talk -- ability here to 8 PMC indicated cannon Bobby Hebert is on vacation he'll be back with -- -- Tomorrow well this week in in a New Orleans he is the Super Bowl it's the best event known to man when it comes to wrestling. It is wrestle mania and so many greats have been apart of it in making this thing since the first one. Took place in Madison square of on or thirty years ago to this point in time including the next gentleman that will be joining us Jake the snake. -- -- the DDT himself is in the house he is a member of the 2014. Hall of fame class that will be enshrined. Saturday night here in a New Orleans -- power. -- -- -- We talked do you like -- in about a year or so ago you tell -- it's about things that you don't your life and what you've gone through with this week he will be a celebration. Of you'll. Korean albeit a compilation of -- so much my career total to come over yet but right. To get this far duel. In the the last eight team Huntsman there's been a lot of tough days you know fighting alcoholism and drug addiction and not a game. In I've met a lot of people in jail and rehab but nobody ever said you know Warner -- -- -- would grow become a drug addict -- alcoholic. It does -- -- -- of an effort to go to him being. Let me to go from where I was. Where Cameron ailment. Is your greatest. Blessing of all time and I'm so lucky to be alive from the things I did my shield my choices were very bad. I didn't understand life -- understand me. I was angry. And I just want people entered notre got a problem -- of the role who didn't help. And that's were starts is getting help and I had a lot of great help -- to have a lot of help around mile a support group which rode my friends my roommate. Everybody is right there for me the fans are right there -- we did WW he stepped up in the past is still do. This course counseling and things. -- we stayed straight narrow you. It's. It's your choice. -- the best damn choice government. One of -- both gone round at the midfield section dual national on some things were talking about Jake in and one of the things that and I think you just hit on is that. You know if you have a problem with something whether it's he'll probably go to a doctor and it's it's not a sign of weakness as you say it's didn't really the sign of weakness is if you don't hook -- if you did in the Connecticut have been much better you know. Is slight adjustment. Alcoholism. Is a disease. That there's not proved that. We're an insurance can be give your -- look at what the disease. They know they would they don't have money and he's absolutely you've got to squeeze. But they recognize you as being a disease. In imagery it's a brutal disease affects so many people and their families. In the workplace. You know in addition stellar Detroit Greg that it really is Lynda all I can tell you is. It's hill for everybody involved. Who was -- the -- with a -- or so the person who loves that were supports him treated really really is tough. -- you know our. So. I can't believe I -- leave of actually made it out the other side because not many people make it out the other side you have been so many of my good friends and wrestling you know died. Alcohol and drug addiction now. It is in the newspapers -- Purdue game and enough. She's she's used -- damn shame is that way but she is the way it is -- and I am in my hand out to anybody despite that fight. Just know this if you do fall fall forward don't call bankrupt people but I Christians or sit on your bulletin to give back up. It just get back up each time among those that are being a -- man. In the last eighteen months of -- 56 times and I got to let -- much about effort to week did you talk about it ever drink. -- -- can't do. You know if I drink one drink I got to drink twenty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And those are followed and and a shame and anger that come with that is horrible. It's horrible for everybody involved again. The legendary Jake the snake Roberts is -- -- against Jake is a member of the 2014. Hall of fame of -- trying -- tonight here in new ones wrestle mania thirty. Then Monday night -- full weekend of all the great stars he is certainly one of the greatest of all time to take. And you talk about it easy. Is it hard to separate the great things you -- for the fans in the ring without thinking about what you're dealing with now. Absolutely. Absolutely because the first thing that happens to me. Because of my. Things I struggle with mentally. They're still warm warm up there it just never go away and an excellent if you don't know timeouts. I look at myself as he normally diddle. In my apology has to collect the fans Emma and it -- Achieve the parents. Of what could -- Okay. Well I did give a lot and I was very productive at a phenomenal career and second to none. -- can still reaping the benefits from. But our -- what are -- you know. -- site's 20/20 men and all I can do is ask forgiveness from fans and WBA and my family that they reasonably short. But I can't change should what I am doing today is so much more important man because of -- -- down helping other people and we just had a gentleman -- -- studios a there's going for the same thing animation submitted gives us hope he can make it. And that's the game and is getting support -- it's tough vandalism by just total jerk. You know I have a few drinks and I change Campbell usually good change. You know you know we know. It's hard to look at my -- and whenever I come out black I don't know what I've done. A distortion. And a and so fortunately shot -- I'm so fortunate that I didn't have anybody. -- in front of me with -- drive a car and could not going to be one of those guys so thank god. That I didn't happen. Today men and celebrate and -- got my friends with them but you have to have a drink celebrate managed to enjoy your life and try to enjoy your moment. And that's what -- in this game and I actually got five by eight children. Say well we've. Got eight kids in a five theatre group either. And this second opportunity for only their -- a lousy club. I was never there it was oh -- -- to the career thing. Some of those things that was to me and him giving me the shame and guilt. To make me warm drinks a vicious cycle in his right. I drink because it felt bad about a bit old took it to get it because they were -- -- -- mavs would know more discretion what's -- okay the government on this from the corner of doing this for a house and you build on this even met. Kids want. And a got Greinke is damn slow -- gives them enough. We're gonna go from them -- this weekend Friday them and counsel blue. Again you know you're going to show coming up in danger your show always. It to enact intentionally loaded he didn't talk in anti talk a -- -- little bit -- invited people to -- there that was him for so long to bring him in the locker room basically and a let him pitcher what was happening there you know because there were some crazy things have been damaged bikers snake around does that mean I'm only maniac was in their -- of their -- and go whether it was a macho were cheering from whoever we're -- talk about some fantastic stories and rolled all the little plays that have agreed to. Jake voted to operate -- what is still for thirty the first. Count I have with you with -- -- dressing. And that we -- Arnie yesterday and I asked about some figures and he barnacle. A name and he says you know. He carnival he helped get in the -- -- -- wrestling mixed up on television down here. There was a poll done -- -- who's your favorite athlete. It was just to be -- Archie Manning. And Tokyo -- ingenuity what he wants -- Hands gamble what was in my view that you know I always say that you really good friend if he would if he would have been up in that area of the of the rock and the Orioles smoked. Tolerated being national champs show in shame not to himself it was insane being in the south of the -- -- you -- brought. We were from Calgary Alberta and trusting me and am glad they wanted to go out there it was cold can hope that we got down here man. NJ why do you start doing that foam and the next thing you know people and over is dead -- gonna be dead dog. And -- that if the war was all. And we go down to the -- downtown. Oh my god that was a war zone get Dinara brought in these people be able to probability that rocked your world Enron -- talked with pat Omar god. Omar -- receiver Bernard Medicare Omar got a statement on the -- you know I think he has made it totally logic to put bill -- the whole -- who was. We used to gauge his size of the size of the crowd that there if we as a policeman how many fights your beer before the show started doing like six straight Heisman who have good crowd. And have no word of mouth I mean to people at the B we'd be at school the next thing we knew we -- to play to last night any carry over to Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the wanna deviate -- clock and -- -- The word of mouth the grassroots campaigns is simple -- -- his. But -- it was beautiful man it was is a great time to be in this business you know and I regret it did. You know sometimes big business takes away -- -- And it is the same simply because you QB and you don't back and we were -- their money not in Baton Rouge -- do every week. Can't do that anymore so you lose a close to say whose participation ended that drive the camaraderie. So we changed locker -- change of fans that. These guys WW either don't smoke an unbelievable job -- it will give it out there for the whole world to see. And here's a great -- -- -- -- WW 24. Imbroglio coordinator confines stuff and of itself they used to watch my old stuff which is only for -- this is creating all the fan base for me so you know time is good -- -- C is a hall of Famer Steve goes into the hall of fame this Saturday night. Jake the snake Roberts the legendary Jake the snake Roberts from the mid south daisies -- bought a -- of their bedrooms and -- -- the rocket coliseum civic center. You name -- same and Oklahoma they were everywhere run in the circuit in these leads into the hall of fame. Saturday night take any one match that speaks out in time. Way too many do reduced for different reasons and -- -- Being in Detroit to superdome with 94000. Alice Cooper was my manager that was a moment. Club being the ring with on religion I'm sorry fans and I don't know believe me that day he'll probably go crazy -- -- -- He'll act and that was a special moment. A lot of -- You know there's just so many great wins and some of the mid south matchup -- against a grip early and didn't squarely in the -- -- England. Right down there and to grab roller -- under rated you know yeah I was wondering you guys are a great guy and if they intend Dickey who grew up to class load grew a two. You just don't feel old man's Cologne at Buddha and analysts you look you look good chance I Crocker rock your world you -- oh. One of two guys that really had a influence on you. If he Graham. And and fortunately I got to see his name bill it's. I don't care much for the managing being put into this business inside and out and he knew that get the most talent. Any had a great. Psychological mind. -- got the -- great pedigree was the very best you know as far as our attorney -- the father of wrestling is I know. Because he could he could pieced together made it make you -- It was like looking -- degrees piece of our normal good wrestling is enormous fight it's an arc and a councilman. You know good guys who put councilman -- other guys though when mile mark. Is still fun for me to go out there and do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm mobile or if I don't only don't Coppola that was in the backseat ski -- now she goes from -- we're gonna get and -- From Canada all the way down the New Orleans any decent last oversees everything you go into the hall of fame -- night. Hall of fame that is that it doesn't get any better than you would have a sporty in June and we know how popular this. Used what does that mean. For me -- real into probably will be slow walk across that stage of the I know that I'm so grateful for a pretty opportunities for the moment. You more grateful that my children did give up. And I get a couple grand babies youngsters to they came in this world way to shoot. He came -- one point 81 point eleven. And -- absolutely there was just mixed in talks or. And -- more distaste in -- almost rather have mr. mayor say twenty years from now wrestling -- fifty. He superstar. Furcal -- He's already gotten his party's five. -- that's what these people who that are having the same problem as I have to remind themselves. Don't you just never give nobody nobody tries to play the most people fail to were. You know to go -- to have become an alcoholic brother had worked tears. In his won't go away overnight on it and the -- -- -- -- -- Hall of -- the legend David Green missed the DDT. Across the board folks he goes into the hall of fame Saturday night opponent wrestle mania. Jake the snake. Robert. Get out and see him Altman looked like are you at all if you have a break and got wrestler Jake the snake Roberts folks.