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4-3 4:35pm Diamond Dallas Page

Apr 3, 2014|

Sunday WWE’s biggest show of the year—WrestleMania 30--hosted by Hulk Hogan is in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. The Big Chief Deke Bellavia was joined by Diamond Dallas Page to talk DDP Yoga and Wrestlemania.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From hall of Famer Jake the snake Roberts to one of the most popular. And followed and -- to. Professional wrestlers of all time and now it's doing -- doing his own thing folks as far from a health standpoint. It is blowing up as well and in some pretty good movies. The grade DDT diamond Dallas page joins us now DDB thank you so much -- and how are you. Probable. Barrier impact you've always been unstoppable always been a -- -- man. It's a president had go to program and I got a day DD -- I'm -- Rob Zombie guy I know is it was -- -- a cameo but that all you play devil's rejects Mandela right for you drug. I don't follow him through our yard got robbed -- QB got part. Starting forty. And it got tired -- is taking years ago. And I was about 48 -- right where you must play eight weeks -- staying in shape or no it -- -- anymore. -- -- I don't I don't hysterical. Now called keep children are used to joke I don't you know didn't know what -- And it ended up doing that would be analytical work out and today I think I cannot Orchard Park double reject or actually. Eight you know and you know DP -- will get today just mama -- you help a lot of people -- to a health and wellness and yoga and I think that's an avenue for a lot of people who can't really do. A lot of strenuous exercise and able causal bone -- noble -- and what did doctors had him on limitations but. Diamond Dallas page is on gas and has really got a huge following now he's DDP yoga. Much -- and just a moment DDB let's let's go back to your great career and in what you did and this was a point in time when. The truth of the two wrestling the effects of what kind of and arrival was at a fever appear to mean it was a Monday Night Football there was nitro and that we're drawl and it was a ratings battle each and every moment you're a huge part of it. Debt help debt ratings battle becomes filthy -- and in so fine when you look back all on what you deviated in when you -- fans come hunting today. I remember you here I remember what you -- I'll never forget that what does that do for you DEP. -- It's -- on the road to certain. You know well when you're in people's homes. We were a lot every Monday night. We are -- -- and agreed terms state eight yeah animated change start on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoons. And -- people -- rod won't elaborate like if you will -- very -- -- casual -- and he's. Only saw it became important family and and and when people can I didn't probably view and I would be under dark I would secure it. They called me being. A pro stepped up there. You know so I could have been like one or somebody else -- -- on the couch going to -- -- -- to do that. That's technical and and I -- you know. The word no. Was not an answer narrow it just cabinet and that's not to -- -- -- answer. To building on out there and how people actually remembered like. Passionately. And sixteen years later really. -- Dallas -- DDT is our Spanish against in town this week he would meaning of the greats of the sport -- What the hall of fame ceremony a -- and -- -- you've. Been very fond of close with which was interviewed him for half an hour Jake the snake. -- it's going to be a part of this or what what is it what is your relationship like what is it like to be around Jake did. Well you -- started and -- SP NL mark you know air back and Jake are. Trying to address. And the we were right drinking buddies back and don't like it -- -- wrestling the manager. And he you know shortly after that and isolate their BC and you don't. It became -- mentor. You know any help meaning yeah I didn't being the anti. I always say without dusty little stories -- apartment -- state and oh yeah -- brickyard brimming. Well at least Jake who really. Need to. Get to that spot where I can you know be prepared to be the main event. Any time probably a lot and bill after it's true -- -- -- and scroll through the route I took care -- try. Well it. And balloon -- like I paid him back. And and it leaves about eighteen months ago I -- you know I don't I don't. He was not a good spot and pretty probably darker spartans. -- Ben -- started talking to them. No doubt you know possibly trying to turn his life around then. I had this I had this division if you will come back can not talk back and Russell and the W deputy. You know but to come back you maybe decent independent wrestling. Maybe it is body back together -- -- should feel good about settle. And the big kill them he pie in the sky goal. Maybe get inducted and all say. And when they get darker than normal thing I was talking about this year creek when Jake gets inducted. It's my birthday April. You know I can't think about. You know I could ask for a better -- for goodness he's not one -- to my brother -- and Scott hole. I -- actually received the recognition they -- -- -- DP this kids and now -- -- I got a couple of things -- about some of the great matches and you -- of a slew of them but but DDT yoga I know you're in town this week in that the you know the least in the -- but obviously always work -- A talent tell us about this yoga and how many is this is proper amount watching TV late at night and seen the commercial it's all over the net. Tell us about this and you've got some works outcome of this weekend. Yeah I'm actually at army and right here and in New Orleans in this city itself are. It's a real Friday from five to eight and all the information or keep EP -- workshop. Dot com. And all the information they are EP UB two appearances. -- all out good it would but it's basically rebel forceful. But it just get people who were not well we're doing and GDP yoga for all 88 shook. You know you can imagine -- -- and -- I'm actually redefining the word yoga. So people understand what I'm doing. Is more like boot camp thing we had no impact or your body got forty guys in the derby -- -- About 28 that are harder are -- speak. A lot Jerry Briscoe. Scott hole -- page. How little political order in order and all and you know it's because -- public -- -- want to utes. Bring back her body and I can't -- Lorca that you need you know deep yogurt. You can't score you know it -- dramatically. Increase your flexibility. And strength -- court like never before with minimal. Impact. Read that exists is because I didn't start Russell I was 35. My career took off when I was already. Out in 1996. Beginning of the money networks. Pretty evident you know the top of the world. That's sort of blew a backup. Right through -- specialist on the I would -- So -- you know I'm trying to get I don't take no for an answer. And I -- you know our story. Probably deal cannot work it into -- spiritual and cultural or not at all with that. It just wasn't for me so great community at all. It is truly a good position that start makes the rehab starts. -- -- do a program or I was injured or mix them together with that. Old school -- -- actual where you know we're gonna work out that again. And everybody. And everybody's talking about. Taken out DDP yoga folks in the it's a great though program of course who heard all the rest -- -- at least talk about it we've got a great. DDT diamond Dallas page GA DD TI know there's so many great matches you'll caught up throw up several time champion tag -- champion world champion. But the match. With a great. Call Malone -- -- not on the other side in this from that that Ben must have been something just a fun to prepare for mentally I know physically you guys in the SEC sustain and as the -- on man you're -- tall as the mailman was but the beat. In in in involved with something with perhaps the greatest power forward of all time what what was it like that that older than. There aren't any gotta put it there -- the second leading scorer are all kinds tonight. Spend anyway and -- and Louisiana girl that's -- call call call call so. You know -- college you would probably. You know Karl had to work ethic great that would reflect aren't. You know understand him -- -- front Arabic were like that and I just took direction and aren't really quickly. I do something childhood dream -- you know mom used to taking him and his Brian you know any other Brothers to the matches every Thursday night. And it will ingrained in him in. I made them I would -- -- a hockey game and the Jazz played Iraq it or how about when he woke up and call me during a timeout on the bench through the order Ortiz. Or any shall we made during the course. -- let her -- language. -- -- Anybody that backstage afterwards and we create our men who got became friends and when we need bigger factor into this series here yesterday and man the common and about me who gets there are no. Like Andre and delivered no child injury that. Also diamond Dallas page again DP and I don't know waited on BS this weekend moment. I will actually be. Afterwards are going to be EPO that will be probably hear you go to eat eat -- you'll go workshops. Dot com can -- information on that that's brought -- a couple of big. But you're just like -- pitcher roughly pitcher because they think how cool full time. I -- wrestle current problem with -- just like Roberts star couple actually can -- will be either to. From 10 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock in her right -- though its own man. And that all. The way to go there and dark week. Going to be amazing of course will be one of the people -- -- stand up mr. -- to watch and wanna know used our school great spectacle Marleau wrestle mania. Diamond Dallas page DDP it's always a pleasure Khamenei entertained a visit with you continue with your success -- -- future hope to visit with you again soon. It. All right DDP diamond Dallas page spokes and of course real close with the -- did take this -- Robertson at. DP -- in trying him into the hall of fame Saturday night folks if you -- down -- neurology gonna see a talk a welcome the streets. MBA all star game with C a few months back you saw the stars at the same thing now want coney -- diamond Dallas page. On another you may see stone cold Steve Austin who know -- seen them all here. With a super bowl of rest. -- --