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4-3 6:45pm T-Bob talks to former LSU QB Zach Mettenberger

Apr 3, 2014|

T-Bob talks to his former teammate and LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger as he prepares for May’s NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Area. Hello and welcome back to the man -- you're on double coverage through -- -- thirteen 53 WL thirteen fifty dot com I'm joined now. But the man with the rocket arm. -- met burger you know him former LSU tired get ready. For Mays NFL draft exact dates coming on them going on. They throw all the people all did you have it. Ruptured you're the man because you could throw the ball extremely bark in the towers. He's -- -- different language would describe in that -- I guess real quick recap your time and LSU and what it meant to you. And how you figure senior year. Our current book. Early terrorists are structured today or come back getting good players at -- I global -- all. -- they -- today it today Alec -- -- year in each other guys that aren't -- aren't like on friends of mine now. It is strange senior year up until -- injury and really categorize it. Attention being accurate kicker two. Yeah everything active -- cheering. Her age -- just a little bit differently and better. Yeah definitely man and the injury is. Interesting -- guys it's not you know it's it's a setback it's not anything like career threatening us. How you've been handle -- The rehab. Didn't back from the injury and have you managed to keep your spirits up. MM -- The ACL injuries it's not nearly as. Her return as he's been years ago. Every -- every day. Couples on drops. You know stripped everything I can do right now. In early Friday took advantage of that. I really. -- -- to play more on its. I don't think you'll just belief now the and completed. Question Mr. Bush -- you know credit -- and very out -- to play. You know this season. And in bed throws gonna go next with pro days specifically. We Jarvis and Adele also going to league they're going to be out there with you. How much does it -- all three -- you all to kind of I guess keep that. Consistency that you had during the season. Four priority need to get a lead you all do better work out. Yeah you know we we. Tirelessly -- back. They're very affected your particular start. And Taylor's -- that target practice round. They're -- different there Alps and you know I just don't think -- and then. Really you know be as process credits we -- all year. Canada's guys didn't work -- ardent. I do all the same things I want you to impressed scouts churches. Exact. What look what has you most excited. For pro -- to get out there deserve the Columbine. -- you know you're still rehabbing could togethers do as much what are you most excited to show scouts and coaches. Compared it. You're either of them healthy. -- and -- that aren't used loosely. Medical staff prior it would. And monarchs and I feel very very I'll -- right now I want to go out there. It is part of drop. Moving me in ways that that most you'll be in there and you're out months after surgery yeah. -- show them that you know are still aren't and I can do all sides. Sure really -- -- albeit that. You know there's really very -- for me to slow the draft president entry because Andre did you matrix you know. Yeah tell him etiquette enough to know about bird and about all that. Let's talk about the NFL. Here you are on the verge of making in the league basically any kid he's played football this is their dream. How does it feel to be you know so close to the big things. It's this process you editor and now. Just training. And trying to -- You know odd employees it's really weird. It's the start out first are that are built in. It's -- weird. I'm a camaraderie. But I'm excited or what store don't turn it really part attacking. Right purple heart and be called on -- there. -- Rampant are wrapping up here. On double coverage and the man cave with stuff former LSU quarterback does that members he prepares. For May's draft exact obviously we hear a lot. About the men spelled bored holes Bridgewater. Trio even those bugs you guys say -- better than most in my guess. You were talking to coaches what would you tell them are your strengths and what can separate you from the rest of -- quarterback draft class. Yeah I think work -- Everett has some they're separate. A -- a lot of other experienced a lot of great. Or personal record of our quarterbacks. Are that's the thing I think separates -- -- think just you know George -- see July in the pocket. You know I'm not afraid centenary and -- throughout the ball taking. You still think that -- that's -- you have to do well. And they're really ought to do is control electoral. What I do well all applies what I did study it did spark our deal and hopefully see that day you know. Well take a shot and think that you know honestly. You know I can't recruit and some other guys here about. Elliot Zack they he's so much coming here a double coverage. Best of luck man and you now. -- throw it don't really far and really fast. -- I did -- take it easy man out. Double coverage through your real thirteen did the atrial thirteen fifty dot com come back catch it.

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