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4-3 6-7pm Mike Detillier: NFL Draft

Apr 3, 2014|

The NFL released the offseason workout dates…we have the Saints OTA schedule: TU May 27th – TH May 29th…TU June 3rd – TH, June 5th….and Mandatory Mini Camp--M June 16th – TH June 19th. The Big Chief talks NFL Draft with Mike Detillier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number three of sports talk on the ability indicates -- -- by the bay is on vacation he returns. Tomorrow coming up this now all we are about a month away from the 2014. NFL draft. And this man is always busy compiling information in never stops. Putting him in the draft -- report -- to be a joins us now to get some questions about the draft. Diamonds in those pro day a week ago to -- and -- his pro day LSU Prodi's coming up next week. 504 to six so 170. 03866889. He writes annually as Mike anything about the draft with the Saints have -- all other teams in the conference. All the division in the -- me Mike can help you get that information you can also text this and email with the chief -- -- did you know. Dot com -- -- got dog yesterday and of course I know you look what we we know what it is it's that it it's harder to a standard from a man Mike in. Beating the defaced point two times and not have no nothing on his face. But the and it's also -- foot three Arab -- manager of the team feet out to air and land another man when I hit him so it is something that gallery there's some there's some athletic ability. And involved in grassland and of course a lot of it is entertainment. I've been a fan of it I know you like it now tell -- Jim Ross just and I forgot to ask him about. -- famous landlords. Diva in bothering used to come -- ringing you save him damned Dudley -- -- -- -- -- I mean you brought everybody together McNamee at Oklahoma it Thibodeau who all of -- ruse that runs a people leave -- we go to grossed only go to Bob or Sammy did it brought people together in army -- ordered a smaller Arenas and watch it. Did the government as a kid. Go on to east park recreation center and pulled. A goal you directly admit so wrapped them in. And -- has -- Roberts is that group Lee Smith. Was one of the headline performance there for comment opponent Auburn of those. How about sweet tea and our possibility assassin they had the -- All -- that go back to call yeah. That. In my back in those days a lot of those guys dean and certainly in in -- in his seventies and eighties and it's our rest -- the Andy these guys will -- from a college football team someone dressed they are at a football background. Yeah I saw Ron Simmons. When he first broke into wrestler has what maybe one of the laps but blog out there. Well Roberts. You don't -- been an all American football player at Florida State. And then he got into a pretty good injury ended up with. -- -- ms. McMahon group did you know peculiar tremendous. And pretty so you know ruled out -- football players. And got into the sport. And just unbelievable now. I saw -- -- Steve Williams. Many years ago turned out to be -- -- the ball try Bobble football players so. You know later it was humbling to see how it has called on. So much in this sport of wrestling industry how that has got everybody -- ball a little bit -- like like me. You kind of grew up on Saturdays watching yet. Not named Bo Diddley yes indeed we every say we would miss it. I can remember most Saturdays are days might watch a -- in the -- ball. Oh. And -- -- it if we. Told the that it all Paul with that but they go to shoot to wrestle -- at thirty. How unbelievable all I actually have all opposed the -- Russell made you one. And so all of that up in -- it's a pretty good change sport do so. You know it's probably obvious as really captivated. Him. What it that it should -- And that's how much community outreach to the rest. And people involved like you lost all hope Kolb that Vick is making his run. And you know hope to get to a double double did not know what we've football but -- it because what you think about the -- that a common goal -- all in this sport and guys that really. Say first day and Hulk but he was on the -- so to speak you and do bit that double level. And hopefully admitted that there will be a rest of the DuBois. -- You followed that got you -- wanted to watch it and many started to put that on prime animal trot tonight Saturday night everything else that. It is ticket that medal level and how -- in this city. I mean people don't realize what it did generate. If people promo about that through the mind can live from New York. And from California. Down the locks -- or may not the best sport they try to until put me on Saturdays. Well you know ball crawfish but -- -- That they had there. So I you know you gotta get out economy. As the as exactly right forfeited out of town -- you -- you -- they're maybe you've got to give them crawl through for a good -- and it went. Up. Yeah adequate so my final 42601878668890. It's in the Bible fully get into focus in on a draft. Odd deep impact. All of DeSean Jackson what what happened there and now what you -- is a crucial year. Our fault for Robert Griffin the third one would think now this takes a lot of pressure off him. Yeah. I think wanted. -- all the draft -- I think what it doesn't really help out the guy that not being in that. Range from fifteen to 22. That would go in this draft and I'm talking about Brandon cooks for Morgan State -- -- Beckham Milledge you. And what keeps -- from UNC. You know teams that would interest that it you know like Kansas City which you know -- still need to receiver but now -- -- -- And in some argue probable that play here -- -- -- Washington. Gives you that noble a couple coverage type got. In the and he was cut because he wasn't good player he was cut because I think that's what Chip -- we have and what you do in mile. -- ago now. Didn't guilt by association. Cubs could be I think as. I mean we all know people that have had some issue -- who won one or number. Know once you get a certain level that you gotta be careful. About constantly associating with people like that because I can't it cost you. And it cost issue on that spot. In this particular situation he gives the Redskins and that the big play -- you look -- would be -- it would -- -- I think got a tidy ending catch the ball real well -- remorse is one heck of -- running back became a protective. Ortiz very. Big question mark perhaps you've got -- a quarterback to use all capital the Brigham and go protect. And he's getting beat up every week you didn't hit -- around. So but it was directed at one you've got a guy has since been accurate. We can anytime you lose. You know of them try to get him because -- you know messing with me anymore that we played against the Redskins. But. I think what you do is look at the big picture here is that cannot protect RG three walk and a figure in the make the most -- bouncy. To make big plays down field and that's basically it you know be the oldest called the no question about it being it's not one -- them on -- he. Yet people that players that played against the Redskins went -- -- said this yeah conditional on him. So. It opens up and lies because had additional story that say would it. All -- with Kansas City one of those teams pick received in round one would have went another direction. Redskins. We're pretty much later that those three guys -- cyclical from fifteen to 22. In the league in Kooks and 00 well now the -- net that range. It's so it doesn't get that that's where it could help is playing a little bit what could have crumbled media couples spot and all of that. DeSean Jackson didn't help. What -- some of the residents. Mauresmo my feeling is take yesterday a lot of players but -- have -- was the JJ Davey -- -- at South Carolina plus a look back at all the athletes including Jon -- -- And also Mike Evans at the AN am pro day close to. Basel first round picks will be on display this coming week at the LA issue probate -- In May indeed draft report all things might -- TA plug people in the right direction. Big breaking -- to -- Support.Com. Mike beat Philly dot com and a walk out an out of body will tips that you you have about. You know bottom for the draft if -- eleven somewhere in that rain will be ownership and now. They have everything there and at that that you look at what draft why cycle -- dot com Mike dictated. All right to the phones we go let's go to grade great thank you for calling Debbie Debbie I don't want -- to two million. Hey man a migrate dug deep route that is going to be up in Saint Louis man. You know I have powers is that bad draft -- David saying that. I just honor that is. Watching him businessmen. With. Yeah yeah take it -- knowledge of their book up a copy you know like you know. We get it Roman Harper you know I don't know got the which that the bad -- Well listen if you're expected to 2530. Year old champion not gonna yet. I mean at least 36 years old -- and all the time catches up with everybody. What do I think you would like -- that you if you have an interest in which the Saints do. It to bringing in a chemical called. I think it is aids that would be the right spot for -- that -- and he can still play he just isn't. The same guys more on that the speed that he wants -- he's still great technician. Instinctive real physical. He just doesn't have the speed anymore but he -- hand. So you can use you know Embree and you understand the position you're gonna put him -- -- -- as a third cornerback. What -- not find out it's how much money he wants and I wanted to find out about it hell -- it -- injury that bothered him all season long. So -- and interest. -- and I still think -- can play. Well that you didn't -- that you're not as but I want to work. And so would -- -- being brought in its would be in the technical position. That's that you would have opening play. About. 70% of the time anyway. Is how much money is champ war. And secondly outlook on -- must have medically. How healthy years because that's the one thing that catches you as you get old is not that you can do it anymore. Is that your body right now. Mike the the move through to bring in safety Marcus ball to a three year deal what was that the Zach ankle and sat with did the bush in -- bush -- all the -- with the Falcons. Yeah no question about it the kid you know and are practicing more as play quite a bit. And -- -- guy that played linebacker. At Toronto. Now it come from the same high school number we wouldn't you think about Stevenson high school and installed -- go out Georgia same high school. That produced parent quietly. And also Kelvin Sheppard. And in this draft class can elaborate. From Vanderbilt and about I. That's impressive run end at Purdue and and I saw him in a solid amount of time to my. Real short and really ball was the most -- recruited guy. -- even to meet at one time that operated player has stated Jordan. Went to Florida State got caught out with some of those in it is all line recruiting scandal BO that Florida State went to Memphis. It's been the best player of the models team playing got hybrid outside linebacker -- -- spot for the move wood up the view -- call you very instinctive he's a good open field tackler and he's real physical. Awe in watching him play a little bit and get that -- -- -- pretty good. So what you brought in -- got that with the bush real physical guy. -- stout run support and intimidator. So to speak in the secondary. And we've written that just so much money to go out into an incredible one just pieced it -- but that would just be. Because you know like sometimes people want and you can see what's happening it would the small market balls signing that basically that's got to the -- -- to the fact that. They got out of you than that that it happened but -- make this move toward -- -- the. Partake in operated jaguar opinion poll on line -- did -- that Thomas pro wrestling a sport a purely entertainment wrestle mania thirty. Is in town this weekend yesterday the great Jim good OJR Jim Ross was Louis in studio. Today Jake is Nate Robertson also spoke a diamond Dallas page saw this a lot of it coming on next now gone to the hall of fame this weekend Saturday night -- -- -- -- Raising our own Scott hall will be with a -- NFL draft we might retaliate. Mike did TA dot com if follow Mike on tour and my 58260187. In Texas and 87878. Email as the big chief at WWL. That kind of took copy of the inning in the draft that now is coming out Dolan non not too long was saying them more than about three weeks we have a good -- Too deep a hole rehearsed up for the draft -- got to take theater because this is do you think the Saints would trade up in the first round. Well the big war I speak but in this draft. And which is the -- draft class a bit in 27 years. -- involved. Is that overall Michael does a certain position to make it there must be the. Wide receiver is the deepest out of the are you now be on the muted no question about it. Well past thirty years you do it is my desk now almost thirty -- -- do yeah and it's pretty they're also too in depth wise. In the secondary especially at quarterback. I mean that -- about Morton dropped what players want to seven rounds. In that they have ever had its pretty good long deal and to line it never now. People wanting it I think it is sea change. More more. Is that there's not going to be a lot of Eagles actually -- More of war from the -- high school with high school level. Those guys it was 64 and 65. That put Nomar -- -- playing wide receiver and tight end. In that plane had to pass rush defense have been our outside linebacker in religion that college is the same sort of problem. But there's never enough for the old guys out well for you to pick. That's what makes the -- the usual because one my top two guys keep digging around the cut. The highest ranked beat that have been out done -- -- and you won one up or. It's a little. Is one of the hot he has the highest tree out on -- back that to their problems came out of Alabama. And NASCAR Lil man and a Buffalo I in my bottom of my had a and we at least at least seen this before and you know guys get about weight but. And it dead just purely you know I hate it they'll find you knew about how does that have had a had as -- -- as I wanted to be as she graded out one of the Buffalo. That you just didn't really work out for him or he would that mature later only policy. -- talking that he only scholarship offered to him will well that's amazed. It's 00 station -- -- All you know everyone misses with it you know. You play the percentages. Don't while still it is many many years ago that -- no more than an educated guess and at -- same thing with local. -- mobile than an educated guess. All what you try to look for in a player. So you got match up climbing that it was the best player in the country when he came out your short you want to do and how to according to a what I want scholarship ball. Cloudy with a quarterback in the country. But the guy and ask them how many scholarship he got when he came out well who. Want. Its own school technicals -- not so they don't show you. That big a lot of times. That it it works out kind of like you think you'll probably rated player so we're all in yet you people just before. When you don't feel that I -- Jarvis slander. Know when the deal came out he was learn -- -- recruit players and so those are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yet we've seen a guy -- -- -- you was it June. He didn't get intelligent all or until he went to college football camp and has some -- we're -- received. He won't be awkward but it schools more than any. It and sometimes it worked out and so on -- but it sure use some people mature. Physically and athletically. A little bit later in life. And it happened with Bobby. And it also happened with a little. Back to the phone to go let's go to Tim -- and Tim thank you for calling WWL. Thank you very much I remember they've been a situation quite well -- -- -- and yet. It yeah. Any dollars talk about -- football. I think. And you just mentioned maturing physically in and other ways not think Johnny has a major case of mature this. Specifically. He was thrown out government is one or two ago while it was down here for the Manning passing academy. He got somebody dropped into -- were strong food establishments down there. Big returns. To local state. -- -- -- -- -- And got up and non athletic reported to the Manning academy. You demanding in their typical gentlemanly but firm way told him chew on your own well. Whereupon he went back to Texas -- them and claimed he was so glad to be. At College Station once again which is his home. They don't have the lack of sexual performance. For the team. Then he goes back. And goes over to. The logjam for now in taxes that the University of Texas and has thrown out there. That was having in -- and it everything you've -- batting you he's GMs these people talk about it. But those guys that film that he has all yearlong suspension what's what's most recently in your mind when he did his pro day in against Duke. And against Alabama meet face other than LSU two years he's been phenomenal and he sea air and done all the right things. I don't know how much is gonna have an effect on his draft stock now mine. Well I think guys the opinion that the look at that the big question mark with you know if not his -- I think that a lot of young good GMs. Say you know what I -- 20/20 one years old. Not get some stupid things you and when they put himself in that spot a lot of old that god will let you know what -- -- -- Are we all know you you hear a lot of old school people on PP. Not give him his props all the way he played all of football team that had wanted to work defense is in college football last year. And look what he has done the Texas stadium's football program years. People out of the national prominence. It -- the last time someone did that -- the same. It would you pick out and was able to accomplish on the field he's unique. In his football. It's all you issues there are concerns in in some quarters no question about it. That's not a good and tight net and it went to Austria it got played up IP every bit as all all of that Russell Wilson. If you and that -- don't -- about it. But the Saints. It's everything to do with off the field issues and focus. What will happen and what makes from Brees and -- as Tom Brady Peyton Manning who dale. It because -- get. On and off the field is declined that they do they got guys more physically get it in the old guys. What would be do all in all this field to make themselves -- every basket grind is that opened that in question. -- -- He's -- Jim what he'd get there. But yeah it had them all the election but what you think about. When he won 10 you put in that spot. How many guys today wouldn't get into a lot of those situations do. And my feeling when you think about it also -- -- situation it's almost like now because of the Ryan leafs. I'm a diamonds I mean let's face -- in in I'm up all year from the day we could be talking about. The Dolphins and The -- two teams in the same race there by -- chase and it did did you it's and we can become the -- -- is -- don't work out what those two teams have a shot in my time. In two years could be -- that we drafted -- -- guy it's almost now Mike. It's it's acceptable to draft -- wrong more so then you don't wanna be eighteen they didn't take begat that you should -- took. You don't think. Pressure on Bob McNair cool when he -- it would we will get all young didn't pan out that would depress order of them might did to to take Vince Young right to -- Well here's the thing and draft coverage for the Titans -- many years to. You know I know that just issue really wanted Matt -- -- -- -- -- he got it basically said. The older what the owner of the tight. But that. Texas guy that got picked. -- I mean at bat with a couple big spot here that Texans are gonna pick today being calm. I needed -- you know he's the best player on the board the Olympic team all big -- We hope they get all a lot of pressure on Bob McNair because you know. They've done and they'll work out in a big action you'll hear a lot back from his friends his bolt is and -- -- -- That you guys that have the ability -- that ball down to it. Hope. That a lot of things that sometimes happen behind the teams with only knock it McNair credit here. When Charley casserly. Was the genome of the Texans. That was a lot of pressure for them to pick Reggie Bush. That year and it worked out well this site because they've got Reggie. Mario they selected to date the best in there and marry your what you. Fought him and been really good football player you know well so has been Reggie when he's been helping. But that was all a lot of pressure put on him to pick bullish now. They'll put that. Didn't play in Texas. And bush was not what about. So what you think about that and pick out of -- do need for a quarterback at at the detectives. No matter how you cut it. Barrett awful lot of pressure from that ownership -- say you know what god I know what -- and not realize that Cutler on the board. And I've got some thought Carolina ties. But -- and you know it. If we don't pick him up when -- hear about this until my final day you're older. -- you doubt things behind the thing that happens sometimes you find out a little bit later about. That you used they weren't the only got -- ball or you know a bit of personal preference somewhere along. My LA issues pro days coming up when nobody hit Latin names. A member of the may throw. Odeo Beckham junior jobless Landry honest I'm about the defensive lineman Mike you talk about it being this -- beat deep. Two guys it you know and the eagle Ferguson had a better year against Arkansas in the bowl game against Iowa. I think guy Andy Johnson played better -- the status on on those guys and some other players you look forward to seeing this week at the Alicia pro day. Well well bill I mean to me you know you just gotta do what you gotta do is I mean you do what you gotta do you -- -- -- 22 pick in his draft. Anywhere again from seventeen to 22. In round one would job but I think it's important to him that that does -- because that that certainly didn't question number nobody. You know gonna think you -- beat anchor -- of global war meter relay team. But you know that it's important right now because right now and an early to muted seconds -- -- If you can improve debt. Then I think that'll certainly help him in a very deep draft class so she's got in the pool the we Jonathan -- then. It is the -- but according to -- different players. Would not legal I thought he had a terrific season lecture real -- He -- got a stop the world well he's a big man in the middle and he runs well he's very athletic. And more tackles. At that he broke that tackle position than any tackle at LSU since Glen park. You think about the got a run from there he was really productive let you. He's not a great structure would he's disruptive in the Middle East so the -- -- the job that he's got a great. No question about that. He reminds me a home run hitter in baseball. Eagles for the big play. Even the big that big tackle on the line of scrimmage or it's like that like. You don't want to look great technicians. They both need work with -- to get off blocks. But got the got in both local -- to me can be. Third all very very early fourth round picks. And -- -- -- at will right now everything you'd gain. At this point then to lose I think big guy and I was lucky on this because I got that you please walk with great term. A lot of people Beltre. There that you can mistake when he came out early. Haven't watched him I knew you would that mean you as a top flight one blocker. You need to work in the past with Dick imported the game like most eligible to do at the open that LSU has not been well -- -- line. Offensive line -- I think trade the guy looked at Johnson and -- and that'll go late third early fourth. And so where old double B there are only four from Pitt and up big dog was -- in two. -- Johnson. Ferguson I think we'll all be in that middle of the voters. Early Porter now -- I got I got seven player Belichick my top one hit in. Don't call it is that Matt -- because you get very opinions all across the board with. I've got it right at the second round pick. Our want to -- you rank him at the second best quarterback in this draft class. And Kobe you know Beckel dish so you kind of how that sold but who wouldn't you know -- I think that back goals somewhere around him. The one thing if he's healthy and out. Talking is here I think he has been horrible that the one thing we can do really well you've got -- -- you can make every NF LO. And tell you they have a lot of them don't like it here which you could it not happening on the field. I'll be in the two got killed and injured -- that got potential. I think Brendan Harris will be a really good player one. Well for the next couple years you've been a struggle at that quarterback position. And you saw what Putnam was -- -- put up last year when he would help the people don't give him credit but he was hurt in medal game. And played the entire year injured. In Philly went out in the Arkansas game Uga has not happened here. Ottawa net football pupil would hear the two receivers were terrific but Matt Murton -- -- -- -- -- -- sport and he was an art doesn't help so. Important for them and me more than anything. So really work out well and she's probably they've gotten up and -- -- Holmes at this point you got everything that game. -- all. Woody can do. -- -- but it epic would act if bobbled it helped me I'm the one thing. And -- can make -- -- like you guys in this draft class can't because of that -- and he got a little. Well put him out. NFL analyst Mike did TA follow Mike on tour. And my due to the game I beat AA -- comment another way to approach the game in the draft. A guide the 2014. Is go to saint reports that come Mike did did you might thank you so much change are you come -- this week in baby. Thank the lottery you enjoy enjoy it got home and he was not a lot. He was mediate might deteriorate folks one more hour to go get back into the wrestling I'll go on to the hall of fame this week in a razor Ramon Scott college on this Knicks and the going to be this is -- stop going to be WTO.