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4-3 7:10pm Razor Ramone

Apr 3, 2014|

Sunday WWE’s biggest show of the year—WrestleMania 30--hosted by Hulk Hogan is in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Leading up to the big day, WWE will induct several greats into the 2014 Hall of Fame. The Big Chief was joined by inductee, Scott Hall, Razor Ramone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These news -- in sports leader it's really paid seventy WWL. And you know WWL and S women's 1053. Sports -- and don't. -- -- and drove for Amanda goes into the hall of fame well deserved on our. Those -- the hall of fame Saturday night -- a welcome in -- Scott hall to WW radio in town for wrestle mania. Scott thank you so much for joining us now are you. -- You know look at. What he wrote a great year are a little. Man's got -- day it's itself may housing and you know you're a guy that but what whatever whatever you're asked to do you do it and you win beyond that. But I mean to think about and we had other guys on our lives DDP Jake the snake media people you know in the upon this great sport disadvantage. But when you hear Paula faint and -- Scott hall razor Ramon goes in Saturday night what does that mean do you. Well your partner -- really. Have your column mark myself yeah. And -- it's not like him which was due march as far as person. But there's some real you know tortured to -- it is -- -- -- -- deal in Munich in the locker room but circular well. -- We're a little characters. Routier's through the phone call. All of that is pretty -- -- -- rhetorical. A bit. Scott -- Razor Ramon goes into the hall of fame Saturday night -- -- kings and wrestle mania thirty here in New Orleans. It's got back remembered that the hike coming when these two wrestling defections a wc -- -- Debbie did you have that did did he will go on and nitro on one channel in won't he won't won't watch him ninth so they will open a commercial with the on nitro and you could -- -- the other one. And west WW ethnic people flipped him back and forth the ratings wars I mean that those were about how how -- -- -- those when those -- get together makes should be had. The great matchups that would be competing where people would want to beat tuning into yours a Mosul there. Well you know courtroom competitive but our record regard option -- words and more competitive and I. Don't remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who looked -- and work some more years where. -- Particular. Click rules which do you like -- -- that ring so that's all year. -- -- -- But it still slow gritty look -- knows so there are good person. Scott always goes into. The hall of fame this Saturday night razor Ramon at WWE wrestle mania in new -- also two great events taking place. Scott big sixteen. But I Nance a diamond Dallas page summary of the names but there are some guys that that you enjoy and work with some -- had an effect on you and your career. Well -- -- -- -- a lot from where I can mark your readers to -- and missed -- And you know I crossed paths with. With so and so -- you know we crossed out here and so on the law you should be we were out -- that it appeared. -- we took took -- -- you know. -- -- Great. People enjoyed -- and you know longer chip and people. Who wrote greater belong here mr. support should note should still -- for me where I can prisoners. Here and I -- it. Look across the screen as well and that's where. Corporate rock -- -- and then we don't follow certain car that you -- out and slapped them Joker. Talk about who we -- -- that you. It's great liar -- a tall order for a. So -- succumbed to a belt and charge and not just the sort of an art Saunders predicted -- doing. You know they'll help prepare them. I just you know my -- ulcers Hercules brother -- -- on my like to look at -- -- new movie with strippers. Scattered arkansas' spends against. And their game on the program to talk about also that they in his career going to the hall of fame Saturday night's -- kings and try to wrestle mania thirty -- -- tugged it. The the form the formation -- of in WOO that when they came when they came you -- -- talk about that this was something that people. Look forward to and you say say hello to the -- -- maybe it was almost like at that point them. You know you that a lot of people there were all in your side I mean they they might this when you guys hey you come out -- the black with the white in Dubuque. What was it like to be a part of a group B is self. Nancy a -- called in so many others that was a big deal. Yeah it would sure that you do get me wrong I mean first start you know program and -- professional out about it I mean -- that there. There. -- -- sure you. Don't. Third member in the you know. Our usual one when you get when you don't -- -- -- surrendering. Should become an animal Dexter. He -- -- matter -- recruit them and you know -- -- Earned. Were it was great card members didn't turn out and get on the side all situations are too major or care okay cool. Got this in my scrapbook. -- -- -- -- -- Mean you're now leading the -- chose forestry and -- -- so I don't know what went to -- -- -- -- -- -- more but I didn't know critically used to beavers are. But it turned out to Corey then you know -- record crowd. And it's just. There are certainly privilege it was in recruiting because there aren't sure. Where -- partner. -- on the way to bring -- fortunately we still grow. After that fortunately like in the middle. You know there -- -- low post. There which. -- You know now. Down to the line. I looked at people and marchers were sort of insert -- sure yeah. Coupon is 70000 people. When. There were OK I'll give you the board okay where are it was really -- -- that old righty or righty out of what -- -- I don't know what's gonna happen turned -- great. Angela do you in this first. There were two ball just -- -- total. While ago there. You're a union that's been -- that's there we haven't we are -- concerns. What in your same building since that night in -- scorecard. So are just excited about that. We're going to New York Super Bowl all -- -- -- -- -- letting it Marshall great. Rather extreme. Or you'll driver and locker Tokyo and didn't kill. Don't go to a deterrent -- article and start out. This. Amy and -- are you going to all of you -- to to the hall of fame those -- wanna be in the hall of fame one day. You know. I mean are there are several of your card or -- at all -- -- -- of your career. I've been here and you know that call start to produce Anderson gave up close you -- remind you are. A keeping. And so you know there on the couch which was pretty cool. It was 00 for the loosely salute video package so I talked to -- -- and shattered the presentation. Notes Likud -- of first ever they're going to be luck too tired of the brand new. Social with them excellent yeah. There are similar -- -- -- Close it out I look for that particular. So there are certain. Hostility from the you know -- -- Her oh. No -- am sure it is for sure a lot more for experience. -- -- out. Are you are lower now well not all -- accomplished. Scott hall razor Ramon are special -- go to the hall of fame Saturday night. For WW ease into a store for a us remain as -- a big guy what did you would you part of athletics in high school coming up bombing and I can be tall guy like like -- was. But tell -- by. And any objection to art sure sure. I don't want our tour in terms of our so I don't surrounded. Football -- just old school I don't remember too loose ball you know or school year term. Part of it was great big -- don't care to where we're proud that you were struck with all the certain matters. I showed there were those most turbulent what I grew so you know I wasn't good to go to -- level. -- a her you know charger QB in there to shoot it progression. Scott any he had any advance any shows and they got coming up this week and you -- sent down to -- the hall of fame activities. Well actually yeah it would break Bernard from actually smarter -- but I also went from -- so well here I'm sure it's there. Another hall of Famer go -- -- a beer -- art sport and I mean as well it's it's definitely to be you'll release or. But there's we're gonna be a lot of surprise and would like all the fair amount -- Significant are you already confirmed -- -- about are you or you know -- distributed it would be really fun -- Our current predicament coached politics -- its record holder -- Russell -- The political sugar mill or so like Robert Geathers started in the one hole that you have to you know they need to call and that's what we're here or there or so aren't. Don't know the float -- all of the -- -- to Grossman till about. Current record but what are all marked. Amount. They're gonna say hey you don't. And Scott found if all your fans -- Dickey but with the -- what would it what does Scott called up to these days. Adam -- -- a secret. -- real close -- I have. Opened a cut down the -- or roller coaster and I'm kind of spiritual occur through these are personal. To grow. But so little more. About so -- -- -- -- roller coasters are really really Aslan. A lot of years there would stick at all. By the great. -- look -- close friends. The last yours probably. Car at school so almost ensure a horrible. But doctors were in college much producers and -- Or church is going to be a major major winners here are just go to broke me with -- yeah. Two in the rule. You know it's it's one of most routine reward out -- it would. Just a single or a certain knowledge but the move. Good for you Scott hall razor Ramon goes into the WW the hall of fame said united -- the kings and he's in town. Him and Jake the snake in many other greats on out is going to be a lot of big VIPs and surprise -- at the house of blues that he Toby MR -- from eight to -- night. Take them out and -- got this weekend in new war Scott congratulations to you -- man from all of us wrestling fans -- We appreciate everything you could be. Out -- on me. You've got to Scott take a -- All right Scott hall goes in his razor Ramon -- talk about it. And you go back and look at Scott's bio in the he'll last a long long time I'm in a long time from. You know he was in the game a lot before he got in today -- DC going to be in the -- he's a -- -- -- salaries -- -- and -- -- beauty. And he came they're real form that bad gas facts and -- in WO. And people go back in four fumble USA network. -- and that warmth and go back and you know if you dealer deepen this was a big battle among all guilty of China and its main man you know supposedly. Turn I was promised some on WWF. Programming and -- he would he wanted in the Enqvist and he wanted to push mid south he pushed me itself for awhile and formed wc debit. It all goes back to what we say in sports all the time it's all about the money money on an amendment to the matters and views in matters all the time.