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Apr 3, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: as the city thinks about what to do with the old Six Flags sight what are your ideas? Should it stay an amusement park or turn it into something else? Do you remember Pontchartrain beach…what were your favorite rides and games there?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

New old not tonight it's made Bob Mitchell -- -- boot. Got a great show planned for and before I get into what we have on our WWL talked table -- -- -- share something with you that just. Aggravates the you know what ultimately. I'm watching TV today. Normally when I work I watch TV when I don't work I'm legal watch a whole bunch. I'm watching the Fort -- press conference. Terrible terrible tragedy and we will talk about that a little bit later on when if you're brand spanking new Prodi drag more painful question. But right now wanna focus on just depressed cup. And it's true. When there's a press conference with the saints -- shoe. After you know laughed after the saints' games of what the NFL. Well all of the games or the same white. And that is we have the technology. Where satellite and Clinton garbage in the ocean but we don't have the technology. To get a microphone on the person asking the question. So I'm watching the press conference. And you -- And knobs and the speaker says what a great question. That is a wonderful point you were absolutely right and we are working on that -- so they're saying wait wait what are you talking about so why can week. Why can we not on the -- press conferences figure out a way to Mike the people were asking the question all right. Let's get on to what we are talking about tonight well as the city of New Orleans. Mulled over new ideas to resurrect the shut down Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans east. What are your ideas. What do new park designed to bring back the memories of -- to train beach. Work for you right now Europe probably ideas that have been presented to the City Council the played. Part trying to against decide whether they wanna go with this at all one includes a fifty million dollar initial plays to reconstruct the amusement park. Plans for a second please include a twenty million dollar music themed water park called baritone beach along with the development retail outlets in the future. Then there's another plan. That's a seven phased plan that starts and building a jazz land part future phases of the development would include a water park -- let us. A dome shaped shopping that are arranged by global confidence. A 450. Foot replica of -- are. That piles of an orchestra studio a movie production lot a resort hotel complex and the facility for students study in hospitality. Those little things that we are looking at right now or force the city of looking at work well while if they'd do an amusement park. Which I would like I would like a portion of the park. To be devoted to punch train beach. -- let people who come to town experience. What really -- -- and -- to experience at our amusement park punch train beach felt tonight. I wanna know what where your favorite punch train beach rides and games. Plus what is the most exciting or scariest ride you've ever experienced. Anywhere. -- -- I'm not a big big amusement park person. Went to Disney World few times and there's some -- I'm not even sure what it is one of the rock and roll expressed. That's scared the you know what I would speed putt. If one has an elevator and it drops. But I gotta tell you right now this area tried. That I have ever been on. And -- -- punch train beach and my son was about eleven. Or twelve years Olympic at the time. And he talked me into going on the fraud. I've never forgiven import. And when we talk will be -- or unsure about inheritance you will know why he's not getting any inheritance. Because he convinced me. To go on the while miles. I thought I was going to Dalai. And you know you have heard the stories. Which really were not true that once the wall ball went straight and jump right off. So -- is whatever he wants 1012 years old had been a good time. I. And as wiped. As the hat that John is -- behind the control board tonight if I thought I was going to die. I will never die of heart attack because any chance -- -- had a heart attack. Could've happened that night that was the scariest ride I've ever been. The -- -- stereo for what about you. The one ride. -- really scared me was -- world. Thomas called Texas. And Roy before it -- down and I am mistaken I wrote it at night. But it couldn't see anything because it's not it. Blow and a -- -- seat because I like the list because -- legacy as feel like you floating in there. Never again. Right scare up a collapse I'll admit to Texas I called. They skated yet. Were you in to punch train beach -- man -- to -- you look too young to remember part of such a speech he worked at the big big job station -- the French Fries and hamburgers cokes. Hamburg but that's another thing that had to -- There had to be the cheapest. -- that beat might be cheaper than the beef and -- at the -- -- at at Chris -- but I love -- absolutely they would just. Don't they flip onions on there they probably never ever clean that grow. But boy they would -- fascinating McCleon groom got a call back there were called beach burgers. -- there were absolutely incredible club onions ketchup. So tonight if if you used to go to -- and he surely you remember the appeal pretty. Pay what they want place now I think remember something about was pop was ever involved in that. So how about give us a call. At 26 or one point 788668. -- nine point seven -- give us your thoughts. On May be what we should do with the now -- Six Flags in the world in east. And what social Leo great to train beach ride in game memories. Also what are WWL talked tabled it's as good. CNN's Anderson Cooper who -- that the best news guy and TV. Recently announced that though his mother Gloria Vanderbilt inherited a fortune before making her -- billions he will not receive an inheritance. Cooper says that inherited money is an initiative -- And a curse. -- was mum told him. You're not yet and in my money so you need to get off your -- -- that your own profession which aren't like that shall do you agree with Anderson. Is there a greater incentive. Incentive to work when you were not expecting a bundle when mom and dad passed on. Arguable parents -- spend less today is that your kids have more when you're no longer I know some people. Who they won't go anywhere they want to make trips there are always afraid that. They're gonna run out of money for their kids. Not me if any my kids are listening and tell you exactly the way it's going to be. I'm gonna spin everything. But a quarter. And when I checked out and put water in the gum machine on the way out so work hard and make your own money. 2601878866889. Point 78 and we have our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. After another fatal shooting at Fort -- Is it time to change the rules to allow military personnel to be arm while along the post. I had no idea. That military personnel. Who are trained to use weapons. Who -- when there in Iraq Afghanistan and the places like that they have these weapons they cannot Wear a weapon on a military base. Of the MT ten. But just the people who. Are trained and have licenses to carry these guns to not carry them on base so now. After another fatal shooting at Fort Hood is a time to change the rules to allow military personnel. The B arm while on the post it in Colombia to secure -- one point 78866889. OH seventy contractually. And 87870. And I just find that absolutely just unbelievable by the way. As slow recently right before came only -- the vote the update about found was four people dead. -- nine remain in a hospital right now. Let's let's go ahead and before the break take a quick phone call will go to Jim Allen from Gonzales power you're Jim. I'm doing great -- I you don't see. I'm -- Jim first of all I'd give me your thoughts about the -- your head on. Operating -- opinion poll question did you know that military people on base on the military base can't carry their own weapons. Largest -- today. I don't know. We'll be treason and everything else. At all kind of -- -- -- I don't see why they shouldn't. I don't know. Did it make you did make you shake your head. For. It and it. It. You write about the main. I'm watching this and -- looking for things that to talk about the night and then all of a sudden I -- There thinking about changing the rules. In weapons now I'm thinking they're saying don't and then find out that the that. You you our military. Personnel you're an officer you have a permit to carry this bill and you -- to carry this -- and you can't carry it on the base. Not just that that's that's just mind blowing you're right. Why -- you can walk around in public. Area. But -- you -- military -- trained you can't you can't on the -- yeah I don't try not like Beckett you won't be here Erica and. Isn't like say in a few more eight. Football player you can't carry -- -- around training camp. -- we we don't watch you know not to -- you -- or is. It that. Agents area restaurant you've ever been. -- And you were talking and -- -- air -- our mom well that oh why don't -- I'm wrote that I've ruled that once. And that was it an. And I get off and I'm I'm I'm I'm putting my hand on the play but -- saying thank you Jesus and made it alive and my son is laughing and saying. Let's go again -- have no hope you go again I'm not getting back on that thing. On mark got out -- having flashbacks. Yeah it's much. Bartlett. -- but now that the data brought up the check site on our problem. True. And what and I got all I laughed at you while there are no more. Print -- -- at an all out and grabbed the first hole and oh yeah. The that the Pope thirty minutes I don't you would ever want. It'd be great if they. Put a new theme park on a New Orleans east they have a section of it. That would be dedicated. To put Pontchartrain beach was like so that people who visited New Orleans. Would be able to say sold this is what it was like growing up in the world in and going to -- amusement park. -- bringing back the -- bring back the left from the dog. Altman. Let that be like a stroll down memory -- like nobody ever spears or. On not only not only would be good for us who were born and raised with it but it would give people -- chance who came to visit the world is -- people come areas that they want experience our food one experience or musical. This could be a chance to. Connell actually this is what it was like to grow up in New Orleans when pop out and -- was here. Thank you Jim. I appreciated. -- 601 late 7866889. Point seven do you -- 10000000087870. We're gonna share some -- -- -- beach memories. What should or respond to our WW Oprah to drag our opinion poll question. After another fatal shooting at Fort -- is it time to change the rules to allow military personnel. To be arm while on the post I'm Bob Mitchell and this -- on WW with a bunch of phone lines open. So call them and let's talk about. Mean it's -- Sunny every day in the okay. It's. Thank you -- for planning that now tonight. We're talking about what's going on with the old Six -- the city of New Orleans was considering a couple of proposals on what to do with it and both of them revolve around. Bringing back. -- theme park. And I'm all for bringing back a theme park but I got the idea and fact I have I have to give credit where credit's due. John and I got talking about the so there they the other night and most of this was was his idea solid given the credit report. But think about this. We have a theme park out in New Orleans east. Part of that theme park. Is a re -- punch train beach with the rides in the gains that we all grew up with. And that would be great for us but my thought is would be great for people who come to -- and people come to New Orleans. For food or music they come for our culture. And wouldn't it be great. To have a place where they could experience some of a culture that we didn't mean what it would and Demi and it and I -- it's got. Afloat that must be 2000 feet long and I think has 101000 riders on of all dedicated. To punch train beach so I thought would be great tonight just. Your thoughts on this. If you think we should do something else with the area that's fine you can give -- sure input. But what about if they do have an amusement park dedicate a part of a departure -- beach. Let's go to to Bruce in memory -- Bruce. I'm by Bruce what are your thoughts on on on doing something like that. Very. Any soldier home should be -- carry guns -- that there and so -- Other coaches who might be. Want it to him call. Okay he's answering our big 870 pretty drag where opinion poll question after another fatal shooting at Fort Hood. Is it time to change the rules to allow military personnel to be armed while on the based I assume. This was going to be in the high nineties but listen to this 67%. Say no hole but a lot of knuckle heads 67%. Saying no. 33%. Say yes. I'm totally understand what we're talking about it what we're talking about a sniped at right now military personnel. On a military base. Guys and girls who were trained with dogs who have permits to carry these guns can't carry him on their own base. That's what we're talking about so. Need to pick the South Africa about the Procter and be sure we get to. Two proposal. -- certainly we do an animal in the produce either. Proposal -- -- there is. If you don't know it hurt Greek well. It transferred from the get the celebrity who you know what art is its cultural elements include murder. Two. Some pretty old punched. A typical procedure when an awful lot. But I'll leave that support that old but look pretty early but yeah. What was compete with the Concord NC with the partly to an extra. But also also the rides you know I mean wouldn't it be great to bring about that have have a -- have -- while most -- the -- and the dog and try to re create. Some of that old missed out to punch train beach so that people. Who work to. Travel here would be able to take and say hey this is what it was going to amusement park in New Orleans that that's that's what I'm looking at. There it's there there are the key to cook them well. But also. What the true true people through the original -- and -- You know or six. Location it. Let it and she can -- should it it didn't it just fit in a track. Don't like it needs to. Well when you look back on -- to try and beat what we're -- your favorite rods. Oh. Well look at Le -- the and effortless. One of my favorite literally. Writing on Cairo. And it I'm going to cross a piece of more. Com or. A woman there it is cheaper that somebody -- order -- there are. All that it wasn't your life -- Our outlook for her. Now who shoots in the -- great memories were going through the left the left in the dark. A lot of -- product in its current low and slow the -- with. Electricity. Rate in the nuts and they're a little. I remember smoke. Nick way. That pop popcorn. You know everything cooking that you walk down -- -- -- popped out that it could draw here. Did you like that those nasty -- hamburgers they had their two. They were great Bruce I appreciate Chicago to go to a Steve and coming to power you Steve. Well I'm great you know Bob Mitchell from WTO director. -- now it's WWL. A long time ago. Yeah you're right some money and -- on Tuesday that talking you ought to April's fifty years. I had asked what music while group like the other call. After respect you know. But it couldn't have been brought currently we're used to put our hands on the call when it would go -- -- bedside -- -- optical. Bob and you crazy you know that you're really present -- would want a ride with you a main I wrote it once. And it was the scariest ride I've I've ever been on. Are. You remember any of the games that you played -- -- Whatever that stupid little fishing game you'd you'd you'd be you'd you'd hope these wouldn't finishes you'd be you'd you'd. -- -- finished you know what you hope these are at that. I'm really it's unlikely yet now I'm stitches. Yet with this just like shrimps yeah you quote the wouldn't finish and then you. Extremes that war. You know -- a pocono would -- but it was just the excitement. Of catching that fish. And a number. Remember Leo one of them probably it's like solve all your light and bright and obviously couldn't have -- -- -- you. You know they had that that the a bottle of probably glued to the the space and you knew it but yet you still thought you can do right. Yeah. And then. For me what my earliest memories of punch train beach I think that's where I saw a couple of my first rock and roll concerts -- that they would have. They have these great all star concerts on the beach state. But what what did you think of the idea. If if one believes amusement park. Would would have a section of the beach. I'm sorry a section of the park. And recreate. Some of the rides and features that we handed punch train beach may be in a like a little history lesson for people would come and visit. Bob Papa that was a great idea. Are good -- anything better months well men have talked to the I'd really like that idea. Well let's hope that somebody. Who of influences listening and would say you know that really would be you know you wouldn't have to you would be impossible to recreate everything. But if you took some of the on the dark. Yeah but when you when you got to be a teenager knew what with the young lady that's that's a -- right. There that changed the whole influence of -- he can't leave out the music express the music express -- you you know and it even if you're limited to what. Half a dozen Enron official boy -- And I know in. In Las Vegas I I believe there is. On New Orleans hotel or more -- hotel in Vegas that's Bob I believe so and that's what I'm looking I'm looking at having the amusement park. And having a section that. Welcome I mean I realize our last caller said. That a lot of the attraction -- to train -- was going to the beach but I gotta tell you as I'm sitting here thinking and John I don't know where you're more on this. But most of drama moment departure -- -- and never even went to went on this and I'm I went to punter Craig page for the raw -- -- muscled the sand was -- on the scar right because only time out so well I don't I don't think we would have. Idled it would have to have a place where we have to have a lot of sand and beach I want to punch train beach for the rides. Well exactly if you want to go to the sand you want to be Oak Beach post web. That's right but not let me ask you before you leave our -- seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll question after another fatal shooting. At Fort Hood is the time that changed the rules to allow military personnel to be armed while on the base. Baba saying. Said after the -- sure and ensure that changed their -- but dump truck apparently among military people. There was an Olympian will do more probably in the -- Three Oakland one and only one name being when -- Marines. And I didn't get deserves. The award but they shouldn't change alone. -- maybe in a civilian I had no clue that this rule. Even exist and that it makes to me it makes no sense no sense to me at all. To train someone in the military -- on a military base which is supposed to be secure. And you train these people and you're telling me that it's against the rules to carry their own weapon on their own base. Oh boy that's still in the banquet and changed that much you'll I don't know change and grow up like it was close. -- -- I don't blame either. I thought Clinton last night in the to a league wouldn't talk about later on on the Jimmy Kimmel show. -- that you saw him. What did you listen that last night I got a tea -- -- I'll get into the shall -- later on. But I set my recorder. For to watch. Jimmy Fallon. And I punched in the wrong Jimmy that was the first time that I actually saw. Jimmy the the second Jimmy. And I'd liked it I I I thought I podium in a good show. Bill put -- on the show. -- and it was good and Bill Clinton said that he would not be surprised -- sometime in the future we were visited by UFO's. You have follows the dedicated and believe in him in the agreement. -- Well what he said was that he looked at the at he got some in the look at the Roswell papers -- and there was and there was nothing in there. But here's here's here's my thought on that I don't know if you watched the TV show scandal. All right. If their own good that you know what a -- 613 is that's that and that's that real bad ass arm of the government right. Well I think that if there war Roswell papers that. 613 who have control that so I would I just because he says I saw that in that was -- in there I don't necessarily believe that. But anyway he said that he would not be shocked. If ET's one -- visited earth. Would you. Would be surprised at all -- And believed in that aliens. -- mortal life -- thing to do which were. Why don't I agree with it Steve got to take a break thank you so much for Colorado to. I want thanks. -- my earliest memory of punch train beach. What are we don't know about -- -- -- it isn't about local and Barack Obama out on the road and I slid under the ball and then I would go down minus. Robert Horry and did you run in the second time no rights the are about they can't thank you but you. Howard -- first we come back to the break I'm Bob insulin which dude on WWL. I'm Robert -- and I approached duke that I -- they were talking about is. There are couple of proposals before the City Council to redevelop those Six Flags in New Orleans east -- to be jazz land. Whoa we're trying to get some -- to redo it. A couple of proposals before the -- right now and we just got the idea that it might be fun. To incorporate somewhere in a new amusement park some all the great old Pontchartrain -- rides and the thought is in and mine mine and that. Us New Orleans like -- But even more important people who would come to normal -- to visit our cities that love our culture love the music love the jazz they would be able to take and share the type of stuff that. We shared as kids growing up at punch train beach. Let me read a couple of text messages -- power -- right to you. Let's see a member of the country and beach or recalled like cousins. And I live within walking distance from the -- And how much fun we had going there my favorite ride with dialogue that I'd forgotten all about the -- and they should because -- would ride the law abroad and -- And rock the boat maybe love the haunted house here's another text message trapped in the house of mirrors. At age 70 my goodness. Learn to swim -- punch train beach. I'm really do not remember going to punch train beach a whole bunch to swim. I'm. Racking my brain that seemed remembered maybe point wants and the only reason I would have gone to the beach in the -- is to watch the girls -- the -- and it is the only reason I would not go. For any other reason. I -- departure rate briefed double of the rides and a lot of the criticism. Almost Six Flags and jazz -- was that it was so hot but I don't know about you. I don't remember Pontchartrain beach and in the dome over on a punch train beach heavy Eric division it was hot apology trying to each use what. Your you know what off and that's why a lot of times you would go at night. Exactly. And of course there were a couple of rides like -- cinema one dating which was indoors. Big movie screen thing -- -- -- -- and it was like. 3-D type Roman republic would like writings were locals that show on the one. It was hard rock. Always smelled like puke. And it is nice and cold there. The -- -- Let's let's go to our power or you tonight. Repeat let me help. I mean actually had a -- -- human life is that you got. Onboard use his jump into the pool. You know first it is something like that -- Typical tell. Him. It'll -- in the end you bring you take it out in. Eight. So the valley high but it greatly. And I am just thankful that my son treatment shortly it changes that approach can be used well. Shoot seven. People -- commute to support world. It -- -- executing rule and I'll get memories of which tree impeached. And others let -- market has changed it which can be. Wouldn't it wouldn't it be great to open up a new amusement park and have a section. Dedicated to punch train beach. And bring back some of the old rides and maybe even do it in -- missed out equate the way it looked like the old rods and that way people who visited our city. Would be able to get a placed. Of our culture that we had would we were growing up but going to the amusement park -- and each. Well he walked -- -- fix these. Things keep -- do it. And yup I wouldn't near and long -- but I want. The good news -- -- shall. Because it -- Very -- In in Vanderbilt. And and -- Prefer it be important not shall in the wooded area. Now. This has been around for years it will be undeclared -- to walk the floor yet. Figured. -- -- And I think with -- -- -- like unite its experience and things in the war in my. It means that this -- in -- and -- -- all the -- being yet about things you know. And people can experience would -- like we expect it to their thing or go to the open wallets on the -- people. But the spirit that you experience the and that -- -- like the city of about the war and in -- go back. -- -- come back here in. Other people and -- slope Lamar. Do people. Should not. It would -- eight people. -- -- -- -- One worker in all the and equality -- -- a little pockets. We call -- dictate our ticker today. It would be -- It's. And it caught part. Heard -- to want to vote on on the lecture exit partner. And a -- the law. I have -- -- I have a good friend of mine that I hang out with a lot of these is upon them and when we're getting ready to say. Don't forget to get spit stop you know at. OK -- monitors at about half a -- take a break blood act like -- Bank of cover up a all right. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit coming right back aboard your phone calls on the big -- seventy WWL AM -- -- dot com I'm Bob -- in -- let's go right to Melanie and Melanie you wanna share went up paper punch train beach memory. Yeah I can't remember -- Easter holidays. -- to try speeches that the low in the people. I need I'll pull all the will be packed my favorite was actually that -- -- and them. I used to have so much fun an act as remembers those days and will always remember that it -- it has. It was the place where he has not -- -- true. And -- could be great if they bring back a theme park in New Orleans -- have a section dedicated. To the old -- trained be tried to be great for the locals and I'm settled over over going to be great for people who visit our city to go live like this is what it was like growing up in New Orleans. Absolutely acting that would be a wonderful idea and a wonderful location. Melanie appreciate you're -- in real quick like what do you think about this rule. That more military personal can't carry weapons on their -- they should that be changed. Yes it's because is getting to that point don't let the second time incident happened on the. Yes. And that may second time on that play on -- -- Think they need to be considered that and start allowing them to carry their weapons but I have some type of protection. I'm with humility I appreciate your phony news tonight thank you so very much. All right I've got a problem here I've got news commit -- and -- whole bunch of people on a hole in glowing -- rocky markets and mr. Charlie. If you can debate is big favor and hang on during the news on a notes. A big favor to ask but if you can possibly do that I would really really love to talk -- We'll come back with more your phone calls right after the but but the top of the hour news. Our big 870 pretty drag or a million poll question is after another fatal shooting at Fort Hood the is -- time that changed the rules to allow mr. Derrick military personnel. To be arm while on the polls right now 71% say yes 30% say no.