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Apr 3, 2014|

: After another fatal shooting at Fort Hood, is it time to change the rules to ALLOW military personal to be armed while on the post? as the city thinks about what to do with the old Six Flags sight what are your ideas? Should it stay an amusement park or turn it into something else? Do you remember Pontchartrain beach…what were your favorite rides and games there?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We know what to -- Bob Mitchell. In -- Haven't found. Tonight. I'll lay out for its -- RW WL -- able to play the punch train beach thing right now. Remember punch train. Remember this him. And it I didn't think yeah. All right. Welcome back to the show is -- city of New Orleans mulled over new ideas to resurrect the shut down Six Flags amusement park. What are your ideas up my thought is let's do an amusement park but let's devote a portion. Of the amusement park. To punch train beach let's bring back some of the old rides. Make it very nostalgic. The people of New Orleans would Lovett and people who visited our city would be able to get a taste of what we grew up with so. Would it work for you. What a new park designed to bring back the members of punch train beach worked and what -- your favorite beach rides and games. Plus what's the scariest. Or the most exciting ride that you ever experienced -- we have a whole bunch of things on our talk tabled. But this and our big 870 pretty -- war opinion poll question seems to be the hottest for right now to -- the stick but this -- and even. Given the other things right now after another fatal shooting at Fort Hood is -- time to change the rules to allow military personnel. To be armed while on the base I didn't even realize they couldn't carry. Weapons until today right now 70% say yes. And 30% say no and you can Castro vote at a WWL. Dot com now before I get to the polls are gonna get to just a minute. I just wanted to fill you guys in on that you hear. The news about cell phones. Cell phones now. Have been linked to. Erect tile dysfunction. -- In a study published in the central European Journal of Urology. Medical teams in Austria and Egypt found that men who carried switched on cell polls for longer periods of time. Had a greater incidence of ED than men who carried. Switched on phones for lesser periods of time so you have your cell phone in your pocket. Turn it off let's go to mr. Charlie in saint -- how are you mr. Charlie and thank you so much for holding on. Appreciate that has not at a tea or well. Are looking -- What was okay well. On. One -- There are but -- adult -- And culture. A couple of years are. Legal yet we play. Do it in ways. That. What a lot of -- people. Is that. If you see that. Top legal. Issues like illegal entry. And I'll. But the opposite. And the that the casinos literally the math but sort of -- both -- to be carried weapons pointed. If it at least people weight control. Issues. Don't -- our weapons the officers carry weapons. If you well been there continuously. All personnel -- went off. And that it would -- -- all are now not. These people like five. Well the BC is -- exit to. The battle says it. -- See you do you control that. I would agree I would agree with you on the trainees but any any man or woman. That has a license to carry on gun from what I understand. With this particular situation is that some of these military personal. Have licenses to carry a gun they could technically go off the blaze and carry the government can't carry the gun on the base that doesn't make sense to me. Well at all yet but the lack the control mechanism at all. Embassy and you're -- Model that would really help. Absolutely. Well for each day. Actually -- commercial offer at a at all. Well. The commercial side in the actual final and once public see war on straight -- Went -- it will dazzle is as. Slow job impeached. And you go. And it. The the taxes. It'll. End up for all bill. I'll take matters. And got -- of it. Is that yeah oh yeah. What's your favorite rod mr. Charlie. I. Will call ratio. We don't. Well you know. I just got a text message somebody's favorite rod was the bug. And the while miles that was that was the scariest ride. Stay with look at what they. Did it in the NCAA. -- -- -- You can. -- That. Actually. -- At the scenery you go there. -- -- The party the common law and -- -- the -- Activity is it. I'll look at the -- Each property is now well you know. Maybe that the original -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what budget. What would you do it via land in New Orleans east right now. That. Well always -- yeah but the sort of you want to India the correct and the Portland and we. -- -- she went to. India. And. -- So. How. Easy it is the rat race. From the -- right well you call each but the point. It. Gotcha all right mr. Charlie appreciate your call I got a whole bunch of people -- and try to get to everybody. Let's go to Marcus and kind of -- are you tonight. -- you with big. But let's go to Iraq Jane -- power Iraqi. And finally. Don't make fun model. To make it a day this is that talk. That's -- like harmless that's he's he's Serbian radio. If you sound like it or. Today our -- Arnold. I'll remember this you know was Presley. That -- just trying to reach. -- -- -- I can't remember. It was arsenal -- remember he went to the -- remember seeing some rock concert but that had to be Adam really are. All right. Let's -- let's go to Charlie that that had to be an early time and Wilson's three Iraqi we had obviously a bad connection. With that so well that Roger was talking to and right to call back rocket which -- backed up let's go to Charlie in Slidell Gloria Charlie. Don't go to -- and yes I remember from Algeria. Obama parents -- -- punched frank page. And yeah across the -- -- main thing however and -- is. But that was appropriate in the air and one side show enough to drink. We used to go out there and sit in the series and in drink beer and watch all girls school I. It. -- you have a favorite ride or maybe the scariest -- -- the dead is that what I'm saying loan that is you know I can't remember some videos of deceptive is. Do you think in New Orleans east. If they had an amusement park and they dedicated section of but the Pontchartrain beach and bring -- of drugs would -- be appealing to locals and visitors coming to New Orleans. Absolutely. Absolutely. Expect it to locals. But does that businesses but the love. -- thought about the visitors as people come here for our culture that come here for music that come here. For our food and I've just thought that it would be. Cool to be able to go to -- to train not go to parchment -- go to amusement park. And it would be like this is this the way New Orleans was back at one time and that is. People were from the city this type of amusement that we had I thought it might be in a neat idea that's all they have more than that and I'm I'm I'm I'm not saying. That it's just re doing punch train beach -- and have a large amusement park would have a selection of dedicated to that. Yeah and on the -- gone on base. I'm retired military and as kids yet that he want to -- on the field to the PX. And when I got to legalize -- I thought I had -- -- in -- idea. Dropped. And that set -- my -- state check me out it would -- However they did. But you know I do believe yet we need to do these guys trade plan is expecting it costs you know that it's silly -- -- It is I mean when I heard that I thought who came up put this rule should end. So Charlie up I appreciate you voting in -- it take care okay let's and let's get back to -- hope we have been through a millionaire rock. You -- you -- much better yes thank you so much. What goes transition to a local school won Iowa and wound -- like it is. That -- that we got spies in each stage of the political position it as a that -- -- that departure and the age. Mark paper were was let them talk. Are about not -- Open now here just sit there. And -- one long enough. And I -- And I mean I did I was scared to -- do that production -- And who we wouldn't tighten weekly. -- shirt gala. And he -- did weigh in and we get on with traditional. Those scary for a while the shot while mulch while most polished well on all the track right. You know I mean -- they -- -- -- -- terms -- La Asia Colombo while well let but it if you wanna. Have a nice little romance little pinch. They actually do. And if I remember it was on the left in the dark -- very chilly. And I gave you to choose to put your arm around the girl. Actually gonna do about it after awhile right at. You know eroded a couple of sound and I had a -- models come about I'm actually -- out the car. Well wild ride and -- a jump jump candidacy scared a lot of both blow. And to do you know allege it was at -- While while I disliked and blue line call it what you will you whipped the. What was that called on scooters or something like that. This is very very. -- beat speech causing he'd be whipped when he and like inclined he couldn't make them turn out Condoleezza Rice. Yeah I -- to remember the name like that book and actually now a lot like that who could step up like that the left and stuff. And -- talked a little bit about what happened and Fort Hood after a -- fatal shooting for idol four are gonna get our innocent. I'm. Our runner retired. Maria. And so should should they be allowed to carry their weapons on base. Carry weapons on base but it if you. Just see you got. The Chappaquiddick. They discipline via the child discipline. And we knew easterly struck doesn't -- into this paper keeping up and bring additional. And it you've gone out and to want you to change you know he's got a legitimate value -- Right now right now military personnel are not allowed to be armed well on the base. So I'm saying -- -- is is time to change that. Rule you know one hours you couldn't now. I -- while Islam when knowledge and in the Camp Lejeune and that hump where talent. You know we hear it live bullets and we had a guy come wanted to kill himself the end street shooters to law. All know rocky appreciate your calling. Paul and Joseph and pat markets and doing it and and another Joseph Bob Baer what they got a lot of calls -- a problem what to -- -- soon as possible. I'm Bob Mitchell and which do the -- 870 WWL AMF and the dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then all around good luck in pain need. And in game. And welcome back to show a bomb that killed in the first do tonight. One of the things and RW WL. Talk tables is that he thinks about what to do with the 06 flags. Location what are your ideas should stay in amusement park return in the something else. And do you remember punch train beach what -- your favorite rides and games are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. After another fatal shooting at Fort Hood. Is it time to change the rules to allow military personnel to be armed while on the post currently they cannot tester -- WWL dot com right now. 75% say yes and 45%. Say. No -- -- about this -- -- -- this George WWL -- table and will continue to talk of course. About the beach and about the military. Anderson Cooper of CNN recently announced that although his mother who I didn't know and soul of about a year ago it was Gloria Vanderbilt. She inherited a fortune before making her own millions but he was told at a very early age that he will not receive an inheritance. Cooper says that inherited money. Is an and an initiative soccer and a curse and that his mom won and him have more incentive so do you agree with Anderson is there. A greater incentive to work when you're not expecting a bundle when mom and -- don't pass on on -- I got nothing from my parents and you know my dead. Very very early on very young age you know pushed me into in to work and making sure that I took care of myself let's go to Joseph and -- orient Joseph. On do until and to. The monster -- -- And now. -- Not what it don't problem. Are strange that the younger you it was not an end in the I don't remember now that. -- talk about his military. And -- And on a sergeant. Our top started command but at the moment. Your. Or active. There aren't there are about too much and I think is boring. Do you think to -- -- on the that and that the military and it's been. Beaten them. Concentrate and roll out very well aren't you now should interest it was. But again and -- right now. People come back from appointments and do not unique L where are not desired but. Yeah didn't eat out at night. Somehow despite the not column. In England and -- is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it are all arm. I -- all about it without urgent action unbelievable. Good -- It add onto it in the military should it. And a lot of it is not and I'll help that she's. And and and and it hurting. And -- couple odd that these are out in the sun. It was an actor -- -- but last year. Net opium. And oak island. And not know him and mama did Jimmy when you backs on how they helped Howell. Do you think don't you got counseling constantly being in your mama did -- -- -- -- committed to. So it really really are and then. How mom is anti lock in helped knock it. Now. And they don't quite well. You know people just think that there as well and you know probably. -- that much. And -- arts and a. Jolie let me. -- let me ask you this just so I'm unclear if you look you would be against. Any more military personnel being armed on base and what what about what about officers were about. And so you you're you're OK with that right now you don't think that having more people armed on base would. Maybe put people in and a -- frame of mind to what to attack our bases. Not. Not much to development and don't -- more on which it shot and that owned by. And actual ball has it helped me in the pocket bit it will help. On the back of the -- is. It harder and to note. Don't an option mention medical. Jurisdiction that opens -- and it is not meant. Gotcha I I appreciate you caller I appreciate you your point of you know regular go to another Joseph in -- -- -- back to back -- on the show how are you -- Now our our last -- was in the military he said he was against changing the rules to allow military personnel to be arm while on the base. He thought it would make everybody in the community and I was I was. Surprise soprano that Fort Hood is almost like a small -- think of a population of about 120000. Do you agree with them that it would be it would be make people feel uncomfortable. -- we have made -- Syria agree with him under the same outlook so they're in the Marine Corps. In if you sort all of in every war you know like your basic back in the states. Carry around in sixteen. -- for grenade launcher. Yellow -- and keep people all he put the -- -- like you just luck that. Could you just -- -- but you just carry a handgun. All -- relegated. Because an edit in -- and listening to a lot of the people that that they were interviewing on the base. Alt -- a lot of them were saying that they they felt that there were almost hostage on the basically felt that. If if there were more people on the base carrying handguns and I think that's what we're talking about webpart on hand to. There are going to get milk Tripoli daycare and so that Euro that you -- -- but it was -- it was the site of the military police with a handgun. That made this guy and take his own life and probably saved other people's lives and -- what I'm trying to do here in no way. Is argue with you because you're in the military you know a lot more than on though I'm I'm just trying to. I'm I'm trying to understand I always try to roll on my mind to be open and not to because. When I started tonight. I could not see any reason any reason at all one military personnel who were trained with weapons shouldn't at least be able to walk around with handguns. Weapons weapon skill we -- that weapons can get stolen bases. Our camp though that may happen a lot Arabic Olympics being too opera. Even a couple of hand grenades and -- from training for its cable that will live on an -- Tijuana Mexico. We're trying to sell it to the mafia down there. You know -- there. He is just like Nichols say you got back from -- analysts saying you monitoring policy cutie yeah Michael Andre with the frozen stuff but. Thank you got a gun Colorado fortify our city in the world -- I'll ramble. You might this signal that. I live in this world will pick myself well right now. That makes the -- -- Or why. We want no we don't want there. What about officers carried about you know. Also the basic care weapon is military please note also the state got to look at that. So there would be every day I -- Beatles stuff like that Jill appreciate that go ahead. -- go ahead. There that that know all of the trading on the base. Runner up there it will weapons Canada in the streets. So that might just say you know what the -- -- not -- me in the morning -- -- six being out tonight in my car and sell it. Who for being barriers of some back. -- -- let me ask you this question here I have a a text message that says you can carry on base with written approval. From your company CEO. But must be redone one a CO changes does is that right. -- but they've been written yet to. Went down bullet. Or that weapon itself or that one. As in. Are -- in the first gulf war. There when that thing by -- They thought was so it will inspect world popular. Both are written in the world. Yeah ago are out logo on Lenovo ago that you follow -- -- that art crawl signal -- itself. Gotcha all right Joseph appreciate you calling -- go to. All in the duster and how worried about pol. They'd -- Bob you don't nice here and from I wish you -- take school plays. The moon don't have a wonderful time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bonds home. -- responsible military policeman on these would be seven and a half minutes. But -- response. A 38. Calabar. Root of the problem. Is twelve or feed the -- When I was and a few military people -- in tonight who. Would be well in Asia in general they're scared. Wasn't sure not part of of victims of the pledged -- All four -- -- Those victims -- the other ones that need to be protected now you know let it be that'd be said that these people was it. And all that well guess what I mean I look at that the victims of the people who -- From the area and bad mistake band you know you can walk Orioles that well you know victims I mean these people need help blah blah blah. But I am telling you it's the victims that need to be focused on. We've been focused on this. Opinion does dancing capitol as fifteen years of 2030 years you know it's applaud. Just this. Did decline more inclined who -- on. It just aggravates me and they get back in real world. You know we've got countries like China and we got countries like North Korea. And what we -- say about demo let's. You know these people they poll of anyway so I'm just sick -- I'm just sick of the -- Well let's get sent to some that a little bit -- to the see on the screen you'll -- we'll talk about yeah. He gets to this discussion all right I I love guns and I think that you know you help you control your -- you can. It -- you can -- you can use it but it usually -- -- I'm I'm I'm just surprised that we've had back to back military people who are you out against that does not everything that I saw. All on the news this afternoon the the interviews of of people who live at Fort Hood the majority of them said absolutely that they would feel safer. If they could by Carrie at their side arm. And an absolutely show when I'm with -- and that's to real world and really wanted to tackle usually get away from the politics and then when I'm tired of the politics there was. Everything's political -- that we don't have any enjoyment any freedom. Everything's drawn a mole people will be something that -- the popular sorry for -- that's why I called due to get away. That's that's that's why wanna talk about all the things that I find it personally I've found that this whole world is so politically correct -- to be so careful with you can't kid you can't joke and and you saved. And eleven I mean you have realized you know you keep your right -- have been nail on the head you can enjoy -- -- -- -- come home it give. Speed up very that you turn and use of media in -- Everybody's got a political movement agenda it's just a little maybe too many media. That the FF. So what's publisher -- run -- and -- well -- Favorite ride was that -- What was Iraqi. The win with this this graduate billboards. Rocket that was -- yeah. Well they had they had it was a man car in which you do it it's spun around. And it probably did about 3540 miles an hour away and you could take them several of them and -- like. Was it will that it I don't remember I used to be a you know but Errol. Yeah Olympic you feel like you're kind of far and write -- an -- -- and didn't -- -- little bit the guy who would that was -- What -- that when I was particularly enjoyed the Penny Arcade. You know you to go to Penny Arcade certain smell what that -- cap that we. Wait a penny a carry that but. That was downtown canal street. Not a Penny Arcade apology -- Oh OK I'm understood go to one dollar canals just skip school a couple of times we'll play the pinball machines that. You know we did well and when you know we used to go live to and hit the goal. The old video for their homes and pinball machines and and that was right around nine to four from the seventies what was what was it on. Decade -- now. Thanks so Cincinnati with a double they had wanted to punch train beach getting hit you'll grandma. -- -- yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember -- appreciate your opponent -- okay. All right feel better okay we're gonna get back to our phone calls and we have. Some lines open right now polls have been comes hot about it so you can get in if you tried earlier to 601878668. At nine a late seventy. Text me 87870. I'm Bob Mitchell and puts food on WWL and -- -- the -- show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in forest -- tonight. Tomorrow at shortstop Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia what's your sport of choice does weaken and wrestle -- of the NCAA final four -- -- -- Football spring game -- fighting tiger baseball. At 630 tiger baseball will -- takes on Mississippi State and out box stadium. On the station of the -- to assure the pelicans WWL but -- It caught up on a couple of text message to vote get to the phones in. Just the second Bob -- the -- and beach originally began in the area of the old Spanish -- and why you think John. Then moved to -- I didn't -- that but Calipso was the ride to be on with today. I don't remember the calypso. Untrained -- would be visited by locals once or twice the zero interest to tourism thing reality. Well I am -- in reality and I think -- I think would be depend -- -- would be marketed. We are not saying. That we should read do. Eight total Pontchartrain beach theme park in place of Six Flags when I'm talking about is. Having a complete theme park but the -- section that. Dedicated to punch train beach of people from New Orleans to -- -- -- and people who would visit the city would get that little. Taste of what the history that's that's what I'm trying to -- do you remember the old robot guns do remember that. As far as our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question. After all fatal shooting at Fort Hood is -- time to change the rules to allow military personnel. To be arm while on the base 72% say yes 28% actually know. We've got a couple of military people who've called in and they do not believe it should be trained to answer to that. This text message says it's an army base. Not a Wal-Mart. And as far as punch train beach do you remember this song at the beach of the -- two punch -- beach you mean. This one here. Mean it's not. Sunny every -- Well let's get back to oppose going to a Dewey in Georgia how are you doing. I'm. That it should and go. And you should crucial there. Animals should oh. Partial nudity army from my age 64. Tonight sixties. And a group that first -- and that marine who was right you know. -- -- to actually talk about what people. -- Meyer. A -- who are still probably should. -- -- -- people from mobile written in undershirt war. You know -- challenges the Cold War world war. Series. The president. You don't believe beetle believed that military personal should be armed all of the base now and -- it if you watch the if you watch the interviews from four of the majority of the people that live there. Are in favor that they say that they would feel safer. With being able to carry their sidearms and you don't agree with that done. We're not quite sure they feel that way just after that apple brand and it is the only sparkles armed. Chuck it and well. Yeah -- -- long spoke I don't know what weapons that he is. You know one of the things that I was unable find out and wants the press conferences. -- already get the weapon on base of the from from what they said that was not a licensed. Weapon that he could that he was was to be carried on -- how to get it again. -- Rio border it's got a real culture Michael -- -- -- does not as well as debris. Uncertainty about eleven book. There's power and local boat it and just like it or other work that low density in April of brigade and -- -- leopard coat or in the third rounder they automated ticket back well now you're. Web at all. -- -- Convention you're sure to use. Are getting older buyers that it should be very proud of military and they may have peep out of all the way up from all -- travel. In such as that but you've got a lot of people who have it and don't realize. So ashamed that they they have -- issues. Are delusional outlined just won't let your mind. Bet you've never -- that. He can't really talk about it. All right I'll do -- I appreciate your opponent and I'm Bob mental approach go to WW public coming right back aboard your phone calls. Well the big -- seventy WWL AMF -- dot com I'm Bob Mitchell let's go to had encountered Bob Mitchell and Porsche -- Pat what's on your mind tonight. I don't have a lot of uncertainty. Right guard on the back of the pack and again I don't know what -- out quite yet. And we had to -- -- And I don't think since it didn't like it -- right it -- like it has I don't think he's at work against Imus and the net Harry back. Well why can't they say but what we're talking about is not make team. Not recreating entirely punch train beach that in other words. Whatever they create there if if they -- amusement park in the water park -- whatever we're talking about having a portion of it. Just to remember punch train beach to beat the and in other words to. If if people visit the world -- This would give them just a little clue of what it was to be part of this city that's well. Way out shortly accurately greatly and it can carry laws and it is every thought -- what was your -- their act without any help. He would carry eight what was your neighbor runs quite if you haven't at this -- thank them for the bad. And in Italy beat out they came -- packed second. Now did you go what did you go into the the left in the dark with boys. Now know that they've done that in doubt but no I only outlet at least a garden crowds of teenagers used to go to Yemen but what college -- We went with the parents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was no swimming pool and how it's stating that nothing got across the static erratic -- in its. They didn't hit the lob although the Obama team have -- -- go out and out of the wild. Did you see Elvis. Outlet. It was there August 9 1956. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But back in nineteen -- eighteen hours they're -- Now what about the while most of -- period. It's there in the life ultimately. Now it's my husband. My brother pocket god and I was married. All right -- appreciate your calling. Bill and no Richard you guys will -- hang on through the newscast. Will come right back and when we come back the next hour we're also going to add on our WWL talked able. On the Jimmy Kimmel show last night former President Bill Clinton said. He had all the Roswell tables reviewed and found no clear evidence that aliens exist -- -- any added. He wouldn't be shocked if intelligent life. Exist outside of our planet. Where do you stand on the tees are -- there or not we'll talk about that also next -- on WWL.