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Apr 3, 2014|

as the city thinks about what to do with the old Six Flags sight what are your ideas? Should it stay an amusement park or turn it into something else? Do you remember Pontchartrain beach…what were your favorite rides and games there? After another fatal shooting at Fort Hood, is it time to change the rules to ALLOW military personal to be armed while on the post? CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently said that even though his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, inherited a fortune, he will not receive an inheritance. He said inherited money is a ‘curse’ and give you no initiative. Do you agree? Are you one of those parents whose spending less as you grow older hoping you will have something to give your kids after you die?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is may Bob Mitchell filling in first -- And fewer -- joining the show me a kind of reload which you know we're going to be talking about. As the city of New Orleans thinks about what to do with Six Flags. What are your ideas should've stayed. An amusement park. -- -- turned into something of several proposals. That the city council's looking at right now and it there and have a revolves pretty much around theme parks and in all war world type of situation. Amusement. Tom what do you think it should be should be something else I kind of liked the idea but it never. Worked out whether we're gonna turn it into things like softball diamonds and baseball diamonds and stuff like that. -- but what do you do you think an amusement park would would work I mean they've tried it a couple of times. And so far has not worked at all we recovered just. Mulling over the idea of a may be making it you know what a top flight amusement park and have a section may be dedicated to old punch -- beach and who we know what your thoughts on it here at the WWL 2601 late 7866890870. And if you grew up in New Orleans -- group in this area at all do you remember punch train beach what was your favorite rides. And games there and for those -- you. Who really like roller coasters and things like that what's -- -- Darius ride you ever experienced anywhere in the country you know that there are people that just go. From the town to town that have vote topped roller coaster isn't part of their hobby part of a part of what they do so what is your all time. Scariest ride and have you heard about. Anderson Cooper CNN. He recently said that. His mom Gloria Vanderbilt. Who inherited a fortune told him. That he was not going to receive any -- filling that at a very young age he said that inherited money there's a curse and gives you know an issue now. Do you agree oh win when you set out on on your own did you do it alone. Anyone get any big inheritance I got nothing. And and I have no problem if -- spend all my money in my kids have nothing so is that is that better. Two settled on life put out an inheritance. Is it doesn't motivate you more. Are you horrible parents are spending less I I know people. Who don't wanna spend money because they they want to leave more money for their kids. So -- where do you spend on that are you concerned. About something that you leave your kids and that in other words or are you do you live your life so that your kids have a good inheritance. And don't know if you were watching last night. But Bill Clinton. Was long the Jimmy killer -- I don't even know his name was Jimmy. Problems that there. Anyway. Ayatollah I saw the show for the for the first time I watched I've been a big Jimmy -- fan and I accidentally. Punched my VCR button and and recorded -- -- the other Jeremy. And I really really like the show and last night the president Bill Clinton or Jimmy Kimmel Live of course President Bill Clinton was on the show. And he said that he. Had seen all of the Roswell papers. And is sure that no aliens landed here. Well. I don't know whether it. He saw that that he would really be able to tell the public that he did it anyway he troll on the audience last night. That he did not think that any aliens. Landed on earth at any time in the past but that he wouldn't be shocked at ET's did one day visit earth. So do you think there is intelligent life out in the universe. And if so will we find them before they find us. I think there is intelligently filter a really do odd I do not believe that we are the only the only. Intelligent life from this entire. Universe. To secure a late 786688908. Somebody let's go to bill on the cultural how are you bill. So where do you stand on the this intelligent life in and another solar systems or even an -- -- They are evil -- -- -- to -- out like it or show me. But -- it was kind of interesting to have a former president go on TV saying that he would not all be surprised. If intelligent life at one point in time visit our. Planet. Surprise. But if you're like check -- with -- board with president there's no war. -- get to admit to it and public. Right that's the first thing that I felt -- I was watching. The interview with the Jimmy Kimmel. That. Not that well even if she. If if he saw these classified documents that said the Roswell was. Roswell was was real and that. You -- file he couldn't say it anyway. -- -- -- -- A politician. Went and got got to read this text message just got I don't know what is scarier. The affected Bill Clinton might believe an alien to that you old VCR. -- -- -- -- It's not a BER you know -- it I called a VCR but you know it's. It's the digital recorder but they're not bad but that's funny that is but I actually I still have my obviously. I still have some old movies on video tape and a lot from them time. You know what you know things that you that you record appropriately and stuff like that I'd just pedestals nationally -- mark. Too lazy to have a converted to it to anything else. -- Caught it it's great sport and the economics I am excited it's been a long treatment so cute. Employ. About one. Or so -- it out so well. There. I'm going to get that reception tomorrow. We're going to concessions. -- to all pay. We have Stuart Little or. Seen so -- That. So you're. Seeing right on out are stable or wrong and we -- Element here. Well it sounds great I have no idea what you're talking about. -- -- Right. Right right right I'm I'm. Things are advancing should -- that sort hell hole. Your week. All right well I -- -- One -- I'm happy for you bill under under is not into wrestling but I'm happy for you are really. It's thanks so -- let's go to let's go to rich richer our U. Opt out party good -- And I'm a Vietnam air regular army he regulations. Should not be changed. That far -- Private ownership out weapons on -- -- not he changed and on military bases. Are the safest places in the world could be. We're talking at or worked on two incidences. In a five year peer. -- -- let me ask your question -- -- you're about the third report military person that is called in and is against the rules being changed. Yet when you talk when you listen to the majority of the interviews from Fort Hood. The the residents who were living their right now -- say that they would feel safer. If handguns could be carried in the words -- if the soldiers who were on the base could carry their weapons how do you explain. Well for a lot they shoot -- happened and can't. That I would -- in uniform you. So you gonna tell who -- true. Every everybody in uniform at the -- there. But why would it be unsafe. If all these soldiers were carrying their handguns. But a -- your voice are you slam title are you saying that the majority of them are unstable. No what I'm saying kids that -- shooting someplace. Okay you're you're running there are you got outside on my idea you -- not an MP all the sudden. There's thirty guy with guns or hack it at bat. Yet these cool gal who wouldn't act it's so yeah. -- get off. That beat the cop that you drink drop pods QB act. That referred to that slot as a major outside -- major anymore. US reduced in rank plight -- like -- outside the trading at eleven award at yet well. Doctor -- appreciate your call would've backed to the rest of our calls we have Franken Clyde on hold and if you wanna give us a call here at the WWL. You can call me right now -- 26087866889. Oh wait somebody I'm Bob Mitchell in a Porsche go to under -- -- quick a text message Bob I'm still looking for intelligent. On this planet. And yes this forest ET is their out there and they are here. -- They're here that's -- I'm Bob -- -- -- -- WWL coming right back all right welcome back to the estimates show I'm Bob Mitchell -- for through tomorrow morning -- will be sitting in for Tommy Tucker it's like -- working tonight. He has some hot topics tomorrow morning -- Julien is a couple of a New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy has been criticized for taking off. The first games of the season for the birth of his new baby one critic finisher tolls wife to get a C section well. -- -- Would you criticize the while never taking paternity leave did you did your husband. Plus -- lenient is WWE's biggest event and it's in New Orleans who watches. I gotta admit not -- who goes I got it may not mean do you care ever staged gotta admit it's not me is -- fair a cult sport but justly wrestle mania let's talk about it tomorrow morning withstood a right. Let's get back to our 020 wait wait wait before getting back the Paulson got to tell you about the history here. It's happened in Dublin. It was a mix up in daylight savings time that it may have caused a car bomb to blow open the place. Of the bomber the unidentified bomber was seen fleeing from the were incredibly rule and Volvo. On Sunday evening while dripping in blood after the device. Was attached to the vehicle went off too early. It would appear the bomber got his timing wrong he could be a case raiders didn't put his watch for -- on Sunday. And the -- went up tuition. Sounds like a road runner episode let's go to -- Franken matter how are you frank. Yeah they. Are blah and let -- Economic times. Well -- Call. And an immutable things have picked up to appear. But confident that shouldn't be. What weapons you wouldn't be. Here in the states. I feel my personal opinion coconut from the outcome that. Were the guys you know in the -- -- content that election. -- and his weapon that people are people pool and -- office. Shared. If you combat experience. You should be tried to weapons or. You could or should keep it. And told of the -- something. -- that would make sense which is to. Accept continued punditry would be each. World war. And Gloria -- common carrier or known that the comic. You know a lot of people showed -- committee. I mentioned during the first part of the show the while miles was. But my son I can't remember how old he was I don't know 1012 years old he talked me into going on the while most. And I thought I was going to die I thought. Well we wondered dump them. But I'll go -- out searchers return to normal and it sure. There's -- zephyr I was OK on the server but the while most I went on a one time and he was laughing and having a great time I got off the while most I was I was just. I was white as a sheet I kissed the I kissed the ground not to -- and I will never go on the ten. And the other thing is that Bill Clinton okay. Football. Let me let me -- people until they know we talked about Bill Clinton. Was on TV last night and he said that. As a president of the United States that he he reviewed all of the Roswell papers. And he sure no aliens landed there. But he wouldn't be shocked if ET's did one day visit earth and you wanna comment on that. And it. So -- also -- So would you say it is it may be they word he just wasn't ready to. So -- keep it. If you want if you really gonna tell -- right. I mean really like you know on the military secrets occurred cleared up and oh terrible all these years you come out looking until everybody else will we really -- Well. Well that was my first thought I am I know it's a Jimmy Kimmel said did you look at the neighbors and actually what he said what he had. He had the paper of review he didn't say that he looked at him and obesity had to pay bills. Reviewed and found no clear evidence of aliens. Existed he added but he wouldn't be shocked if intelligent life exist outside our planet or even. If ET's one day would visit earth and you know my first thought was well if this stuff was so confidential. If that law -- I mean let's place and if if if if back in the fifties. If we had life here from another planet that type of technology it probably scare people so I'm sure that this. There is some type of all law that those were in the -- we don't even know about that says that these presidents who see this information cannot reveal it. While I mean you can -- common sense while Japan all. -- -- not -- reduce hours. The -- that -- on television. And -- -- me you know it's. I'm innocent. Caught you and say OK so the league -- And you know but what I want to make for our. Enjoy children. Is -- -- didn't want to emphasize again the comments section. What are we wouldn't be skewed in Vietnam. Which weapons -- If you come from. Afghanistan. And you're treating. Combat veteran you and you can you know in Afghanistan. Saying they carried a weapon of -- can't predict your kids under the truck. And I think it would be in contact with a quick bit. Do you think if more of these guys carry their weapons and an event like this happen. That they would be able to stop the report went too far. Because obviously. The guy -- so long but he could color what yeah -- -- Yeah it would install. -- -- -- So if he can keep that keep -- -- the plight. Of the people concerned and. Right and they say that he took himself all. As the military police approached him. According so you know he's taken himself out of the equation. I'm pretty Hillary -- much to people who couldn't defend himself. So yeah. They should. It weapons. All right prank I appreciate -- calling. We have a lines open to secure a late 7866889. OH seventy let's go to apply Colin from the parish -- -- I'm not I don't -- declined. You remember a punch train beach. -- -- really. About it. Yeah I use the gritty guys did break some law -- out the first real abruptly cars all that stuff. I used to love the bumper cars. Did. What what's the scariest ride that you were either on the punch train beach or anywhere. -- -- The zephyr. While -- more frightening to me than the -- In there because everybody gears up. So club what do you think we should do with the -- Six Flags location New Orleans east. Look at at at at at. His -- down -- now. -- you know -- -- walk conduct all backed and that the. You don't think there's any thing that could -- we have talked earlier. About the uploading a new amusement park there and then maybe have a section of that the dedicated to -- punch train -- -- so. You know we can go relive that people who've visited New Orleans and have a taste of what we had. The only eight update award -- hotels in the gas station. Yeah that's about it all right other than that of the -- or can flag to flag flown twice so I deal. But I do it. That's sort given a monarchy kids. Hamid that we need to get about the -- school don't flow they go to college graduate college and do everything right. Through through life. Out you know it should lead a -- something and desolate. Well let me explain to people what we're talking -- or just punching and you all know CNN Anderson Cooper. He said that our early on in his life has mom Gloria Vanderbilt who. Had a an incredible fortune told him that she was leaving him nothing. And he said that. Motivated him and he thinks that if you get too much it's in the mission of soccer that's that's how he. Well explain that and he said that he was very very glad that his mother took that stand that he wasn't not going to. And inherit any thing because it gave him a greater incentive to work that you believe and and iCloud. I'd do it to -- point you know you don't tell kids not that you'll be good parents yeah. It does leave alone and -- year ago they've finally capitalized. But arguably parents that does spend less just so your kids will have more. -- out of that built our tax -- -- -- child abusers they don't want. Not a subtle you know need regular -- -- -- and better did that did all right you know you know I don't trying to awful you know. Well. Let's see I'm not I'm I'm at the point in my life where I want to enjoy my life. I don't want to deprive myself of anything but adults bin of foolishly you know I'm I believe that. I have to be a good Stewart with the with the money that we have. But but I'm not one of these people -- if if I want to take a nice vacation. I'm not going to think oh that's gonna take too much money out of retirement and when I passed on I have to have money for my kids if there's anything left. That's great. But but but I'm but I'm not going to I mean I know people who say well you know. I would do that put that -- the -- of -- and money market. Retirement fund and I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to have a lot of money to leave my kids -- I don't live my life like that. But I agree -- he would -- about it looked at about two out in the military. When you tell you travel anywhere in a world free I didn't know. Oh yeah when you -- you get in good anywhere in the world you want. You mean when you retire from the military you can go on any airline. Any number military. Oh OK okay. A military base lagged it from here to Frankfurt German boat caught it plenty Torrealba. -- I'm I'm all for giving our military people as many benefits as they possibly can because. I started something a couple of years ago. And if I see. Someone in the military uniform I just walk up to them and I -- Iowa thank you. We're serving our country and I stricter -- -- I think that's something that people ought to think about doing. Devices so the idea that not attacked this year and 63 years ago. That yet been known to. Can that nobody -- And what did for the weapon like that before it -- really. About. That -- yet impede on base they got the -- -- in cash and weapons on base. That union says that the outlook -- you know around Oden though I disagree. So should we have more and pays. What do we do to stop these these these people. What goes you know stop -- people let. You know basic. They need to go to council -- I want to count on issues like -- You know it got into about just simply counsel law that it had doctors -- -- Well you know I I I thought and I guess I based a lot of money on. My opinions on what I thought was common sense it just seems to be that up all these men are trained. To carry weapons. That it would help security if if they have their sidearms and you don't agree with the flow. No because usually used as a maverick and a weapon of what what first start fireball that. And thereby stop fires -- one person who -- it. Is going to be accidental fire as it does help that. All right Clyde appreciate you -- and well Bob no problem let's go to Wayne and -- or how are you lane. I'm -- Great subject today or maybe. What -- -- acted to a look -- -- -- you know it was if it was such a part of of of all of our lives here. The with the rides that the -- but the while miles or even even earlier we were talking about about some of the food remained. They had these cheap old beach burger hamburgers. That weren't -- great -- and you know it had to be probably the lowest grade meat you can you can probably get. But boy when they threw those grilled onions on merit of it at -- -- it it was. It was a it was a great place was a great place -- ago. Well it's like. It was. Created it was. Pull out of out of autonomy in the speed. In little would -- champs and on street between bill. And circle you that. We just tremendous -- -- but it is. -- -- and I would. And and we just need the public long. Now those women. Tremendous limited to me. All varieties when a -- -- it's -- -- -- -- would -- All Orton was impeached and watch an operative treatment and then walked -- All that what you know how to Prague so what is it who agree -- and -- Sure -- on the right woody. Commute or trip to Australia beat should be very well nobody mentioned. It felt that it would artistry that -- great idea or -- -- that. There are not well. Right right. That was the collegiate that was a place to take your prom date you you you scored points and you took your during the Bally. Put it out what you try to use our spotlight. -- well I would agree with impeached. You know would you grade the hole on at all or was really. At the top law ought it -- mean you have to cut coming to light at a young age. Any older it's cool. Because there was a lot of -- Yeah how well -- main. And take all the knowledge. That I have right now and go back to and I was you know like. Much early twenties or something like that in and and live my life from them because then. I have some bush and more knowledgeable know what's important and I know what's not important know what to enjoy what not to what did you. I would look at it from one thing we would -- -- -- the moment. And what you -- like just like the finish. And it would have looked a little as you all. Look. At it and -- your. You remember what when you would do that. Every now and then you'd be able to finish on one look and you you you thought you hit the powerball -- -- -- -- -- -- They inlets of the wind you know. -- would want to you know run or really. You know if you vote. A chain called. An amusement. That would really. Could be wrong close to straight on straight to attribute all. -- rock area. And really take. -- I don't know if there's I don't know there's any rule Montero and I don't know where you'd put it. What are you following it from from from from when I am -- -- -- Cap or real and you could you could do on cable or or try to be could be of them. Bevy of pure follow it almost looked she. Looked -- security and -- the law. And order. You know the ISI feels sorry you know from my grandchildren because. I grew up like that and I was able to -- punch train beach and then take my kids there. But there's there's just nothing that you can take them to right now and and you have to be so concerned about everything you do. Well opportunity build debris already altered corn crop wage Italy late night -- colonel. Italy late night. And you're right -- should do that is just so easy. It's pathetic use. I mean we we we're we're about does that help -- -- Just like you bet that they'll protect people what they -- in the in the response the bill. -- to -- a -- favor hold on and take a break and come right back to you okay. All right and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for it's -- tonight. Our big 870 pretty -- opinion poll question after another fatal shooting at Fort Hood -- the time to change the rules to allow military personnel. To be armed while on the poster could have to vote at WW dot com 74% say yes. 26% say no and it really has been kind of amazing how many military people we have had call in tonight. Who were really against this. And here's here's a text message. That says Bob. Twelve people in uniform all liked all armed one as the shooter who you gonna shoot all twelve to be sure you get the right one. I'm bringing up some some some very very good points. But you know I guess I guess not being in the military I'm just looking at my opinion would would be the obvious I would. I think I would feel safer. And when you listen to it watched the interviews of a lot of the people had been interviewed at Fort Hood. But they all feel -- they would be safer with the people who were trained. And licensed to carry handguns on base. So I don't know again not being in the military at at at this point in time with those that call we have got most the military people. Believe that the that a -- in tonight. Are against -- and I guess we'll just leave it at that lets. Go to that's going to vote Linda Linda power you. Lydia Lydia power you Lydia. Our. -- Get an idea of people military police. To carry on the -- you -- -- he apparently like. That it. Com and you can't seem computing. Know what you wanted and many innocent people. Yeah because it. It became. So you think you should stay just the way it is only the military police. When you. Let -- not. Only. -- just put more. And military police based. -- you -- -- and yet. At the police department we. Been in the. Lydia don't you know Anderson Cooper is. So what do you think of his idea he says that. You're better off not receiving a big and heritage you're you're you're better off with no inheritance and that way into it prompt shoot. To work hard you agree with that. -- -- -- And when I want it go tell him. It came -- -- -- -- All on why he -- vehicle he can't. -- he did maybe it caught heat and he needed dimple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree if you don't know what I. When I started it. When I started to work my father William payment from a father would not give me the family car he sold me the man in the car and he took the payments every month. Each people. Get what it. -- -- the effect of voting and tonight okay 2601878866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- it was a call. Or you can text -- at 878. Eight simply coming right back on WWL I'm Bob Mitchell enough for Stewart and WW let's go back to our -- go to Wayne in. A Fort -- when you. When you think back of all of of apology train -- how important because we've kind of debated that tonight. How important was. The beach do you buy that I'm saying how many times you go to actually. Go to parchment beats that you actually went to this man went to be argued to strictly go do it as an amusement park. Well it was a little. -- -- -- We and an. Older we go to the way into -- that it. In what each -- about. An eight week. You know to -- -- but they -- For -- area. All wait to -- and about the restaurant and in army and director weapon would note. That there. One what not a book restaurant on and that was on early on. Similarly. When I went to punch train beach I went more for the rods in the midway -- I rarely -- I mean when it was real. I don't know was very young I've I think I remember my mom taken me down to the slam -- you know the actual beach area itself and I think -- remember once. Getting into the general eventually trying to make my way to the high -- But most of the time I went to the beach just to enjoy the of the -- Well how important. And compare my -- just work. -- she could do -- -- so much on. No money you. You know but. She knew how to seek out. And it would score Britney and he -- -- -- a lot of bottled water and Clean Water. Act she did Brooke who watched entertainment level want to call or. Jump ball without -- border blow -- look. The library and. Thank you -- I appreciate you calling got to go out to news and of course after the news will come back and we're gonna continue to talked. A a little bit more. About former president Bill Clinton's appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And where he actually says he believes he wouldn't be surprised if one day. -- Visit our planet I'm Bob excellent let's go to WWL AM at famine dot com see you right back after the news.