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Apr 4, 2014|

a ‘haunted gold mine’ is for sale in Arizona…would you knowingly by a house or property that was haunted? Do you believe in ‘hauntings?’

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No -- students may Bob Mitchell billion in pursuit -- is working for a Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and kind of hard for him that they think it over at midnight and give back the station 5 o'clock in the morning. So that's why I'm here and I hope you -- in the show I know I'm enjoying doing the show before we. Reset the show when literally talked about the -- our this is an amazing story I caught the right before -- And an eighty year old woman. Listen of this system -- we're an eighty year old woman was declared dead in the -- back to July only ten. After suffering a heart attack and was placed in a freezer at the Boyle heights hospital. Mortician who received her body a few days later discovered. That was face down in the woman had a broken those cuts and bruises to her face. Pathology report concluded. That the woman had been frozen alive. In other words. She recovered from the heart attack. Woke up. And then injured herself during a failed struggle to escape. Whom -- She. That if ruling released spooky. Well. Speaking of spooky on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Former President Bill Clinton city and all the while wallpaper is reviewed and found no clear evidence of aliens exist. He then added that he wouldn't be shocked if intelligent life exist outside our planet or even. If ET's one day visit earth so where do you stand on ET's -- out there. -- going on out there. I'm really I have bills you know I'm I'm a Jimmy Fallon -- And never watched Jimmy Kimmel. Really barely knew even exist for the man knew who he was but will never ever attended ever to watch the show. And I've I've pushed lower rook were courting the Jimmy Fallon. Before I became the work last night. Have punched in the wrong one. And a punched in the wrong Jimmie and other records. And -- are really enjoyed the show are really really enjoyed the report with of the interview. With of former President Bill Clinton. And the only thing that I thought was a little extra ranges. If the president looked at these reports because that's what Jimmy Kimmel asked him that he didn't look at it the secrets and stuff like that he said he did. He did say he didn't look at capitalism a second term. And that he did not see anything at all in there that would indicate that aliens had landed on the planet earth. Of course run away I thought that if he had that I'm sure there's some type of laws some type of oath that president's son that he probably could not released a report anyway. So if intelligent life exist out there do you think that that that we will see it where do you stand on ET's are they out there. Are not -- can call me at his six year old late 7866889087. I think they are. I would like to. -- alive win it happens and unless it's like it is and some of these movies -- come here deck of the -- penalty and like tepid. I I would I would like to. I would like to experience. Needing. But a different civilization from a different planet and Tammy and and -- -- I just cannot believe that. The -- create this and higher universe. And that lead just accidentally happened to be on this earth so like I do believe in BT's. And those of -- interesting story on Anderson Cooper. He -- -- he recently announced that though his mom Gloria Vanderbilt. Inherited a fortune before making her own millions. That he will not receive any inheritance -- any city near this early on. That she. Did not want him to grow up -- and while I don't really have to work hard I don't have to do anything I'm gonna inherit this entire fortune. He said his mom was the coolest person he knows. He said that he thinks that inherited money is. And initiative shocker and a curse so do you agree with him like -- went when you started working. All did did you get anything from your parents did -- were were you motivated to. To work hard because you didn't have anything -- -- -- I was you know I grow up blow my mom and dad didn't have any money. My dad sold lead and the car when I wanna have my first drug so I was pushed at a very early -- knowing. That when my mom and dad passed on that there would be nothing to hand down -- -- now have a a little more than I will. Eventually. Pass on to my kids if there was anything there. And I do not in anyway live my life where I feel that I'm not going to. I'm not to deprive myself of anything I'm not going to I'm not going to. Live my life. That. I have to be careful as men because -- alone make sure. My kids have a lot of money. I'm not concerned that the and anything that they're all working. All working hard all building their own lives and if there's anything left. Then it's fun but as far as I'm concerned if I have 25 cents left when I leave this world up put it in the Gumball machine. So give me a call to secure -- late 78668890870. And up one more thing and it's collect. Not necessarily an opposite of the ETs but in in in the same vein this this this story that that's -- really cool. A 150 year old gold -- Is for sale. In Arizona. And though it has been one of the most profitable gold mines in the State's history. Some of the miners say. It's haunted. And some of the miners claim that they obscene devil's in the mine and they actually painted pictures of doubles in the mine. So. Do you believe in ghost. Would you live in a home that was built over haunted mind. Have you ever really been to a real -- -- also mean I'll watch some of these that TV shall from time to time. Apparently not called ghostbusters and I don't even -- what are called. And it it so so much of a committee just seems phony. And of course when you when you're watching something on TV you never know what is been doctored up or not so as far as ghost I've never seen a ghost. I don't I don't believe ago so it's you have. You you've actually seen. Where urgency this ghost. Miles. If that wasn't a person you recognized. -- -- taught by my Spanoulis mama. While the and how long was she around. This happened before the storm she passed away in any one. And from 91 and two -- to home. We an activity house. And -- things that was on on and was my mother and -- time. Actually got touched by our and that's its stop in she stopped. And mumbled while wife was -- that was one night. -- got to slice -- bread. Turnaround to refrigerated get something out. To most let's read one account. We'll hook up but but but. Says the storm. No way activity because. Basically after she passed that didn't change house. Autos furniture everything was still. And it was our energy the things that keep in any Judea. After the storm. Not a single thing has happened. One single thing in half and many are friends they have stayed there and come over -- man whose only keeps. So with a visual -- yes visual and and you know things will move things would disappear and reappear. I doors open close and stuff like Larry I've never experienced anything like Israel out of experts -- themselves -- house hello. Coast gulf side -- All right thank you John. All right to secure 1878866889. Awaits only -- to get you ready to go on a fuel. Take part of the show tonight I've never seen a ghost. Like I guess. I guess for me it would have to be one of those things that that would actually have to happen. Before. I would. Before we believe that I guess about that you know well as for as. ET's. I just. I just do not believe. That we are the only. Intelligent life and and in martial system lets. Well total pole in in in in just the second John is. Can you -- usually is running right now at now as this. The real show of duke or the ghost of -- -- And Arabs and burial on Bob I don't -- how much -- Barry giving you back on the radio. And -- this commission news so much edgier than either. Well thank you so much younger and go back to doing some -- market just Donna targeted for a while but then no my -- done. You're around too much we're spending too much time together go back to work go do something -- Feeling that even the copies so watcher. I'm -- in Korea. I haven't seen you -- and -- group and pressure. And allow the. Or may you may be seen in a start coming in for the French Quarter festival. Operator directory. Should respect the world. -- -- It's a little bit more low key then then the Jazz Fest but it or if it is great you're right. Yeah Richard Dallas Chicago Gregory's show was followed -- -- -- Well I always taken your place to make human. Well thank you earns thirty years that you records. Check your. I don't -- the -- divvy party. Which is an incredible. The at the news in the long exam. Or great it's great to have them here. And support now -- a third graders civil perhaps -- and -- -- thing is that I do hands. In the back from our shopping at one of the oldest buildings. And belongs. And kindness because it was created the are prepared than I would agree premier broker for march. And I do you have a young lady who is hardly. -- she's been hauntingly. Widget that -- mean ghost. But she is a nice goes. And whatever server -- barriers to choose from Omar do you communicate with them. I she calculations. I was injured and I default -- in my office. Actually being out and Youkilis. But -- socially. That is should be it was what we don't marvelously well was. I guess she passed away -- like eight. -- -- -- -- -- And she she lives and that that upstairs in my office. Do you use and do you see or how are you feel and Angie Angie. Expressed there are so a lot you can still play emerged as a child. And never brought this sure except people close. But chooses super sweet groups. Are aware or. Natural being. You can you do that you can actually see. Seen here. The horror and in. Almost archer and and stretch -- -- you know try to work you. Put pressure Britain where Burress are what retreated. We re open doubles action packed in an accent and band which is now. Here is because slave or preserve the post over and -- -- it was or the -- though. Does she influence -- in your recipes. She's she's. Great strong -- being and I -- -- -- appeared in because there is uber. It is a true story. And had gone back -- This these number out there. That we don't know about BET aliens -- program of course. I think I think you would be just so -- most of us to think. That we are the only that that that when god created this incredibly large. Never ending universe that this is the only intelligent life -- I just don't believe. It's not sure it is archer and you know. You -- see you much other. That are she -- Crazy -- You know there's got to be. While our I hope I live to see first contacted -- you know of course one of the things that Bill Clinton said. He said he'd he'd like to see it to recent unless it was like in independents day heated. You and I you don't associate you know. You know we have enough problems of criminality. Every day. I was absolutely you're there in the morning based on nuclear fuel in the and I don't like that in the homeless and on the school. In I mean it's crazy people are now obligated or. Or actually. A range of -- it really is sure it certainly it is. Children. Wednesday as a member of the supernatural. Out there in. I think it's great that the thing that. Whether you wanna believe and has a different story. I don't know -- of the few days that we flash. Well I'd like to see I'd like to see friendly first. Are being taken your restaurant in feet and ethnic and then -- -- reprieve to read here at the very. Rights have to thank you -- -- am Greg Greg did -- break the that you back on the radio and and Blagojevich is that you back. Thank thank you so much. All right -- bush do all right it was a call to secure relates 7866889. -- seven a text me at 87870. -- you'll be first up after the break. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on WW LA MFM and dot com blog about the show this is this -- Joba I'm Bob Mitchell filling -- for us to -- Saturday as the big sports state. They'll -- spring game the NCAA final four and tiger baseball we've got all covered will kick things off at 10 AM sports Saturday with the big chief. Deke Bellavia and -- Bob Hebert live from Tiger Stadium on a clock we'll bring you all the action from all of -- spring game. That a 230 Westwood one's NCAA. Final four tripled at 330 by game one. Number one Florida vs number seven Connecticut 730 game two with number two Wisconsin number eight Kentucky. But at 6 o'clock you have a choice continue listening to the NCAA final four. On -- five point three WW LF MR touched in two in the old from Mississippi State baseball series. On the big -- seventy WW AMW. Dunham and yet done enough w.s in the WTO case. All right. Where -- we let me get caught up on a couple of text messages subsidies yes is -- ET state are out there. But at at at at a and I can read the rest of that. I think deep -- exists but intelligent life must only show them too intelligent life. If it were an alien culture watching from above -- I concede all the people -- couldn't get along with themselves would finish -- on safety. As a grandson of the Roswell daily times papered things much more real. The in the air force would lead you to believe and art I've I've always felt. You're just tuning in Rick. Get a little weird the last dollar or the show I wanna know do you believe in ET's. Do you believe in in ghost. A 150 year old gold mine is for sale but they have been miners below in the minded terrorist and who reported. A vestige calling. It the blue double ghost. I'm just reading here if you go down in total number to about 500 feet down and one of the chefs. One of the miners -- etched with the carbon -- clamped alt one. Lovely blue double. With his horns. The would you ever build a home over -- haunted mind. -- receive a ghost let's get the calls go to rubble in general or you're Ronald. But do -- line. You -- Hitler. Do you believe -- you know I I work at these all ability. To enter. And sometimes you know as a -- a bill that somebody's life. Nolan. They got that our -- What guys. Other holidays and and -- all well dull moment. You but -- it to -- -- usually bury it. Are about to let it wash on. -- preparation and I go back she thought somebody was not you know active. Actually I don't know. You feel used policy. Yet and -- and a McCain guy. For the field earlier can you describe the way it feels. Didn't elect somebody walks like somebody's life. What do what Google. Like. He's somebody argue back and watch you'd probably know but here. Are. You know sometimes and I don't know what is up sometimes when I'm up late at night and it's like. And sometimes I think legacy of channel going by an inaugural one that I'm I'm losing my mind should. I don't I'm not a ghost believers -- -- -- have been too many people that it says they have they have sent some things now. How do you feel people like. All this I think I think they call -- on Long Island man and then you know she says that the cheek and don't have -- revenue. Do you believe that kind of stuff. We regardless of what was special. And you know. Really -- He's got a world -- your lucky day. Actually holders you know and now he's sitting in one of the vote in Europe. What what about ET do you believe that I mean last night or Wednesday what's the day Thursday yeah last night it was. Bill Clinton was on the Jimmy Kimmel show. And he said that he would not a -- surprised he said that he had all the -- paper is reviewed and found no clear evidence of aliens exist they also said he wouldn't be shocked if intelligent life exist outside our planet even. If ET's one day visit the earth you believe in god you believe that we are the only life forms in the entire universe. No I think they. More. And I think it. Admire people known then -- ban. On everything. -- I wonder how you know what what -- the exit one of the things that Bill Clinton said. And I mean -- I would it wouldn't on the day that he said that you can believe one thing he said that if if aliens work to lead on this planet. These -- all of a sudden these have all these little. Small problems we have with other countries he says believe me all of that would go away and you all know you you're you're all -- night to defend the planet. Yeah -- and there's going to be. The United States -- you know we will be on apple but I feel like my. That -- All right rob appreciate your opponent and tonight okay. All right now John it is. My control board operators keep me on time. Answer the phone gets you ready to go leader does a lot he's a result of the very interest in life now a little while ago release of these -- received a ghost. And now you you think you actually saw an ET. Well now. Yeah. 1978. Just moved and policies you know it was a really built up. My mother and I and her friend was they were outside talking and I knew it was plain to key duplicates and all of a sudden unaware. That's really bright pink light. Disappeared and Scott is of no noise nothing cultivated. It com or how close to you was as well and there was a far off for leaking oil and look like it was a relatively close okay. And it -- it was a really bright pink. And just like it appeared it is eventually -- like it just -- My mother and girlfriend the day job and it -- enemy. In my amounts it is time to go along amounts friend ran down the street she was so skated issue random street. To our house. And haven't seen anything like that sense but I -- witness in seven -- that's real. As I believe that when that if god created us there the people out there. Why agree with that you know and I've had some people. Who. Tried to prove their point. With the Bible of the band -- that you know. If god had created other life forms at all it it it would be in the Bible and I'm always felt this -- no. We. You can't limit god god is is that. We could we can have one situation for this planet and there could be another situation for another plant. You know week -- had -- and even they might have something else some place else but. I just I just did not believe that with this universal's biggest it is that there aren't other life -- so we are not alone we are not hold on to right 26018786688908. Assembly let's go to Scott in the plus Aureus got. Hey you know child that -- story in sub -- -- The material we will out fishing in part -- and in battleground bay. And it. Well hey you I'm listening to you. Okay well would well fit and Parnell in 2002. Mean my body. We would battleground -- And get paid in blue light public all the blow. Yeah. And we look up and outlook and looked at -- just couldn't believe we we get -- It'll let it get -- Mick McCall. And we made a -- It sounds like the same thing Johnson. Right right and we it was we won't know -- you know anybody about it because they wouldn't believe it -- my -- Now the -- children night that they did you know Compton. You know we talk about PP they even have to be in the ET. At the same thing happens to all but it won't be. Like what spaceship and not these wild. -- -- -- Yet it. And it it -- all the blow is a little portable but maybe about a third party that did it took off after that. And it can't tell. You know I would done. I would like to live to see first contact. I really ruined. Whether or not it'll happen or not. At a distinction it it would just be just just so exciting. You know -- we have would be foolish to think that we the only one in the universe. You know I always believed it was then that other boom in this universe and you know you got to complain that you know had I mean if you think about it you note that other life forms -- it's got to be. I would have to think so I'd I'd just I'd just do not believe that we have a universe as big as it -- and you know I would I would love to be able to think that one day that start truck we'll come true. Whether it will not -- -- you know I'm I'm a huge Star Trek fan in practice that influences the way I think about a lot of things. But. I just don't believe that it's possible. For us to be the only. Intelligent life forms in this entire universe. Right now about religion our defense. I really do -- Bob Dole should -- animal. Yes yes I hit my expert would go in -- -- -- -- in my house right now that. -- bad move. You know on -- concept glances down. And I have sat next to me a look -- old would give me that he did not address. Well but I must say that happens the -- and I'm forgets the largest I don't know if there at that that it. It was no no we we do have some relatives that they had. That that's gone in you know they'd -- -- days they didn't LLP notice you ill lit up. But you can't officially say that I'm -- No you can't Vista lifting them but they've let you know that -- still here. So what do you think about like this of this program and I think I saw. Half of one show that that's called the Long Island man and then she she concede. Ghosts. Be able do you believe of. Now I don't believe it's possible that you -- -- -- not I have I have -- in the -- and felt depressed that the broad settlement -- you in the beta one until Beijing feel it move it. That happens a lot but output seen divide -- and I probably did it's good spirits. I'm with -- -- appreciate your call -- okay. All right though that break we'll come right back -- your phone calls to figure late 78668. At 90870. The schools don't show I'm Bob Mitchell are Bobbitt shall adverse to it let's go to Matthew Matthew you you believe in ghost or ET's or things like that. No bomb more or less than the punch -- -- Below we've got to finish with that but if you need to make comment go ahead reports like. Okay well. We did earlier tonight we're talking a -- punch train beach memories. Sure on the administrator for the FaceBook posturing -- All right that's that's -- and to a punishment beach memories right. That's correct we have not almost 9000 -- ball. And yes it's real popular I was looking into the post show Q school by the exactly you know what I didn't hear. But I really appreciate. That this show it was it was terrific. There was a few things that what mentioned like dimensions. Bill but especially about the you always miss new -- beauty pageant. I remember that yes really don't remember it right right. And that was several different famous people. That. That more big alone on that pageant over the years. Missed or people or was famous movies -- was missed posturing impeach in 1931. How can people -- get on the FaceBook group. You can. You can go to the FaceBook. In just sort of tighten policy trying beach and in the front nine like in 8900 members. And that's we. You know we we have devoted people that -- religiously look at that site every day. Oh good Netanyahu I -- you called in earlier tonight about what we kind of like got off the subject about an hour ago we should've called an earlier but I do appreciate your phoning -- gonna go to -- -- In New Orleans. -- why you believe in ghosts. -- and I've lived in. Gaza on I would codes. That don't send them either. Avenue and would you do it almost doesn't know not act I couldn't even. What it would open up. The captain. And that was closed and they would open again. After years mountain well. We will move as host record here and walked -- and their -- to walk. On the war. Heidi -- knew how to you know wasn't like some animal collective. It seemed like like a person's sports. And they would. They would change the numbers on the cable box which. I didn't like this shows that it is not against. Look at. But that you wouldn't change but the numbers would change -- -- But at the weirdest thing and it made hairs stand up on the back on -- They -- up put a new roll of toilet paper on. -- paper. Dispenser and bathroom and and I could hear acrid yes some rattled in -- -- phone and when I looked in the war in good standing and that told the paper and problem of low on the floor that's spooky. -- And put their prop person tried to do that it was. He would do -- that. It would scare the paper would be it would continue to but it is just it's on the whole Watson's one not hole. Roll on record. Well. What about ET you believe anything is. Eighteen yeah that. I think that there is someone don't know there you know we universities. So and so BA. Yes I -- a text message that says exactly and says. What the vastness. Of the use burst probabilities. Or much more likely there are. Other life forms -- non and I agree. They keep taking my call enjoy each. Enjoyed every night. Thank you for calling okay let's go to Charlie in -- how are you Charlie. Okay Bob -- you know. Yes but -- -- crawl. But in the political and that -- say about ten years ago the -- two programs. To -- -- in the world. -- -- Black short and departure. But we're going to leave to borrow what seven or eight years old. He went up -- if you want to take a walk on the ship. That the probably shipped at all which is -- -- play in the back of the ship there was nobody want to proposition. So typical open this so take it that. He -- Upton then she took to -- And then -- it would take would pool and so would -- -- -- -- we cannot give it a double -- old. Well we came that that it was foot tall person. There's a Trent powered down. With transparent. Way. About all of bundle you can not eaten by print aren't going to anyway. -- -- Therefore I know are brought to pick it up pretty but pretty used to analyze. Because we believe. It's an Angel. We've brought to -- could -- please please note that produces no way to support. Then we've still got that hit it today. We eat and then we'll go we we brought. Walgreen. Blown. You can see him in and so. Different -- down. You -- -- it looks it looks like in anyway. Well miles -- and so on in Scotland as ghetto. But people now where it is quite long range parent down with transparent way. Lou it's kind of spooky thank you Charlie is go to Dan in Tennessee venues that you until tomorrow -- hotel. The gesture by April we were stranded on the highway it. While the at a hotel in. Crotchety lowered it down borders bill and -- it -- -- like we're we're kind of middle. Little world and -- always on either side outside. Are -- -- Google opened down close. But not allegedly on laughter on the board of Norton would turn -- -- -- nobody there. But to a young kids policy -- about twelve. And Al Michaels and what my family and my grandmother my cholesterol in the air just become controller Urbina and by Orlando. And we -- that -- I was either people talk about now away. People talking. And -- tonight -- that we are only people in that hotel that night when we talked about it next more. That he has had a hand in her mortgage. You know follow a lot of people have got where they would go there and that pleasure to have on it nick could use progress and so forth. Look what went wrong that hotel. So eventually it was closed on the border still I was 27. City tour. Ride on the sidewalk where these curb. It's an alternate story box building built back in the eighteen Chinese. And and then modernize -- 1927. I believe. And you know a lot of people who -- on trans Arctic over the windows open a over the doorway and so forth. But we've since that there watch those doors open and -- And the violent physical what color screen door latch -- -- locked from the inside of those wage and it has been -- we offered prayers and everything. Operate -- do it but it'd it would at all you know however there. You don't get ready here -- -- things like that that that had just unexplainable you know hot items and I'm I've never experienced up but I've heard so many people talk about it. You'd you'd you'd just don't know what to think it you don't know whether there is a legitimate excuse forty or use don't know puts. Some type of supernatural -- power at work. Always vote supernatural life -- I was able to -- -- -- like those girls boys and where. And we show. Will be watching as we all try to of one great legal iron bed and they go -- masters. Bill loan in the amount of people around there. In contrary to the State of Israel pelvic cross city hotel called just solid and it felt like that it ball border goes when our best for that reason. All right Dan appreciate you joining in tonight. Poppy and a bottle I believe anything I used to -- well also New Mexico. Did you ever experience watching one. We had -- -- -- childhood hero in the desert and we had. Didn't fly over Russian particular car graphic art direction. Twice in broad daylight we reported commute on -- news director there in Roswell. Yes sir I do believe there are aliens and they are amongst whether. It shut down the dinner table on title so I usually flies off. -- today appreciate your calling. I'm Bob Mitchell have one more thing before -- -- win we come back and WW welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell in upper scoot -- will be back. I -- Monday night. Before I go here is the Bozo crook story of the day. Our Bozo comes from Newton Connecticut it proves that some people will do just about any thing to get. A banana. Store surveillance footage shows are Bozo drives his Ford freestyle up to the front door. But -- convenience store and -- immediately ran was the door until he's able to crash through. He then gets out. Picks up a single banana. -- And drove away. Police say nothing else was taken they're looking for a car. With damaged the rear bumper. And a driver with bananas on his breath all right that's that death at at at at. That's it for the night. I want think John who got me through a whole night and took care of the control Gordon did a great job of getting Rabbani. Up and ready to go up like I said to -- I've enjoyed this week as -- with you I'm sure I'll be back down the road -- will be back Monday. A good night and god --