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Apr 4, 2014|

Dave talks about if professional wrestling is a sport, box of rats, and how a room without a roof is happy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this April the fourth 2004. Team had its. Finally TAG. I -- Wellcome tough pride. Yeah. Yeah. It's -- to be -- in the in the rain the last it is Friday but the storms -- comment because that's not enough rain all weekend a soggy pineapple on Sunday. Organizers of the Irish Italian wrestling illustrated told us they may make the decision to move the parade yeah. Two weeks from tomorrow you know next Saturday. I don't know that an official decision has been made by. Word is already spread through social media that's. 80% chance for rain on Sunday and we talked to the organizer late yesterday afternoon he said there was still look at that it still trying to decide. Several people texted me -- and utilities that the -- been canceled. Now it looks like it may well happen but it might be the right move -- of doing that because. On whether it's -- about a million pounds or producers. Crazy. 300000. -- -- does went back -- -- Nadal models a lot. But -- whose yacht where you're having fun lemons oranges. Now -- stuffed ago long -- apple like you said along with -- we'll keep you posted on that when the official word comes down that they have postponed the parade just put my grocery -- offer we. -- legitimacy incorporated. That its outlook for days I wouldn't be surprised but again we talked to organize early yesterday afternoon. And genitals official decision and now been made animated overnight will check and every one now. In the meantime we roll on in Q now there we did you know. Glad that it is here as we -- fairway it is that is very interesting the debate over marijuana did you -- -- Yeah Annie par -- you know I just seem like there was all kinds of momentum offer these measures and then. One spokesman for the sheriff's association whose parent took them took the wind right out of the sale he said this. -- across Louisiana voted and they all agree that this is not the time to start. Watering down on the penalties and moving toward -- a state that could legalize marijuana so the sheriffs association's go fight any effort in the legislature and there are several other bills still to come Arianna. There's one of legalized medical marijuana that the governor has at least expressed. Top possible support for under strict. Guidelines on why and how and when people with smoke marijuana for medical reasons. So we'll see if that gets passed and it's of the governor with the objection of this the shares of the state. They're just saying I think any move. Toward legalization. The Batman. Say things that legalizing marijuana. Man is wrong and they don't want any thing that lead in that direction so there and putting down their foot and making their. Now and is the representative lost and out on as you know pulling things may be. Circling the wagons are few well to see if there's any chance but to -- that's a powerful law. Group when Europe against sheriff's yes yes it is the top law enforcers and yeah out there on Iranian ally and and I don't eyes it's not like he was let these people get off Scot free but instead of do and -- twenty years -- On a second third and -- up more like five to eight I don't know. And they also wanted to now making it habitual offense paying three conviction that your going away for life. And wanted to apply it is three strikes -- -- it this year it's not analyzing the -- So we'll see what happens there it's ceemea marijuana legalization is one of those things that it. Some people I think believe it's a foregone conclusion that we're just heading in that direction over time you look at what Washington State and Colorado have done Washington DC. Lawmakers have voted to decriminalize marijuana. Make -- no penalties for the possession of small town about pot promise in DC. Congress also -- through it. So we'll see what congress does. -- will be interesting you say yes well -- adding it's one of the things a lot of people feel it's just it's time has come but it. And at Louisiana at least not. As a guest now another thing that I think a lot of people. Look at that -- increase of the minimum wage the president of the United States now increasing it to ten dollars and ten cents an hour for anyone who works. For a contractor with business with the government. Now the mayor of New Orleans as saying that city workers should also get a minimum weight of -- -- over ten now and -- of that may be coming as well we'll talk about both those things here. On the early edition of WW golfers and have a whole bunch of fun this morning because ladies and gentlemen. It's fry a game let's celebrate the weekend together even though it's got taken a look at your detailed forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center after this. And we get Steve Geller in here with sports. As we kick off the weekend together here WW. 599 years. I'd game morning good morning and thank you start your weekend with us on WW out your forecast well that's celebrating the weekend so much with the rain count. Starting off the weekend with the other 50% chance for rain and this afternoon. Or early this morning -- a pretty quiet waiting on Arafat to move through. Again this afternoon a couple of those storms could be a bit on the strong side to watch out from lunchtime till the evening hours highs today around 81. Tonight we dropped to sixty degrees with 820%. Chance for rain. But tomorrow it jumps right back to 60%. Highs around seventy and Sunday eighty -- sat with highs around 76. From the Eyewitness News forecast center meteorologist Alexandra -- -- warm start this morning cloudy skies 72 degrees south wind at eight miles an hour that's at the airport in -- cloudy and 71 at the National Weather Service office in slide down the Associated Press says the DC and Washington DC. Could soon stand for decriminalize candidates. As Washington's mayor Vincent Reyes signed a bill. That approves. Removing the criminal status of possessing small amounts of -- of the -- try to do. No penalty whatsoever under this measure that the managers sign side. Decriminalizing. -- is not a done deal and DC like on the laws in the nation's capital the bill has to go to congress for re view. So we'll see what congress decides congress rarely puts the kibosh on district laws but that's one. I think has a little more well political impact and the average law. In DC will keep you posted on that one loss keep -- on sports here on WWL. It's. Dell our I say you know happy pride day. Feeling -- As indeed the weekend here and now it's supposed to rain on and -- all weekend but I'd rather rainy weekend that weekend yet just use more movie time get some popcorn. And movie times. Captain America perhaps the winter soldier in theaters does Rio to come out yet. -- So as you've seen commercials and a little monthly. I don't think -- ready that would go against them camp that little -- for theaters this weekend you own sports. Morning everyone a big rivalry on the diamond resumes this weekend as LSU gets set to host Mississippi State. The bulldogs coming to Alex box stadium six and three in the conference while the tigers are 35. And one. LSU coach pulmonary downplayed any bad blood between these two teams despite state throwing an amazing -- his head last season. You know that was an isolated -- done and I talked in the summer I really had to behind us you know we don't have any hard feelings about it I think -- great -- One of those rivalries. That has done an awful lot for college -- Coverage of game one of this series starts at 630 today on WWL. Restricted free agency the rough -- a bush has signed an offer sheet with the Atlanta Falcons. The saints won't be entitled to a draft pick compensation if they decline not to match by April 8. The Seahawks have called a news conference this morning amid a report from NFL network that they breached a contract extension with coach Pete Carroll. Carroll's original five year deal -- Seattle was set to expire after this coming season he's 38 in 26 in four regular season with the Seahawks. And five into the playoffs including. A rout of Denver in this year's Super Bowl Minnesota has -- captured the and I keep swarming -- with a dramatic finish against SMU. Austin -- hit a tiebreaking three pointer with 46 seconds left as the golden gophers and the mustang 65 to 63. I coach Richard pitino says this was a solid win over great team. Had unbelievable respect for SMU Coach Brown is a hall of Famer so to say that are seniors to walk -- champions and our younger guys understanding what it takes to take that step forward I thought we move this program for this year. Oh back to the diamond with a suffers 121 over Colorado Springs on opening night left fielder Kyle Jensen went two for three with a solo shot in the second inning. And the -- who earned their first victory of the season beating the Orlando predators. 62 to 55. Today -- four on sports talk what's your sport of choice this weekend. Wrestle mania the NCAA final four LSU football spring game or fight tiger baseball. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports as a lot of choices but I have to ask. Is wrestle. Mania sport he said with your favorites sport. Yeah -- corrupted its pre ordained who's going to win is that a sport. Yet more I guess sports entertainment. And sports it to that point that that's what you call it sports entertainment. Sports right. That. Preordained who's gonna win we -- sports entertainment but it's a real I guess because of game -- up to reconsider its Williams still is wrestling involved. So but -- there is the entertainment aspect of it because it is scripted out. -- Aaron -- allies there that adds to our listeners. Is wrestle the wrestling WWE wrestling professional wrestling sports. And I'm on the go which sports entertainment because it does take a lot of athletics deal. Did you look at the things the guys -- we get back in nearly two and Tony Clement once more to hear what you would people attacked half ass last -- what's -- program with Rafael how that works. What happened there. Saints don't match the opera from the falcons when they get from. Now in the out of network right now wanna ask you about that that you're playing this song without the words. -- -- The -- and everywhere now. And under a prize closet on right now it was in the movie spectacle meets new. It's on commercials now it's and -- -- -- use programs every return. But I got to ask you this. Why is -- room without a roof. Happy I did think about that too and I guess it's because it's just so bloop hit and three. Clap along if you're happy. Like a room without a -- hopefully not honoring that day good day yes. Yeah. Movements I don't I'm not sure that I wanna be a room without a road because that -- can't be -- -- -- rainy could be a little cold. Guys -- and maybe that's why it's. Happy to be a -- -- -- -- I guess just think about like a room without a roof like and a beautiful Jack's best days listening to some music in the sun shining. Text me about that it -- 78 that and he would you be happy if you were room without a roof. Most popular song in a long long time for -- happening. You're at WW your text messages and your forecast. Coming up is wrestling a sport professional wrestling WW be wrestling and why would you be happy to be -- federal. Happy Friday let's get your forecast. Look for some sunshine peeking and as we move through this morning highs will rise from a round 70 degrees this morning to around 81 this afternoon. Also this afternoon really by lunchtime pretty -- 850%. Chance -- scattered thunderstorms few of those could be on the strong side. Tonight lows around sixty degrees or so. And that rain chance drops all the way to 20%. For tomorrow though as 60%. Chance for showers and thunderstorms highs around seventy. Sunday an 80% chance for rain from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- for. Start -- 71 north like 72 of the South Shore with clouds no rain now but it's coming text messages and 87870. Wrestle mania is not a sport it's -- high action soap opera another person Texans as wrestling is the sports entertainment male soap opera to people. Calling it a soap opera was actually WW describes it in part of the soap opera we'll hear how they describe it coming up here on WWL. Is it a sport if it's prescriptive and -- and he's gonna waste. So -- vaccinated 77 as as I pro wrestle for years you do know who's going to win. But nothing else is scripted everything else that happened that there 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of April 2000 and sport. -- -- -- Our apps with great on. -- pleasures I wish you and yours a happy pride and. It on the yeah down. Everybody's out. And as you're driving. And just gotta wiggle. The idea of being free. To come and go as -- as. That weekend has arrived and that allows us to come and -- as -- -- or to act out like. -- -- -- see some movies got into a debate. -- Steve Geller discussion now is. Pro wrestling. WW we wrestle mania a sport. I'm not arguing the fact it is big business that it's fantastic it's here in new -- wanted to bring tens of thousands of people whose city. To enjoy things to celebrate to have a good time to spend money that its flash CEOs all get out that he would ask. What here favorite sports or what you what sports do you plan to take part in this weekend. He said it's sports and -- here's how Vince McMahon of the WWB describes wrestle mania to mania is. -- celebration. What we do people from all over the world come to New Orleans. To celebrate your friend here spectacular. Nature wrestle mania. World class athletes performing. There's nothing like it's a rock concert it's soap opera is all rolled into one every form of entertainment every form of sport all rolled into one. That's what Ross Romania's there's no town in the world that personifies celebration. More than York. It's -- -- aren't entertainment rock concerts. Soap opera all rolled into one can't bet. On Russell WW -- and -- I Vegas says he can't settle on something because the winner's -- pre ordained. That's gripped that department. That's of this group thing in -- of that but you know fans of of it don't care. -- I think that's a bad thing it's preordained in prescriptive. I think people love it it provides entertainment and guys that question is though is a sport. That those guys. I don't know -- Euro well until there's no question these guys there are athletic my gosh than. They generally in line and -- and bouncing we've been fly in Poland. That it that it that's what I saw. I saw a clip and I so there were doing that is the government that that that the description of what -- there was funny hearing Vincent man -- and memory and -- would be doing announcing things in the ring and actually you know use of the metal what do -- brawl exiting with a chair yeah exactly. Got that coming up this weekend that's not your cup Petit. Than we do have movies but really only one page opening weekend Captain America though winter soldier or arts. It's of this is it Steve Rogers. And the last Captain America movie ended with him waking up from a seven year map after he wants a long man on man now in the avengers the -- -- actions of this build off of that but anyway it -- back -- -- -- Samuel -- Aria Robert Redford is in this -- the -- and end. All right so there is also down Hemingway opening in wide release its economy crime drama with Jude Law that's the only movie brave enough to go down. Captain America the winters soldiers the current top five. No to have divergent. Muppets most wanted mr. Peabody chairman guy it's not dead of those. Films what do you think will be number one and come Monday more why this is a real tough one concerning all night on this one. Just net dollars. It's Captain America and you know interestingly enough. The reviews news. On this this Captain America in particular have been very good yes runner from some of the staunch you know kind of reviewers that would slam. There's five of an action hero type things say no this is got a good story. Good everything. And its own people are saying it's better than avengers. Opens so all right captain. America we shall see thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more prisoners. Chris Miller joins us we'll talk tomorrow about what's going on this weekend with the wrestle mania in town. In all the fun and excitement surrounding that in the big box it's bringing. To the Big Easy. God let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast and I say good morning and happy Friday a good morning -- -- meteorologist. No leads or about tell. Dobbs is Alexandra -- and turn it is now why again. How well I'm glad it's Friday and glad the weekend this year but I am a little worried about all the rain and the possibility for some severe weather -- most of it going to be north about. That we can't rule out some severe weather here. Right exactly because if you pretty strong storms moving through especially this afternoon and in fact we do have -- severe thunderstorm. Lots. In effect for all of southeast Louisiana and into coastal Mississippi and that goes until 1 PM what there'll be updated after that he will have to wait and -- OK we will stay tuned to your forecasts along with those of your cohorts cohorts from the WWL. Eyewitness News forecasts that are right now no rain on kind of warm and muggy. Right a warm Mikey is that the kind of atmosphere though of course that you know that. That we usually -- strong storms kind of moving into it unstable out there right now you can almost feel that in the air. We have the rain. For a torn north west. Right now there are arsons at -- thunderstorm warnings around Alexandria. So that gives you an idea how far away distance from us. It'll be coming by late morning into about lunchtime. Kind of beginning to move into southeast Louisiana and then as we move into the afternoon it'll be tracking -- from west to east. It's -- people mostly a delegate to school or work without getting -- but nighttime launch arrives and -- about them going home they. We'll probably need the weather -- what about the rest of the weekend. The rest of the weekend it looks okay actually for the evening it looks like we'll see kind of Lowell as we move into the set -- 8 PM and we have discipline chance for rain overnight tonight. But tomorrow and Sunday we have the -- that began to tomorrow at 60% chance. Sunday about an 80% chance and unfortunately right now the timing on all these waves of rain they've kind of changed. But on so it looks like we may have some more strong possibly severe storms back in the forecast. And then just in time for the workweek all the rain moves out as we get to Monday. Monday yeah I I went with 30% from Monday we could still see a few lingering showers not the -- separate to the work week or anything like that. And then even Tuesday at a slight chance for rain but by the middle of next week and by Tuesday will be conducting -- system kicking on out of here. This meteorologist Alexander Branford helping us celebrate Friday despite the fact that she's gonna tell -- that looks like you can't let this weekend. And not quite a wash -- but not far from that announcement right all right well let's and on this then as we open up the one. It's people by all. Philadelphia police are looking for several suspects in what appears to be a case of -- retaliation. Investigators say an ongoing dispute over a man. Escalated this week with a woman in her twenties. Grabbing her mother and a pack of eight or nine other women. Going through the other woman's house. Breaking the window and pouring a box containing an unknown number of rats into the victim's home -- I feel about rats Alexander. OK honestly think they're a little bit. But that's a you don't jump up on a -- captured table -- -- -- across your floor. And -- the -- rats at my house out on the can't be happy that kind of cute I mean it's just that tale I think that really turns people off right other otherwise I would like this world. I think they're cute and animated movie about friendly rat -- -- Real rat them out I didn't hear all -- time I was taken them garbage. And there was a rat in the garbage -- and it crawled across my arm because. I was not thinking -- look out it. That kind of freaked me out I had a feeling like and little -- it's all over my arm for the. I can understand if you had a bad experience that I can understand that but -- can -- a little house. Hasn't it is named -- and my sister and when he -- on yet -- -- -- on it -- over the same gender of the like coming out -- hundred -- might let them over right we kept them separate. We -- at. In Polk as well in this case they were not being Keyon -- -- -- -- not cute little might they were fatal -- -- and now there looking for the pack of women and responsible for the rat attack. Iran at that some fourth none of them thanking. Yeah interesting way to give back at them when you feel is stolen a man from -- -- yes. Very interesting. Rats are -- what about roaches. Yeah like racism it's not horrified to union. Nothing none of that making you jump up monetary countered him about that and -- what I really. Is the spiders have never kill a spider at a -- to -- all spider went out of it that it's terrifying to. Harvesting now well pack of babies might fighters break out in their flying all over the place. Yeah maybe mine is that a man. And I and you walk through a spider -- always wonder don't know where their babies was. Who wanted me. All I don't easily think that but now it will. Fair I guess they're. Alexander Graham had a direct from the Eyewitness News forecast that. That helped you enjoy your breakfast rats roaches and they beat -- them -- what our public service here on WWL sports -- gallon Margaret text messages. From late 78 -- after that. Some accidental -- is David Letterman is announcing that next series -- retired he has been for years my favorite late night host -- and it played him he found his name. Really really good job. Text me about that the last remnants of the -- Q are you upset that Letterman is retiring in the meantime it's sports here on WWL. As the -- it's. Falcons are trying to seal the key piece of the saints defensive back field. Tells about that and everything going how else going on on this. She baseball begins a big series against Mississippi State this weekend as the tigers are looking to improve upon their conference record of 35 and one. Could there be some lingering tension between these two ball clubs after state throughout the head of -- Mason cats last season. Tigers coach pulmonary says that's all -- watched. I would rather not dwell on one little thing I like that because honestly as the only answer is there's never been in this series and I would expect. You very clean card plus weekend's series between two very good team. Pregame coverage starts at 630 RW WL first pitch is 747 it. The Atlanta Falcons have signed saints restricted free agency the rock PL bush to an offer sheet. The black and gold have till April 8 to match the offer. Over thirteen games and six starts which recorded 45 tackles six pass breakups a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in his third season. Minnesota has captured the and I keep warming crowd with a dramatic -- finish against SMU. Austin Hollins hit a tiebreaking three quarter with forty -- 47 seconds left at the golden gophers -- the mustang 65 to 63. Holland says it's short nice to be on the winning side of this game. So there's an awesome feeling awesome feeling you know we've been there before when we know it feels like to the other team walking on the floor. On the losing you know we made -- point once again then I see that there we wanted to go win a championship and many guys were Christian minority here. Back to the diamond where the zephyr squeaked out 8221 victory on opening night over Colorado Springs. -- left fielder Kyle Jensen less -- a second inning leadoff home run. And hit single in the eighth inning to set up the winning run. And the New Orleans -- beat the Orlando predators sixty two to 55 for their first win of the season. Today -- four on sports talk what's your sports choice this weekend. Wrestle mania the NCAA final four LSU football spring game or by tiger baseball I'm Steve Geller -- early morning -- Shortsighted to Judith Cohen Steve Geller hang out here on the radio on a Friday morning. I -- understand how this works so Raphael bush. Saints. Defensive back right is and a restricted free agent. Which means other teams to make him offers and the saints have the right to match correct now what. Happens if the saints do match the offer from Atlanta than they keep. Bush -- would do we keep route via Bluetooth bush he would remain on the roster OK if they don't. Matched the offer than what happened. -- he was tendered at the original ground level in since he was the undrafted free agent. That means they would get no draft pick compensation in return those as we get nothing. They don't match the offer they just lose rap album yet essentially he's a -- unrestricted free agent but the -- the heat this saves you have the right to match that's really the only. -- they get out of this fear the saints. Here Mickey Thomas you matching the offer from Atlanta to keep Rafael bush or have you done enough. It was created in what you expected on the drafts they've updated while forest. We can't afford even before the addition of -- his -- I would definitely say yes but that makes me think that the states are going to get the direction and we will see -- -- bush in May falcons uniform. Number 25 bush -- ever going cap from Reggie. We'll be no use -- -- all apparently after this season you'd expect again -- there's a push in the traffic after they can the command of -- getting on the roster I don't think. -- 125 yeah exactly -- thank you thank you Steve. In that Rafael bush ago when you -- Dave's going -- me about that is well on a 7870 some of your text about is wrestling professional wrestling a sport are not coming out. Some people -- sound off on Letterman retirement we've got your forecast next at the forecast. Rain moving in around lunchtime and lasting through the afternoon some of the storms could be heavy -- severe. But we get a break this evening before rain returns on and off all day Saturday. And rain expected through most of the day at 80% on Sunday so that GM to look forward to waking up to seventies on both sides of the like this morning. I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for spending the early edition of WWL first news with us on this Friday morning. Text messages -- 87870. We've been asking is WWE wrestling a sport. One person taxes -- WWE is nothing more than choreographed stone age ballet. Another person does pro wrestling -- not who cares it's fine. While everyone who enjoys it has on this weekend comes -- -- -- spent a lot of money and just as a Black -- probably I don't know probably entertainment sports entertainment. Eight. Lot of people enjoy it out of that commitment this -- that's off. To announce that today 7870 its heyday what you get a box full of rats the acme -- company that -- -- they've got the wrath of the other elements out tonight -- got the pet stores it sound as. -- -- And one person pilot says bush was the main reason we stayed in the Seattle playoff game. Get receivers scared to get the ball I think even.

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