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4-4 6:10am Scoot, marijuana laws

Apr 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about whether penalties for marijuana possession should be lowered

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In this week it yeah and maybe he'll -- lot of -- have you seen Alexander credit for this morning yes program. She looks really ignites issue sure here's -- she's wearing in nice necklace black dress she looks Richie and she to a cocktail party yes yes 2 in the morning news notches doesn't count but it looks really really nice sort of you know always looks very very. You know David I'm still haunted by. My night in the ring with a major Russian citizens in the superdome I remember hearing about that -- I wasn't there deceive the action right. -- I really horrifying remembers it was pretty pretty -- -- I'm gonna talk about that'll be -- talk about wrestle -- I have no idea what to expect in terms of a crowd I know what to expect with Super Bowl crowd and a you classic brown Sugar Bowl final four or Sugar Bowl NBA all star. -- I understand what two X what to expect with I have no idea what to expect -- -- -- -- Tennessee town I don't know what Agassi in the French Quarter -- I'm gonna -- people going to be going around and and grabbing somebody and putting him and -- law I don't I don't know and maybe as we just be another excuse to -- -- those Mexican wrestling contest. But by the way -- on -- regular time regular regular -- weekend you know what I really -- rooms I don't know what it is but like that I'm one of the Mexican wrestling mask. They scare me. It's like the guy is gonna -- a lot of grip you know non you -- that's the part you like about just -- I. I still talk about that a little bit -- -- -- you -- -- Twitter I'm gonna take pictures in between pictures all weekend. And then my Twitter counties and it -- WL. They -- you can relate to this -- frustrated father was so upset -- his daughter for not cleaning upper bedroom. So the frustrated father moved his daughter's bedroom furniture on to the driveway. Assignments and Haley. -- move to driveway. Clean it next time. Wow was this the right way to discipline his daughter you know one IE unfortunately. I had a rough time with -- teen -- daughter when she was a teenager. She's wonderful ago lumbered up but man you have room. Edit the battles one on for years one point you couldn't even open the door. Well says here's the question I mean -- how do you discipline teenagers today and their parents who think -- this nothing I can do. Wilderness of the you can Google Talk about it later in the should have let you know it's a low light because it's definitely it's never too late. You just get a bigger cheer for time. Just threw up my hands there. I'm student for Johnny Tucker 6:12 in the morning and we'll be right back to talk about. This deal has been polls that we would have lowered the penalties for marijuana possession. Is that a good idea. Like about it because back but well. The line up for Jazz Fest 2014 is how we got in on our website WWL dot com not only who's playing -- We've got the stages of the times if you wanna start mapping out your trip in your venture through. A chance that -- really really do a great job trying to find him. The groups that would appeal to one demographic it put him at one end and then the groups that would appeal to another demographic at the other end. At this Sunday to -- -- into the show. A pop up kicks it with the Foster the people's that's going to be one of the groups are performing arts I sometimes I'm really torn because of one of the at one stage. And then I also wanna be at the other state or sometimes you really have to -- -- from one state to the other but we have the the full lineup on our website at WWL dot com. So there was an attempt to lower the penalties for marijuana possession and that's a WWL party general opinion poll this morning to penalties for marijuana possession be lowered. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll track -- -- throughout the show if via the first update coming appeared just a few minutes. Apparently the state of Louisiana has one of the strongest penalties. In the -- south. For marijuana possession. And there are hundreds of people behind bars. For simple marijuana possession. Now I realize that they did break the law the average sentence. Is more than eight years. For simple. Marijuana possession. Now how often do you and I hear that we don't have enough room in our jails. And it that we have prison crowding problems. You've really want somebody win with. A charge of a small amount of marijuana possession -- really want that person in jail. Well Austin Buddha but not bad on when it's. Trying to change these laws. -- was trying to lower the penalties reduce the penalties. For repeat offenders to make a simple possession of marijuana not is. Not Janice. Not as severe crime in the state of Louisiana as it has been but yesterday he pulled his build coastal Louisiana sheriffs association. Came out against it. And apparently they told him last year and it didn't let -- know that they changed their their minds that they were for it he says I was totally lied to back stamped. Now the Louisiana sheriffs association. Continues to believe. It -- one is a gateway drug. Which leads to further criminal activity. And I think this is one of the more ignorant things that people say about marijuana. I will say this again I don't smoke. If it was legal I would smoke it's my choice I smoked. In my past there were times -- crime I smoked pot I liked it at the time but that's not something that I would do now. However when it comes to. The the amount of time and effort. And the amount of jail time and space it's taken up with people for simple marijuana possession. I've got to think that there are more important priorities. For us to focus on. And I just don't believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to tie it at this is something that perhaps you disagree with the do you think marijuana is a gateway drug if you wanna join -- -- with a comet and should that should the penalties for marijuana possession. The lord now. If you've got bales and bales of marijuana and your big time drug dealer that's a little different than simple possession. And in some cities. And this is I think this is -- of the conservative Louisiana sheriffs association. They're concerned that if you lowered the penalties that's gonna lead to decriminalization of marijuana. And that would lead to the legalization of -- want. But you can you can have whatever opinion you -- in the state of Louisiana. But daddy's gonna ultimately change there will be a time when pot will be legal. This idea that -- as a gateway drug. I have always oppose that now. It is true that if somebody is heroin addict chances are they started out smoking pot. And so a lot of people conclude well if he's heroin user and he started out smoking pot and pot led him to -- -- generally think that's the case. We'll talk about that we come back -- studio for Tommy Tucker of your -- stay with -- -- -- to your calls your -- I'll explain what I mean when I say that durable and it's not a gateway drug. That's coming up next. It's 6 warning on Friday morning beginning of the weekend and here's a -- -- Should the penalties for marijuana possession be lowered in the state of Louisiana that would -- of the legislature was gonna considered by. A Sinbad on had had to pull the -- after the Louisiana sheriffs association. -- pulled -- their support that's a -- give -- a pretty general opinion -- this morning here's an update on the -- 17% saying -- the penalty should not be lowered. 83% say. They should give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. There is a lot of talk about marijuana being gateway drug and Louisiana sheriffs association is of the opinion that marijuana is a gateway drug. I'm getting a lot of text about this in her Clancy talk about this yesterday afternoon and actually show. Then there's the prisons are in the business of having customers. Prisons what occupancy just in the same way that hotels one occupancy. And if you start to. If you start to take away. Reasons to put people in jail you might cut back on their revenue. And that's really all horrible horrible. Motivation. For laws. To keep people in prison. So Louisiana sheriffs association police marijuana a gateway drug I don't think it is now let's go back to this idea that if if a guy smokes marijuana. And later in life. It becomes a heroin addict. If he started with marijuana. Then the conclusion is marijuana led him to that drug to me that's a simplistic conclusion. The type of person. Who would smoke marijuana. The type of person the personality. -- would one Alter their mind the personality that we take that chance on doing something that's illegal smoking pot. That's the kind of personality. That at some point might also say well I want to try Coke. I wanna try -- It's not that the drug itself was a gateway drug. The personality. Of the person who first smoked marijuana. Is the type of person who might go on in what do experience other things. And if it was a gateway drug think about the millions and billions of people. And think about your own experience for marijuana. It was a gateway drug there would be even more heroin addicts more Coke addicts and even more drug problems today. There are so many people who have smoked pot and that's all they smoked and it's all they've ever wanted to smoke. Out Mike here on the BW -- good morning. -- to Egypt you know because. Oh all agree that. These are all possible. -- -- -- -- We had everything. All all everything legal. Brick or car. Inspection that. We don't -- that we need to be right now. Well everyone. In the you know why because it's small. Upon you know we really want the cops that he pollutant that -- keep the oil we're not that neighbors. Everything it was nine and everything. On everything aren't certain. Look don't always everything you know court well. Above our house on the front of -- about me you know -- -- -- Obama. Armed you know in -- -- -- of same page -- I'll give Matt -- and -- finally a little bit and outlook now joint. We're not smoke fill holes call Eric in different than -- honestly drinking -- -- There's smoking pot and. I and that's why Mike I don't think there's an argument to keep marijuana illegal as long as alcohol is legal and I'm glad you're doing good and I appreciate you sharing your past with this. From Vanderbilt like your -- WW on good morning. I'm good. I don't smoke pot in. Eaton school -- -- a year and you for that position. How much did you have. At -- cigarette. I have to I have to joint. Or -- -- the joint. I have to jointly due to the joint. It is. It was my. Simple possession. And the first two. World. Target. Maybe a couple of bags. Beat one bag east to -- it -- about it also we. All three -- missed that yeah. Good job. I was on my way to work. And -- portal at 3 o'clock in morning. And be -- Actual can you don't wait it out people on. And that's been beating you. In. Effect that it came into the bill. And they -- open -- -- You know. And guys. And I do what about email like joint chief that would and so it would be at the Maryland are. They all want a couple of times that they both media and like middle class as well thought. There was not been too. To help. And addicted to the -- -- Egypt tomorrow. It -- not smoke the beauty -- it is. You you think you're addicted to. The -- chemical properties of marijuana and more than you're addicted to just the emotional idea that you wanted to. Eight. On its war to. Relax and -- them so. I don't know if that's technically an addiction. Right yeah. They basically. Our addiction to -- -- what would. Withdrawals from gitmo and Mike are you doing okay today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Mike I'm glad you're doing okay and I appreciate you sharing that a story where this. If you and I share your story with us this morning or give -- your comment about -- anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven you know text numbers 877. So an attempt to lower the penalties for simple marijuana possession. It's no longer a possibility in this legislative session. You think the penalty should be lowered. I've scooted the Tommy Tucker 6:31 on a Friday morning rain is on the way and here's a bevy of Google news updates obviously. But David you know people always get excited when the weather's going to be nice over the weekend it's -- -- really bombed out of the weather's not going to be nice and it's a good possibility of rain as you just heard Alex in -- -- -- from. From about noon today. Through tonight and then again tomorrow that the biggest chance of rain is coming on Sunday. So there are so I think you can't do but it it it it's still the weekend and you can still go out that we may -- you can't go outside but you can still do things that I I would hope that. The possibility of rain this weekend's it is something that we can ever control -- -- -- everybody to upset on this Friday more now we don't wanna do that. Just to deal with -- the go go see a movie or something down don't go don't -- seen it save your money and no. I mentioned but eyes yeah I don't know you might save -- money -- -- -- the money on Captain America this weekend and the I I was just surprised. They -- like -- below flurry of reviews from around the country some of these critics pretty -- They loved it. Good stuff please say yes see that's just not my genre known to beleaguered Internet. I we're talking about the that the penalties that would have been lowered in the state of Louisiana for simple possession of marijuana. And ban on ways. So trying to do this and he was derailed by the Louisiana sheriffs association who says among other things that marijuana is a gateway drug it seems to be a lot of talk that it's really more about making sure the prisons are full let's not take away excuses to arrest people who put him in prison. Since prisons are revenue generated. And I just think there's something inherently wrong with profit. If fueling a debate about whether or not something should be against the law. If you wanna join Russia with a comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy at a text over. Is -- 7870 here's our WW -- pretty -- my opinion poll this morning should penalties for marijuana possession. Be lowered. If your opinion Michael tour website WWL dot com the -- blog this morning is titled still haunted by my night in the ring with a midget. Wrestler. I thought about this with all the wrestling in town this weekend with wrestle mania. And that's on our website at WW dot com you can read and share it it's it's a true story. -- -- there's also I'll tell the story about being in the ring with a midget wrestler in the superdome coming up about 725. I studio for Tommy Tucker I've got a lot of text to get to a lot of people very passionate about on marijuana and marijuana laws we'll get to all of that. When we come back Honda VW will. The penalties for simple marijuana possession be lowered in the state of Louisiana apparently that's not gonna happen but that was a possibility. That significant fuel project opinion poll 49% say no office. And 71% saying yes. And the Louisiana sheriffs association hand as. Now oppose this display and by state representative Austin event on. And they claim among other things that marijuana is a gateway drug here's -- text that reads it's a gateway to the refrigerator. If you were to join our text. Our text comments it's 87870. And from applause market -- WW real good morning. Argued that the markets. Called the war that they -- real -- -- the -- The -- you know the idea of -- what was somebody. When they probably thought it would why I bought. If that's the case that you should be a great range of people look -- what should be a citizen of cigarettes and alcohol. Because that it's you know about you know -- those there should be illegal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And outbreak in the year. I -- it actually it was heavily decriminalized. Or legal. What actually do that -- just like with teenagers if they don't do so that they're gonna do it should aspire. -- -- There's definite possibility Marcus and you know Washington State and Colorado. Haven't gone through the process of legalizing recreational use of plaudits it's going to be -- notoriously intolerant going assailant in Washington State. -- figuring out ways to tax it. Don't know but that there are still so many people who on part of the establishment. Who. Look down on things that are not -- CN. Alcohol may be Beers in or one is -- and -- they're still is -- the rational stigma against one in this country compared uncle. Yet yet. Is that it does Rupert about eventually. It will be able. To actually. Be it will be legal -- Thank you -- that like it's not that certainly does -- -- -- the same -- audio. Marcus are going to go to show have a great day and have a great week and again takes a moment ago from somebody who says well you know what about those of us who abide by the law you know we don't think it should be. -- the penalty should be changed because we abide by the law. I would suggest that this person -- out of abide by every law for example is this person ever gone over the speed limit. As this person ever done anything illegal. So if you're basing criticism of marijuana on just people who break the law -- take a look at the -- If you and -- join -- for your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text is a 77. I'm scoots into Tommy Tucker it's 650 here's a -- W a traffic update. And didn't test she's. Let's begin to cleaning rooms early in the show we're gonna talk about a frustrated father whose daughter's seventeen year old daughter were not clean overruled so removed all of our furniture out of the driveway. Put a sign -- -- removed the driveway. Clean it next time. How do you discipline teenagers today. I am sure there are a lot of parents who would love some suggestions from you on how to punish teenagers. Billy you're on WW on good morning building. Good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the recruit a recorder. It was late game -- game to connect on thought it would try to -- Just the last two out and recruit. -- -- The session. It. That seems unjust to make. People. Should act now. Session conviction is eight ballot. Billy assorted and having your son died but I'm glad you really shared that story witness because it just goes to show you the rational. -- hysteria that still surrounds some marijuana and it's coming from somebody who doesn't smoke. Here's a -- -- or even though the sheriff's association. Said they think marijuana is a gateway drug they don't believe it. They just want they just don't wanna lose the funding. Again to introduce of this of this a problem with not doing something. That common sense tells you to do. Because you want to keep people in prison where you wanna make it easier to find people to put in prison because prisons are now like hotels. They want top occupancy. Every share of points eight top. Top budget to deal with the hire more people. And essentially this is an aspect of government. Getting bigger. Here's a text and it reads of follow the money who profits from presence. Here's a text that -- says -- if there's an argument almost everybody. Who has smoked weed drank alcohol first. Yet if you're gonna do this this line of thinking well if so once those Coke addict or heroin addict. And if all the bad stuff happen to him and if he started smoking pot first then pot led him to that which I think is actually ridiculous. And you could make an argument that chances on the person who who. Who is doing heroin. I drank alcohol first before anything else but there's not that seem irrational fear about alcohol because that is accepted and again. It's it's the sins of other people. That so many people are comfortable with condemning as opposed to their own -- Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll issued penalties for marijuana possession be lowered in the state 25% say no 75%. Say yes. Later in the show we'll talk about the criticism. And New York Mets a second baseman. And at New York Mets second baseman has been criticized for taking a couple of days off. Missing two games including opening day because he wanted to be president when his son was born we'll talk about that also still haunting me at night. It's my night in the ring with a midget -- we'll talk about wrestle mania in the next hour.