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4-4 7:10am Scoot, Wrestlemania

Apr 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about Wrestlemania and if wrestling is a sport

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David you know what guys are likely need when they get new girlfriend -- -- They're they're they're proud they're they're trying to show off. They wanna be in impressive to their new girlfriend -- that doesn't -- and yet holder -- and a shoulders back. -- looking -- and well I don't know if this is a good thing for the United States but today it's official now Vladimir Putin's divorced he singled. And can you see if this guy gets hot new Russian girlfriend I would think so now he's -- this to me is he going to be saying things like. Yeah I'll watch what I do to Obama -- writing the he beat Ukraine was a big deal just wait a story is he gonna show off for his new girlfriend that's what I'm concerned about because guys have a tendency to -- show off a bigger new girlfriend now potent gets a girlfriend he might just want to show off for the girl and do something really stupid and I bet she's going to be young and blonde. That's just my prediction well no big issues Russians as a possibility -- will be -- You might not be socialists are going to be Russian and I look if I guess if your prime minister of major country like that you could. -- your president of country like that you can get -- from anywhere yeah I guess security around the world paid. Or the run a lot of her boots and he he seems like quite the -- character from from what I've I've seen of him and I just I worry about his. A personality changed now now now these on the day he might not I don't really loosens up a little bit after couple of vodka is Gaudio David Allan Chernoff has had at. But like Boris Yeltsin used to do or such great stories with that with Yeltsin drinking vodka bottle marked artificial -- are so wrestle mania is intent yes. And discuss blog today is titled still haunted by -- night in the ring with the midget wrestler so that was some good ratings coming up at 72500. Tell -- story of being in the ring with a midget wrestler in the superdome. And -- -- we started talking about this yesterday I really do not know what to expect in terms of a crowd. I know what to expect when it comes to other big events I don't know what to expect in terms of the wrestle mania crowd but I really interested in it I'm gonna take a lot of pictures and I'll tweet out a lot of stuff. So if anybody was to join me on Twitter it's acts -- WL. And I between your pictures. -- all weekend but he should be. I wonder if they bring in the expensive girls for -- -- IE big current rate might bring in all kinds of Arnold you know because when it comes a big event. They bring in the best dancers. At the clubs downtown and neighboring instrument the that denies girls on the street and it does happen and by the way. 121000. Dollars for ringside seat to a third charge during. So I figured out -- got a date that's one party -- I don't know -- can you imagine if -- addicted to the Dayton told your table and look at its 2424000. Dollars for the tickets were not going to be able to afford -- -- out. -- all right if you join us for the comment about any they were talking about this morning -- numbers 2601870. -- all free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers 87870. Wrestle mania is in town. Is wrestle mania. A sporting event. There's a big battle of side. Whether professional wrestling is actually a sport and whether the participants can be referred to -- athletes. That's also part of this -- blog turning on our website at WW real dot com. And we'll talk about that. When we come back. And non. We thought we have played a song right now it's. And so is coming up over key element in the west bank and but could -- change later today there are some pictures or have you seen Alexandra credit for this -- -- channel -- -- moving news. -- -- -- my heart -- could be -- sergeant hill pulled back and she's all dressed up she's actually going to cocktail party but it's a beautiful morning right now rain is comic and I -- No it's Friday were heading into the weekend I hope that doesn't affect your mood because they're still great things to do even if it does -- Wrestle mania is in town the activities begin today at the morial convention center and wrestle mania of the big event. Is Sunday a for -- to tulip Peggy you're on WW Hal good morning. Actually start out that while you're out there last night she and let me say that. Not early in -- about our. -- By age and the people well everybody -- -- I mean I'm from Germany England Wales Scotland it would greatly. Not one that I meet that that they are well. Source bringing in a go a global crowd. -- crazy crazy like nine that directly at people about my. And outlook -- -- product people well I'll tell. So if you are if you volunteer for wrestle mania and you volunteer for other things is there any way to compare the wrestle mania crowd -- say yeah final four Crowder super bowl of sugar -- Lie and being err -- I mean I went I woke up and do -- night in not -- we the people. -- Do like. Gary or action and -- larger -- -- -- you know opening. Lines we thought you know their picture. -- Court -- -- the crowd in Iraq and I feel great year but lack a lot of people are wonderful -- not a. I'm really interested to see downtown in the front court this week it Peggy thanks for sharing them witness here's our WWL party -- opinion poll. Is wrestle mania a sporting event give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. You know I realize that there are people who say well no it's not really a sports but you know I don't want this to be a spoiler for anybody but there's a strong possibility that wrestle mania. -- is staged. I've caught a few moments of matches over the years and I can't prove it but I think that it might be more theatrical international sport however. When I started thinking about this whether it's a sport and whether the in the participants should be referred to as athletes. I started thinking about and number of different things. Now. If you actually get into this debate over whether the competition in an event like wrestle mania is a sport. And considering that the athletes -- Are on the participants are athletes and he's kinda pointless because it really really shouldn't matter. Now this competition is competitive drama in the NFL NBA NHL and Major League Baseball and the fans cheer for their favorites. And the outcome is unknown. Doesn't that describe wrestle mania. I mean an honest analysis of why fans go to any sporting event leads to one conclusion. It's entertainment. And doesn't that describe bristling. In professional sports like the NFL there is actual competition. Based solely on preparation and had had performance toward an unknown goal. Which that is not part of the spectacle of -- your professional wrestling. But there are enough parallels between wrestle mania and professional sporting events to blur the lines when you asked the question why do people watch wrestle mania. The same answer is why people go to any sporting event. To be entertained. Professional wrestling is theatrical. It does provide entertainment for those who choose to attend to watch on television and the same can be said of any professional sport. So worth it states it gives the fans what they want and isn't that the goal of any sporting event. If you and rejoice in your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point seven attacks numbers dates of seven. It's seven Tony -- it for Tommy Tucker on this Friday morning and coming up after this break. I'm going to share with you'd be didn't nightmare experience that I had it's still haunts me to this day wrestling on -- it. In the superdome. This happened about 1980. That's stories coming up next here's -- of the -- -- traffic up -- I am still haunted by my nights in the ring with a midget wrestler -- the superdome. That is the title of this -- blog it's on our website at WW held to account you could -- -- here with -- others it is an absolute true story. Also is part of our FaceBook conversation. It W dual radio -- of this Cummins a little bit later. Wrestle mania is in town and it's -- making me very anxious because of my memories of being the ring with a nascent. In the superdome. I think it was 1980 it was part of a big wrestling -- in the superdome midget wrestling. It's gonna be like the opening the opening act. I was asked to do an interview with one of the major wrestlers now they're actually two wars not make it's but it was -- midget wrestler. And I thought it would be great publicity if my challenge to wrestle one of the need to wrestlers that big night in the -- So it was arranged. In advance of the interview he was worked out that I would challenge midget wrestler cal boy lying on the year. To wrestle in the -- that. There's a lot of taunting during the interview me saying things like I can beat Hewitt Breslin -- is a little guy I can beat you you don't have a chance. Cowboy language -- back you're never gonna beat me in the ring and it went back and forth and sometimes the toning got rather aggressive. It was a big deal. The night of the big wrestling event in the superdome. I pulled up in on in a white limousine. Wearing a white top that are red -- what possessed you to Wear red cape I don't know. But I'm telling the story because it's a true story. So here I am in a white limousine. White top hat red caped. A body guard is escorting me to the ring obviously this was all for show. I do call cowboy relying looking a little angry at the spectacle that I created and I I just thought you know this is fun publicity for -- -- -- -- And -- I was in the ring with cowboy like the midget wrestler. We were crouching down circling around each other sizing each other up. It was pre arranged for me to allow the midget wrestler to -- me and win the match. Now since Richard wrestlers word to works they had strength particularly upper body and arm strength. Look I'm sure even without the plan cowboy included the Indian beat me in the ring but it was it was arranged for me to allow him to pin me and the thing would be over. -- I thought it would be bad for my image if I did happen to beat a major wrestler. In front of people -- -- but thought William would be the loser. And it just is a loser and I'm still kind of a winner 'cause it's good publicity so all of this was arranged in our meeting prior to the interview prior to the match. And then as we both continued to assess each other in the ring. I suddenly noticed that cowboy -- attitude had changed. He began snorting. And grunting in his eyes were terrifying. All the cells hysterical right now but I'm telling yet I sense that are predetermined plans were no longer. We're no longer part of this staged event and that this guy had turned on me in the ring. Cowboy Lang made the first contact and he immediately maneuvered himself behind me with his arm around my neck which was locked in the crevice of bizarre. As as he used his other hand to pull his arm tighter around my neck I knew this was not going well. The pressure on the front of my throat continued to increase the referee was they are. But I was about to pass could not even reach out and tell the -- restock this this is not planned. I want to depend myself but the mr. Russert was was positioned behind me. Making it impossible for me to get my back on the -- in order to end this horrifying event in my career. The pressure on my -- was so intense I was rendered incapable of even reaching out and grabbing the -- three it was right there. I remember the crowd cheering and screaming up apparently for cowboy language beating me in the ring. I started to see the lights go out in the dome and I realized that I was about to be unconscious. At that moment. I felt my eyes start to roll back in the back of my head. And it was obvious clue attack point to the refereed to stop this match something was going wrong. And he did but it wasn't until this harrowing experience had already taken place. Afterwards I'd struggle to stand up then don't call that much but I think I well I wish Sarah assisted do walking out of the ring in back to my big white limo. I'd really don't remember much else about that night except almost losing consciousness in front of a large crowd in a while wrestling event in it ended in the dome. And I remember cowboy Laing turned on me in the ring the next morning I had a difficult time talking. And I immediately went to the doctor I was diagnosed with trauma to the lord -- it was off the air for three days. While I healed. Now I guess I can say that in the early wrestling match that I was involved in. Well it was supposed to be fixed in stage but it wasn't because cowboy -- Did not go along with the choreographed idea. I haven't seen cowboy -- since. The night he tried to kill me. In the superdome how it's been a fight ever see that little. That I ever see that little. Again -- I'm gonna keep my distance. It was scary thought he started to snort and groin gala ring and I realized things were not going well he turned on yeah. He really turned on yeah I'm student for Tommy Tucker here's David Blake for the WWL news updates. David I'm a little shaken because -- Leary had during the Tuesday called me into the other studio and she had pulled up cowboy relying on Wikipedia are now and I saw a picture of that little. That -- and that you know who would've known that people would have -- so much about -- lying -- -- text -- cal boiling died in January of 2007. Really and he looked in such good health in 198080. Yards tossing you around a rag doll. -- throttle invited some parents have a fair but I tell you saw that little guy's face just now and I just I'd. I just sort attitude to hyperventilate and remembering that horrific but I kind of lost my career. Trauma to the hornets yeah. Ukraine it was really dangerous I don't know what ticked him off you know our bar. Use don't know publishers sued the guys -- the whole organization and because it did jeopardizing my career something was it was. Was set up in advance in it it didn't happen. That makes you wonder about Russell mania Rodrigo. You know a lot of it is all stories -- sent up. But what a guy says. I'm just gonna beat that -- exactly what happened with gambling Disco -- really -- -- in the superdome. Here's an update on our -- view -- pretty -- opinion poll is -- wrestle mania. Sporting event. 78%. Saying no and 22% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and I just a blog today is titled still haunted by my ninety in the ring with me. If you wrestler I guess it was about 1980 and I was wrestling this midget cowboys line and he turned on me in the ring and I was happier for three days because of trauma to the -- That it was a vicious. I'm scoot it for Tommy will be right back at every WL. You know I don't know if this isn't right either feature entirely does Michelle -- maybe they have high taxes because they know that I. Think different -- music because like this every morning now. This is Jordan Beatles song he's not dancing right now on the other studio. At this time if they do this all the time but Jordan corrected me during the break and then here's a text that -- to look up the pronunciation. Mornings. I sit there and it's Lauren -- I went to east Jefferson. From New Orleans Alan -- a -- to -- it's. It's lyrics it's Larry Nixon I said Lawrence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lyrics. Lyrics. Okay. I'm right down here look it still hurt our Allan here the VW well. Delegation -- so that acute at. And the semi -- so that's and it's not about sports and the payment that. It's a sport person. If -- -- result in a vehicle Bill Lockyer Monday night in. A light on politics and greatly but I mean. You do it. I enjoyed the entertainment. I take it or entertainment ticket or sport a ticket that it's in the game and the guys put on a great show. And I don't think there's any athlete in any sport except maybe MMA supplement that. -- actually -- saying that these guys wondering. 646 -- that. They wait for an eighty pounds to 289. And it jumper wire each other. And using. That these guys do wondering. What I don't ticket for a sport topic considerate I take it as an argument and restaurant -- that it. Shelby and. It's show and I really look at forcing the crowd it's going to be downtown and a French court this weekend -- -- Work but I want groups in the pageantry and -- they just enter the the brands around the ring it's incredible how can go but I mean -- -- which you can make it -- Allen and if you if you honestly I mentioned this in the blog that a wrote for our website if you if you do now and an honest analysis of why fans go to when he sporting event. The conclusion is. It's entertainment. And we operate with the exception of actual competition. Based on preparation and head to head performance with an unknown outcome. With the exception of that wrestle mania is no different. In many ways in the NFL. Oh we -- you saw it. -- So -- -- that's right he's young boy lying or. -- Thought I. Had. -- of my -- and a long time now invited. When I was thinking about wrestle mania and talking about on the show today all of a sudden this nightmares this this horrible moment in my career I came back to me. Well educated in the latest -- economic. All right -- I'm going to call if you enjoy this for your comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a text numbers 877. But there is competitive drama in wrestle mania and -- comparative drama in the NFL NBA NHL and Major League Baseball and fans go to be entertained. But I think the only big difference between -- mania and sporting event like a football game in the NFL. Is that the outcome is unknown. And there's preparation. There's had they had performances but you see that in professional wrestling as well. I would say it's fair to say that these people are athletes the participants in Russell media professional wrestling their athletes. It's. It's not the classic definition of a sport. But people go for the same reason to simply being. Entertained. Here's the text of racecar at sixteen I fought in golden gloves. And I was cocky with five wins. My dad decided I need I needed an attitude adjustment he put me in the ring with a 62 year old man who beat the snot out of me. I'm security for Tommy Tucker it's 7:50 on this Friday morning here's a WW -- I admittedly I've had trouble pronouncing that part of the or neck and has -- specific as close to the voice box. I pronounce it Laird thanks. And it's larynx. Lyrics cigarette and then I said well you know what to expect that -- -- Jefferson and I got a text here -- that was a low blow. To those of us who went to east Jefferson you used the word not hurt or spoken often and that's true I mean as does -- now you know why I didn't become a doctor. And under team a radio talk show host a coming up with Angela the legendary Angela hill. At 1 o'clock ring of honor -- Angeles gonna have open Mike with three ring of -- wrestlers including a woman. Who was a Playboy cover girl. So it's going to be part of her on Friday and then it's at 2 o'clock it's let's have fun Friday. And to talk about it greeted him with a great cause it's a coming up the united Julie jump benefiting. Gone. Benefiting the preservation resource center very very worthwhile thing and also a New Orleans to film society as spring film fest. Film ram all of that coming -- -- -- today the show begins at 1 o'clock Angela hill an open mind. But the legendary Angela heal from weekdays weekdays from went for. Here at W appeal got a text and -- -- you wanna be to explain. What went wrong what was supposed to happen in the ring we really didn't rehearse any any any moves and if you just going to say I told a story earlier don't. A nightmare that I had and still haunted by today in the ring was it. A midget wrestler who was actually dwarfs not a midget cowboys line this was -- about 1980 and it's. You know it was a it was a staged thing and I thought it was going to be a fun publicity thing and anyway the guy turned on me in the ring. So it was my understanding that we were just -- kind of play around and roll around didn't I don't know just mock wrestle. And then I was going to let him ten. Now I say let him pinned me and that's the way it was going to end the guy probably -- could have beaten me anyway. But what he did was he positioned himself behind me. My through my throat my neck was in the preface of his arm he was using his other arm to make it even tighter. I was off the year for three days with trauma to the larynx. -- said that right. And I so it was a it was really quite quite a frightening event. And now I'll still never forget that little guy cowboy -- and I got a text a few moments ago from -- says that he had died in January of 2007. And then several area pulled up his his profile and on Wikipedia. And it just brought to make instant memories yet because the guy and a cowboy and on what went in the ring with -- what with a rope. So to set the record straight there wasn't a lot it was choreographed -- of this I was supposed to just beat him but what he did was he was really Smart because he wanted. I don't know we are we toward each other on the air during a radio interview. And I guess that I just want to get back at me for some reason or or prove a point. But he put himself behind me so I couldn't -- myself. And I literally. Saw the lights in the the superdome. Going out when the the refereed I guess finally saw the eyes of my hand real roll back in my head and figured hey you know I guess it's time to -- in this. But -- blog is about that. That night that I spent in the ring with a midget -- it's on our website at WW dot com it's also now part of our FaceBook page question. And conversation witches at WWL radio. Here's an update Saturday VW -- party general opinion. Hold this morning is wrestle mania a sporting event 84% say no and 16%. Say yes. You have any teenagers. Did you raise teenagers. Did you have trouble disciplining your teenagers. Well there's a story about -- father in Georgia. Who was frustrated because his daughter would not cleanup Peru. So he took all the for furniture out of her bedroom and put it on to the driveway in front of the house with a sign that said Haley. Your bedroom is moved. Clean it up next time. He said he was not trying to humiliate his daughter who's an honor student but he was just so frustrated he wanted to send her a message and -- what this is no longer acceptable. Discipline teenagers is not easy if you are if your parents. If you are raising a teenager or you have -- you have any suggestions on how to discipline a teenager. A lot of people would love to hear your story -- screwed if Tommy Tucker we'll be right back at him.

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