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4-4 8:10am Scoot, disciplining kids

Apr 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about creative ways to discipline kids

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David here's -- have a W a pretty general opinion polls morning wrestle mania is it a sporting events last time I checked 84% said no only 16% said yes. But people go to wrestle mania of the -- recently go to a saints game -- to be entertained all -- shall elect. Get a text you're about to in my wrestling an agent in the superdome for years ago -- -- you've got a text into on not as well as his pick on someone your -- -- -- When the guy was strong all hesitant to TV's divorce solid -- be exactly. -- so it was a it was a time it was a tough moment here's attacks WWE wrestling. Is for children women and gay men. Well I don't often early it makes sense here's detects that all I've got a couple of text asking me if I remember win. A wrestler turned on Andy Kaufman in the ring drop Simonyi is absolutely I think he I think he broke his neck. He's loose -- reserve of big. Big news all around the country and -- highlighted in the movie with Jim Carrey is -- -- and he was taunting this wrestler just like ID with little cowboy lying. And the wrestling just wanted to prove hey you know what this is not -- this is not stage I'm gonna show you out and -- testimonies and and then it created at all conscience -- few over the headlines but I respect these professional -- a -- they are very very. Good athletes in their they're well trained and they do things that. My god IC some of the things that they do I don't want to often but I see some of the things they do and go. While that was pretty amazing yeah you know flying around in you know of throwing people and lifting him high in the air and got hit with -- do -- it's all about drama but in any sport is about drama it's about the drama when the saints play the falcons for the -- says saints played the Seahawks it's about that drama. But it obviously the difference between. Wrestle mania and an event like that in football is stated the outcome may be predetermined to. Two. I'd yield a certain -- dramatic -- it's like almost on this guy's -- you're gonna Wear the -- all really OK you know and I got a text or somebody who thought that they probably figure -- the beginning of this season who's gonna win. And I would I would -- think that that be the case I think that probably sort out and they see how the crowds responding in the and they they figure out where it's gonna go from there and I'm sure just like with any other drama. Any anything else it's entertaining. -- -- he -- compelling story lines and sometimes you want the villain to be the winner because that allows them to come up and beats. The good guy yeah and it and they do they've got those evil looking you know. Everybody hates on maybe this crowd that got a lot of them do well you know there are a lot of people who were popular and wrong. Not everybody license. Mean I can relate to that. Just whatever you do that you don't. -- don't get in the ring. Oh no I don't get -- on Sunday -- I'm done said cal boiling -- passed away but I do got to tell you at least I feel like there's and that's when threaten god in my life. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's 813 if we're coming right back going to be WL. Every Friday when I'm on the air on this too chilly night there were -- or Tommy -- guest hosting during the day. This is always this is always a tradition. Playing this song my love. -- -- because it is the beginning of the weekend and I realize we're expecting some rain. But what I wanted to do is just can't take a moment and relax and think about what you'd like to do this weekend and if it rains hit it's it's still the weekend still -- -- -- -- But this is a moment when we reach over. And crank it up -- this is what we could work before. Wrestle mania -- I'm looking forward to. Being a spectator in the French Quarter and downtown. And just see who's in -- if you wanna join me on Twitter on between lots of pictures. On the -- out pictures courtesy of the weekend. And my Twitter account is acts scoot -- if you will as always a lot of welcome those of you were listening -- -- Smartphones your computers and -- tablets. I've -- it for Tommy Tucker and every WL. A frustrated father moved his daughter's bedroom furniture out of the driveway and put up a sign that said Haley. -- move to driveway clean it next time. Did the -- to go to four. What's the most creative way that you you've been punished what's the most creative way to you punish your teenagers -- or your kids. And how do you punish teenagers today I I I hear from so many people I don't know what to do -- my teenagers. I don't know how to punish them. What's the best way to punish a teenager. That's what we're talking about it and we'll talk about this -- father Craig. And slick admire from Georgia long county Georgia -- I he's former military. And he said he was just really frustrated -- today. And his daughters and honor student loves his daughter. Was not trying to humiliate her but wanted to send a message she would not clean up her room so we took all of her bedroom furniture and put it out onto the driveway. With a -- and -- a room move to the driveway. Clean it up. To -- the go too far and what is a good way to. Discipline a teenager. Because honestly their parents is there's nothing -- can do. Where your parent of course for something you can. But you have to do it is not easy. But you're not supposed to be your teenager's friend. Sometimes you have to teach him. To listen and if a parent does it have the ability to discipline a child. Then. The child is is in control. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Protection ever there's -- 77 here's takes a skewed by mom remembers taking me to the circus in the late seventies early eighties you were writing an elephant. Yes I do have a vague memory of that as well. Here is to text do you know -- Las Vegas takes bets on the -- event that would tell you emphasis sport. Here is. Text that read says screw you should get in the ring with Tommy no I don't I don't think so. Here's another text as -- don't beat yourself up because you went to east Jefferson somebody had to write. Go west yet. And here is another text it reads. I'm 39 years old street man and I love wrestling but I'd like to know how you discipline a teenager. I got got a a texture from -- who has come up with a very very interesting ideas something that I never thought of before. But there are a lot of people who would love to know how do you discipline a teenager and I thought this father had an interesting idea is his daughter would clean upper room she seventeen. So he moved all of her bedroom furniture out to the driveway but the big story hey you move your room has moved to the driveway clean up next time. We're coming right back with your comments and more of your text I'd scoots in the morning it's Tommy Tucker it's a 2100. No traffic -- with -- moments. It's a Friday -- -- it for Tommy Tucker here's our seven W a party -- opinion poll. Is wrestle mania a sporting events -- 78% say no it's not 20% say yes it is you can give us your opinion I go to our website WWL. I dot com before I get to your phone calls a wanna share this Texas -- for somebody says they have two children now in their twenties. When I would do when they were in their teens -- I would just take the door. To their bedroom off the hinges. For several for several numbers for several days. There's nothing worse. And I can there's nothing -- like you do to them and they turned around quickly. See that's a really interesting thing to do take the bedroom door. Off the hinges and remove it. Because everybody once there their privacy but I know like -- your parents now saying all that's just that's too mean. Note your parent right sometimes you have to be me. For shell lead dean your WL. More here morning I just want to I want my children right now oh yeah. When he was shot about well or do you -- part time to go to Arnold. Look at any other cultures and optical. I got more -- Uga got a GP RIR game boy I got there and that viral. Charlie like -- -- at about half an hour I went to the power -- and I turn the breaker ought to grow. -- power and I would like aptitude. Can't they -- it's opened it I. It took the holidays apparent actually does. Yeah I went -- and yet you have to follow through with these are you gonna do something. Yeah apple -- -- network -- actually drove -- that he can't beat them here last night it was or read a book reluctantly that I get -- well -- and to this day -- my uncle so little honored that they still talk about their. We're doing very effective cherished friends -- a tortoise transport happened that they can't -- but after I was very attractive. Nine Dina going to call thanks Sherri that's -- that's something you can do where we talked about. How do you figure out a way to punish your teenagers. And what's what's a creative way to punish -- cutting off the circuit breaker cutting off the electricity in the room. Mean that would be something that would be really frustrating for them but it would work a -- -- short -- you're under the WL. I don't have you really think that I did it when they were growing up. The first one -- informed me that they were right. So I agree with that copy of the constitution including preamble. Like everything work toward Tibet it would be very bright and -- The spec -- -- -- achieve -- -- in the morning I decided to deal for them as they say. Feel like dancing. -- -- So it was so humiliating for them that -- if if they were the bad mood you would get out of the car at school dance. It that you're about because they didn't wanna get up. And they decided that they were just not got a -- that day I had important goal I've bought them at school. And you would dance. I would get out the carton they are so -- and -- And any if you're a good dancer that can be humiliate. -- It tootsie I like and and did it work. It worked like a charm to that they thought they feel like big thing. Elk ridge BC and anti Islamic can't now. And that and that's the key and that's one thing about timeout that works you. You use the if and then scenario if you do that again or if you don't do that then this is what's gonna happen. And you follow through and so now all you have to do is say I feel like Danson and they know what that means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever gotten any trouble. Tootsie that is a great story thanks for sharing it with us. From New Orleans and a year under the WL. I'm good. -- And quality -- art said you know -- a single mom upgrade my little girl and she would agree. And I'm not. It ignored. I have a little grudge thirteen years old that never got to take that power breaker I don't even. He had had a respect and she was a little bit. And pretty much we respect each other -- -- talked about getting you out grated -- got me internal little. -- and content you know that it would have in him. What -- -- she is indeed a teenager. The data link from what I can tell his jets rained some land -- they come out there wouldn't. To do what you have to do it and it. I don't have any problem and a walk around with -- take an -- but I don't. You know -- -- -- he adored gonna land on -- -- I'm not and the door. Thought it and it I'm you have why do you had to do something in the beginning that that made him realize that there were consequences for negative behavior. I object I -- it ever being. -- -- -- -- -- World that after that teenager. I know any emotion in the changes and all back and talk with her and I told are you in talks. Rural -- broke out that it can be confident. -- him. And then when you know like she's like -- deal which -- -- it at that point out talent you remember you know we talked about it. And you're not under at that point and you and I. Don't you go chill out with close game when it's storming and lark she would help me old. She would tell and wouldn't. And literally take -- -- -- and I appreciate you go over and take stock and beat him in and day I don't. -- and hoped he would be at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you can't you Coke and Coke in the coax them and talk. That's how I can say it didn't happen at eighty from the mid air act how it would and we have a grand. I'm not going to -- the show would have a great weekend and that's really great point. The best way to discipline teenagers is to start disciplining them when they're very young. But so let's -- somebody's got a teenager what do you think is a good creative way to discipline a teenager today. I'm scoots in the morning it for Tommy Tucker it's 831 hears daily David Blake with a WWL there's nothing they don't get a lot of interesting suggestions on how to discipline teenagers. There was one earlier. A guy said he would take the of that from -- off the bedroom for a couple of days until -- they've learned to behave and every time they misbehaved he would take the he protected the door off the bedrooms -- that would have no privacy oblong. And I guess cellphones and here's another text about a cellphone nearly. Only way I can get to my daughter is to. Take away her social umbilical cord herself phone. Swear that her life depends on that financial lifeline. And so you take it away from -- or got a text joy from somebody said they called the they called the phone company and had a service. Erupted. -- -- -- daughters obviously changed. Is an amazing that suddenly one day you got this loving child them and then they turn on yeah. You know it's like thank goodness the hormones kick in and they don't want anything to do with yet. They don't wanna listen to your music they don't want of that you know about them and the list goes on line it's all part of nature -- I'm getting -- about disciplining. Teenage girls than disciplining -- -- boy's or girl's worst than boys I think so it was in my case -- Catholic and I told you on my daughter. You know you know issues fortunately -- round. The error for ways but during those early seniors that room the clock effort on my feet up. You guys -- crawl across the close to get through the room. Solicited sex -- said that when their daughter wouldn't cleaner upper room reporter clothes away. They forced her to take a close to the laundromat. -- -- and that caused her to start to take care for room and figure close. -- about frustrated father who moved his daughter's bedroom furniture to the driveway and put up a sign for everybody to see Haley rule move to driveway clean it next time. To the file to go too far and what's a good creative way to discipline teenagers. If you -- -- -- an issue with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. And I text number. Is it 77. I'm -- in the morning unfortunately Tucker your blog today is titled still haunted by my night in the ring with the midget wrestler. It's on our website at WW dot com also on our FaceBook page we'll talk to a Kevin Griffin of -- -- -- -- next hour. About this time but but 940. -- talk about the twelfth annual as for open charity events benefiting competitiveness for foundation which has a lot of great things for causes to people in the door with Syria. It's going to be Saturday April the twelfth house of blues and we'll also talk to them about their new music. Kevin -- and -- -- coming up next hour but WL. So what's the best way -- -- the best creative ways to discipline a teenager behind students in -- Tommy Tucker Tommy will be back on Monday. Here is attacks I love this -- when my daughter wouldn't put her clothes away I threatened to hang her underwear on the mailbox. Or response was I don't care. However when I proceeded to the mailbox with her underwear she suddenly felt the urge to quickly pick her close up anyway. I never had -- for again. Here's another embarrassing community is I love the caller we had earlier from a from a it was tootsie of the North Shore. She said that what she would do to get her for for kids weren't bad mood if they didn't get up intended to make the boss if they were in a bad grouchy mood on the way to school. She would say I'm gonna get out of the car when I drop off a school and I'm gonna dance. She says she wasn't very good dancer but he -- she was that would still be rather embarrassing. What do great and she said to this day all she has to do is tell our daughters I'm I feel like dancing and that sent a message to them. To -- Now again the best way to discipline a teenager is to start when they're very young -- mean you can't just start when somebody's teenagers it's at that point for me it's just too late. -- I particularly cellphones I think it's a good idea but here's a text that -- to take -- -- to cellphone doesn't work. Don't fool yourself my daughter had a friend drop off a phone. Two were in the bushes when I was at home so she had another phone and I didn't know. Welding you take that phone away from where you you figure out something else but you have a responsibility to. I'd be more creative that your kids and if your parent. I'm. Really have a hard time dealing with this whole idea -- what to do that teenagers what what can I did well you can actually. Take things away from them. And since there's so attached to the cellphone and the Internet that's where I would start. Here is attacks that reads. A -- my wife is new engine. Actually it's a Japanese my wife -- Japanese and uses pepper mix called blunt -- With the kids get -- a provoke a -- so bury your WL. Similar in this a bit worried that you -- the great moment when they're young it to. Ultimately help the teenager a couple of things I would not too difficult -- -- if you believe in corporal punishment in Q also we've been looking like you -- Hebrew slaves. And enumerated. As well about the prompt the world to -- -- -- -- think about my most of the consequences. But with the creative -- the message he didn't in front. Well thought that would get like that can be able. He did you -- about it -- -- -- yeah it would -- up for you to get the golf which critics. And years to help wall and the maple -- -- and ultimately won the critical. And what he could go up credentials that the vote and he did at one block -- from Atlanta. What broke out at a crash in it would have picked to protect it data to couple garbage at what street while it. There as an interesting story have a great week Glaser called. I don't know I'm not in favor of like breaking kids down but you know you got to figure out a way to get to a from New Orleans Steven your under the WL. -- -- Teenager. 1 morning he told -- he was sick so I told him home from work -- and took the TV and is asking boy whatever. And they wanted to be. Taco bill blunt as sisters but -- may -- chicken noodles and when -- came along it was. Be decided he wanted to go out for pizza to. Keep that he was never. You say you're treated him like you are sick even though he really wasn't sick. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you could tell you it was. They -- that's a great story you have a great weekend if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a -- -- 877. A studio for Tommy Tucker on this Friday morning it's 850 a rain is on the way but it's not a bad morning -- Here's another WWL traffic updates. Coming up in the next hour wanna talk about this a baseball player New York Mets second baseman. He's been blasted to New York radio and even by Boomer Esiason the former NFL quarterback kudos Sports Radio talk show. Been blasted because he took a couple of days off to be with the birth. But to be there with his wife to the birth of his son. And they say you should have been there you should -- -- -- Boomer Esiason -- so far is to say I should have made his wife have a C section before opening day. Boomer Esiason has now apologized. Outrageous. I mean this is of a player who is anything but a slacker. Daniel Murphy. With the New York -- we'll talk about it coming up in the next hour what is the best way to discipline teenagers. From -- dale -- you're under the WL. And archery so why do we ought. I. Pretty we're just gonna. Watch out there with the barrel at. You got it. -- You all -- -- what do you do. But Clark ought -- Global oil wake up people follow. What you. Didn't. Want to -- And -- object. Children and our hot hold the at this time. That eighty one. Probably. Being -- being. And what it did not. Oh well not well you'd probably be robbed them and -- Tree weeks later the why don't. Really durable but to -- on what he's got a bad. And then -- on the she was shocked. Poll. That we did on the back. And you know would -- mostly. And oh. Well -- it worked out to the court. I looked at. -- -- a look at what you get that. And or a jury you know. And I and I when there was that been like in their bedroom it to 3 o'clock in the morning. Should I think -- company is telling. And all you're way ahead deployed is you did something you've found something and he worked. The one that was all the fine. I mean she changed up I'll -- less and and she is. People got the -- Would you know oh so. -- she is she doing the same kind of stuff that you did with them. And seeing. The and she brought up by the fact -- And how the she. So. It went in this unit are aren't not after that -- which hit the saint. How big its board -- it. That's got to be very satisfying his father that you they gave that to her and I'm going to don't have a great weekend. I -- -- for Tommy Tucker -- blog is titled still haunted by the night in the ring. With the midnight with the out with an accurate yeah I've wrestled and midget and I've I've lost we'll talk about that later.

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