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4-4 9:45am Scoot, Better Than Ezra

Apr 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra about a charity event for their foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show good morning I'm scoots into -- -- Kevin Griffin -- better than as a joins us Kevin -- to talk to you again. Good up more talk briefly about the the twelfth annual Ezra opened charity event for better than this foundation it's Saturday April 12 -- house of blues includes. Among other things a concert with Better Than Ezra and the better than as a foundation does so much to raise money for a number of different causes and around New Orleans. Absolutely no since Katrina hit the PP prediction the and as a corporation really. Focusing on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area and you know right in the wake of Katrina and we we read. A critical homes would make it right foundation. Read poems were far firemen and and different people and infrastructure in this city. Are about think this thing that we really kind of the post were efforts the past few years is there's we adopted the -- elementary school. Air and to -- the ultimate playground. Refurbished classrooms. Teachers -- we we you know we pull trucks. But the beginning of the year full Korea and paper industry you think all these kids are provided in the or not. -- in our our next people trying to do is is an afterschool program. I'm assuming the kids. Need you know stated here. More schools over there and not everybody can afford so it's an ongoing process that it's it's really going in. It is also the is that these guys are open -- just -- notes that this issue where they casino night. As it possibly the foundation room. Great entertainment you know Matt Nathanson who opinion. Of -- very you know that streaked past two years of asbestos career and a new artists that country artist in -- -- Unease and universal should -- National Tennessee and introducing we'll call it eligible. Freeware. So this is this is a really great as or open your part. If you just joined -- -- do we're talking to Kevin Griffin of Better Than -- we're talking about the trolls annual Ezra opened its efficacy united house of blues. Saturday night April 12 I'm getting some calls and so on -- -- rather. A from people learn about tickets is its standing room only or would there be a place to sit. You know what is so sometimes is done the sitting in the past but typically house -- blues and world sustaining its standing remotely. I'm wondering if this person actually needs a place dude needs a place to sell it. If they're in need of some type of a special -- then then you know accommodation will be make sure and -- and they get to the they can go to. To help some blues of web site that can go from after the war they can that be key foundation -- or appeal. For the tickets. Kevin you're in Los Angeles now so it's -- 744. And in Los Angeles early for you appreciate you getting up he spent a lot of time and in Nashville you're traveling you're riding you're doing well a lot beyond Better Than Ezra. Well what do you miss most about New Orleans when you're not here. I think I missed the pace civilized. -- The uniqueness of looking out your window whether -- house there. Your car is seeing the unique. -- -- it's a war you know meters is no place like you'll meet. It -- Charleston, South Carolina immediately you know history like that kind of look like. New Orleans but it's not the -- in the world as well as sort of a kind in that suit the -- feasible I think you'll but there -- so many people just like. It's -- it's own in Poland and right now -- -- about you know. Making casualties for the kids. It can. Eat -- in -- play in the game. In Italy in world a lot of the time you know just being in the -- circles you know where artists are going to go credit for the work you know look at. You know there's a reason I'm so -- the CD you know -- in the Kremlin world's. It's you know -- things -- And a. All areas was -- -- the Friday before Mardi Gras reverend in view it's -- taught us that you are very much a part of this city and is it. I I'm proud of the Better Than -- foundation because it's great date. Beat you guys are where we're based here but yet you've gone on to become a national. National stars and celebrities. But yet that New Orleans is still your home base and it would have been easy I guess at one point to move to LA or New York. I think it would have you know we knew we were in the that we Lee after we first started as a permanently that's actually where we need to look you know songs are written. Our personal brick we -- 93 on the LA. But I didn't state LA we're you know let's go home and we moved into norms recorder party -- -- Much to the chagrin of our neighbors we backed out. In all the rehearsals and in the world. You know what honestly. Warms is easy to be. Just to -- that your basis is so great I mean there's not many CDs. You can say. Hey we're from new loans to people thought Hedo. There's no at a place and happens to be banned from the world's it was a hectic. I'd I'd I'd totally agree I have the same feeling about the city I've really learned to appreciate that you and I it was a when I was away. And tolerated do you have never forget the time that I'm which is that men's room after my morning show and in Portland Oregon and and you and the rest -- -- -- it did. That's the thing I would attribute it did -- I was like you -- -- and year. And you guys replaying it to one of affairs I think in in Salem maritime and a -- if you -- -- since the first place I ever saw better than as it was house of blues. And when I was in Denver one time I actually came back and brought somebody who had never been to new worlds of four brought them back to you -- house of blues. And that is just such a great venue for -- and as for. He gets of which is to force in you know that they need to do is correlated to be Neitzel. Was little more than any other. In its history in a pretty big honor you know. Or Brothers. And another -- -- local big. Actually -- that's so mean but we've. Port as well that -- dressing room to talk. To -- -- so I'm looking forward to the year to show people the tools and again it's -- it's a great benefit let's talk briefly about your new music I've been using sound. Some of crazy lucky to go in and out of some breaks effect will will in this conversation going to break with with with crazy lucky. I love telling about the music. Well well it's going to last until five years ago we do different things about two years ago start working on this problem. Increase lucky is -- about -- over year -- or what was written. We we worked on the album with -- call for he produced -- -- -- -- the troops the troops. On the -- records and it's just unique settlement. And we haven't gotten that response from a single honestly. Since early 2000 with extraordinary and stuff like that people look there's so. We -- Ripa but Kelly right now somewhat of an Apple Valley try to play a regular convention how are. Program directors and it was a great -- -- it actually goes to radio this Monday. And we got fingers crossed you know. Is -- interest rates sort of play -- -- satellite. It's got a great got a great feeling and people are being an issues of foreign terms of personal. He knows that it's popped that -- And when will the when -- -- out. Media will be -- -- the courage in petite but we're actually meeting with the label president today. The -- there could also this week we've got forceful to finish third like in various states of unfinished. Business. It's -- timely. But as soon -- -- similar problem when arena -- that I heard about this I want to use the Pacific dissident actually there was an early release the song was released before it was supposed to be released. And we -- planes coming in out of breaks it's it's a good song and I think this is going to be just another great -- competitiveness -- Thank you so much viewed it and thank you for your continued corporate degrees there -- -- Kevin thanks for being the center of WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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