WWL>Topics>>4-4-14 11:35am Don Dubuc: on freshwater diversion, part 1

4-4-14 11:35am Don Dubuc: on freshwater diversion, part 1

Apr 4, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Jerome "Zee" Zeringue, Chairman of the CPRA Board, about House Bill 810, which prohibits freshwater diversions that negatively affect fisheries.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Going back to topic we had on last -- house bill 810. Introduced by state representative Joseph Harrison. Supported by the -- Louisiana coalition and many others would prohibit fresh water or sediment -- for that term. From negatively affecting fisheries. I'm asking the question how does is feed in the if passed without master plan which is calling for. Some pretty large sediment diversions blown -- to as a long term solution. To coastal erosion joining us now is the new executive assistant to the governor for coastal activities. Chairman of the CP RA board Jerome Aziz ranked journal thanks make and a time to Jones really appreciated. No problem should be. I what was and seeing the Louisiana wildlife federation on conservation awards banquet where Garret -- receive the governor state cut conservation warden. It was a very proud moment -- he in was I wanted to be able to get to read his list of accomplishing man put a in a long term a much longer than expected and I think you did a great job considering. All those stress in duress that comes along with a job and hope you gonna be up. Floor we'll have a full appreciation that stretches. -- well deserved weakness in and out of the success that we've achieved. Two daily didn't directly attributed to music efforts -- he's done a great job weakness in that you all the best in the future endeavors. Picking up where you left off on this house bill 810 this has been introduce I'm sure you're familiar with -- by senate to Joseph -- state representative Joseph Harrison. We're trying to figure out how will this fit in with a coastal master plan you doing Garrett everyone was CPR is always said. The coastal master plan is not written in stone it can be modified its very flexible it can be changed as we go along. If this bill is passed and becomes law is this one of those changes that that the coastal man can't complain can survive with. Or to be something that would pretty much derail it may be the cause prolonged delays or even a -- going back to the drawing board and reworking it which would bring some. Extremely long delays in putting the plan. Will significantly. Impact one facet of the plane in and you point to the fact that. The plane it is an adept at that one of the key principles of the planes and depth that we display and you know it was well when else in this is a dynamic system. So it's gonna take a dynamic approach in how we dress it. And so -- bunch of projects that field to which it is. Be nice to think that you can give -- one out -- To select these different projects it's built the system so that these these projects -- together and field to create that sustainable coast. But there was no doubt that this bill would have a significant impact on the urgent which is there I -- utter disdain and you know work itself out there and his community and and -- and Harrison. Has concerns about diversions. We understand that and that's part of the process in implementing this these projects is that we will continue to study says. The impacts the officially. In social economic impact and all the important that we -- -- yeah yes and develop its with its. It's going to be to due process even design and it's going to be five years before even implement so we have time. But the reality. Diversions or key tool -- critical to our success we can't dredge out of ourselves out of this project a problem they ought to report which should be dredging. But the critical thing -- two thirds of our budget. On the master plan that would spin. It's a pipeline. Partly delivery systems in dredging plea deal in the 25 b.'s restoration is going to -- So that they -- not pretty not focusing on that aspect of it is not true. Well one of the questions that George -- present it was a sense the four billion dollars is for the you know for the diversions -- 20000000005. Times more before the dredging when the first money became available why was that money used to start on the diversion part of it rather -- -- dredging was as some reason for that protocol. Well like many -- com. Points of facts -- -- kind of -- resents those as well reality it is. We've spent over 300 including the one area. The thing with the money. Indeed the divergent money. Primarily coming from the national fish and wildlife foundation which the Department of Justice we had no -- They determine directed that that money had to go to bury around to dredging could be used anything else. So we all to a great degree -- Pellicano you know you've been out there. -- -- -- -- While we're about ready to. Finish up. The first portion of the deal commonality you know how significant commonality is about ready to 201. Whiskey out. East and believe so we're doing battery obstacles to say that we're not focusing we can store it there we can do and barrier islands since 2008 building. So the virgin -- has been out here he'd been working on and you'll be there and and advancing -- -- of -- -- -- another misconception that this is in new concept. -- report the 2007 master plan to horse and report the 2050 -- in fact the past twenty years in every. Let's be able board conceivable plan to address this issue had diversions in. -- merchants are critical we need to reconnect to the river so that we can reestablish their habitat and sustain. We talk with the executive assistant to the governor for coastal activities chairman of the CP RE board Jerome -- ranked. Specifically about house bill 810 and how that would impact the coastal plant. In its present form that bill if it goes through the legislature -- what would be the next step for CTO RA to act with regard to the calls to master plan wouldn't have to be. Adjusted wouldn't just simply be delays so where would we go from there if infected did get past. Well it has got as we pretty much would just turn the keys of compartment and they respond back over to quarter engineers because you couldn't picnic could operate. It would it's not. Conceivable to think that you can operate certain conclusions based and so and it. On the -- divergence or intended to move center and appeal essentially establishes. A sailing. You'll be to establish operations which. It's not practical in terms of how we go establishments to person's not there tended. Intended benefit you gonna have to move step in the and the voluble border to do that and the other misconception is that difficult those who. Or -- a divergence think that these are going to be opened with seventy and 65 it's going to be valuable tools to utilize -- Time and would reverse time when it's carrying capacity of the sentiment is such that we can open structures and he'll play. And working in conjunction with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you just simply left on their own design the next couple weeks. Ago not significantly beneficial that is in terms of building. Ecosystem will if you combine that that's what the system -- combined with dredging to accelerate. The building compare it to those -- They'll continue to build it again dredging -- still have to go back encrypting it doesn't solve the problems that start conceivable you still have to continue to dredge. With the two versions you can didn't sustain those are usually dreading and continue to deal. Two count wrap it up and deceit ERA oppose. HP 810 and would you maybe try to get a legislate toward to offer may be a substitute. A resolution a bill that might be something easier for the coastal plan to live with that made the you know fine tune it to where we don't put as much pressure and negative impacts to them to the natural resources. Well again. This is intended to benefit the convergence of benefiting two -- what we need to do we established in history where you know and mr. where mr. It was the first war and so what the hell yeah eco system needs fresh war and it console war. So would we be opposed this bill yes -- post -- and he's met with senator and outside. -- that is in Paris and twice. All of this -- and intent to meet with them again it is something we can do but obviously in its been in the way it's written. It essentially. In the ability to operate the existing divergence that we have and future versions. All right very good. Thanks for taken at times -- really appreciate it I'm sure will get back on again as we get further in the session and we find out what the future of -- -- it is. -- don't think Q I'd welcome Jones he's a rang the new executive assistant to the governor for cultural activities and chairman of the CP Horry --