WWL>Topics>>4-4-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on shutting down the internet

4-4-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on shutting down the internet

Apr 4, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether we should shut down the internet.

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As Don Don -- with you good afternoon as of Friday addition of the think tank and welcome aboard bot tell you what that weather forecasts of from Alexander Cranston in the Eyewitness News forecasts and I'm not looking good for outdoor events and that's a shame a lot of them. Plan this week in and we have some -- great ball games hope we can get him in LA issue in Mississippi State. Was aphorism home opening -- scandal woods toughest part. The Irish Italian in the -- you'll parade instinct and on has been rescheduled and advance of that bad weather expected on Sunday. Gulf Coast of them and of that when was rescheduled to so we'll probably be hearing a lot more about that but anyway it's a south Louisiana Gulf Coast you know you can't. Not do anything because of the rain if you would you never get anything done it's always good to have a rain suit. Also this week and don't forget to vote a lot of elections in another predicting low voter turnout in saint Tammany parish if you were. Tuned -- last week we had a nice discussion we had three of the four candidates for the corner position. -- jaundice and talked is about their qualifications and how they see the role as the court -- office. -- goalie and true true heart was not able join us but she did send in the statement so. That's probably the biggest penalties and also on election -- for some of the council people. As well as mayor I think the sheriff his. Property the police chief pretty much on oppose that a Saint Bernard is elections follow missile. A do you exercise your right it's a right that we really cherish him America's point of freedom and liberty. To vote for the candidate of your choice. This our final are we going to be talking about. So and that that I've been thinking about this is the think tank for awhile back will probably do it's open lines. I don't have any gas schedule is just me in use so. We've kind of bounced around on number of topics this morning so we can probably. Take calls and text on all three two of these to a very passionate about most of them an awful lot text messages that we. Did not discuss with -- -- try to get to those but this one deals with the Internet in in social media. Over the last year or so been covering a lot of the problems associated with it is you know. Cyber bullying. Identity theft. Loss of communications skills because of text practically with the younger people who. Really don't know how to sit face to face and communicate much less even talk on telephone much anymore. Because it's all being texted and not that there's certainly a lot. To be said about losing that also the time spent on the Internet surfing the web. Then you've got these things like revenge sixteen -- news. Mother of two they took photo form faces in superimposed on a naked image and sentinel to a website when she started getting all these emails propositions from people all over the world. -- of web site company offered to remove it but it was gonna cost of 400 miles to do that all these scams. Then last week we also have a a position on. Who said that the the vision council. As determined that there are negative -- and even some other health impacts headaches migraines. A being caused from overexposure. To what is called blue light which is the light that is emitted. From monitors from screens and because people spending so many hours staring into the screen it's actually affecting my health. But I gotta tell you last week was the one that really -- put me over the live I call it a -- of hill it's actually between man to build on the this brings -- -- -- mailing address them closer to a veto. Got a Covington phone number and is basically saint Tammany parish. And a 27 year old young men and be the springs. Was arrested and accused of being a child pornography ring -- Didn't really get into I have been able to determine how much money he was making. But the statistics Warren he had 27000. Subscribers. -- If he's charging. Average ten dollars a month if he's Georgian by the -- I don't know how he's doing. But -- talk in about a huge. Sum of money. And I have a website got someone that handles it for me they post pictures on there it's not a big deal -- very inexpensive. The cost of doing that is very low the return on a seemingly would be extremely high. And this is the one when we start. Doing this exploiting children. And yeah I know he would of had a feel he has gone on forever. But it's never been able to be done on the level. That the Internet and web sites allow it to be done. It was all these negative evil things and of being done people's lives being ruined. The deaths of carrying -- people him and posturing in. Exposing themselves in the sexting and all the stuff the Eagles on it got me wondering. Would this be a better world without the Internet without the worldwide web. And is the Gooden has a lot of good believe in as an awful lot of good that is brought about in the field of communications but. If you could go back knowing what we -- now is what's happen. Would you be in favor of banning it doing away with the enemy it would have to be done on -- worldwide scale. Certainly it it's already here to stay I think I don't think -- haven't gone away. And if you are not part of it you kind of get left in the dust. But if we could. Would you be in favor of banning in going back to. May be just phone conversations face to face communications. That's going to be the topic the subject of -- ready opinion poll question that you have has been changed yet. But if you could would you be in favor of banning the world wide web if you wanna call and disgusted. Welcome -- phone calls to 60187866. 889087. If you care to texted in here you can simply text me at 87870. That is one of the new technological advances when I first started doing talk radio it was strictly by phone landline. Then of course the advent of cell phones came along and people where most radio listeners on -- -- vehicles are allowed to. Participate in now we've got the latest witches is. Emailing and texting right here directed the studio it comes in real time and without having to go on hold you in -- actually you know overcome. What is one of the public's biggest fears and that is public speaking. Issued a little quick text message in the comprise into the studio to be ship without a vast listening audience. But if you could you could go back and I know people. I have friends. Who have just drawn and they just don't get -- they are still living in nineteen. Guests early eighties and seventies before. Although these advances in social media in cell phones and Smartphones and I've pads and Internet all came about. And they seem pretty happy but there also miss and a lot of opportunity by not taking it. But just got to wondering with a majority of people finally after all of this evil and -- -- -- is it finally outweighed the good. And in and if we could do away with a does not have it. -- -- 2601878668890878. I mentioned are we gonna cut -- open lines up if you wanna talk about that coastal roads and an H bill 810. Which according to a -- the ranks and if that passed in its form present form. Pretty much would cause do you railing of the coastal master plan. All we at a point where we do not wanna give up on natural resources -- fishery resources. In order to save the coast or is there a happy balance. And also are pretty opinion poll question last now was dealing about. Firearms -- we all we obsessed in Louisiana we've got to proliferation seemed like every year. As more and more bills introduced in the legislature. To either prevent all allow. People to carry firearms in to certain situations and certain places of business. Are always just dom may be on the cutting edge of of the states that we take it more seriously here in Louisiana or maybe feel we have a greater need. For personal protection and can settle terrify -- -- It was a call to give us attacks will be right back in check out that ready opinion poll question would you go back if we could in time. And -- Internet and social media will be right back to listen to the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. I welcome back into the think tank opened phone lines open text board to 601878668890870. -- board is simply 8787. Security emailed me you can go on the WWL website at -- -- dot com look on the other holes and by email is listed there in my web site there you can email me through that also -- on the -- it was guide dot com. And on going to be called a dinosaur but I'm one of the 36%. That is saying if we could go back in time. I think I would be in favor of banning and at the long and hard because as so many wonderful things about it. When you think about you know that the YouTube in the photographs that imagery the things that you can experience and see. By the time -- four years old people who lived in in time in nine year lifespan. Could not have witnessed steals things in this allows you to do that. Instant communication. Faced time talking and seeing the person you talked into. Of the research that you can get and a finger tip the click of -- mouse and you've got an answer. And in collaboration on different topics and access to. Legal laws in and things that you would take you forever due to a mile through -- to find these things. But then I've been doing in the shadows of the talking about the dangers and try and alert warn the public about so I've mobile. I'd get your identity theft ruin your life in your financial situation. Children and kids who lose their their interpersonal communication skills because. That texting instead of speaking. People getting photo identification fraud on revenge sexting it builds on and on. And then now with the level of the Internet what allows worldwide. Exploitation of children. Under these poor and rigs like this is 27 year old would be to springs man who at 27000. Clients. For providing illicit photos of of of children engaged in sexual activity. Is the bad and evil finally outweighing the good what do you thing. 260 donate 7866889087. You're also asking you. Do you think Louisiana is proper in having the amount of legislation that pertains to firearms. Or we simply obsessed with guns in Louisiana. And also a house bill 810 -- in favor of if they eat fresh water a -- of a diversion. Causes any adverse impacts to the fishery. Let's scrap the coastal master -- it's basically. What it came down to oh from news -- -- -- a running who's said under its present form. The coastal master plan could not proceed with its its major goals intent. While all that is out there for you let's go to Barry involved elusive he's on line 18 Barry good afternoon welcome to the think. But thank you look at me all this an -- and hit it good out we debated. And through the experience well I -- alcoholic situation and outlook outlook cannot -- and and they are. And they gave him medication and -- about -- I don't I would drop the and it helped the duck -- -- a mock salute to Israel and some outlawed in real -- -- -- medication and I came about that the back to me. On the Obama. Of the there's a development happen the -- And and people look. Blow up little want -- you know they know it of people that will never been -- ever could have been picked it out. Spoke -- of their homework pick it. We put up with that it would never have been able indeed at a moment no -- out that the big weapon that you put it this is really what did Clinton. I think the map we thought it would probably the day. Yeah -- diligence and Marion and believe me in the for a -- off is if you you know just said you've got to make a decision one -- him -- ball long and hard about it I'm with. There's a ton of good stuff that that this is all responsible for but boy there's just so much bad about it. But the American -- blah accompli is he he's buying it. Well look and it happened look at it optical film in Europe but it all the debate and include -- they've been here together a couple of different medications. But the -- people's lives better. I mean -- it didn't -- to -- -- the boot development of people on the permissible -- -- but the but. Are being -- at the positive. You know in my opinion is that what greater than. Adam Barrett thank you so much recall Britain. Imus go to Margie listening to us in Slidell high margin welcome to the think tank. I -- well. It. Trying to head off you are and there -- people. I mean being. -- later. I. And correct what they're right now on. Where exactly would you draw the line -- Jews allow email dawn on the whole -- ball all the social media just all of a should go. You know like you. Know I don't computer and pick up. It checked out or. I think that rarely draw the line let the -- mainly. Because kids are all Internet connection there are a lot. -- -- -- apparently some. People or even twelve that you do well Mort that you are. Don't have some no doubt about it way before that I'm talking to and three years of age standing on operate that stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me in and we aren't part. Well I don't think it's over yet I mean it seems like it when you think you've reached the maximum potential of social media in communications. And what the world wide web is capable of this morbid comes on the -- is this is amazing how fast it's progressing in. I don't think we're keeping up with -- on how to harness it and use it properly and correctly in -- right amount of doses. I. Watched you know you came right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You the truth of it is in the future. It won't be necessary for you to write again via -- change. -- -- -- What. Well maybe that's a blessed you know maybe we don't know we miss you know we hate to go back to. To win loin Claussen in an animal forest of living in caves. But you know maybe that those people -- -- you know happy -- in -- assembled a you know -- you don't get to do this. I think you know like she is out. -- -- A lot more that we. Now. You know the other thing in in -- said his way back announced audits on the progress -- -- gonna happen. To the indigent people -- the -- of people in the uneducated that don't know how to operate the stuff on what happens to them how they get anything done. Nobody wants to pick up the phone and help you anymore I think that's come into -- in real also went there will be anybody on the other candidate phone you're gonna have to communicate by me in -- Well -- -- Three or. What do you want. -- It changed. A lot better. Talk. You are. Out on the -- But. Today we're. Not that great you should. Call -- Well. Fortunate. And I. Can't -- I guess they have lament classroom making use when they get home and do homework then bill lost. Was one among. -- margin we got to go to news I agree with you thank you for you call appreciated. Ride -- Margie in Slidell will be right back again Michael Gonzales will be up next. It will take your call 2260187866889087. This is the think tank on WW. And this afternoon with thinking about well. The dangers of the Internet and social media cyber bullying that vanity loss of communications skills revenge sixteen. Exploitation of children if you could go back in time would you ban the Internet 72 cents and 26% saying. They would use some text of from both sides of the coin atlases you've flipped and hit me. If you -- the world wide web the entire economy would come to a screeching halt most business is now -- days depend on the world wide -- the cash flow. It isn't that pitiful. In its very possible. That because of loss of power grids. -- Abdul laurel of that failure of energy. We would not be able some humans because we've lost its bills to. Of course in a few government situation in you know when no grocery stores operating and eat. Guess you can look up on the Internet and how to catch a rabbit not a scared oh wait there's more Internet. Audience now. That's one thought then some there's enough on this one interest that is when says Adam. Can't stop texting email -- median on not favor. Of that besides it's my job and feel like the Internet has gotten rid of social skills of people and made everybody a commentator. And expert on current events. When I first started using the Internet it was for educational purposes only. Now you have -- to Graham and Facebook's all kinds of stuff that people use is in excuse not to visit family and friends. I like the days when it was surprised that somebody had a baby -- -- family actually had to call you to let you know about the death of a family member. Now it's all -- news so yes I would go back to the old way. Guess the -- this next. When -- now. The technology baby so it's I'd what do you think let's go to Michael Gonzales as promised on line dream Michael you know on the thanked. You don't need them well -- think. The article. The comment about everything if anything at -- if -- -- there. In particular suite of other players that we -- 200. We don't even -- at that point it. I do not get into battle whatsoever. On the but it doesn't mean that we live and -- me. So but you would not be in favor of if we could go back in time and I'm not saying you know we're at a stage now where there is no going back. You try to go back now and we'll have a collapsed because we've become so dependent on it. But knowing what we know if it was time to implement it and started would you be in favor of not alone. If I could charge the same conclusion by the their opinion and it wouldn't be. Available. Seat -- -- that it's not the end and that anything in the world that we used. That we really do the overall. If we viewed as an -- you can. A couple of aspirin has made -- -- but if you have a whole bunch government abuse -- you do -- go to the doctor. But don't sometimes you feel like -- just swept up into that that you have no control over it people being able to steal your identity and thing. And it's through no fault of -- no way to avoid it. You know -- in the past you could avoid certain things but now if you avoid social media and the Internet -- left in the dust. Amy thank you and me I'm not a man can -- yet and -- and abuse it. Yeah identity -- money. They'll -- back. I thank you Michael appreciate the call let's go to its Lisa and pearl river pales -- I'm I'm at and I were. Conscious folk -- -- -- problem that humans are you know. Aren't just important people -- now. But what can cartman it's gonna come out whatever you're at its. However if we could turn the clock back because the fact is -- Gary do you get on the Internet. At the bigger you don't. Why -- stand on here but again on the air and -- like to get thirty cents an hour and then pop up -- try and -- liked playing a pop up. -- Eric. Bieber popped up and and that happened to our children and older get the web or. It out because they're trying to. To keep a lot more in their. Objected to some of the common form it and they're trying to. -- Which are -- I think I think that Gary it urged people not to get other people talk a lot. And I think it allows it on up on a universal -- wide scale which we've never seen before. You know. Art you know change -- are due to -- then. -- But you know people and a chance. And chill out there that haven't been able -- -- So it. May. -- it ought. To. All are. We -- In that situation shouldn't. Yeah you know I I guess the cave man had his problems with to run a source -- in the in in the Saber toothed tiger we've got different problems as in history. And it's right there on the Internet all the dangers you can have one day. -- -- -- -- -- I will be right back at Torrey will be up next him Ferraro also got some interest in text you wanna Houston Texans take advantage of the social media we're talking about. It's 87870. Down to -- -- Garland Robinette will be right. Welcome back into the think tank at a tea lemon hosts in the show followed quite awhile now -- it's probably one of the best as far as the text messages and have come in and now on -- three topic we've been talking about the proliferation of firearms legislation in Louisiana we've been talking about that the the I'm not gonna say it's an argument I would say it's a controversy in serious discussion about with a fresh water and sediment diversions are. The best way to address our coastal erosion problem. And also does very serious question about if we could go back we know we -- This is really just a pipe dream but if we could knowing what we know now. Would you be in favor of banning the worldwide web and I'm never going to be applicable -- to exit the commitment as a few very interesting ones here. In this one came out -- Don and you don't want guns and due to bad people using them the wrong same thing with the Internet. But let me -- I would more than willingly. Destroyed in -- in every file on my hand. If the whole world did the same thing -- -- would be very happy with a knife and a boat to continue -- In May -- -- that the so protection but we can't go back. But if we could probably it would be a good idea to never have had five hours in -- for that. As I've decided now would be with the Internet you can nickel back I realize that but if we could. I would say a man kind would be better off without -- a lot of good. In a lot of good arguments have been made by techsters in -- in not getting wrongness and yet people who evil not the the Internet the social media itself but it is it is it's a venue. It's it's a vehicle for people to do things on a scale that has never been seen before. What do you think cast that vote. At WW Al dot com it's right then percent of all home page is ready opinion poll question. Call us a text as a skilled at Torrey are listening to a similar aligned to -- Torre thanked the call on the think that. Paid -- built and well. From twenty years ago -- my -- They cut the stationary -- it's called Sullivan could school with a kick. And on the old saying it will only managed an iron and a bit simpler. Online. Yet at the court. -- come out there in port where. The area. My parents that -- MacBook Air problem. So I'll. Ever. Have our daughter. In those guys. And called them out and shoot. And you know there's a bigger aren't your honor. And I -- carpet. Well how would open. Are. Where. There. Outweigh. The potential -- you. Well don't you think you wife would have survived in that business all things being equal -- use it as everybody else -- -- that technology available to him she would have been able to do it. But if not if it was still a level playing field should probably would have been successful business now as far as the the face time with the relatives in the family yet says there's no argument about that. On the fact that people probably used it in the decision making whether to take jobs or move away from their family to be without. When now it's not so the world a much smaller place. You know a move away as we can communicate sky pin in into facetime wearable for. It would have been a tough the decision may be a wouldn't have taken that job to. Where where I mean I guess she oh -- -- -- Forwards out from the -- And there's that thing about it is you know. Whether. You're in great -- that the so if you're over there. All now get to a place where it gets it and there is large enough. Then you can pick up on our own stores and doing it the traditional route but it -- there. -- -- All of it at all all. The ball. There. Well I'm praying for you that social media doesn't cool. As you're out of business you'll be very out of bill is no doubt about it yet there's no turn -- back this I got to run a bright -- thanks much for you call appreciate. I would be back with a wrap up of the Friday edition of think that day was coming up on open Mike with Angela hill. And maybe get to some of these -- very interest in text messages -- -- incumbent -- will be right. Welcome back into the Friday addition of the think tank in tell you I think we lived up to garlands efforts to name is to think tank a lot of you've been doing a lot of deep thinking -- -- tell by the east text messages that are coming in on the number of topics that we had. With regard to India proliferation of legislation. About firearms. Odd tournament tomorrow between eight and nine if you wanna discuss that more Michael Meyer from the Jefferson gone wild and -- his club. Joins me we don't want some of feature call talk and guns and we talk about issues with my arms. I think you find it very very interesting and getting back to whether we should do away with if we could go back. And do away with the Internet in the world wide web bug a lot of interesting comments that -- here is one that says. I would not ban the Internet people would still engaged in improper -- illegal behavior in some way with the without the Internet. I will however do away with the all the social media sites have the time on talking to my girlfriend. Faces Baird in the phone -- social media. Nathaniel 28 usable program and Nathaniel then maybe some deep problems in social media mystery action for a new bureau. Also we've got a lot of other -- communion. His one that says you know what I wanna do away with. Fire because of the arson and eat raw meat -- probably not. I don't think I'd go back that thought I'd. Lots of these come in and really appreciated Angela hills -- thanks Angela while listening. Here you've got an interest in program coming up east is around the corner we got the world wrestling. Going on in this town this week and so what's what's how this tiny -- All let me tell it's gonna be wonderful we're gonna start with three great wrestling people and I really mean this I'm looking forward to it. I know very little about wrestling accident and teach me that surprises me -- wrestling -- oh. Actually I respect from a distance. But what we've got these great people and I really mean this from on two of them in the we have this gorgeous woman and the whole building is of a -- I can't wait for you to go out there. But I'm looking forward to that and then we're going to have of course with Ian -- what's happening this weekend. And then were having doctor Greg Richmond we're gonna talk about exotic animals. How do you take care of of rats and etc. that are your pets but we're gonna focus a little bit on the rabbits as Easter is coming. And it's just so pathetic and sad when you give your kid the rabbit and they get tired of it than in a few days and Amanda from the shelters so we're gonna talk about that. And chickens used to be little chicks in little used to be -- -- on yellow and a big responsibility when you take awesome definitely in the right situation you don't. Have the time to devote to those animals and it becomes you know. Not good to. That is right but I want you to stay tuned because we're gonna learn about the ring of honor. -- about the ring of honor. How I know is it's a wrestling association. Not to be confused with the world wrestling. World -- someone that when WW. -- BE OK well this is the ring of honor people were gonna have immigrant here all about their lives and they sound fascinating. It's an interesting combination. Playboy cover girl. In a female wrestler yes and I mean. Stunning. Keep not a for way to. And it's a love story because she they're good one the other guests were having from the ring of honor their engaged so we get to hear the lot story. Actually that wrestling is it's a very distinct profession because it takes a combination believe enough despite what people say. It does take a lot of physical talent from the same time you gotta be an entertainer. That's the bottom line right there you have to be an athlete and you have a listen to Hulk Hogan on the morning news and he was saying he's an athlete. But the athletes that are out there now -- just unbelievable she have to have that but you -- have the personality and that entertainment value. Sounds like a great -- stay -- Angela hill coming up with no open Mike. That's got to wrap it up for me I'll love to talk to you in the morning we call the dark and early we get started at 5 AM and gas going to be some bad weather moving -- but guess what we're gonna find some inflated due. To enjoy the -- out -- was as we always do five to 7 AM -- -- outdoor show. I'm done did you gain for gone rabbit but we'll see you next Friday to on the thanked.