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4-4-14 1:10pm Angela: on professional wrestling

Apr 4, 2014|

Angela welcomes in three members of the Ring Of Honor wrestling promotion - Mike Bennett, Jay Lethal, and Maria Kanellis - to talk about how they got into the business.

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We'll have waited all week for this really for this hour definitely for the day but for this hour because this is a treat for me and I have a lot to learn. The super bowl of wrestling is right here in New Orleans this weekend and wrestling fans are coming in from around the globe. How lucky we are to have three great wrestling jams here with us in studio from the ring of honor. Mike Bennett who has been wrestling for twelve years he says this is the biggest weekend of his career. -- him is Maria canals. Not only the first lady of the ring of honor but -- soon to be wife in real life. And since we love a love story we can't wait to hear about their plans for the wedding and their future. And also from the ring of honor the great Jay -- who says this weekend's big match could be his chance to be a champion. But what's really stressing him is he just opened his own wrestling school. In Tampa Florida. We have a lot to talk about but I am making an appeal to every listener out there who was a super wrestling fan. Because it's not that I'm not a fan it's and I have a lot to learn. I'm imploring you to call give -- -- call 260170. You can talk to these very very talented. But very kind people and ask them anything. And help me. So difficult -- 60170. But in the meantime on one thing. This is really really is a treat and when you were talking before -- went on about. People -- come into town there was a story where a woman thought this would be easy weekend. Wedding because -- A million people all night and health. They're staying in people's homes but there are no hotels because if you well -- -- It is we've been detonated a big hit it big time. I -- people must just be walking around where they where -- that it's it's so interesting because we walking around here today just checking out urban stream. People are coming to get pictures. And having autograph that it is so much we really enjoy yourself and. We -- issues. It's so cool to see people walking around with. Their family yes they'll have their kids without -- -- not -- souvenirs of their acts that are already acknowledge. It is a very exciting weekend for wrestling because. -- on -- and town. Debbie -- recent town -- you have dragging -- and talent you have what what actions are all in town we have shimmer in town -- all so many different wrestling shows that are in town and of course -- -- -- -- A big to do that energy is. And I think we first got to sort of by saying we apologize right now because. As Russert we can get a little -- we do like to bang stuff. Apology well right now let me tell you. You can bank you can hurl we can get. Mark Menard who are great directory -- morale and you can't throw and try and turn him around in a we'll take pictures or are we need some practice for our show -- later. And I are really wanna know because. One actually I watched Hulk Hogan today on channel four eggs were channel four. On their morning news and he said you know can you believe 35 years he's been doing it. But thirty years of the WNUB and how -- changed he gave a great compliment to your generation. And he said I am now but I'm telling you the athletes of today. Are above and beyond anything Jefferson looked kind of pick it up right there and what does it take and looking at. Perfect body. Perfect. One -- fat bodies what does it take to do what you do. I mean again I think. What Blake maybe what Hogan was saying is back then wrestling was more bodybuilding oriented and now especially ring of honor I would say we're more. Geared towards athletic schism and I think our training is a lot different like yeah we try to look good for the camera. But it's more. Trying to stay in shape trying to keep a card that Cardiovascular Systems. You know up to par because if we're wrestling twenty to thirty minutes a night it's. It takes -- and we can't just have that. Physique that they had back in the seventies and eighties we just soul built up that you can't move around we have to actually be able to breathe to. Great to -- get up pick somebody up pearl and an embryo and then bring it every some yeah. So you've come to the wrong city distinction as to say that he did you think about a mile and out on the hardwood. So if it is a lot of disciplined. Matt so much discipline and it's constant you can't -- Off for a week or a month there Blake. If you weren't well you have ST you just play football for your season of course you Transmeta chip on offseason. But you're not constantly getting hey you're not constantly out on the field. For the guys. In -- weekend they just every single weekend out of the year there on the road they're wrestling they're doing that the beating up their bodies there's no off season he doesn't have to take that into. Account and one of the guys right now that's leading the chart with. Keeping guys taxable is DP and eat as a certain topic yoga. And that's another part of wrestling wasn't there -- now you have all these guys that are trying to stay flexible as well so daddy had muscles and they look awesome. But also very flexible. You have to be in order to do it every single -- right -- And ultimately I think it all boils down to -- the ultimate determination. And you gotta be dedicated for instance like Maria was mentioning the yoga. It's something that will help us better ourselves in this world of professional rustling. And while we're at home doing this yoga and its help better ourselves in the ring all our friends grow going to the movies and they're going to see the latest flick -- And they're going bowling and apartment complex and much rather do so is this all about his dedication you've got to have viewed. You're literally making sacrifices that you don't want me because like I want a normal life. Right but at the wrestling world will wait for literally no one so you gotta stay ahead of the game. And it's literally all about that dedication. And determination. Let me get Mike you've been in twelve years and yet for an athlete of any kind that's a long time. It feels like a lot of times. -- I woke up this morning. You know I'm only when he started when I was sixteen. And it feels like a lot of time and I don't. I don't know how I keep doing -- IG it's become routine. Now so it's not like I wake up and I'm like to go to the gym I wake up and richest -- near the -- do which -- -- chief Cogent it's it's just become part of it and and it actually felt that like as I've gotten older my career has gotten better so now it's like I'm wrestling more now than I was analysts. 181920. You're -- and I -- yeah I'm wrestling every weekend where before it was still coming up trying to make my name now. I've established myself somewhat so now I'm wrestling more than I ever have so it's like I have to try to pull more out of myself. Than ever before when you started sixteen you were in high school -- -- yet. And but all of a sudden there's this incredible entertainment world. A Russell right it isn't just the sports it's that. Oh my gosh. Major -- was that the goal one -- on gonna do that a yes it was always I mean I always had a goal. To be successful it was never like I just do this for fun. I love it that's why do it but I wanna do it to be successful so it was always I think that's where the drive always comes from that's the constant. Wake up be tired -- sore but at the end of the day you always have to -- light at the end of the tunnel or. What are you doing it for you know we -- do it for the love wrestling but I mean in all honesty we want to be six. Well never apologized rent yes absolutely I'm looking at this actually stunning woman and you know who she is. And we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about her life as a wrestler and then. We're gonna talk collapsed he beat you today with this I'm Angela under the W well. Three incredible -- members of the ring of honor we have Mike Bennett two Maria and Alice and Jay lethal. Maria canals. I know that outside the studio that every man in the buildings circling like about it. And they have to be careful because you're in my fears that sweet guy who launch. But you work a wrestler you are a wrestler but you're also known to management. But tell me what brought you into wrestling. Injured in the contest Ford to beat -- -- World Wrestling Entertainment. In 2004. I was. A huge fan and there I was watching Monday night -- and me have this effort Tyson for his deepest search. So I -- online thinking you know there's no way this is going to happen in 6000 women in -- into it. And then the next week I saw my photo on Monday night -- And time I was a model I had -- a reality show called outback -- Major I was just you know trying to get more and more involved an entertainment so. See my photo on my -- Matt -- and actually record edit them and team but I think you are and it. He bracket and -- so there were 6000 women in -- I ended up making it to the top 600 and that -- needed to the top 26 and and I made it to the top ten. And then I was lie on Monday night raw. And live television before and -- -- in the top life and I got eliminated at top five and flipped the bird to -- One of the girls that was going on a little farther and I just -- Phone saying that the community and asking them if I can get a job can I get tired can I get -- every week I was calling them and finally they gave me job. And it was this wild world that I was in airing in Q with all these beautiful man in these wonderful women and I was there for five and a half years and it was an incredible experience like but I'm still excited now to be a part of ring of honor because ring of honor is. The future of wrestling. These are guys that are coming into the ring of honor and building a name for themselves within our company. And we do you have a different style of wrestling then over Debbie WB we have a more athletic based. Type of -- we have innovative. Styles of wrestling. Everybody there -- has around saying and they're all trying to make this name for themselves so constantly. Behind the scenes you seek I say allotment have to match of the night -- now I'm gonna have to match of the night. So it's it's exciting to be from WWB but to now be apart of -- on them speak. Ring of honor. It's pretty cool when you think about the mindset of the guys in ring of honor. Will we -- where we're not ashamed to say or afraid to say that right now the WB sits atop the mountain. And as far as this professional -- world of rustling -- So ring of honor that the guys in the locker room we're trying so hard. Not the WB off the top of that mountain you know what I mean it's the almost over the from -- though of when you think you're the best. And you don't have to worry about competition. And and the other side of the coin is low we gotta get up top. And we got to do everything we tend to get up top so it's it's it's it's it's just animal like -- mindset of we got to do whatever it takes. Whatever we got to put our bodies through whatever we got to do. To please these fans to climb that ladder. We're gonna do it and when you think it like by building audience -- -- -- that's how you knock them down. -- -- -- -- And entertaining completely got that the greatest -- in the world I -- no qualms I don't care about. If I (%expletive) anybody off by saying that the ring of honor has the greatest rosters in the world we've got some of the greatest athletes Natalie and -- but in the world not just right compared to -- -- you can compare some of our guys to the Olympics and and every kind of sport we got some of the greatest athletes. In the world and we're gonna try to. Not for the WB off the top. And at the and they know you're there are so they pumped up again -- so you all eager to see each other -- down by the convention center received evident ego and they know your ring of honor and a what happens is -- -- know you know some of the guys that are activated unique hammering of the and so they are you know all about it as I see no doubt it at sixty no other liked it -- -- just to see what we're doing. I want to tell me a love story picnic and Harry don't miss Korea and mine are getting married. In October. And -- -- to different places which everybody wants to know how does that one -- -- but how are you you're doing it. Is Mike just saying whatever you want it and keep in mind as -- -- now well that's my dad this is definitely. -- -- wisdom to them. You might definitely. In faults himself as much as he -- in the landing and he's been there for him. He'll fly in for a couple of days to help out with the it will -- cater together and actually there -- is called the hardy boys hardy isn't food not hardy as and the wrestlers and of those listening and -- -- and I coming -- being. Team extreme food now. But and he'll come in town and spent a few days and will get up until stepped up Kate Decatur whatever to get out and and flat out. And that always sending him photos what do you think -- what -- you -- -- that and then he'll send me -- as well. I think this is a cool idea he had one -- that was. For the the ideal way of the ceremony at south there was this really cool island and maybe we should try this soon. He's very involved and he actually doesn't like wing element as well whenever it's you know you got and do it every. He's very very involved he's definitely involved in the music because he's such a music and well let's talk about that moment. Down on one -- recreated. For. It was kind of spontaneous thing -- hand. I had the ring my mom and my sister both help me pick out and handed and I knew I was going to Chicago I didn't know. How I was -- rate after Thanksgiving thank. And and you. I was going to do it to stay in no way and I had the ring always in my pocket and just happen to be that same night that landed. And we went out to dinner in Chicago and we're walking in millennium park site. Now announcement. -- and so I just kinda look at I was like we're kinda talking about our future and analysts likes he's still really like the issues like -- obviously. Okay is this kind of in -- together for a while it is -- you know -- and as well. You know and I just kind of dropped to one knee and I proposed and I didn't even get to say will you -- Yes yes well I'll -- guys. How -- eat in there and it through the whole thing that she said yes before -- -- -- eyes you can recreate it right here now. Another line and I'd like that something. It's such a touching story you know -- 82 and the car. Pounder but Mike Bennett may have you believe. That a few weeks ago he lost me because he was doing with the stress of the letting him go through. But I just one point now a few weeks ago I defeated. -- That is not being Denny -- Not a legitimate. I thought he may have been a little stressed out but is there going to be a rematch. Well as far as Americans are I don't really think I need to always better. I'm more I'm more concern of a match tonight against Tomas votes OK talk about Ekejiuba upset this. This is your weekend this is my weekend I called it mind weakened for a reason and that reason because I know. Deep down side 100% but I will tonight become the brand new ring of -- television champion. I have a match against Hamas Amanda I'm very familiar with. In fact. When Russell tomorrow so in a similar match as this two out of three falls. To my -- actually torn tendons in his knee. And was out of rosling for a long time most a year -- well -- area so now almost like he's trying to -- for revenge if you wanna. Say it put like that happen. Somehow when he came back he came back much stronger than he was before he captured during a television championship something that I was trying to do while he was gone. And kudos to him he got -- but tonight it comes back home to me because let me -- now Angela I am. 01 time television champion. As we speak right now so tonight I have it's it's become the two time remark what are you doing to psych yourself. Because it is a mental thing you know he's pumped but what do you do well first off my mom told me don't come home without the I've heard a lot lot and I'm like yeah yeah -- spurs them all. And second of all. Have been doing too much as. Thinking about all the matches that I had with muscle and like I said I'm no stranger to tomorrow so we we know we tell them like the back -- -- and although I did disputed that to some new and here in New Orleans. I don't get -- New Orleans but it's relatively new and it wasn't there before and tomorrow also wasn't here before and now he's back. And this should and should make for a great agreements but. I'm gonna say that I'm. Victor and become a brand new to -- to him. Have to say this because you're sitting here haven't you been loyal and come here arena cheering you on all I'm so you're only. This is tonight at the leery of senator yes -- -- -- feel Larry and sent an 8 o'clock at 8 o'clock it's gonna happen and I just conceiving your eyes. You're gonna come out the champion yeah plus plus -- wanna go home to my mom without the -- -- can't disappointment and still live in Italy and what how -- any of you disappoint any statement everybody we're gonna talk to these great people from the ring of honor more. But we have to go to the newsroom now and Chris -- All right we're talking with Mike Bennett Maria can Alison. All from the ring of honor I'm honored that the ring of honor this year and the more I'm learning the more I understand the magnitude of what who you are and what you're doing. And I'm gonna go back to something Maria was talking about. That ultimately your goal for the future is to incorporate more women yes. And but you were not a wrestler now when you applied I think. The rest. I. Independent wrestling or small wrestling companies. Studied it and I thought well you just go -- there and you train and -- that training school which at that time was Ohio valley wrestling was in global Kentucky. And there was all these wrestlers came in from in the wrestling companies are coming from ring a lot of companies are you coming from all these different places and so. The first week I was down there and training I was bruised from head to tell there was bruises in places I didn't know I had places it is so scary. At the same time I just going and I -- it never was the greatest athlete in the world. I was gonna try really hard and that's and that's not a it did -- and I came up ballet background. Still that doesn't necessarily help you in the ring other than having some agility and some balance so that helped me in that way but. Definitely and -- someone isn't coming close mining units now but what about that being. Thrown down being thrown around I mean let's talk about it it definitely makes you wanna get back. -- -- Yeah reminiscent of the I don't know enough well it depends who's -- -- had to check up and down my throat when I threw you down Mike Bennett -- yeah. -- -- -- -- you're trying to hurt them. Of course and honored -- an orderly and. Little -- you're learning to fall. Learning to fall but that can mess up I mean. Oh. There there has been many accidents. In the history of professional wrestling. There's been deaths there's been injuries at some. Haven't been able to row fully recover from an -- some people get very lucky where they only get bumps and bruises. But it's not something you ever -- to say you never like well I'm amused you know I had that -- -- that. And you know that when it felt just like the finale to -- -- you know again listening to Hulk Hogan this morning both knees replaced hip replaced. I -- me back surgeries so yeah yeah. But he goes on carries on clearly not what the extent he was doing but it does take its total to only saying that because. When -- sixty. And I hope everybody makes it to that you're happily married -- loving your life. Are you -- think about you know maybe passion and gone quite. Eclectic. I think it all goes back to that dedication and determination I was talking about earlier for instance. While your training your friends are having fun I remember I missed my prom because at a wrestling show. When it came down to that I think had a -- of shoes with either one wanted to go to. It was a -- show just to help better myself and further myself in the the world of professional wrestling guys cycle -- in. He has done it for literally years he has bettered himself for years in the gym. For years he has done. Flown to every place there is to fly -- is that shows. And every place there is to have a show so as far as when you said -- I don't know questioned on this for so long. How can you go that long with them doing something and then just. Cold Turkey stop now you just hit it in your blood unite. Thought I was -- I -- I was done with the community about. Four years four years. And I thought that I'm I'm done and then something happened and act and it meant that -- right about now for two years. In its. It's that energy. Walking through that curtain and there's all these people and we're just hungry to sees something amazing -- -- can provide. All are they can -- you -- matched up. A you have to and I mean no offense -- out here but I think. You have to be a little bit crazy if you prefer yeah mom says dad and it put it's true because I always. I'm sore and I'm beat up but. On the flip side I guess the crazy side. A lot of the times I -- him like to look at my -- bumps and bruises this battle scars and that you know because there's a good type a sore when you wake up in the morning after a good weekend of you know. Flying all around the ring where you're like that's a good time so you're not like I don't wanna get out you're like all right I don't wanna get up let. It's a good time so you know it. You talk about -- what it is like why do you think that this has captured. Such a huge number of people. To peak it's a mix of everything I think it's. I always break it down real simple I like to take a pro wrestlers as the closest thing to -- superheroes that people have and it can relate to. Because we are larger than -- we do the things that. Kids in teenagers and even grown men will look at me like that's kind of cool -- In which these larger than life characters were so over the top just like Superman Spiderman and there's good vs evil and every mix of every possible storytelling and you could get. In one match and and OK that's over and then the next match is not the same thing but the same type of story where it's good vs evil in east. Larger than life character and. -- -- double for instance I remember in high school this guy -- he got all the girls -- one of the girls but one on Donald. And what I would love to just men and out of their violent person -- -- -- -- but I mean one could use -- good but I. Did he get the girls but he was so cocky about it to a needless to revel in your face. And and it's a relief well and Ross and we can have that same scenario work now one gets his butt kicked for -- in this cocky you know -- would be. You create the characters. You create the pilot MI correct Mike that you have integrated your parents in this. In and the characters. Might in wrestling in wrestler in story tale. -- I've actually done not only that I've had tag matches -- my dad and I. Mom has been involved in -- what we call angles my mom has been involved in a one in my story lines. And that today if you ask them it was the greatest lines. Yeah -- so well what what happened was my my parents. And everyone knows it was that was sent out because. For about 56 years my parents went every single show that I had. So not only was I know honesty lethal but they were known as blue people's. Not only that the fans recognize me when I came to show but if they didn't see me right away in this moment parents they automatically -- -- -- -- there's his parents and they always sat in the back that the back of the building they never want to sit up front even laws that. You know you can -- -- blue chip you can sit wherever you. But now they -- -- in the back so one time we have them sit up front. So that a man who actually -- and ring of -- -- today by the name of Steve -- you know. He actually got into a verbal agree disagree with my dad. Water was thrown on it and next thing you know the next show is build a lethal and his father against the Korean known as student. It was amazing it was in his. -- the so so it is also off the Puget. It is just going out. -- -- -- -- The whole game on it via the whole world it's entertainment -- it is entertaining -- -- not somewhere along the line you know what we're gonna take a break but. You were in Playboy. We gotta talk about that -- not to be missed a witness I'm Angela under the -- I cannot tell you how much I've loved having these three people in the room it's been an education. But it's been great fun because you'll are great. -- -- If you were in -- and so this is when you with the -- he lives and they said we want to employable days asking if I wanted to do you like. And -- asked me to do when I was nineteen. And I said no I'm not ready wasn't a real woman and I wasn't comfortable with my body and I wasn't there I was ready and it varied and sister she said in years and that means so. Wind -- VW approach me -- again she was in school and she was a senior. And before I could say yes and now I had to call my sister and ask where is this going to be okay she says to me Hamachi -- it paid. -- Sell -- sister we went to Miami and spent a little bit of that money and it was totally -- -- there than I did but I was pretty. That point I I was it is definitely felt comfortable with my body and some might say in doing IA. Picked my wardrobe what little wardrobe and -- and I pay I actually need the hood was swearing in edition of Playboy and I was the last line from Debbie -- -- do Playboy and it was an incredible thing it's so comfortable I I was able to ask where can I get water -- it can turn heat up to new global. I always. Said it was one of the best experiences of my life. And you would do that again of how most definitely am trying to do it again now. You know -- I'm -- I'm happy. So had you met Mike had to moment you know. We actually been together for three years and two and a half and Matt we met at a reference. It was one of the from shelves that I was -- with the VW he had been doing a lot of sanctions. And I saw him. And I felt like -- get a lot of trouble with that man. And at the time favorable dating other people so nothing could happen and we. We tried to sit across from each other I didn't Aaron but we knew nothing could happen so few months after that after -- single. He direct message on Twitter and it was this facility quirky thing that -- sad that we started talking and. Knew it was years it. Okay this giant the credit Mike is good looks because I think the show that she was that I think actually be -- Remember. And mr. lethal do you have like group beat lethal group -- -- You know what this goes back the high school when one gets all the eyewitness. I wish I had my lethal groupies. But no. -- everybody out of the Larry Ellison let's start a group -- you know let's. Let's start one. And probably would you helped lead the -- -- lead the group to president you're not about living our. It's more than gesture at a great personality and a great sense of humor. Your your -- the whole package. Thing. So you have opened a school half and that is great. Am very excited about it's in Tampa Florida actually it's in Clearwater. Florida but it's right next to Tampa everyone just calls Tampa Florida anyway. And the coolest thing about it is I love. No matter what it is but I love teaching somebody something that I know. If they don't know it I love seeing the progression of them not knowing a single thing about what I wanna teach them. And then how it. Final handfuls of them knowing everything that I know about this one particular subject. And this particular subject just so happens to be rustling something that I lonesome -- I'm passionate about. And I remember. Years ago -- my Brothers were outside playing basketball. This may sound weird but I stayed in the house playing with my wrestling action figures. And for some reason. I decided to play these action figures under the kitchen table while my mom cook dinner so whenever my mom cooked for some reason I sat under the kitchen table. And I asked him you know so young I can't see why did this while under the kitchen table. But I've sat -- -- the table every -- my mom cooked with my action fees and wanna -- all -- I wasn't big on sports. In fact my Brothers all played football in high school. Two of them played basketball. And when it came time for me to enroll in football the coach is just knew I was gonna do it. And when I told -- didn't want to. That they weren't too happy and I got a couple dirty looks but I didn't care because. It wasn't something interest me rustling was all I cared about and every book report every. Everything that I had to do in school was every always about rosling if I had the choice it was about rustling of I had to write it. Somehow I made the subject about rosling. But you know what it is all those people who were upset with you know he didn't play baseball basketball football. Now they know you're in the ring of honor the rights and it was all my gosh that kid was under the dining room to aren't kitchen table playing the action figures a look at him today. And the coolest part is that I'm sure -- -- of other kids playing with -- to feel under the kitchen table and I've got to have opened up a school. Specially for that meeting held its content for young people. It's for all -- all it has. And the most important part is. As a -- as we know that we have a television show and kids will be kids and they're gonna do what they see on television. And a hopefully if you give them an outlet this is where you should do this and learn to do it properly maybe it can help prevent. A lot -- accidents that happen. Which is why there's always these warnings don't try this at. It's called the lethal school. Actually it's called the uproar wrestling academy I'd like -- act like that a lot stay with us everyone we're not to. Tonight at 8 o'clock the ring of fire during a phone ring of honor. At mile area of center and tomorrow at 2 o'clock at mile area of center and the website gang is. ROH wrestling dot com if you wanna get more information about the ring of honor television product or about our paper -- -- ala. You all are the best picture you want I hope you win tonight. Oh yeah I will you mentioned during a fire there's going to be hearing a higher because tonight Jay lethal that is -- -- will become the two time parade of on our television champion when I defeat Tomas old sound -- We heard it here and a happy marriage and awesome new fuel for being -- stay with this we're going to be talking about what's happened and otherwise this weekend right after this.