WWL>Topics>>4-4-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

4-4-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Apr 4, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do in New Orleans this weekend. Guests include Brandy Whisnant and Maria Huete of Julia Jump, John Desplas of the New Orleans Film Society, and puppeteer Harry Mayronne.

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Can't tell you how much I enjoyed having the people from the ring of honor what a treat. Sharpton. Just loving people and love what they do. And so they're real addition to this whole weekend of -- But there of their own thing they are in essence in competition this is what I'm learning Ian. Is about the world of wrestling I did not know there's a lot to learned a -- in the wrestling mania as they said is the top of the mountain they are going to knock them off. Now on loan and still tune to. Ring of honor good -- will bring in on sports talk if we need that's an Iranian expert you know sometime in the next couple days you orient and you know what it is it's weekend we know we love Fridays and I personally want Fries. Because I'm with in -- It -- who is the man I'll wonder man. Know your wonderment of the line before we get into some delightful in of these we have setup and with some great women who were sitting here. As is tradition I'm always have to ask what. Ian is doing over the -- -- OK I made a big list because it's confusing right because the weather's kind of changing -- I think I left in my office so it's like in each member. Tonight it very dear friend of mine is producing the vagina monologues I think like the sixth year in a row or something like that and it's it's twenty dollars but that giant amount of that goes to charity. -- support battered women shelters and things like that so. Definitely don't support that tomorrow -- the chain. It's act the shadow boxing your job on saint Claude and evidence is so many groups have done it. Did you know you it's been in many different -- if you've never seen it it's one of the most moving funny tears on the things. But very meaningful. And every group that produces it brings their own flavor to the table seek Josie and not chain have really a totally different experience and you'll see the shadow box. Saturday I think gonna go check out -- threats street festival Saturday night I wanna co C Asheville project which is like my favorite modern jazz and huge fan of Johnny to document their drummer he's. Amazing I slow and then. I think Saturday night and a boost over to the high ho lounge on saint Claude for DJ soul sister who has her. Saturday night -- party every Saturday -- just -- -- dance a little bit. And then Sunday is kind of a grab bag because we were gonna go to the Irish Italian sling you'll parade. In Saint Bernard that has been -- yes that -- been moved to next Sunday it's very important I get that parade because of the food. -- over 300000. Pounds of produce that they are going to throw out cabbages carrots onions. Other kinds of -- I don't know it doesn't matter but we're just gonna take it all in a basket. And then jump on 88 and get back down -- by water. And just makes increase food without without of course when I'm out of that is because you in your girlfriend take the food from these parades and you make stews and you make soups. Keep the -- we want the food. -- itself and we didn't get out to the the Irish channel -- a couple weekends ago so now we really in need to get some parade -- I know what you're Christmas present is going to be for -- called cabinet has given me cabbage already average I'll give you cabbage carrots and various things to kind but he if you very well anyway you having another glorious weekend plans should be good so let's talk about some things that are also playing and we are a community of fundraisers and this weekend is no different and one of the really. Terrific organizations in New Orleans the preservation resource center is having its annual bash and the fun -- jump. And we are lucky enough to have the two co -- sitting right here I really appreciate you coming and brings to business and Maria Hewlett. I know you've been working a year on this and I cannot believe. First -- I can't believe the preservation resource center is forty years tell them exactly I can't put this is the 37. Is 37 -- and un believable even during the 37 years. Tell me what you -- -- well the -- at ten nights the patron party guests from 7 to 8 o'clock and then that regular shots starts at eight and last until eleven. We're going to be at city park for the first year ever -- mid city limits on its city night stream. And we're gonna be out at the pop out at the arboretum that overlooks a lovely pop found it means is that the sky as an apart at about. 7 o'clock tonight and will be inside and will be outside and we're going to be happening -- time courses. Yes step for the patron party were buried fortunate to have Amanda shock of -- -- us to just get them by only and then. When the actual jump start we have the wise guys coming and weeks and we -- and confined to get people on the dance floor and not only that but we have tons of food available and a specialty -- from them -- Is coming and it's the courts revive her. Melissa and so we're very excited and have a celebrity bartender there Chris Arenas is going to be witness conference Marie. I'm casino is gonna include acme oyster house in two lines biscuits demands on bank. Car meant cafe reconcile the list is on and on lots of fat people staying. Great music and fabulous Australia. In addition to the auction and we also have an exclusive raffle item from Wellington and company fine jewelry. -- some really pretty diamond earrings. The raffle tickets are one for 25. And even if he can't join us for the party can call the PRC this afternoon or go online and purchase raffle ticket to support a great cost are you wearing earrings. I am wearing the air in its let me tell you -- -- gentlemen stunning they are diamond hoops and they are beautiful airport. Trajan. Look and you've -- -- -- his little ceramic ones that are I cabinet if you look at your apartment went easier but at the 25 dollars for a ticket. When he got out of that is a deal and -- ticket to the jump of course can be bought at the tiller individual ticket prices if you're 35 under. -- 75 dollars if you're over 36. I'm tickets -- 125 at the door that well worth it lots of need lots of fine. It really Aniston to supporting that cause let's talk about the wonderful but what the preservation resource senator. Does and can. And has done and continues to do we need that preservation -- -- senator Tom every year. Sort of sponsors the rebuilding together program and we have put 15100 houses back into commerce. On in the history of the presentation on resource center so that's just one among many things that they do they also do. If you're buying -- -- it's your first time in -- in theory sort of crazy process they have classes that will help you. Sort of maneuver that process. So that you -- you know yours now Apple's possible she going to I've never bought a house without my husband's I would probably go. He checked class that right but that is a great idea if you've never bought a house lately you've got to know which and there's a lot of things that you don't know that the you know that the senator will help you. If you have on if you went -- find out history on your house. Say you live -- an -- house they have tracks -- maps and history there where they can direct -- in the -- location to -- to the recorder of conveyance Izzard is that would that the -- and yes. -- to help -- track down for their history of your house so it just kind of help to bring especially if you're a homeowner of an old house to bring in history. And any architectural they have salvage stork. Which some of that so that's true rip Jack I know some of the salvage store and the great thing about the job this evening is that. A lot of our decorations are on this topic store so we how old doors and old horrible and old. Different you know door knobs and everything hanging from the treaties and it's just going to be magnet that's. Beautiful now you'll do it right and you've done it right now for 37 years of labor quit -- or and a -- what your -- but was probably the early nineties late eighties. Think one of the problems they do music -- different people in the community. With a professional photographer. To jump. And so I went to a woman studio I haven't WL microphones. And used at from a standing position you jump. Argue that it's the honest feeling. And she had gotten any idea from the very famous photographer who had done it with. Not the man who gave up is -- for the and -- right yes Edward and it was a lot yes -- and to get them to do it. And she says you know if they can do an -- You can. Now I'm I thought you know I it is a funny feeling but it was a wonderful idea. For two huge we see Beverly and tried to get arrested John. This year and I planets that -- Hewitt -- -- Not -- -- got a under our press vertical I think it would be a jumper I think -- -- I got huge game. Well we're gonna happen outside with the use the biggest. -- down we'll do it anyway whoever's got the highest goes on what those diamond yeah. Well I love it and I just I know we're running out of time but I also want to mention that you have an event on Sunday and that it sure. Church walk. Yes it's the -- the last tour. And again they're going back to the original three churches so you could call the PRC could find him -- -- Danny KPRC. And anti pork and a number of course it's by the 45817. Is three team. -- of the -- and wonderful time and I hand it not angry at being killed and -- and it deals with us everyone we're gonna continue about what's happening in New Orleans right activists. Well our super film critic -- Bourque is off today he'd users that often. Intently. -- that went to check on the stars against scoot. So this is a perfect time to talk about a very special film festival that starts tonight. And will be a whole week of fun I love that whole week. From the New Orleans film society John dust and here is here to -- is all about John thank you so much for joining. This is a terrific -- all of the -- theater. -- Trouble week beginning today and into next Thursday. You can go to our web site -- eighty. Schedule complete schedule everything that will be shown. It has that's new world civil society. Award cheat or you can get the pretended he had in the warlords com. And you can peopled by passing gets -- in a multiple movies and they need to pay for each admission or how does that work. Yeah I mean you can get a single admission that there are also that the fictional package. This you know members strikes in the non members strike and who also an all access. The -- -- as well. You know I know that you have a special guest on which is terrific Gregory Peck's daughter. Right. Should. Cheap computer with her real brave. New world trip -- -- Should have integrity at the pretentious. You know like I -- -- Butler on and what an incredible. It's the woman who was running for miss universe in two weeks before is raped. And right now is talking about it and then with the with the message of course does not remain silent. But to -- on. It's I'm sure it's going to be terrific and you have some other ones in -- premier Louisiana premier. Anita which is the story. Incredible moment which so many of us of that era did watch Anita Hill who was contesting. The Supreme Court justice and it great variety of. Are there other couple you know I can recommend attitude bit optional documentary called binding Vivian -- And Vivian -- woods a rather odd eccentric community who in their spare time to cool era. 100000 photographs and store them. Away in Indian. Lockers storage lockers room -- the the city and decades later. When someone you know finally under law she is now considered one media. When -- century's greatest photographers. And hadn't. The -- and it Judea and it did the soul will be there. To talk about the whole process as well. You know I think it was this past Sunday's New York Times there's a huge article about this. I think they're having an exhibit of -- works right she was very she was an unusual woman nobody knew she was a photographer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And some guy just randomly bought a box of negatives. And then she is oh my gosh look with this woman did. Yeah exactly. And and it. You know having somebody connected with the film the holidays. Big -- -- as an error in the publishing world now. If you don't just -- -- book out there you have somebody cooperating with the book. Ended it creates much more interest that it brings people you know -- bookstores. And I think this is slowly happening. Whereas the -- to. ID in the and the museums and told sensible we're having some more connected with almost becoming more and more important. -- -- -- To promote. And and you. It's about simple -- Well let them. Maniac it's quite concert -- seal it is not too squeamish. It's a pretty graphic home. Lars Von Trier is. Danish filmmakers. Then. Quite controversial. Only his -- call anti Christ caused quite. Quite a bit of Rourke. And the good to Carter is. Partly cult of volume one and volume two and it didn't like graphics. Need to be forewarned. And -- analysts dealing with the topic of sexuality. And it's not being it's not dancing -- -- being very gingerly about it. But you also have such classics as To Kill a Mockingbird. Right mean it's kind of one of the. Most popular fills in the repertory circuit and so nice to have it here was record text daughter into account. Absolutely. This is this is the sixth year you'll on the dollar right. I mean can happen for our film society. Well don't societies become the alternative -- now or non. Hollywood non mainstream -- That was the time you know you could. That is theaters would be willing to play more adventurous there. But the economics of it now such. Yeah you know it's if it's not being distributed by a major studio it's very difficult to get some theaters. And so the civil society in you know museums and such -- -- take it out the role being the theatrical. You know and its theatrical. Run a particular little. Well again it's 23 different films and some of them making him their Louisiana debuts. Not premieres right here and it's -- starts tonight and it goes all through next week at the pertaining. Well this is terrific and I hope you just at the big and they have great popcorn which I think is important -- -- They have the largest screen intently. To that's not enough time. And apparently watching it is single screen theater. It's great. Well again we appreciate you being on -- and give us a call next year for the next lineup of things and on. And hopefully we'll get a great response this week. Thank you -- great when John thank you again any theater it starts tonight and goes Alter the weakened as you said. You go to the Pena website or you can go to the a new world still society website. Anyway life is good and it's going to continue this weekend but now we're gonna stop the Morgan and his it was Don James from the newsroom. Well I have to say that truly one of the most talented people in this town is carrying around. If you -- any number of local production you've heard his music and you've seen his amazing creativity. And yet there is another side of carry around it isn't as much about music but about puppets. So who better to tell us about the festival of puppetry it starts this weekend. Than our own beloved Harry -- I'm telling you I'm so thrilled to while we're doing this again. -- -- -- I could go either beyond today thank you and we. -- and thank you for year. At that data and accidentally touched thank you just aren't. Tonight we have a good crowd even that some people think they're gonna come back and I am thrilled that this is the first year. Rebecca this is the third. -- -- It's now. The international puppet festival -- there if -- previously with a giant puppet festival we have a wonderful performance. I mean. Because people Marion had his name is removed from the -- from Italy that the standing there in the and on the program was also -- comment with collecting puppets a wonderful storyteller. I think hand puppets in spirit came who has -- like and so that actually painted on the campus before your attempt these beautiful pictures. And my show international -- have an array of characters I created in puppet -- in its form for the -- -- -- the voices. Among them you know -- in dental practice in and relatively obscure French writer. But once protected doors sealed and of course -- Iowa. So it's it's internationally in. It's international in terms of the characters that I developed so we have a real international. The citizens into the sky is so amazing. A puppet production in them properly. Last year. National -- pride did a production -- -- -- in the sky on remote. Didn't lead roles in Barcelona is that so it's really thrilling to connect with these people. Let me tell you this is very very -- -- your particular performance is tonight. It's still like the ones I've just mentioned we might there's so much that people have been a little a little. To clarify their. Forces are playing each night this week. Next week is different there there's a trio of performance which includes. Pandora gets down with the Butler players -- interest -- -- -- -- productions she's one of the co producers along with the Iranian upper house. And also -- here -- we're back here from mountain South Carolina who wonderful coming back in -- offense or for -- And another damning topic here -- maker and reformer who's coming from Portland origins that next week and then -- also as an adult. Performances but where both web site rather than government all the details it's safe to go to marry me. Opera house dot -- You can get all the information that's a little bit clear -- -- too many specifics as -- just. People -- -- -- -- -- going on -- basically forces each night this week three says each night next week. Options -- Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM. And yours is going to be a cabaret thing. It's done it's called it's -- high -- high -- Harriet the puppet version of me who plays a little -- PM. -- around us ideally cabaret style in the spotlight and they each come out its turn and and they tell the stories and they -- and like -- do that -- the -- itself and so that may experience in Berlin. Last summer and start working at the -- ensemble which in never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever do like just going to see. -- showed there was. -- what steps subjects fear -- with a -- kind of like in the forties and fifties. And in did not go out comprehension and yes she's known as it turns out her background is is classic back -- back. And theater. Her mother gave them my real hot in between my shared a dressing room for this concert was one -- them that as a -- -- -- of the DDR. So it was fascinating experience at stake in that -- into. Have been able to to converse with people and Nina -- is. Just. An incredible. Personality should controversial she's political she's gone from the upon concept she was one of the creators of and -- them. I wrote that we were introduced by mutual friend via email and twenty minutes later after I wrote I get the email it says we make it joints and succumbed to the event. So it's a mystery to experience in my show. You know what Harry but it all started with this violent. And that's why I was in -- when she sings an old style creole French version of an because much -- -- language about Howell. Mentioned this islet cells that would demonstrate that you don't hear the French like which. Very much anymore New Orleans. And we actually explains since whether the Mexican people can help rebuild the English or Spanish. But sheets so there's the connection. With bubbling things and them I find fascinating that that kind of questions that. You know I've always wanted to ask him in I certainly see you behind the piano and so many venues in. And wonderful creative. Reductions. But there was something about mistrial. That must've been annual long time -- on it's gonna do it. This trial that the characters that goes back. More years now admit to tension with the character and New Orleans. Kind of -- -- well in new economy nonspecific. Character who was around in my head for many years before I don't think actual. Figure with my father and I also Larry Kelly who was at that time that the designer at the Petit theatre and we created we don't turn six states. And after -- popular -- the last well not. Didn't think it would create anymore -- that's willing 2010. I did musical direction for the three penny opera in -- pretty. Pretty wild wonderful production appeal is that went in -- Cripple Creek. Yes it's part of the public lounge and and it was in the shortly well we discovered we were -- puppeteers she invited to participate in the first topic that's the -- Certainly challenge and I started building the puppets again undiscovered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the different relations in Libya I have to mention them because they've helped create these. -- And do other music which it's reported. That work with an array of you know it's incredible musical talents. I'm Matt ready for nonviolent. Can pocket of doctor -- in addition to New -- a virtuous so everything. That you know you just keep helping this community continue. Really a great legacy of theater. And thank god for hearing more from. I'll open and you know I'm doing the same thing I did one of the kids. I don't have any agenda I just do what I love and I it's it's it's it's appreciated all the better it's as -- that it's from the heart that's what they do. No -- and what's what to do so beautifully again for everybody it is the puppetry festival it is this weekend and next. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and it is not to be missed at the -- -- the. Yet at the -- opera house. To -- something about the venue. Over one of the that people who don't who operates is the place it is extraordinary it's an old church every time -- -- -- they upgraded something. I think that they've put in acoustic curtains they're putting in sheets comfortable seating to concede. Com is they're conditioned that the spotlight every time and they had the most magnificent piano and count. And I'd like to see some other things politic that we can take cameras. Themselves a bit more seriously than -- I think it was built Cadillac of Enron did -- a piece of weaker to go on what they have done at them. And you area of wonderful things. That's wonderful and integrity that they should be. That should be in the dictionary and the integrity of that it's -- magnificent venue. And it's you know it's not just the -- they take care but they're very active in the community in the neighborhood organizations as well Dave and his partner all over the place only -- things happen in the -- by water. Yeah they've -- -- as a state dinner and really really welcome addition to the area. Well break a plague on this violence. In the -- and thank you Harry thank you for everything you do you piracy as soon. -- all right everybody stay with this we're not done with what's happening in New Orleans right after this. Well we are back talking about all the fun things that are happening this weekend and once again. It's endless we are just. Just an interest in place to live I think that we can we can host the WW. We can have these fabulous -- festivals we can do all kinds of things but every time they have this feel compelled. Because we have to -- trees this -- only -- I love it when they give away the free treats and they're doing that. Hold on I'm gonna find it any second. One we talked about something out while I do but it's the hike for Katrina and this is the big tree giveaway it's district -- I'm looking for the place where you can pick them but this is a great time to get free trees to plant in your front yard. And our backyard. And make us look beautiful again I think we want Truman. I needed tree on my sidewalk because Indian -- somebody cut down the tree on my side -- to steal my by school. I don't know how to maybe I didn't tell you know she did and it was very upset you have I was more upset about the trees in the -- but you know -- I saw it coming it was my own fault he shouldn't tall trees are not by -- people don't do it they'll come and they'll just take entryway into -- Not to anyway. -- you know there's this fifteenth annual fit for all things coming up on April 5 that's at 821 general -- street you know our own sort of version of that French festival. Honoring our city's connection food music are culture you know the story and the team this year is a certain -- Issaquah. And promises to be in explaining and and an inspiring and exciting event and that's taken place in 21 general pershing street. And placed on general purging -- -- -- and liberty and you know I do know so that is a fun event also back to the theater if you've not seen the golden girls. Packed -- mid city theater you must they re golden I heard about this sometime ago and an up -- thinking -- it that -- people don't replace it and is. It's Becky Alan it's. The wonderful guy who plays the woman. My favorite on my favorite actors involved. You know talked about Barton yes are mortgaging our own genealogy. Ricky Graham -- the best of the best and that is this weekend and next weekend. And it is going to be again at mid city theater and just call them for tickets. Also at the river towns here. And they winning awards the only apple is hell hole honor the tenth from this weekend to next is. Malicious the musical. You know about the English I don't know I know she's here with that I don't know but I don't think it sounds like it's fun. And collections and it just river to Belgium and it's performing arts yes I mean again we are. A community that creates. Let's see what else do you have the the superhero race over there. I had never heard of this before I was looking up yesterday for my weekend preview feature WWL dot com superhero races and Sunday April 6 and Audubon park. There's a five K race for adults and one K race for children. It's a nonprofit all the proceeds go to a nonprofit that fights for the rights of abused and neglected children costs of New Orleans that's constantly positive yeah. I'm so there's prizes for best -- -- time. Most money raised by eighteen and you can get more information on that enter at superhero race dot org. That is a great idea -- hopefully Larry's agent -- yes yes -- what fun thank you can't you know one near -- howling success with superheroes. And I just was blown way -- -- that people put together. Every -- -- you -- think I can male female do very clipped in -- really sent a lot about the people with values you know it yourself. You know yes I wanna be Wonder Woman I'll never have waist again -- on the hook up -- a wonderful. But anyway it was a lot of fun. Bridge house grace you know with the aid to help people in recovery. And they do much beyond that it's getting people's lives on track and each year they have the cushion on the killing. Which. The year I was so honored many years ago to be they're clean. And chief. Pennington who was the police chief with John McCain. And we wore pink noses not think about what sometimes they call -- the pig he was in his glory hole while in his sport Willits it's going to be Saturday night. It is money grow world on the east think he's -- it is a tremendous fun and if just for a wonderful cause the that is the cushion on curtailing -- excellent excellent I think I wore a bath robe and my fitness. It's very cash classy. It was good to hook up not a -- It's got it's hardly recognize you always looked so put together alone at all. Again it doesn't end there absolutely Ali I'd sure as a nice bathroom a couple of but they said you know. Where trash I did may have changed since then but they're they're good people. OK it's the pitcher festival on. All around on the he's got it. And that's going to be in the Metairie the statement that time -- right that. Lots of -- stay with this were not finished we'll be right back. With Ian and you have something. Yet -- we were just talking about crawfish -- for the last break the thirteenth annual the -- and a crawfish -- championships. Is tomorrow in Guerrero there are still tickets available for that -- -- war in five dollars -- -- you can go to Louisiana -- stamps dot org. This is a beautiful thing in preservation -- thing -- not want to miss a free lecture on Sunday. Managing change in historic districts it's going to be at the historic -- -- collection on charter street working its factory. Also you know Tuesday -- you sure now it's the third annual -- Bike to work you know we. This is used it kind of doesn't stand -- for me is that his bike to work every day but that's fine yes so everybody should ride your bike to work until they all kind of meet ups and stuff and -- -- each -- announced -- have a wonderful weekend but you know. -- especially EU and -- will get a report. But I do want everyone to stay with discussed we're going to have doctor Greg -- on who have the authority on exotic pets.