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Apr 5, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning church for the second -- of the partnership earlier on WWL which regarding question to -- Being that the -- and culture onto the long properly or so we're gonna go like that follow agenda first at this ruling calling from New Orleans morning sterling. On a day care. On the pop action players. Okay reach central corner shooting guard observers note that -- Feet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You probably should be available on the Internet trauma that under trees and mail order those cute military we -- all received usual over trees. Ultimate hope or Haitian C course at Oakland -- growing and blooming and try to nurse you belong along I'm bench if you liked that challenge and growing concerns. Just to search for passion and she -- sources available. -- -- -- Well. Our sterling tree put audible passion behind -- or older or species. -- -- fruit that we eat such as one. So make sure that you're looking -- be available bulk cash to make edible -- I don't -- -- -- French and tried and true. I'll get an issue in your equipment -- Need to repair project and not -- California how are you -- From late in Vienna good morning. Hi -- I'm done with here he'll leave tried materially that I had to break that Alec is finding that they haven't nutritional value to use and yeah alt delete it will break out of our yard can be saved and -- compost and that is piled up. An elderly aerial other decompose and that might want -- probably natural we call compost that's great for peeking into beds as you do bad preparation -- from those oil. Are looking immediately says it doesn't mulch he can use. Those -- along with all leaves a lot looks dropping -- -- result last some doctors so. I think it all those of mulch around bedding plant vegetables are trumps. And also. I have a lot -- -- what could be a pat in in advance it probably Houston. I was still -- one up on it so I've gotten I've brought -- in when we had some you know cool whether pat. Now I have it outside and it definitely play at all. And he has post of water at allied. DNA it's a watering -- not that big of repeal mean you walk stick your finger and credentials straw like water surely that's all there is too. About his absorb all this Republican is that going to be it was race beautiful green house which we're going to write about them -- -- to -- again. Humidity in the air circulation. And when you bought earlier brought in a charger house to house our -- homes were -- am. The -- is slow even if you did little window -- and not nearly and before. And that should call -- -- electoral law called the green needs to drop off until that problem is more significant in Israel structure outside. Essentially stabilize and be fine but it is not ever blooming plant and people think realist in the day it's understandable for awhile and then it won't just. And it may be month. Or even the next year before it was back in the bloom again. So -- -- going to be finishes as far -- and don't expect it should come back and -- out again and maybe early fall before featuring actual -- -- picture -- let me and so on water when it feels like I wouldn't stick your finger at once you'll want to put your favorite soluble fertilizer and if you want trump detailed information emigrate to actually important Burgundy is -- all about everything and thinking you're the immediate action in the email an alternate to. How great it. Thank you so much. Indiana thank you for the call. Are -- job I'm calling from Mike Gaynor as cynical or good morning John. More than in two questions one is going -- but orange tree and the other one is on my green onions on the block -- street six years old. I'll let you the first you produce but the Blanche and didn't turn -- -- -- Johnny Apple will look gorgeous on hatchery and till mid January. A alma -- to February. All you can at least that long as long as you can control the -- So the only the only trick is they get suite Italy he's number I think it -- -- amber who -- Later -- record record that you can't control. It. I know the question leave them -- to February would back up prevent the treats for make and flowers this year and boom it it would. How many years -- program. That you this year if -- old enough to produce so. Hopefully it will. The Iguodala new group came out on -- mob mob bigs and able launched remark that some criminal John and I hope we can. Here archer you can tell you cannot control the flowering of besides not deploy our this year. But I can hear the question is currently in February. Called up slower in the -- know all the way to help them through our cultural Russia just trees out by the mid to late February because I if you captured on the tree when it -- come and the bloom certainly inhibit some of the -- OPEC and a much -- I want I want to try to promote Conchita haven't done a public wants the ball and not the the want to edit my big -- now all want to -- or. These loud need to be pollinated put it to make the seat and -- that we plant them. Changeup and he incorruptible. On the ground. Yet so what you need to see. Them from people like -- experiment. Well only hours and let's -- -- -- euphoria. -- okay. But you're not going to be as. And -- Four. Tibet according to Elliott and the -- and -- did you try. You can see that John let's. All grow some balls are sent -- ball. Yeah yeah. But it -- expert and -- member and or -- Think he's a -- All right John thank you so much and -- We're gonna take a quick break and be back with more regard -- actually being injured. Shortly regarding questioned. Build a program -- -- getting the information you -- picture. Is it that you want -- to 26187. The is that number that you need to call had -- opted to them. Calling from leveling and good morning. -- I want to thank you. Quick question. Put some outdoor court rat hole which is complete -- -- all the -- we negotiate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be the best player that's. Actually at that he'd been Rex might sort it all guitar duties that I am. Com. Selection of flowers for -- -- I'm actually a whole lot more bedding and the -- -- and full size. And we -- orange area apple has more like shall rule in the -- as well. -- the large number sooner -- treat. And it'll help make preaches and plans for -- on actually spent there and colleges into what lies shortly location. We find look -- -- and the heat incremental import and and blue days couple. Com. Carry a twinkle it will permanently in which a lady like -- and marketing at -- below the -- certainly a wonderful election I think you need something we're. -- you -- you know. Her. Emailed him and I'll be happy to provide you with an -- list -- great -- over the ranch -- -- through this summer's season. -- provide a lot to call for your map pool area shall end at the shot in the league and an issue. A future clinched a -- it'd be fine colorful and apple about how important -- It is it would be an annual play which people or those proverbial that you mentioned. Every mention the people we call betting plant. And that she put him or summer color and the he would pull it October or November input in the coal plants is a little instruments and to provide you color to the all winter and into the spring so you're built upon and it would be considered temporary plant -- -- little -- I've been equaled his perennial all -- mention to you. Actually are perennial winner of the -- -- Both the LA TM operation on him. Are you Q now are we might call it a column might -- morning that more you know. Art cannot. A little short oracle. You know. Like that. You're asking the -- -- -- To we will probably girl -- over the long term interest no. -- -- Though volume that means it can hold off on a fairly regular basis not every winter and -- stretch -- the Atlanta as a tree. Would do relatively well that is actually there for instance what -- liked. -- -- -- Sir because -- -- on the war for the most sound sort of cola case until autos. But not very often but common for every few years is very cold and gently as severely damage -- -- Colorado if you're willing to live with. Don't -- them out a couple of trees should go into which your eyes open. All right walk -- you know what I'm a pretty. On the short haul. I'll be there opt out tomorrow from -- until two. From 10 o'clock portal to -- at the -- -- for location what people shot at entering increase should be urged -- generation now operatives and you'll. Location on the court for a journal -- On highway one minute -- 300 highway 190. I mentioned -- and the call went out there are questions. From 2 o'clock until 12 o'clock -- I compare clock until 2 o'clock that I should try to do. All right our -- or call yeah combines. The region. A sure thing and I've been mentioned already re going on this weekend of course you don't want to make him to -- up to the spring Garden Show -- children incredible financial picture terrestrial at a college garden art. Educational programs I'll be doing a program on the -- -- -- -- branch out perspiration. -- from 11301230. This morning. And then we got a lot of great educational programs to enjoy the day. Into the dirt in the street dirty -- all will be talking all about but regarding -- a lot of interest about -- like guarding right now actually to do entry dirty and -- -- -- programs are all our free with admission to the show. And that initial open from him this morning at 12 o'clock judgment and again and that our moral admission that struggle for all -- patrol group by to twelve. And friends -- should we are -- and on and free so odd ball wanna miss this spring garden -- -- -- -- -- job. Tomorrow. Dog or showers that come through that ought to trench and places. For temporary shelter if you need to remarkable ability whether I'll hold you back and at this time I'd be -- celebration of people are going on by the league and our show which is taking place at the New Orleans museum park -- -- Be sure when your parents should be -- just got on the museum of parting goes gorgeous what was your matches don't -- for sale as well as a lot of expert here. The talked about taking care of Louisiana -- -- also wanted to mention I mentioned this week but don't forget it cherished and entries. On the -- schooled coming up this Wednesday ideally to register today he can at all on its free and open the public but the free lunch -- need to how many people are coming. To look into registry are on the line and outstanding lineup of speakers -- daylong symposium adult focused on -- urban environment to urban and it to -- On the -- destroy -- architectural interest GE U hours this should certify yours she is corporate quite simple entry architects and residential contractors. Are an architecture. -- -- really outstanding event but it opened the general public as well. It will all play on a -- this morning from any control 3 4 o'clock. If you want to register online auction friends Arnold. Jefferson and the beautiful. Friends of Jefferson the beautiful bought or friend in Jefferson a beautiful organs register or you can call in that tribal four. 83 street she or -- to register for that idea that that. Metropolitan prompted any solid from -- they'll be any important. -- -- -- A wonderful. Questions about now. So on and I'm thinking putting in trying to count. Part of it is a part of it's going to be full on sprint. And LA is also called Lucy and actually or actually in the world most often is beautiful here in. Stripes and -- becoming increasingly popular. And adaptable. Locations couple also Portland or -- -- -- -- -- a few hours during the day I'm available do well locations all. -- through the daytime period. Beautiful fortunate -- -- may be antegents feet tall. And is as a couple poor or as an actual plan. It's also it will containers. Really personal in all -- witness to image on this one touchdown in the -- it will free. Usually reliable -- -- for -- gesture. To a few inches in the ground and it'll do for you come back from coal. Well our new leader -- -- feet short of the -- partly circling. Back. And now focused on the take a quick gimmick eloquently desperately. I mean it's there to make sure we go on good morning Richard Jordan. More port aren't -- critical that your core question. -- -- -- -- -- Also. -- that coming out at Columbia Angela Delgado college college that we heard today. Outcome in the morning -- streaming in. I'm that they will be eleven and other a great opportunity to give some good trigger guard also. On site will be the April but can't ambulance and Jill from tinsel tree on the -- couldn't control for. On the eleventh of their -- out of college degree change to some. -- plant operations having Israel and the people. -- those players as Michael Gordon about strength or -- the morning. I -- tomorrow from from central -- -- people calling in from people according. Good morning I can't I treated my art in backyard and -- -- battling -- light Parker believes. Every summer and just killed all. The plan for me because of that. Cities including -- at all over that it's on the people that basically Jewish -- more sugar water. And -- -- element they excrete. A little brought -- -- -- -- let me do let me do it on the -- branch. Off everything -- need to treat. And then I'll go colts will be -- company grows on -- honest and -- -- vacuum into growing albeit on slightly terrible. But there's something good you can -- urgent critical agents from showing up this year and that it should treat your marbles with and in fact a strike called -- a -- And that's -- I am hi. -- DA. CL -- PR. I DE. And the appropriate. And you'll find that Koreans like out here -- and -- and control. The number brand of medical and out there that just as systemic insecticide that is applied to the system to clinching the base of the -- with this -- it will apply. It's absorbed in the trees in the foliage and that it's like it typically is on the beat on it kill them. So there is a great way to keep secret from ever showing up to negotiate that you'll never -- outside animal from one treatment. -- this time of the year term corporate. Are they sit on the -- it's. You -- this is a torrential debase the tree like -- -- or duplicated here at the turn of the year -- -- -- we're we're going to be. I think -- -- -- thank you so much are people thinking torture Bellingham. How I appreciate about -- out. -- got a little bit like asking the thing. A couple of hours to ensure that there -- so alike. -- -- You got a medical treatment. Well by may escalate this guy and that the real good with those you don't think about the -- He can't party is now erotic morning. You're up but. How about that Al from it should be matched. -- -- -- -- -- -- and all of -- you all that early. -- come up by one. And we'll all. Be. Out. Watch it well -- You or. The question double check the label -- the pitcher in that you typically use I am -- you hit. They accuse all. I had treatment and very good that it is. I appreciate is that you need to make shore -- before you apply it and if you should it could change along once or shall. Okay good mark it out it along and -- the -- our. The idea cynical appreciate that idea next caller is -- army your morning. Good morning. -- put down that phrase alone with so vote we'd be on Monday that you effect. Didn't lead though right now. I was wondering about how all of that does that put it down if he does Graham you do need to die you're dying just like dying. -- -- the fertilizer. Appropriate time you'll want to John. Not that that has nothing to do with your fertilization. OK and so -- we'd be going like it is delighted to wooden boat group without some new. Who again tomorrow. Question about the weak -- -- -- one thing but your question about fertilizer. I don't know what I'm telling you that putting up the fertilizer into independent. Opening up the we'd be on has has no effect. We're going to put out the week on has no effect on what you a fertilizer so I don't know. I'd put it out before really torrential rain likely may be Sheen coming through as you might not open up today or tomorrow. But any time after that so again. Independent no no effect until we have to do that fertilization at your commuting so all right thank you very much group that we do love your program by future. Appreciate you call an -- questioned there. Let me become our next caller is John -- you. And -- and one year it will Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- last year courtroom but there that -- -- -- But it's part of our own -- Like you are. Change I'm not really familiar with the scale we get from Louisiana purchase children diagnosed -- little -- -- question. First it'll encourage you to sprain -- all -- the -- -- polite oracle fall -- like your round Mario world and spray oil. -- -- you know you can actually is global anger tree. I'll make deeper instantly and believed to be sure to be -- museum of our. Today and tomorrow may bring some -- and right expert citizenship. As a block -- more about a growing them under the doctor in the courtyard. In my power to this weekend. Today and tomorrow actually I want stop there and show it to -- what -- exactly what outlook be irises and personal start choking but they are about Labor Day. Actually expect the partial to look bad as we go into the -- well into the may period. We've done what what are anxious but again it just as concerned about proper like Obama -- to lead by -- as we can. -- -- I'm sorry John -- that. Mark. That's the museum of art in city park they are at war here in the courtyard of the museum or a all right John appreciate call. I'll take a quick break. Will be back the art show that -- -- regarding -- in the hello there. -- for next week in the orders spring -- April 12 from 8 in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Out of the ten point guard Jeff Burton that Australia. As some potentially negative action and beautifully. Well we're entitled to ensure children are two different times and a great play by play for so for merger partners. Algeria these -- -- Carter's spring planned sale next Saturday. From April 3. Don't miss that's a superb -- all right we're gonna talk to you next call from good morning rusty. Mark that may play -- -- -- follows but the problem is the storms are you know. Wallace all -- -- -- you talked about this year or last year in the years before. All he has OK all you need to it is not. OK I would give. At the Tim Burton and and it. Is will change -- -- -- to. -- Korea several years which would location. Hall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is early this time the adequate time commitment on the ground as well -- Tomatoes and me -- and our shouldn't we -- good consummated in April in -- -- and at least shortly it is Italy many June to the -- traditions and our early July to get once we hit late may early June. When the temperatures -- it and he's currently a lot to to -- are all in all so people who explained that light. Sometimes some time and lately or Lehman. Is it just went into it splinter -- asking if -- planting your it is now and all fall all -- all. So long -- location. They may -- in the plant -- The location and full on children injured in all it all. Google location -- -- shady also watcher actual motivation and fuel -- much fertilizer. -- can discouraged that that's producing and you know partial fault for making fruit. And I can call and the conceptual problem all all in all year after year. All location. I think also like -- ago. In fact today. -- -- -- -- or better for yet. Yeah I'm glad she called him on the electric -- -- usually -- in the same thing over and Google and also along the way. Look -- -- get back to the garden -- right after this are saying are we and so that's more were guarding being. -- -- -- Reminder of the spring -- Show. Is an. Must attend event for area Gartner going on today and tomorrow from my control on Boe day I'll be lecturing this morning from 1130 of thirty and that being on the show at the title and -- -- questions. Yeah this morning at the spring Garden Show it today and and by state approach that the curtain in should be park. And actually wonderful time. -- optional about -- -- question Greg Lansing guarding -- -- cart all of that Padilla to -- -- -- call from Henry commercial on good morning. Yeah our question about that -- sure and there you have an opt in need to pick up. Mature plants there about four feet tall as the head. What will be the possibility of tranche transplanting noted that are. Can't survive in the time. That is quite -- -- they're blooming is starting to grow the weather's warming up so anxious shall ideal time to pick them up in the in the best time. I would be like from. Ma be remembered due January into the metal artist Laurie when it's cold water -- the answer completely dormant but sometimes we have an opportunity. When it -- and opportune. Less than ideal. So wrong you know given that. You can -- -- intrigued -- to the root system you can. Don't go mistrial want to plant were out of the ground -- wrapped them with which each or something have to keep drying out. And get -- replanted as soon as possible should have the plant -- for the can be planted already appeared radio holes -- Before you go get those it's. You'll recognize. It's about time -- -- -- and move our. How knowledge -- that she has now. All you change it's mostly based on practicality. If you can bigger -- is should get the ball that -- out as far as the don't be edges disrupts. I have about and a twelve engine people would be great. OK good we're a little awkward -- our our party and thanks for the call. I think we've got Michael up next hey Michael good morning. Michael from -- with the next caller accused of holding -- for -- but it also can -- auditorium. There. -- it is Michael go to level. LL level and different discordant. I shouldn't be your other question. Don't choose well. -- -- -- -- -- You look quite as -- desperate schedule that hole and the I think it would be treated to an Internet search for LSU. Thanks center -- -- -- home orchard and we have a great publication on growing fruit trees on line. I'm economic it'll link to it by do it search for LSU regular old orchard Muqtada. And a bulk it will give you this great schedule or peaches and plums are the most boring into sparing every ten to fourteen days. All right. Apple would be. Very. It mission he has incredible couples as well apple quite as -- -- the -- the ages are but but that does it as a require some strength I think and all great schedule in there as well. -- -- -- spike -- and call them into the fold it's it's certainly a major issue. On apple but those are in control -- the only spot damage -- can that would. Financial light oil or to secure those lights. I share in Tibet. Could actually. -- Michael appreciate Colin in the folks thank you for calling in this morning for those -- you called out. Think from Asia premier -- -- industry partnership. That should -- -- botanical garden today help academic achievement Saturday.