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Sports Saturday 4-5 10:35am, Mike Scarborough

Apr 5, 2014|

“Sports Saturday” with the Big Chief Deke Bellavia and T-Bob Hebert live from Tiger Stadium. At 1 o’clock we’ll bring you all the action from LSU’s Spring Game. Join the fellas as they talk to Mike Scarborough (Publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com) about the LSU spring game that is going on today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Event I'm Deke Bellavia of each and every weekday morning jointly by the Christian -- saint Santo Puerto. Yeah double coverage thirteen 50 AM from 6 AM until 9 AM it's -- morning sports fix those guys each and every daybreak and counsel -- earn some fun topic for you as well as we talked about that the draft broken up there. A restless for wrestle mania a a lot in other years the oh man excited to see all the greats in the city north of the night is the the B -- hall of fame which took as we visit with this week take the snake and Scott hall will go into the well as. Rays -- in the hall yeah I never you know I got dated that I can corner the integrity got bit. Didn't go to Baghdad he's the yet its -- that he got you know was off base really three Al really do you know they denied the debate I looked up there pretty you know he played hurt. He's sellers at the Tuesday. Yeah I -- I don't know. I don't know who's got all as a razor Ramon unknown is out double helped me through that it was -- BCW. And l.'s whore court Colbert and you're an equally and it's dark 899. Overs still on -- he'd like 173 you know whatever and in the security Spears Kevin at Goldberg somehow hits Kevin -- up in the Jack hammer. Ready to drop him into the game and and Scott all sneaks in there at cases Goldberg -- forgive him. And the next week have you located at our. Win Kevin Nash came out was like a lot apologized man that's crazy it's got role as wrong for doing that. And then next thing you know Kevin -- betray Goldberg and the -- her own and Scott hall -- -- good so far they delegates always. Monday night I was at Monday night you know I IR OOK if that was the first one year 2000 and landed right at the start -- Alden goes down. Hulk Hogan Kevin matches that were holed his oaks Kevin in the chest -- -- over -- at the -- But at the that show. They actually handcuffed Goldberg to the rating. And spray paint it to be on his chest and that's with TV broadcast at all but what nobody else always after that. -- -- In about five or six other Falcons. Actually came out into the ring and steered Kevin Nash Hulk -- Scott hall spear to -- kick the ball up the ring and rescue Goldberg. Why it was after the it was then that TV project that it. The Falcons game to go over very good. You know Goldberg former falcon -- -- you'll w.s there there is old and an opponent and a half until there are they gave you guys don't ever get it and think -- the greatest nights of my dialect of them it's got all of. -- you have a great great run at being out there could be needed if yeah he's -- good deal at 1 o'clock today -- a lot of things that may become more clear but it is actually a spring game as -- browser does not mean a Vanilla immoral glorified practice but -- Scarborough tiger -- dot com joins us now and now Mike. One thing that -- that talk about later this week coming up this week actually the LSU pro day zag men -- -- Beckham and you can Jarvis -- -- This thought at on the offenses that first at wide receiver. Who are some guys out there today we'd see maybe his -- and into the role all. Trying to save up a battle they go into the Faldo about all Americans coming in. From Bob queen in Malick I've Dupree -- -- -- the guys at that will be two -- three names at -- today to keep. Well I think obviously tremendous. Is that topic trying to but you know since he's been on and -- quite fluently. You know definitely got its -- -- objectives is. You know breaking of the junior college in in -- and you know we can in the -- it should definitely thought. He's put on since. The rosters you know says -- 170 pounds. It's six with force so. But you know he's had a good sport and he had a good scrimmage. So I'm I'm anxious to see what he looks like today but -- promotion whispering. The wide receiver group is probably in the one that. It'd be in the most difficult. -- -- it was -- football program and if so what did the count that's out there in that group and drop balls and been right there within this for a second group of concern -- the quarterbacks. Mike. This. Difference between LSU losing games are winning games how -- And even with those Charles last year nobody -- you're no familiar faces really come back maybe says -- honored guests. Who do you expect to sell today ain't going in the fall on the deal line. You know I like rocket tour days and yeah I think you know he's going to be true sophomore and and you know physically he's -- it changes every time I've seen them. I think he's going to be very good seat -- thomas'. Going to be just a matter time before. Being ordeal and you know overtake him but. You know he's an upper classmen and apparently he's a good sporting. We haven't heard much about like on. The -- But you know he's someone that can give some depth but that congressman did decent in the last few times that we talked it. You know it is about the -- and subtraction that and that defensive line. You know is probably better off with those guys had now been in some new faces there. And and to think it was crazy about policies in east so the defense which was struggling and every week. And then when you look at the statistics in the SEC will in the pack and even about that. And this is kind of the nature of what we -- seen Kyle Bono. You know no weaknesses and -- defense -- it's it's it's a good defense. You know only well when you know don't know thirteen points -- -- in the second happen anymore. And Mike what's the I think every -- about no ring to delays inflammation big week in and hole. Yet -- -- -- like Tom Butler hit the road to the stadium I would do that is to be there. And -- big group of prospects will be there and -- have -- -- -- reaching out to eat almost recruits he'd been practicing out of that is when some really. Crack objectives from out of state it could be their tentatively though it was posted yesterday. But it would be well attended top prospect Boldin stayed an out of state. It and you know back to the Elam -- -- is not that that they're guys that own hand occurred and are all better at this point I'm all were better. As that then Ferguson in Johnson but it's sometimes you go look over the course of a game or practice -- -- on to -- moved forward. It changes scenery. I mean it was -- I mean come on let's face it they they were had to take it not to -- -- -- and -- still would have been a bonus so now you got competition there. He got other guys and over the course of time that effort may be better the production might want to be in better and I think that's why and both those guys. They have -- pro days this stock rise sought I think that that was a win win situation that's why expected defense the front of the event of the season. Yeah I do and and -- they get their better than linebackers. Look better to. You know I definitely that linebacker group took a lot of he and and am largely due what was in front of them in common that it was coming through there you know. Side I think you know well in that group B and others they've had four top guys in the muscles bring their -- green jerseys. -- I think -- group had a chance to be better to. Mike if I can ask about a player specifically how what would you heard what's the latest on in the banquet. Well he's you know. You know of course we don't get to go to describe it is but you know until the last scrimmage. He's done performed very well and he's had some good practices. You know look at it -- but the teams have today I don't know probably negates things off him but it is is that debate whether he's -- defense and in. Linebacker and you know if you get -- geared to these -- Mike and in the summer. Which you know he's -- you know top probably about a guy and Marty was that the number one. Middle linebacker in the country. You know had he -- in their mid term what you're -- thought maybe that would have made -- -- but. -- nobody up ending well there in the middle rounds. I don't but you know we'll see it and if you can pick up and knows -- to get everybody lined -- and and he understands that in and obviously share of the believes in them and and you know what I talk to some form of -- -- she linebackers and fortunately -- defense last year and you know -- I don't know how many abilities that line backing course would have faired well. With what was we can do it defense -- -- It's a really good point. Mike but now I know one thing -- Oilers -- stock that is the defense -- secondary and no one of the guys that they came in is that it pairs. Talk about him where he fits and we meals a safety but it the cornerback position in this is that a secondary a lot of depth. Yeah. You know obviously she's not afraid poorly and it it could be the back. You know I think -- -- had a good spring and he's -- rate payers. You know they've they've IQ among -- -- Thompson and and they and that and that group's. You know I just think you know -- Martin in and you know what what is that group looked like and is there and it's gonna make that that both safety spot. It's all the news is they've been in previous years I think mills. You know confided in his places there and I think -- -- but -- the -- and also play corner or nickel and but I think overall there's some very good defensive back there. You know obviously it was because of the concerns -- going with what were Robinson and working that academically and he's got to get done to remain eligible. For next football season. But you know what -- -- and there's some good guys back there. Mike again and thereby denying -- delayed as complete coverage on the tigers' big series against Mississippi State win last night 30 and of course today purple and white game. Yeah I go to try to -- dot com we've got I would just post -- really -- speech on he can post six. Game spring game game -- features that don't but he's now got a lot of other features that we load up in the last three days in. Look -- the web -- like three or four times between now on Monday with recruiting updates. My Scarborough tiger bait -- how might we -- -- -- a lot of pit box art. Didn't thank our rights quality -- -- apparently going to be a big big day today LSU spring game at 1 o'clock the final four and LSU baseball all right here. On WW.

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